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  • Man Tabhi Khul Sakte Hain Jab Dil Khulte Hain

    ======== (15) ========= Tinka tinka tufan me bikharte chale gaye, Tanhai ki gehraion me utarte chale gaye. [pic]Udte the jinke sahare aasma mein...

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  • Kabir Dohas

    Teri muhabbat ne jab dil dukhaya hai kyun naam phir tera aaya hai, tujhse shikayat kare hum phir kyun mohabbat kare hai hum ,her...

    Soul 7597 Words | 26 Pages

  • Word List

    medieval agrarian, agriculture, peregrination animadvert, unanimous, magnanimity Example arch chief, first, rule aster, astr aud, aus,audit,...

    Pastoral 6725 Words | 31 Pages

  • gre exam

    sound Latin audire "to hear" auditorium, auditory aug-, auct- grow, increase Latin augēre, auctus "to increase" augmentation...

    11063 Words | 370 Pages

  • TOEFL Vocabulary

    →价格到了禁止人买 的地步) "104.hum=earth,表示“土,地”" humble a 谦 恭的;下贱 的(hum+ble→接近地面→谦 恭的) humility n 谦 让 ;低下(hum+ility 状 态 →地的状...

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  • The Encyclopedia Of Applied Linguistics Hellip

    extent of code mixing is exemplified in this example: Yeh lake itna bada hai ki [This lake is so big that you can’t tell] ki kaha lake khatam hota hai...

    3490355 Words | 11981 Pages

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