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Reasons Why Crooks Is So Lonely

How does Steinbeck present the character of Crooks? In the novel “Of Mice and Men”, the character of Crooks is used by John Steinbeck, the author, to symbolise the downgrading of the black community occurring at the time in which the novel was set. Crooks is also significant as he provides an insight into the reality of the American Dream and the feelings of the people in the ranch; their loneliness and need for company. Steinbeck presents Crooks as a victim of racism and throughout the book,...

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CROOKS Key things that Crooks says Crooks does not say much in the book ‘of mice and men’. When he does he is very insulting in his language. For example when Lennie comes into his room all of crooks emotions come out at once because he feels he has power and authority over Lennie that he had never had before. You got no right to come in my room. “This here’s my room. Nobody got any right in here but me.” Crooks snaps at Lennie because he knows Lennie does not stick up for himself without George...

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Steinbeck describes Crooks as a ‘proud, aloof man. He kept his distance and demanded other people kept theirs.’ Explore the character of Crooks and his importance in novel as a whole. Crooks may be a minor character in the novel but he is an important one because the way he represents and demonstrates to the reader how Steinbeck feels about the society in which he lives and his character provides us knowledge on the social context of the novel that Crooks and other characters had to live with. ...

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Of Mice and Men How Has Segregation Affected Crooks?

existence of the Great Depression. One of the main themes of Mice and Men is loneliness. Steinbeck shows that you don’t necessarily have to be on your own to feel lonely; there are many reasons why most people felt lonely during the depression. The main reasons were because of discrimination which Steinbeck shows through Crooks, another reason was prejudice which he shows through Curley’s wife. Also, most migrant workers worked alone, but the fact that George and Lennie worked together confused the other...

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present Crooks as the biggest victim on the ranch - discuss Monday 24th October 2011 In the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ Steinbeck presents Crooks, the black stable-buck as the biggest victim on the ranch because of his race. Crooks is also the most damaged person, emotionally and physically. He has a crooked back and has begun to mimic the cruel and violent behaviour of the other men on the ranch. The impact of his loneliness also makes him push people away, leaving him even more lonely and segregated...

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Of Mice and Men and Crooks Display

from all. Crooks is a quick-witted, vivacious, stable-hand who takes his name from his physical characteristics; A crooked back as result of a horse kick. He’s segregated for the clear reason of the colour of his skin. Crooks is kept to his sanctuary—the harness room; where the white man snickers, and indecent remarks are impenetrable. He may put up a front, demonstrates his care free attitude, but somewhere deep down lies A guy who needs somebody—to be near him.(pg. 20) Crooks’ display...

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The Reason Why

The Reason Why I Went Back To College Here I was, turning thirty years old and realizing that the main things that I wanted to accomplish were still waiting. I have been waiting to go back to college to work on receiving a degree. (Non-Traditional students struggle with schedules, loans, 2010). There were some things I needed to do to get back to what I wanted. Have you ever felt like you just settle for the way your life is? I have and for that I spent numerous years avoiding an empty spot...

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Why Why Why

"thin young man with a brown face, with brown eyes and a head of tightly curled hair." On the surface Curley is a very confrontational, mean-spirited, intimidating and an aggressive young man who is very cruel to all those around him for no apparent reason. However, after thorough analysis we see that the source of his cruelty originates from two main personal insecurities that cause him to lash out. The first major issue Curley struggles with is his size. He is short and therefore referred to as “scrappy...

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Of Mice and Men Crooks

Of Mice and Men – Chapter Four - Crooks Essay Crooks is a literate black man who tends horses on the ranch. He has long been the victim of oppressive violence and prejudice and has retired behind a facade of aloofness and reserve, his natural personality deadened and suppressed by years of antagonism. Crooks is the only black man in the novel. He has a cynical intelligence and a contemptuous demeanor that he uses to prevent others from inevitably excluding him because of his race. This sign of...

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Of Mice And Men Crooks Analysis

 In Chapter 4 of “Of Mice and Men”, Steinbeck, introduces the character of Crooks by describing his room in the horse stable and his belongings. Steinbeck’s use of describing the setting doesn’t only lets us know where the characters are but in this case it lets us know who the character is. The objects in his room and the way they are placed all tells us something of Crooks’s lifestyle. Crooks’s character is intriguing because of the history he brings on his crooked-back. The way he has been...

