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Raja Berpelembagaan

Philosophy of Raja Yoga For many in the West, yoga is simply just a part of your workout plan, a means of strengthening the body, curing body ailments, and improving flexibility. As we review the philosophy of yoga we’ll find that it is "much more than a system of physical exercise for health, Yoga is . . . an ancient path to spiritual growth." (Raphael) The word yoga is related to the English word yoke. A yoke is a wooden plank custom fitted on cattle to help them pull the load. The same way the...

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Quiz 1 review

nature) which are called: sattva guṇa, rajas guṇa, and tamas guṇa. The three primary Gunas are generally accepted to be associated with creation (sattva), preservation (rajas), and destruction/transformation (tamas) The entire creation and its process of evolution is carried out by these three major Gunas. Sattva- Unchangeable, "that which pervades the universe in all its constancy". It is also interpreted as "absolute truth" or "reality". Passion Activity. Rajas- Responsible for motion, energy...

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Brihadeeswara Temple

believed to have been taken to the top by creating an inclined slope to the height of 66m to the top of the gopuram. The prevailing belief is that a mud-slope, which starts at about three miles from the temple site, from Thirukoilore (birthplace of Raja raja's mother) near Sri Virateshvara swamy temple. Elephants might have been used to drag the stone up the slope. This was claimed to be the only part of the gopuram, which does not cast a shadow that fall on the ground, at least not within the temple...

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We Could **** You Mr. Birch

following conversation occurs during a meeting between the Sultan, Raja Yusuf and the Chiefs from pages 64 to 65. SULTAN YUSUF SULTAN YUSUF SULTAN CHIEF 2 SULTAN CHIEF 3 SULTAN : : : : : : : : : Now the white man is causing us grief. He wants to subvert our tradition by taking away our customary function of collecting revenue. You mean he wants to take away our means to get filthy rich. Except anything to do with custom and religion. Raja Yusuf, if you want to talk so much, why don’t you be sultan? […]...

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Meditation Worksheet

processes. Take control now master your mind through one of the meditation techniques and you will forever be able to be the peaceful beacon in the eye of the storm of any adversity. ~Author~ Ruth Ann The basis for attaining an experience in raja yoga meditation in to understand the self and the mind. The human mind is the most creative, powerful and wonderful "instrument" we possess. Using this energy called mind we have been able to search the deepest oceans, send humans to the moon and scan...

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Yoga midterm study guide

anything in return. Requires strong commitment and willpower to achieve genuine selflessness. Two examples of Karma yogin are Mother Teresa and Ghandi. Raja Yoga: “Royal” path. Path of physical and mental control with its ultimate goal as enlightenment. Today, sometimes simply referred to as meditation. Although meditation is the main practice of Raja yoga, other important steps of preparation shouldn’t be overlooked. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras → written 200 BCE → Ancient text of the classical science...

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those less fortunate. The Peace Corps and Habitat for Humanity are two organizations that characterize the ideals of Karma yogis. 4) Raja yoga – is know as “royal” path and refers to the journey toward personal enlightenment through meditations. Raja yoga’s foundation integrates the “eight limbs” of yoga as outlined by Patanjali in the The Yoga Sutras. Examples of Raja yogis may be members of religious and spiritual communities or may pursue this path on their own. 5) Tantra yoga- was a path of yoga...

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Harishchandra Factory Analysis

a silent motion picture he watched in a tent theatre Phalke decides to make one. He travels to England to learn about the new technology and, after he returns, collect a team of actors and technicians to produce his first film about the story of Raja Harishchandra. The movie depicts a lot about the lifestyle, culture, social condition and beliefs of people in India prevalent in those days. One of the remarkable feats in this film is that it is entirely shot in the style of the movies made in...

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Yoga Classical Yoga

History of Yoga Last Updated: Thursday, January 27, 2011, 18:15  http://zeenews.india.com/ayurveda/history-of-yoga_104.html   Classical Yoga Rāja yoga ("royal yoga", "royal union", also known as Classical yoga and aṣṭānga yoga) is one of the six schools of Dharmic (astika) Hindu philosophy. Its principal text is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Raja Yoga is concerned principally with the cultivation of the viewer's (ṛṣih) mind using a succession of steps, such as meditation (dhyāna, dhyana) and...

