• Research Article
    Research Article Report Group A, 1 Part 1 [pic] ACC 2321 Communication skills and personal development Department of Accounting University of sriJayewardenepura Group Members |Name |MC |CPM
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  • Powerpoint Presentation Tips
    TIPS FOR A PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION You’ve worked hard to put together the research you want to share with your colleagues -make sure that effort pays off by creating a presentation that your audience will remember and appreciate. Preparation Points On average, you should budget one hour of
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  • Research Article Reveiw
    A generative review on the article “Exploring the Relationship between Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Commitment: Empirical Evidence from the Banking Sector in China, (Ghazanfar,F et al, 2012)” Continuous Assessment - Term Paper (Individual Assignment) MCE 7101 - Researc
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  • Powerpoint Presentation Advice.Doc
    PowerPoint Presentation Advice Mike Splane –© 2006 Structuring Your Talk: Preparing a talk always takes far longer than you anticipate.  Start early! • Write a clear statement of the problem and its importance. • Research. Collect material which may relate to the topic.
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  • Effects of Powerpoint Presentation in the Academic Performance of the Senior Students in Madapdap High School
    Effect of PowerPoint Presentation in the Academic Achievement of the Senior Students of Madapdap Rest. High School in Physics In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the subject Elective 2 Current Trends and Researches in Science Teaching Submitted by: Jeffrey R. Yuman
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  • Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation
    Announcement Subject | Week 7 Announcement | Saved By | Bryan Jensen | Date | Feb 18, 2013 12:00 am | Groups | site | Message Week 7 Assignment(s) Include: a) Answer online Week 7 Forum Question: (2%) i. Research a few of the proposed changes to SMTP and DNS that are designed to redu
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  • Research Article Review
    Study Design As obesity continues to become an increasing issue, Americans are flocking to all the weight loss products and services. Dr. Kolasa, who co-wrote the article “Weight Strategies that really work”, states that with guidance, sustained weight loss is possible- even for the severely
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  • Educational Article Critique
    Motivational engagement and video gaming: a mixed methods study ETR&D, 2010, 58:245-270 Bobby Hoffman ∙ Louis Nadelson The Summary of Article This article provides an identification of factors that influenced players’ motivation engagement in video game. A mixed methods design is used
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  • Article Critique “Social Networking as a Marketing Tool: the Case of a Small Australian Company
    1. Journal Name, Type and paper Structure The paper chosen for this critique is an academic article “Social Networking as a Marketing Tool: The Case of a Small Australian Company” which was published in the Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, Volume 19, 2010, pages 700-716 and is a
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  • Article Critique - Damon(2002) " the Bridge to Character
    Journal Analysis Kimberly Evans Argosy University W7000 The focus of Damon’s (2010) article, “The Bridge to Character” is to remind administrators and teachers that the need to nurture honorable character is extremely vital in the 21st century sch
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  • Article Critique 1
    Introduction This is critique of the article Supporting Families through Discharge from PICU to the Ward: the Development and Evaluation of a Discharge Information Brochure for Families by Sophie Linton, Chelsea Grant, and Juliet Pellegrini, published in Intensive and Critical Care Nursing (2008, v
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  • Coding Sheet for Research Article
    Coding Sheets COM 401 During the semester, you will complete four Coding Sheets based on four research articles. Coding sheets outline key aspects of a research study. The articles and the coding sheets should help you write your Literature Review. Thus, you should choose articles for your Codin
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  • Article Critique
    ARTICLE REVIEW/CRITIQUE Dra. Muela Molina, Clara (2012). La representación de la ficción en la cuña publicitaria. Personajes, contextos y otros elementos narrativos. Área Abierta, 31. I. Statement of the Problem a. Rationale for the Study Previous research has demonstrated that radio a
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  • Article Critique Method
    How to critique a paper A search of the Web of Science database found that in 2008 there were 13,590 papers published in peer reviewed journals or at conferences on the topic “HIV”. Many smaller, independent pieces of research were also published that year in the form of reports or conference
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  • Article Critique
    Avoiding the Scariness! Allen Scott Old Dominion University Children are more likely to have anxiety disorders if they are avoiding scary situations, according to the article that I chose to critique. Children are at risk of developing anxiety disorders, or already have them, if they are avoida
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  • Nursing/Medicine Research Report Critique
    Critique of a Research Report: Comparison of Communication Outcomes in Traditional versus Simulation Strategies in Nursing and Medical Students Khaoula Louati University of Athabasca Introduction The purpose of research in nursing and medicine is to acquire knowledge that would improve nurs
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  • Article Critique - Small Changes
    Running Head: RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY CRITIQUE Reliability and Validity Critique C. Kaufman Reliability and Validity Critique Reliability Was Appropriate to Method Used to Test Reliability of Tool The use of the temporal arterial temperature taken with an infrared thermome
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  • Research Article
    A Chan Dietary Intervention Enhances Executive Functions and Anterior Cingulate Activity in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial Agnes S. Chan,1,2,3 Sophia L. Sze,1,2 Yvonne M. Y. Han,1,4 and Mei-chun Cheung5 1Neuropsychology Laboratory, Department of Psychology, The Chinese
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  • Research Article
    Effect of different protocols of caffeine intake on metabolism and endurance performance Gregory R. Cox, Ben Desbrow, Paul G. Montgomery, Megan E. Anderson, Clinton R. Bruce, Theodore A. Macrides, David T. Martin, Angela Moquin, Alan Roberts, John A. Hawley and Louise M. Burke J Appl Physiol
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  • Pitfalls to a Powerpoint Presentation
    Check Point: Pitfalls to a Presentation March 4, 2011 IT/206 Axia College of University of Phoenix Check Point: Pitfalls to a Presentation Based on the article by Fontana (2008), Microsoft has introduced a new prototype for PowerPoint called pptPlex. The motiva
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