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Why Soccer Is so Popular

Why is soccer so popular? Many people in the U.S. often ask: “why soccer is so boring? Some time they can’t even score!” In my person opinion, I do not think soccer is boring; in fact, it is really fun to play, soccer or football as it is known throughout the world, is the most popular sport in the world, and also requires a huge amount of skills. It creates fanatical fans, and throws the world’s biggest sporting tournament, the World Cup; The World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event...

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Crooks Notes

Crooks Character Analysis Crooks are a character used by Steinbeck to demonstrate racial segregation and loneliness. He is only black man in the ranch and is disabled. 1) Crooks has a low status and is racially segregated Steinbeck presents Crooks to have the lowest status and authority on the ranch. This is shown when Curley’s wife, who also has a very low status threatens Crooks in section 4. “Nigger, I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny”, ‘Crooks had reduced himself...

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Explore the way crooks is presented in of mice and men

Explore the ways Crooks (a minor character) is presented in Of Mice And Men John Steinbeck created the character of Crooks in order for him (Crooks) to embody the marginalisation of the black community during the 1930s. Crooks is a minor character, but this does not stop Steinbeck using him to bring attention to the racism of the time and the reality of ‘the American Dream’. When we first see Crooks it is apparent that he is very lonely “had his bunk in the harness room; a little shed that leaned...

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Thirteen Reasons Why Recount

that Hannah portrayed. Before she committed this tragic event, Hannah left behind thirteen recorded messages that explained the thirteen reasons to why she killed herself; the reasons to why she was driven over the edge. Each of these messages were copied to tapes, each side of the tape was directed towards one specific person in which caused one of the reasons. The tapes went in order, from the beginning of Hannah's problems, to the end. Hannah mailed the tapes to the first person the day she ended...

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Why the Soliloquy “to Be or Not to Be” Is so Famous

Why the Soliloquy “to Be or Not to Be” Is So Famous The essay talks about the reasons why the soliloquy which includes “ to be or not to be, that is the question” in Hamlet is discussed so heatedly among people who know it and especially why “to be or not to be” is known to numerous people, some of whom even know little about Hamlet. The essay talks about the analysis of the controversial topic of the soliloquy first and then analyzes other reasons why the soliloquy is so famous by analyzing...

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of mice and men pee on crooks

P: Crooks is the one on the ranch who is by himself and is unable to mix in with the others at all because of his colour. E: This is proven through the phrase , Crooks, on a black man's loneliness: "S'pose you didn't have nobody. S'pose you couldn't go into the bunk house and play rummy 'cause you was black. How'd you like that? S'pose you had to sit out here an' read books. A: Through the repetition of the conjunction "s'pose," a lexical field of isolation is created which further emphasises the...

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Why Is Crooks Unhappy?

Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, in which takes place during the Great Depression, Crooks is a very sad and lonely person. Through his conversations with Lennie, Candy, and Curley’s wife, it is obvious that Crooks is sorrowful, which have evolved through isolation. Crooks is so unhappy because of: his unhappy past, unpopularity at the ranch, and his pain for a better life. First off, Crooks doesn’t have a happy background. After Crooks feels comfortable with Lennie, he begins to describe and reflect his life...

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Thirteen Reasons Why

English 12 Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher Jay Asher grew up in California, and has always had a thing for books. Growing up, he worked in several different book stores and libraries. He attended Cuesta college right after he graduated high school, majoring in elementary education. He then transferred to California Polytechnic State University where he left in his senior year. He decided he wanted to pursue a career as a serious writer. Thirteen Reasons Why is Jay’s first novel, and...

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13 Reasons Why: Story

same. I don’t think her reasons are of equal importance some people are on the list for playful reasons. The main one I found unexpected was when Bryan walker molested her. I think all thirteen reasons are responsible that’s why they all have tapes and I think she committed suicide to get away from her problems. I think that’s creepy because you visualize her being there and that would creep me out but then you would tend to feel exactly what she felt as she was their so you experience her inside...

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Thirteen Reasons Why Analysis

Human nature in search for reasons behind what's happening in their lives. Analysis of the Novel Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course World Literature By Raz, John Benedict E. B.S. Electrical Engineering October 2014 I. Background of the Novel The novel Thirteen Reasons Why is a young-adult fiction by Jay Asher. According to Goodreads, he was born in Arcadia, California on September 30,...