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Our Casuarina Tree

proceedings of the case of the two little girls in the court? SECTION - D Q.10 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below : The scriptures clearly define the three qualities of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva present in all of us. Tamas is inertia or resistance to transformation. Rajas is aggressiveness, restlessness or result oriented action. Sattva is the characteristic of purity inside us. As human beings, all of us have this quality of Sattva, which gives us patience, tolerance and...

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Discourses on Pazhassi Raja and Nationalism in Kerala: A Contemporary Critique

Discourses on Pazhassi Raja and Nationalism in Kerala: A Contemporary Critique Dr. M. P. Mujeebu Rehiman Department of History University of Calicut Though the province of Malabar was transferred to the British in accordance with the Treaty of Srirangapatanam(1792), they couldn't exercise absolute power over the province for a long time. What they could actually do was imposition of a sort of military power, which was intermittently challenged by various local powers.The gravest opposition...

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Brihadeeswarar Temple

A 107 paragraph long inscription on the walls of the Vimanam records the contributions of Raja Raja Chola and his sister Kundavai to the Thanjavur temple. The temple stands within a fort, whose walls are later additions built in the 16th century. The towering vimanam is about 200 feet in height and is referred to as Dakshina Meru. The octogonal Shikharam rests on a single block of granite weighing 81 tons. It is believed that this block was carried up a specially built ramp built from a site 6 kilometeres...

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Petrol Bunk

for the Church built by the famous Catholic Missionary Constantino Joseph Besky popularly known as VEERAMA MUNIVAR. The big Mosque at Labbaikudikadu is famous in its own way . The Jayankonda Cholapuram Siva Temple built by Rajendra Chola son of Raja Raja Chola is almost a miniature of Thanjavur Pragadeeswar Temple.   INDUSTRY :         Five major Cement factories in the district reveals the abundant deposit of limestone. The availability of Lignite at Jayankondam and near by places is a...

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indian history

Raja Ravi Varma Raja Ravi Varma - (29 April 1848 – 2 October 1906) was an Indian artist from the princely state of Travancore (presently in Kerala) who achieved recognition for his depiction of scenes from the epics of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. His paintings are considered to be among the best examples of the fusion of Indian traditions with the techniques of European academic art.  Raja Ravi Varma was the...

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Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma was born on 29th April 1848, in Kilimanoor, a small town of Kerala. He is known for his amazing paintings, which revolve mainly around the great epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Raja Ravi Varma is one of the few painters who have managed to accomplish a beautiful unison of the Indian traditions with the techniques of European academic art. He left for the holy abode on 2nd October 1906, leaving behind his legacy of amazing paintings. Raja Ravi Verma's paintings of beautiful sari...

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Brihadisvara Temple

Maratta rule because of the gigantic proportions of its vimana, linga, Nandi (sacred bull) and dvarapalas (doorkeepers). Exactly 1,000 years ago, Emperor Raja raja Chola I, the greatest monarch of the Chola dynasty, ordered the building of the “imperial monument” of Rajarajesvaram. It was on the 275th day of his 25th regnal year (1010) that Raja raja Chola (who ruled from 985-1014 Common Era) handed over a gold-plated kalasam (copper pot or finial) to crown the vimana. An inscription in Tamil in the...

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Imperial History Paintings: Celebrating British Supremacy

paintings were their ways of responding to the world around them. For example, Kalighat paintings of this period often ridiculed the westernised baboo, criticised the corrupt priests and expressed the anger of the common people against the rich. 5. Raja Ravi Varma was one of the first artists who tried to create a style that was both modern and national. He used the Western art of oil painting and realistic life study to paint themes from Indian mythology. He dramatised on canvas scene after scene...

