Teenage Pregnancy

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The successful completion of this study would not have been possible without the assistance and cooperation of a number people. Consequently, I would like to thank the residence of Rae Town Community in Central Kingston for their huge support and valuable time spent on answering the questionnaire given. Members of my family and friends have been a constant source of encouragement and motivation. I thank my parents for applying pressure on me to complete this task and bygiving me the financial assistance that was needed .


There are many studies that investigate the causes and effects of Teenage Pregnancy . I have conducted a research in which parents or guardian and also the people of my community can be aware of the causes of Teenage Pregnancy . The Rae town community is a small environment .I live in this community for 17 years now ;during these years I have seen that teenagers are getting pregnant at a early age and getting kick out of school. So I decide to go ahead and do a investigation on this specific topic.In this project the reader will learn more about teenage pregnancy and how it affect the life of the residents in the Rae Town community.

Statement of Problem

What are the causes of teenage pregnancy, and how it affects the teens when they become pregnant?

Reason for area of Research
The reason why I selected this specific topic because i realize that teenagers in this community most of them don’t use contraception. There are many factors maybe they aren’t educate on sex,or maybe they are afraid,or maybe they are so self absorbed they don’t think they will get pregnant.

Method Of Investigation
In order to collect data from the survey, I have decided to use a printed questionnaire.

The questionnaire as a tool for collecting data has a number of advantages

* It requires little time to be completed.

* It can be done at the convenience of the persons required to have it completed.

* It guarantees confidentially since respondents are not required attach their names.

Procedures Use to Collect Data
In the Rae Town community there are approximately 50 household on the scheme. A total of 25 questionnaires were prepared for distributed to the households in the scheme. However I have decided to distribute the questionnaire in the order of wish I issued a copy to every other household. The 25 household that were selected, and then they were supplied with questionnaire. Then all questionnaire issued out were collected.

Data Collection Instrument
The survey of teenage pregnancy in the Rae town Community.

Dear citizens,

This is a survey being carried out in the Rae Town community to find out the causes of teenagers pregnancy and what action can be done to correct this problem. In some case the teenagers in this community go through some hard time with their partner because in some circumstances their partner didn’t their through their pregnancy never help like providing transportation to the prenatal clinic and never wanted to own the child for some specific reason so they decide not to own the child. This study is being conducted as an assignment for social studies course. This present pursuing.

You are advise to answer the following question honestly and truthfully . Thank you.
Your truly,

Answer the following questions honestly.

1. To what age group do you belong?
16- 20 [ ] 21- 25 [ ]
26-30 [ ] 31-35 [ ]
36 and older [ ]

2. Who influence you to get pregnant?
Friends [ ]
Boyfriend [ ]
Mother/father [ ]

3. What age do you get pregnant?
13-15 [ ]
16-19 [ ]

4. How likely is it that you will continue your education, after your baby is born? Very likely [ ]
Unlikely [ ]
Unsure [ ]

5. How much time do you get pregnant?
1 times [ ]
2 times [ ]
3 times [ ]

6. What...
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