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Reasons Why Employees Leave

Reasons Employees Leave Organizations Employees leave organizations for various reasons. They might leave to go back to school or take care of children. Most of the reasons why employees leave are under control of the employer. Employers need to maintain employee retention, so focusing on certain elements of workplace culture might help retain employees. Some questions to ask are if they are happy with their jobs or are they getting bored with work? Asking yourself how you could challenge your...

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Crooks Of Mice and Men

out of trouble. -“If I was alone I could live so easy” --> Lennie is a burden to George -“I want you to stay with me, Lennie” –George --> conveys Georges loneliness Lennie Small -“paws”  animalistic quality; bear -“all you can ever remember is them rabbits” –George.  Lennie represents idealism and optimism in the American dream. “rabbits” symbol of freedom and peace of mind. -“he’s jus’ like a kid” –Slim  describes him perfectly -“why do you got to get killed?” –Lennie  no understanding...

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Reasons Why Friendships End

Nsikan-Abasi Amos Akpan ID: 47043 Causes why Friendships End Brianna: I think I’m going to drop this course, I’m failing woefully. Audrey: Don’t give up yet, I’ll tutor you. Brianna: Thank you so much I appreciate it Audrey: Don’t mention it that’s what friends are for. “Friends”, this word has so much depth but what exactly does it mean? A friend is a solid rock that provides assistance in time of need, a listening ear and, a personal support system. Real friendships are rare and far between...

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13 reasons why

Thirteen Reasons Why 13 reasons why is a story about Hannah Baker, a high school student who committed suicide because of bullying, a very serious problem with schools today that needs to be stopped. No one saw it coming, no one expected it. before she committed suicide, Hannah left behind thirteen recorded messages that explained the thirteen reasons why she killed herself; the reasons to why she was driven over the edge. Each of these messages were copied to tape, each side of the tape had one...

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Why Are We so Angry

inflict anger which usually end up as a disadvantage to himself. Loss of control, along with loss of tolerance for inconvenience and the frustration caused by time, technology, and tension are the reasons which build up anger inside us. The 3Ts, namely time, technology, and tension is the first reason Hales points out which causes anger. People, especially those who have worked, no longer feel that 24 hours a day is enough for them to finish whatever tasks they have in hands. With workloads that...

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crooks of mice and men A* essay

Men" the character of Crooks is used by John Steinbeck, the author, to symbolise the marginalisation of the black community occurring at the time in which the novel is set. Crooks is also significant as he provides an insight into the reality of the American Dream and the feelings of all the ranchers: their loneliness and need for company and human interaction. The reader has to decide whether Crooks deserves sympathy, or if he is just a cruel, bitter and gruff stable-buck. Crooks is a black man, but...

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Why Are There so Many Cultures?

are, what defines them as a person. There are so many different cultures in the world, some are similar and others are completely different in every way, the list is never ending, but why? Why are there so many cultures that exist? Culture is who you are as a person and is based on similar beliefs between you and others. When you actually think about it it’s a way that connects you to everyone in the whole world on a personal level. So why are there so many cultures if we are all the same? When you...

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13 Reasons Why Review

13 Reasons Why Critical Review The plot of Thirteen Reasons Why consisted of a girl named Hannah Baker; who over a course of three years undergone many conflicts that led to her suicide. The twist to this high school teen’s suicide story is she recorded her last moments on audiotapes. She had everything planned out from the start. Where each tape would go, what order, and a map; so they could visit exactly where each event had occurred. On those tapes Hannah talked about thirteen people and their...

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Why Movies Are so Popular

Gradually I found that English is not so difficult to understand and it became more and more interesting to me. Now I can say movies not only improve my listening skill but also make me more interested in learning English. Movies can satisfy different people's need. Some married people like romantic movies. From those they can know what true love is. Some young people like action movies. Some older people may like classic movies that can remind the past things. So it is obvious that movie can enrich...

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Of Mice and Men - Crooks

Crooks Steinbeck only uses one chapter on Crooks, however he has fully described him and helps the reader to understand his life at the ranch; Crooks is a “negro stable buck” who lives all by himself in the harness room, a little shed that leans of the wall the barn. His bunk is a long box filled with straw, with blankets on it. He had his apple box over his bunk, in which he had a range of medicine bottles, both for him and the horses. Being alone, he had a lot a number of “personal possessions”...