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interrelation between the emotional, mental and physical levels, and how a disturbance in any one of these affects the others. Gradually, this awareness leads to an understanding of the more subtle areas of existence. There are many branches of yoga: raja, hatha, jnana, karma, bhakti, mantra, kundalini and laya, to name but a few, and many texts explain them in detail. Each individual needs to find those yogas most suited to his/her particular personality and need. In the last half of the twentieth...

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What Is Meditation

Name ancient techniques. Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself. Ancient techniques: Taoist meditation Trataka Meditation Raja Yoga meditation 2.Explain the biofeedback process Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal...

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Yoga And Its Health Benefits

and spirit with universal spirit. 2. Types of yoga: [Currie, Barbara. 10-minute Yoga Workouts: Power Tone Your Body from Top to Toe. London: Thorsons, 2002.] a) Hatha yoga: involves asana and pranayama. b) Raja yoga: The yoga of the mind. c) Karma yoga: The yoga of action. d) Bhakti yoga: The yoga of devotion. e) Jhana yoga: The yoga of the intellect. 3. Health benefit of yoga: [McCall, Timothy B...

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Yoga Paper

eight limbed or eight branched. This is the integral part of patanjli’s yoga sutras. He is a great master of yoga who collected already existing teachings into a coherent system thousands of years ago. His yoga sutras, which are the central path of raja yoga, and are highly condensed statements that describe the whole spectrum of human consciousness and how to achieve the highest levels of consciousness. Yama: Yamas, and its complement, Niyamas, represent a series of "right living" or ethical rules...

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Personality Development

new wave arises, love for the child. That suppresses the other one. Love is opposite to anger. Similarly, when the idea of stealing comes, non-stealing should be thought of; when the idea of receiving gifts comes, replace it by a contrary thought. ( Raja Yoga of Swami Vivekananda) ➢ Directing the thoughts and emotions through proper channels - KARMA YOGA, BHAKTI YOGA : o Development of unselfishness in whatever we do is called Karma Yoga. “Karma Yoga is a system of ethics and religion...

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Yoga for Healthy Life

benefits of yogic practices. There are four categories in yoga shastra they are Bhakti Yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana Yoga and Hata yoga. Hata yoga comes under Raja Yoga. Hata Yoga is a system for attaining perfection of mind and body through systematic physical exercises. The systematic practice of Hatha yoga ultimately helps to attain Raja yoga. Hata yoga provides perfect health and control of mind and body. Hata yoga consists of three important aspects: 1.Control of breath 2.Control of mind ...

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ANGELS TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL REFERENCES Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Pranayama, B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Sutras, B.K.S. Iyengar Tree of Yoga, B.K.S Iyengar How to Know God The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali Isherwood, Vedanta 1975 Raja Yoga, Vivekananda, Vedanta 1974 Chant And Be Happy Based on the Teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Play of Consciousness, Muktananda, Harper and Row, 1978 Reflections of the Self, Muktananda, SYDA Foundation, 1980 ...

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Secret Behind the Success of Small Budget Movies Subaramanipuram & Pasanga

released among them Saamy, Thiruda Thirudi, Dhool, Jayam, Kaaka Kaaka, Kadhal Kondain, Boys, Thirumalai, Pithamagan, and Parthiban Kanavu are box office hits. In 2004 totally 78 direct Tamil films were released among them Ghilli, Autograph, Vasool Raja MBBS, New, Manmadhan, 7G Rainbow Colony, Perazhagan, M. Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi, Madhurey, and Kaadhal are box office hits. In 2005 totally 100 direct Tamil films were released among them Chandramukhi, Anniyan, Thirupaachi, Ghajini, Sivakasi, Sandakozhi...

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Modern Indian Painting

| |Painting : 'Lady in The Moon Light' by| | | |Raja Ravi Varma | | | | | | ...

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Raja Rao

Raja Rao From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search There are many people with the name Raja Rao. For instance, there might be an other raja rao with other famous accomplishments. Please do not consider this as though THIS Raja Rao is not famous but ther might be other famous people with the name. Please continue to read this article. Raja Rao (Kannada: ರಾಜ ರಾವ್) (November 8, 1908 – July 8, 2006) was an Indian writer of English language novels and short stories, whose...

