• Good Parent
    Quintana, Emily January 8, 2010 Block 2X Qualities of Good Parent A good parent to me means that they have a sense of balance. They need to be able to teach and discipline as well as loving and caring for their children. A good parent should care and love for their child, teach by setting examp
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  • Qualities of a Good Parent
    Parenting is defined as one who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or mother (The free dictionary, 2013). The definition does not mean that one will make a good parent. Becoming a parent can be one of the most exciting times in ones life, or it can be a horrific experie
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  • Some of the Qualities of a Good Parent
    A family is said to be the first cradle in a child’s life. He can learn many things from his own family, especially from his parents. Indeed, parents play an essential role in growing all biological, social, psychological dimensions. Therefore, a parent should have love, care and understanding. In
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  • What Three Qualities Do You Think Are Most Necessary for a Good Parent?
    Nowadays people say that not everyone is capable of upbringing a child. Parenthood, which used to be a natural status for almost anyone, is now the source of long debates among couples and a very profitable field to writers and publishers. First of all, a good parent should be a good listener,
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  • Qualities of a Good Parent
    It recently came to my attention that my personal parenting skill has been under the microscope. Always having considered myself a good parent, both in my interaction with my children, as well as with my ex-husband, it struck me as strange that someone would cast doubt on my parenting methods. I r
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  • Good Parent
    It takes a lot to be a good parent.Listening,love,guidance,discipline,time,and money. Those are just a few qualities of being a good parent.Everyone may not agree with me.But that's just my opinion. I would like to start off by saying listening and love is the main thing to me. When you hear y
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  • A Good Parent
    A Good Parent How to be a good parent? During this period, raising children is the most difficult job in the world. But to be a good parent will teach them to become a nice person. So the most important quality of a good parent is being responsible for their children. There are several qualities of
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  • What Is a Good Parent
    What is a good parent? Jane Doe Liberty University What is a good parent? A good parent is someone who is responsible and provides for his or her children. They may possess qualities, such as, devotion and compassion. Good parents are supportive, but stern, when needed. All children are
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  • How Does Harper Lee Portray Atticus Finch as a Good Parent?
    Mufasa, the father of Simba, from Disney’s The Lion King is a perfect example of many desirable qualities. Whenever Simba needs someone to comfort him, Mufasa knows what to do to make Simba feel better. Likewise, when Simba acts out of hand, Mufasa knows when he should reprimand Simba and when Sim
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  • What Are the Characteristics of a Good Parent? Use Reasons and Details to Support Your Response.
    Parents play an important role in the child’s upbringing. However, it is not easy to be a good parent. I am lucky to have good parents, so it is easy for me identify the characteristics that make them good. I am going to discuss further in the following paragraphs. First, if you want to be a good
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  • How to Become a Good Parent
    How to Become a Good Parent In this world, parents consider as torchlight for their children. Parents try to do everything for their children whether it is hard or easy for them. Parents gave them directions how to start their new life by themselves. To become a g
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  • Qualities of Good Parenting
    Qualities of A Good Parent Maureen Walker AIU Online Abstract Being a good parent takes more than just getting up and doing daily tasks. Parenting is a job within itself and can and will be a huge responsibility. Deciding to become a parent one should sit down and weigh out the options, and c
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  • Is Atticus Finch a Good Parent
    Is Atticus a Good Parent? Sam Crawford Oct.6, 2013 It is a good question that needs to be answered. Is Atticus a good parent? In the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee demonstrates that Atticus is a good parent. For instance in chapter 2 pg. 21 Scout asks Atticus,...
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  • Characteristics of a Good Parent
    Raising a child can be very difficult. Children learn how to be adults from none other than adults themselves. Parents need to be willing to teach their children. In my opinion, there are key things that a parent needs to do to be a "good" parent. Parents need to be good listeners. They are so
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  • A Good Parent
    A good parent is someone who is always there to support his or her child with unconditional love, patience, and care. Any parent who cares for his or her child financially and emotionally, devotes time and energy to their children, and is willing to do anything to show there love and support for the
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  • Qualities for Good Administration
    Qualities for Good Administration A Research Paper Presented By |Prin. Dr. Balaji R Lahorkar |Prin. Dr. M. Farooque A. Qadir Ansari | |Late Dr Shankarrao Satav College of Education, |D
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  • Review on Characteristics of a Good Parent According to North American Culture
    By Cana Cao A person who loves his or her children unconditionally Children need a lot of attention, time and love. Love is the great motivator to raise a happy child. Love your children no matter what happens even sometimes they may disappoint you, anger you, or even disrespect you, but even du
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  • Seven Steps to Being a Good Parent
    What makes a good parent? Good parents don't just happen. Good parents apply lessons they have learned and continually try to improve themselves and their parenting skills. 1. Provide unconditional love and encouragement to your child. Saying I love you, is important. But even more important is
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  • What Makes a Good Parent
    To my mind, the right answer to the question “What makes a good parent” is not easily obtainable. You should spend a lot of time in contemplation before reaching to it. And still there is no guarantee that finally you will get it. Since many people have different opinions on raising a child the
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  • Being a Good Parent
    there are a million ways to describe being a good parent. Some of the most important are unconditional love, being able to listen and understand, and being involved in things your child does. Showing your child that you love them is just as important at telling them. A simple hug or words
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