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Why Is Childhood so Important

Why Is Childhood Important? Written by Evan Bailyn on 06/20 at 11:43 AM “Our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.” We know nothing of what happened before our birth, and we certainly know nothing of what will happen after we die. Movies, slide shows, and accounts of what life was like in other times are all fascinating to contemplate, but we cannot ever truly know what it is like to exist outside of our lifespan. The only period of time over which we have...

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Response to Thirteen Reasons Why

The book I read was Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher, the style of this book is kinda mysterious. The book develop through the two narratives shifting between the two man characters Hanna Baker and Clay Jensen. The story of Thirteen Reasons Why takes place in a small town in present time. The town is not actually named in the book, but author Jay Asher explains that many of the places Clay Jensen visits from the map are places similar to those from his own home town.  The story begins with the...

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Why Is School so Importint

Why school is good? School is good because you get prepared In live. You need to get a good education in live so you can get a better gob in live. You also need to work harder in live if you do not have a good school education. The things you need to know is Math Science History English are the main ones of all class’s. Also all people think that they are not due as the teachers say. The people say you are no When I started thinking about why education is so important, I remembered my school...

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Why so Much Litter

| Why So Much Litter | 10/14/2012 | Pg.1 Litter has been an issue for a long time, per the free dictionary; litter is described as “a disorderly accumulation of products or carelessly discarded refuse. This is especially discouraging because one cannot walk down the street without seeing it, this puts a damper on the mood of the person and most likely with cut short the amount of time once spends outside. Litter has harmful effects on the community as well as the environment. Many different...

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Why Is Crooks Unhappy

of Mice and Men, Steinbeck introduces Crooks as an unhappy person who deprived of friendships and happiness, Crooks is also a character that Steinbeck uses to show discrimination of the blacks back in those days. Crooks actions are the results of his emotions. Crooks is unhappy because he holds frustration, humiliation and loneliness. Firstly, Crooks feels frustrated since he is not able to fight the racism that he faces in the ranch. For example, Crooks is made to be isolated from the white...

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Why is History so controversial?

script people want to believe. So, history by its nature is a subject based on interpretation. As man and time changes, so do stories and tales that include history. Therefore it is necessary for students to make and justify decisions about the relative authenticity of historical texts. History can be compared to the situation in class where the teacher whispers a sentence into a student's ear, and then the student is to repeat the sentence to the next student and so on until the last student hears...

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What Do We Learn About Crooks in Chapter 4 of “of Mice and Men

What Do We Learn About Crooks in Chapter 4 of “Of Mice and Men”? This essay will uncover information about the “Negro Stable Buck”, named Crooks in of Mice and Men. The essay will analyze information regarding crooks, in link to themes such as the unattainable American dream, themes of racial discrimination , as well as themes such as loneliness and isolation. An understanding of the character of Crooks requires an understanding of the status of black people in the West during the time of when...

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Why so Expensive?

Why So Expensive? College is said to be some of the best years of your life. The parties, the freedom, and the new experience help you find new friends, hopefully a career and yourself, but rising college cost are having young adults stressing instead of enjoying the college experience. Every year less and less states are giving their college’s money and more and more students are asking for financial aid or taking out student loans. The more that college tuition continues to rise the more of...

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Reasons Why Projects Fail

Reasons Why Projects Fail By Tom Carlos PMP In a perfect world, every project would be "on time and within budget." But reality (especially the proven statistics) tells a very different story. It's not uncommon for projects to fail. Even if the budget and schedule are met, one must ask "did the project deliver the results and quality we expected?" True project success must be evaluated on all three components. Otherwise, a project could be considered a "failure." Have you ever seen a situation where...

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Thirteen Reasons Why

Sarah Baker January 28, 2012 Mr. smith Book Critique: Thirteen Reasons Why Genre: Fictional mystery, suspense & drama Thirteen Reasons Why is a heartrending, fictional story written by Jay Asher, his first published book. It is filled with mystery, drama and suspense. Hannah Baker commited suicide. Clay Jensen, a classmate of Hannah’s is still trying to digest the sudden and heartbreaking news. When Clay returns home from...