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Raja and Maya Case

Problem statement: In 1976, PSI was given a contract by the government of Bangladesh to control the population explosion with Raja Brand Condoms and Maya brand oral contraceptives. Late in 1983, when PSI met to discuss the marketing strategies for 1984-86, they observed that Raja sales had steadily increased but Maya sales declined despite using the same marketing strategies for both the products. Why?? * 80% of all the contraceptive products are purchased by men. * People associated condoms...

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy

`Tohfat-ul-Mohiddin` in which he criticized idol worship and declared that all religions had full faith in one God. From 1805 to 1814 he served an English concern, which managed the Zamindari system on behalf of the District Collectors. Social Reforms of Raja Ram Mohan Roy He also worked as a Social Reformer. He rejected the barriers of caste divisions and stood forth as the high priest of Universalism and Love. The best example of his life-long crusade against social evils was the historic agitation...

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Case Analysis - Raja Maya

States Agency for International Development) and UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities). SMP involved the use of modern marketing techniques to sell condoms under the brand name RAJA and the oral contraceptive pill MAYA. Within a span of six years, it was found that while the sales of Raja went up to 50.4 million pieces, the sales of Maya had declined from 1.1 million cycles in 1980 to 0.62 million in 1983. This was surprising as both products had similar marketing strategies in place...

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raja ram mohan roy biography

him to be a scholar, a sastrin, while the other wanted him to have a career dedicated to the laukik, which was secular public administration.[7] He wandered around the Himalayas and went to Tibet. Early political and religious career (1792–1820) Raja Rammohan Roy's impact on modern Indian history concerned a revival of the ethics principles of the Vedanta school of philosophy as found in the Upanishads. He preached about the unity of God, made early translations of Vedic scriptures into English...

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The PSI Case: Marketing of Raja and Maya

characteristic in essence and the market in Bangladesh had it specific characteristic. - Market characteristic in Bangladesh : Most consumers were illiterate and did not have access to professional doctors or pharmacies. - Consumers thought that Raja(condoms) was associated with sex but Maya(pill) was associated with birth control - People thought of a condom as an over the counter consumer product, while a pill was perceived a as a powerful drug. As a result, people were more willing to accept...

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Summary of the Novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

Raja Rao’s first novel Kanthapura (1938) is the story of a village in south India named Kanthapura. The novel is narrated in the form of a ‘sthalapurana’ by an old woman of the village, Achakka. Kanthapura is a traditional caste ridden Indian village which is away from all modern ways of living. Dominant castes like Brahmins are privileged to get the best region of the village whereas Sudras, Pariahs are marginalized. The village is believed to have protected by a local deity called Kenchamma. Though...

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raja bazar

"Raja Bazaar is a local market in Rawalpindi, famous for wholesale merchandizing. The Gunjmandi area in Raja Bazaar specializes in dry fruit trading. Many dry fruits are imported from neighboring countries, while those produced in pakistan are also sent abroad. Large quantities of peanuts are transported from here to various parts of the country." - 25 seconds "In the winter season, the sale of dry fruits increases exponentially. Consequently, the Ganjmandi experiences a gain in the number of...

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Gandhian Politics and Religion in Raja Rao's 'Kanthapura'

impact on the creative impetus of the Indian novelists in English. In this paper I will discuss on how Gandhian blending of politics and religion gives an impact on the minds of the Indian masses, especially of the villagers. Taking instances from Raja Rao’s novel kanthapura, I will seek to show how Gandhian political thoughts and teachings come in the guise of traditional religious terms and how it stirs the innocent and superstitious imaginations of the village folk. Gandhian secularism and spiritual...

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Mobile cloud computing N.Tejaswini, P.Manoj Reddy Students of III/IV B.Tech Depatment of CSE, KLUniversity, Vijayawada Email: mail2tejaswini@gmail.com Manojreddy666@gmail.com ...

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Trial of raja Nandakumar Case

 THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ADVANCED LEGAL STUDIES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am highly elated to work on the topic “Raja Nandakumar case” under the guidance of my Legal History teacher. I am highly thankful to her for giving me this topic and also for her constant support. Next, I would like to thank my Parents and siblings for their relentless and unselfish enthusiasm. Nothing other than their blessings would have helped me to complete this Project. Due thanks are credited...

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Raja Ravi Varma an Indian Artist

British administration for Government House in Madras, and known only from an inventory in the diary of Raja Raja Varma dated Friday 15th February 1901. Ravi Varma's later paintings, including portraits, were executed with the collaboration of his younger brother, studio partner and amanuensis, Raja Raja Varma. We know that Ravi Varma always painted the face, figure and the attire while Raja Varma did other details and the background, including the landscape. This scene of the reception of the...

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Women in Raja Rao's Kanthapura

Towards a Limited Emancipation: Women in Raja Rao s } "Kanthapura S E N A T H W . P E R E RA Kanthapura thus far have focussed for the most part on the manner in which the novel characterizes the "Indian renaissance" under Gandhi's leadership. The approaches taken by M . K. Naik and K. S. Ramamurti are typical in this regard. Naik declares, in Dimensions of Indian English Literature, that WIU IS UD T E ^ D NE A N T E RK O F Raja Rao's Kanthapura ( 1 9 3 8 ) is easily the finest...

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Konsert Di Raja

Izzywan Bin Musib 6. Shareena Ismail 7. Mohd Faizal Bin Zulkifly 2ND VIOLIN 1. Salmira Idris (Principal) 2. Mohd Dzahirfikhry Mohd Roshdi 3. Siti Saadiah Bte. Shafei 4. Tengku Dinkhalish Puazlee Raja Puazman 5. Ahmad Syamiel Mohd Sukarno 6. Sarah Binti Ramli 7. Ahmad Fitra Ramli VIOLA 1. Mohd Isa Ismail (Principal) 2. Aidil Akmar Dato Hj Ayob 3. Rozdi B. Hashim 4. Mohd. Rasikh Mohd. Noor...

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, one .JT\of the great reformers of renaissance India has commanded respect to the point of veneration and has been acclaimed as a Versatile presence on the Indian Historical firmament. All his life, he fought to reform the society because he believed that social and religious reform was the very foundation of political advancement. A harbinger of the idea of universal humanism, an apostle of monotheism, the founder of the Brahmo Samaj, an advocate of the freedom of the press and...

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Palliative Ward Of Hospital Raja Permai

 KOLEJ SAINS KESIHATAN BERSEKUTU SULTAN AZLAN SHAH ULU KINTA, PERAK An audit dressing of the Palliative Ward of Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh INTAN SOFIA BT. MOHAMED DAUD 670417-08-5808 MAHAWA BINTI JAMRI 810704-08-5722 HAZEERAH BINTI ARIFFIN 840104-14-5434 MENEGA A/P ARJUNAN 861001-38-6318 LECTURER: DR. LIM BOON LEONG Introduction Problem identification Problem statement Aim of study Literature review Definition of terms General objective Specific...

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Raja Rammohan Roy

  Dear Students, Date: 09.11.2011 Sub: Online exemption test from compulsory computer training We wish to inform you that the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI ) has recently signed an agreement with M/s Sify Software Limited. As per the revised arrangement the online test for compulsory computer training of the students, which is being presently conducted by M/s Aptech Ltd. will be henceforth conducted by M/s Sify Software Ltd. To facilitate the mandatory requirement for students...

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Serving Amara Raja group since 1992 Remuneration Rs. 234,800,664 Brief profile: Mr. Jayadev Galla, serves as a Managing Director of Amara Raja Batteries Limited. Mr. Galla’s responsibilities include Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, New Business Development and Strategic Planning at Amara Raja Batteries Limited. He spent two years as an International Sales Executive at GNB Battery Technologies in USA. He served as Head of Corporate Operations Office - Chennai at Amara Raja Batteries Limited...