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Why Tom and Jerry are so popular

Why Tom and Jerry are popular Tom and Jerry has a worldwide audience and has been recognized as one of the most famous and longest-lived rivalries in American cinema. Its influence of “Tom and Jerry” spread to the world by its vivid scene, positive attitude, and Tom and Jerry is a theatrical animated cartoon which is simply a rivalry between a cat and a mouse, and that somehow is welcome by children and the public. The success of Tom and Jerry is not simply they are funny but with a more complicated...

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bob is the reason why

Did the Industrial Revolution Lead to a Sexual Revolution? Historians agree that between 1750 and 1850, the illegitimacy rates increased across Europe. In many of the European countries, this time period corresponds with industrialization. So did the introduction of capitalism change the living and working routines of unmarried women and introduce new attitudes that made them take more engrossed in sex? The Industrial Revolution was a period from the 18th to the 19th where major changes...

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Crooks and Curley's Wife

with Crooks. After hearing Candy’s speech about the dream they now all share this hope of a better life together. This dream includes Crooks, who before was irritated by the other men’s company, is now realising how lonely he had been before and this almost reachable dream could become a reality for him, an escape from the isolation he has to endure everyday on the ranch. Steinbeck writes, ‘She looked from one face to another, and they were all closed against her.’ This relationship Crooks has...

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Why Is Reading so Important

reading a newspaper or book we develop our analytical thinking so the brain is working and getting new knowledge for the rest of our life. However, there is a fact that a person who likes to read will be successful but a person that does not like read will fail in life because that is what the educational system suggests. Society is forcing people to improve their life or better to say our life, because life is harder day by day, that is why is important for us to prepare ourselves and the only way is...

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Why Is Gatsby so Memorable to the Reader

WHY IS GATSBY SO MEMORABLE TO THE READER? The Great Gatsby was first published in 1925 and was one of Fitzgerald’s most well-known novels. Many aspects of this book caused this mass popularity, however the main reasons are his use of romantic modernism and most importantly, his portrayal of the different character. The different portrayals of the characters across Long island manipulate the reader’s opinion. One of the most famous examples for this is Gatsby. Gatsby is a very memorable character...

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Reasons Why Agents Are Appointed

Define who is an agent and give TWO (2) reasons why agents are appointed. GHL Fridman describes agency as ‘the relationship that exists between persons when one, called the agent, is considered in law to represent the other, called the principal, in such a way as to be able to affect the principal’s legal position in resects of strangers to the relationship by the making of contracts or the disposition of property’. The Australian High Court in International Harvester Co of Australia Pty...

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Explore the Ways Steinbeck Presents and Develops Relationships Between Crooks and the Other Characters in the Novel ‘of Mice and Men’

develops relationships between Crooks and the other characters in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ • How Steinbeck uses language and structure to reveal these relationships to the reader • The significance of these relationships Crooks is a pivotal character in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck, as Steinbeck uses Crooks to represent the prejudice and racism that black Americans suffering during 1930s’ society. Therefore the reader is able to empathise with Crooks because Steinbeck reveals to...

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How Crooks is Affected by Loneliness

Show how Crooks is affected by loneliness Crooks is a character introduced to the reader in ‘Of Mice and Men’ by author John Steinbeck. Crooks is described to be the only black man on the ranch, he is said to have his own bunkroom, on first inspection the reader expects this to be a privilege however upon closer inspection we discover this is a way to isolate and degrade crooks because of his ethnic background. Crooks is affected and shows his loneliness in a number of ways; aggressiveness, sadness...

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Why Are Apple Products so Popular?

ESL0420Advanced Writing Analysis Paper Le Han leh@mtu.edu Mar 5th, 2013 Why are Apple Products so Popular? In today's world, Apple's products are highly sought after because they are very popular for everyone. According to Yarow,editor of The Business Insider,said that the newest iPhone sold 5 million over the opening weekend (Yarow, 2012). However, it is difficult to find the reason why Apple’s products are so superior compared with other electronic products in the market. Since Apple’s...

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Write About the Ways in Which Steinbeck Presents Either Crooks or Curley’s Wife. to What Extent Does He Create Sympathy for Either of These Characters?

Write about the ways in which Steinbeck presents either Crooks or Curley’s wife. To what extent does he create sympathy for either of these characters? Of Mice and Men is set in 1930’s America in the middle of the economic depression. It is geared towards the pursuit of the American dream, promoting the ideas of equality, life, liberty and happiness. Steinbeck uses Crooks, and to some extent Curley’s wife to challenge the perception of equality and sometimes the language used is, by modern...