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The Early History of Perak

Sovereign of weights, the penalty and the decision of the Senate. After the Sovereign been promulgated, two shall be appointed by the future Sultan of the Sovereign on the advice of the Senate. Two titles are held by the Prospective Sultan was the Raja Muda and Raja confluence of. The title King of Tresurer has been reinstated ti the regular YABhg title. Orang Kaya-Kaya Seri Maharaja Treasyrer and the title YAM Majesty the Sultan of the Treasurer, the Sultan Wazirul Wakilus-Kabir. Future appointment...

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rajaraja cholan

Who is this Raja Raja Cholan (more precisely, Raja Raja Cholan-I)? Readers who are fans of the popular Tamil novelist Kalki may be familiar with his historical novel “Ponniyin Selvan”. That novel is woven around the life of Raja Raja Cholan, also known an Arunmoli. Of course, much of the novel and many of the characters in it are fiction although that fiction is wrapped around historical events. What we present in this section are historical facts taken from such authoritative works as Dr. M. Rajamanickam’s...

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Diction and Imagery in the Chimney Sweeper

dia menjadi raja Inggris, dia mangangkat orang-orang Normandia dalam kedudukan tinggi. Dampak dari hal itu adalah setelah dia meninggal, Inggris berhasil ditaklukan oleh Normandia. Dia mewariskan kerajaan yang terpecah menjadi 7 daerah feudal yang dikuasai oleh seorang “earl”. Inggris dibawah kekuasaan Edward tidak mengalami perkembangan apapun kecuali dalam bidang agama. Setelah Edward meninggal, dipilihlah Harold, putra Godwin, Earl of Wessex, namun ditentang oleh Harld Hardrada, raja Norwegia,...

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The Kathopanishad (Pt-2) the Secret of Life After Death

COMPETENCE – THE ELIGIBILITY TEST Yama Raja was extremely impressed by this request. Indeed, Yama Raja knew how many secrets this young child had asked the solutions for in this one boon. There was no option or alternative but to reveal the heart of spirituality. The lofty mental attitude and intellect of Nachiketa, (who at first seemed a mere child) had already been experienced. Nevertheless, in accordance with the established traditions, Yama Raja decided to test Nachiketa’s eligibility and only...

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Report on 2g Spectrum

NiraRadia tapes controversy. A Raja ,the Ex-Minister of Communications andInformation Technology , is an Indian politician from the DMK, who sold the licences and played a key role in 2G Scam and also who knows full details regarding 2G Scam. Generally , Tele Communication companies have to take licence from Government by paying large amounts for their operations and also Government have many rules to give permission for new companies in Tele Communication.So,due to Raja , many companies got the licences...

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Clear Light of Day Literary Analysis: The House as a Metaphor

Home Is Where the Heart Is In the book Clear Light of Day, Anita Desai develops an extended metaphor of the Das family house to symbolize the entrapment of the Das children: Bimla, Tara, Raja, and Baba. Desai’s book follows each of the children as they grow up, but when the family gathers at the Das house for Raja’s daughter’s wedding, it is the first time the family had been at the house together since childhood. The house, kept the same through the years, then morphs into a prison, causing...

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Chapter Summary: Taronga

defends Ben and pleads for him to stay and help with the tigers. Ben reluctantly agrees to cages the tigers Ranee and Raja. While Ranee is trusting and easy to handle, her mate Raja is defiant and difficult. Ben engages in a battle of wills with the male tiger, only just managing to control him Chapter 9: Ben realises that Raja, does not trust him. Ellie offers to look after Raja, but Molly insists that Ben can only stay if he works with the tigers. He agrees because he wants to help Taronga. Ellie...

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Case of Psi Social Marketing Project in Bangladesh

the relative performances? Why is Raja succeeding, while Maya is not?   Relative Performance of Raja and Maya From general performance measures in 1983, Raja is outperforming Maya in terms of % sales growth from 1982 to 1983 (41% vs. 5%), the market share of the same product type (59% vs. 8%), the # of Couple Years Protection (504 vs 48 thousands CYP), and the total revenue (4.9 vs. 0.3 million Takka).Detailed calculation is shown in Table 1 Appendix A. The turnover ratio of Raja is higher than Maya (7vs...

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Essay on 2g Spectrum

effected the economy growth. CAG has clearly mentioned that the allotment of licenses was not held in realistic price. That has caused a loss of revenue up to Rs. 176 lakhs crore to the government of India. The report also stated that telecom minister A. Raja has totally ignored the advice of finance ministries on allocation of license to benefit for few operators. It also that all the telecom regulator acts are ignored to misused. CAG also reported that the price at the license was allocated in 2008 are...

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Clear Light of Day

autistic brother Baba’s caretaker. Their conversation eventually comes to Raja, their brother who lives in Hyderabad. Bim doesn’t want to go to the wedding of Raja’s daughter, showing Tara an old letter from when Raja became her landlord, unintentionally insulting her after the death of his father in law.[2] In part two the setting switches to partition era India, when the characters are adolescents in what is now Bim’s house. Raja is severely ill with tuberculosis and is left to Bim’s ministrations...

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Case Write-Up

explain the disparity in Raja’s and Maya’s performance? To evaluate the performance of Raja and Maya, It’s clear to use marketing 4P concept as a way to analyze this case. To begin with the products, according to the case, Raja is perceived as an over-the counter consumer product while a Maya pill is regarded as a powerful drug. So the difference in nature explained why Raja can out performed Maya. Moreover, Raja tried to target men market using the masculine noun to gain their recognition of their...

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Maratha Power - India

Chapter 1 India on the Eve of British Conquest Maratha Power Sambhaji (1680 – 1689) * Elder son from first wife of shivaji; Raja Ram – second son from second wife * Kavi Kalash ‘Instigator of strife’ – Brahmin from north India; detested by Maratha leaders * 1681 – Renewed war with Mughals, raided Burhanpur and attempted attack on Ahmadnagar. * Politically isolated after fall of Bijapur and Golconda, troubled by internal conspiracies & uprisings – slowly lost grip on affairs of...

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Evolution And Growth Of Muslim Society

Hajjaj bin Yousef, of Baghdad were ransacked by a contingent of ferocious Hindu pirates. Hajjaj sent his emissary to the Rajput king, Raja Dahir under whose jurisdiction the pirates carried out the loot. The raja bluntly turned down the Governor’s claim said the pirates were not under his sway. Hajjaj decided to send the young Imaduddin Muhammad bin Qasim to teach the raja a lesson and release the prisoners. Muhammad bin Qasim was the ruler of Faris when he was called back by the Governor. Muhammad bin...

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Philippines During Pre-Colonial Times

Malays, and Indians. Also, a scheme of exchange has been developed known as the barter system, where people from different countries swap a good to gain another good. Products include gold, silver, rice, ornaments, cloth, and certain types of food. Raja Soliman even orders Martin de Goiti to pay tax when the latter’s ships dock in Manila Bay. Aside from trading, agriculture has also flourished in the early Philippine society. Even with the lack of modern technology, the Ifugaos has successfully...

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Population International Services

Services International (PSI) was a not-for-profit agency which concluded an agreement with the government of Bangladesh to carry out the Social Marketing Project (SMP). With the objective of population control, PSI introduced two birth control products: Raja brand condoms and Maya brand oral contraceptives. A similar marketing strategy was used to promote both products. Raja’s sales increased tremendously but Maya’s sales declined over a period of time. Although Maya is selling at a cheaper price, other...

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shiv file

related to the 2G spectrum scam. The Supreme Court declared allotment of spectrum as "unconstitutional and arbitrary" and quashed all the 122 licenses issued in 2008 during tenure of A. Raja (then minister for communications & IT) the main official accused in the 2G scam case.[4] The court further said that A. Raja "wanted to favour some companies at the cost of the public exchequer" and "virtually gifted away important national asset."[5] The "zero loss theory" was further demolished[6] on 3 August...

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