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Why Adolescents is so Difficult

Running head: Why Adolescence is so Difficult Why Adolescence can be Such a Difficult Period of a Person’s Life Tyler Marr Cloud County Community College Abstract Adolescent can be hard on teens because of the many life changing decisions that have to be made. The changes that occur during this stage of life can also be hard to deal with. Many mental, physical, and hormonal changes happen that eventually make us young adults. This time can be confusing and hard to comprehend...

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Why is religion so diverse?

Why is religion so diverse? I believe that one ought to know the definition(s) of religion and diversity before they can even begin to find the answer(s) to the above question. Religion is the belief in, worship of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine or have control of human destiny. Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural system, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Diversity is a term used broadly to refer...

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Steinbeck's Portrayul of Crooks

THE SIGNIFICANCE ABOUT STEINBECK’S PORTRAYAL OF CROOKS? Steinbeck has described certain characters and included many intelligent literary devices in his novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ that amplifies the storyline and makes everything more deep and drastic. An example is Crooks; Steinbeck’s portrayal infers racism throughout the whole novel. Although it’s not his main focus, Steinbeck does make it clear that racism is very much present in the novel. ‘Crooks’ is the only black man in the novel and Steinbeck...

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Five Reasons Why People Bully

Kelly E. Guerrero Ms. Hirsch Eng 101 29 March 2011 Five Reasons Why People Bully To understand bullying, we must look at causes that create bullies. These elemental reasons can act as catalysts upon the right person and create a problematic member of society. Bullies, as we have come to know the term, are capable of inflicting the same elements of damage on their victims that leads to a continuance of the problem. According to Jan Faull of the Seattle Times, it is an aggressive act where...

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Why Are Celebrities so Dumb?

all the time. And everytime I see that a celebrity gets criticized for saying something offensive or a celebrity getting mad at paparazzi, I take a moment to think about it. The same question goes through my mind everytime and that is “Why do some celebrities seem so dumb?” * A celebrity is defined in the Webster dictionary is “a famous person.” Most celebrities are known for their work in television shows, music industry or movies. Some celebrities are known for their attention-grabbing actions...

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Why Ww1 Was so Devastating

assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. It started in 1914 and ended in 1920. It was fought by Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, and the United States. The reason why World War 1 was so devastating was because of secret alliances, the weapons that were used, and how it was fought. Secret alliances were the main reasons why World War 1 became a world war. Alliances are agreements between nations that say that if a nation goes to war with another nation, then the allied nations...

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Why Is the Crucible so Called

others because if they do not convict others it looks as if they themselves might have something to hide. It is ironic that Reverend Parris says that the witchcraft investigation might reveal the source of all the community’s problems ‘Why, Rebecca, we may open up the boil of all our troubles today’ because in the end the witchcraft investigation provokes the burning down and destruction of the community. The witch trials are also metaphorically a melting pot, again, for people’s...

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WHY KPOP IS SO POPULAR NOW Fung Ka Man Student Number: 12208825 GCPS1005, Section 10023 Date Due: 10-2-2014 Section Instructor’s Name: Miss Yuen Vera Specific Purpose: To discuss the reasons of Korean popular music become popular nowadays. INTRODUCTION (attention getter) I. Have all of you heard the song of Sorry Sorry, which is sung by 12 Korean boys? And your answer must be ‘Yes’. But do you know how many views of this music video on Youtube? It currently has over 43 million views on YouTube...

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Why Teenagers Are so Worldly?

WHY TEENAGERS ARE SO WORLDLY?  One of the most disheartening trends in the church today is the lack of enthusiasm displayed by teenagers concerning the things of God, in contrast with their fanatical fascination with the things of the world. Even children of very good Christian people seem to be caught up in the trend. In some churches, worldly gospel music is adopted to appeal to the youths. This is testimony to the fact that we have lost faith in the power of prayer and the Word of God to solve...

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Why Is There so Much Poverty?

its cause. In most cases the poor are not without some income. What they lack is the ability to accumulate assets, which is a key ingredient to the creation of wealth and breaking the cycle of poverty (6). In addition to low earnings, the prime reason for the inability to increase funds and thus increase security of income is that profits or potential savings are often pocketed by moneylenders who charge lofty interest rates, by formal and informal regulatory and enforcement agents/organizations...

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