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Orem Versus Watson Theories Compare

The Watson Theory Ann Pender- Bellard NUR/403 March 14, 2011 Terry Palmisano The Watson Theory Watson calls caring the ethical principle or standard by which curing interventions are measured (Alligood, 2006). Watson’s caring theory evolves in a global state no longer limited to facility settings. Watson’s theory is the development of a caring fluid experience expanding from the person to the community onward to society. Her six Caritas process uses creativity and a scientific problem-solving...

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Jean Watson Theory

Analysis and Evaluation of Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Since its establishment as a profession more than a century ago, Nursing has been a source for numerous debates related to its course, methods and development of nursing knowledge. Many nursing definitions and theories have evolved over time. Furthermore it is in a constant process of been redefined. The purpose of this paper is an overview of Jean Watson's Theory of Caring. This theory can be taken into account as one of the most philosophicaly...

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Care Theory Compare & Contrast

Care Theory Compare and Contrast Paper Pamela Morales HCS 350 July 11, 2011 Care Theory Compare and Contrast Paper Jean Watson’s Theory of human caring is based on transpersonal relationships and developing a caring environment that offers the development potential while allowing the person to choose the best course of action. Through interactions with others we learn how to recognize ourselves in others. Watson believes that through these interactions humanity is preserved. John Paley’s article...

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Watson Theory of Caring

Theory provides professional independence by guiding the practice, education, and research functions of the profession. The study of theory helps to develop analytical skills, challenge thinking, clarify values, and assumptions, and determine purposes for nursing practice, education, and research (Reed, Shearer, and Nicoll, 2004). According to Reed, Shearer, & Nicoll (2004) Jean Watson presents the most current nursing theories. She is the only nursing theorist to support the concept of soul and...

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Theory Critique Jean Watson

Theory Critique: Theory of “Human Caring” Abigail Peerce Maryville University “Caring is the essence of nursing” (Chantal, 2003, p.57). Caring is the essence and core of my nursing background and why I chose to take the path towards a career as a professional nurse. The model of caring was developed around 1970, and established with the publication of the “postmodern transpersonal caring-healing paradigm, and has transformed the original caring model into one that is useful to practitioners...

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Watson Theory Paper

Watson's Theory of Caring Jane Padilla NUR/403 January 15, 2013 Julie Ann Hankins This paper will talk about Dr. Jean Watson, her theory background, and will provide the concepts of her theory.   Furthermore, I will connect the theory to person, health, nursing, and environment of the caring moment and apply a transpersonal relationship and relate these issues within my Practice, skills and experience. Dr. Jean Watson was born in a small town in West Virginia in 1940s. She began...

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Watson Theory Of Human Caring Paper

Watson's Theory of Human Caring Stephanie M. Collins NUR/ 403 August 4, 2014 Esther Van Baren, MSN Watson's Theory of Human Caring Caring and nursing are deeply interwoven. Caring in the nursing profession can be expressed in many forms such as when a nurse performs a careful assessment, provides education to patients and their families, answers their questions or is just simply provides a therapeutic presence. Jean Watson is a well-known nursing scholar who has developed her own theory on caring...

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Nursing Theory

Theory development surfaced in nursing because of its leader’s desire for nursing to be considered a profession, and then to help nurses increase their knowledge of practice, what it is and what it can be. Theories can help to identify a clearer picture of practice than using facts alone (Walker & Avant, 2005). The following paper will discuss three of these theories and their authors as they relate to currency and ability of use in practice settings. Orem’s Model of Self Care The International...

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Uop Watsons Theory of Caring

Watson's Theory of Caring Crystal University of Phoenix Theories and Models of Nursing Practice NUR 403 Watson's Theory of Caring Jean Watson’s caring philosophy and science in nursing is traced back to its earliest beginning as a textbook for the nursing courses at the University of Colorado (Alligood, 2010). Her initial work at the university laid the foundation for Watson’s theory of caring. Watson’s philosophy “defines the outcome of nursing activity in regard to humanistic aspects of...

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Watsons Human Caring Theory

Caring for a Stranger: An Example of Watson's Caring Theory I never thought that I would find myself along a desert highway taking care of a man that I never knew. But early in my career this is exactly where I found myself. This is an example of displaying Watson’s Human Caring Theory, and how I took care of a man, in the middle of nowhere, with little more than a bottle of water and a pair of stolen gloves. My future husband and I were driving home from Tucson, Arizona to Algona, Iowa, but...

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Application/Watson Theory

Theoretical Framework for Nursing Practice # 1 Reading on Nursing Theory Submitted by: Rochell T. Opiana, RN, RCP WELLNESS… “Caring in nursing conveys physical acts, but embraces the mind-body-spirit as it reclaims the embodied spirit as its focus of attention”..Margaret Jean Watson Human being is a valued person in and of him to be cared for, respected, nurtured, understood and assisted. In general, it is a philosophical view of a person as a fully functional integrated self. She views...

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Compare Widow Douglas and Mrs. Watson

Compare Widow Douglas and Miss Watson In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain satirizes Pre-Civil War society through Widow Douglas and Miss Watson over their treatment of Huck. They are hypocritical, single, old women who attempt to educate Huck in the ways of the "sivilized" society and show him the benefits of religion. Ironically they are racist even though it contradicts their religious beliefs. Twain emphasizes these satirical points in his descriptions on there treatment of Huck...

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Compare and contrast the Psycoanalitic Theory with the Behaviorist Theory

Compare and contrast two psychological approaches By Rory Simmons My intention in this essay, is to compare and contrast the following psychological approaches Behaviourism and Psychoanalysis, in doing this I will unpack the key points of these two approaches, highlighting the differences and explaining them. The first approach I will look at is Psychoanalysis; the most famous psychologist linked to this is Sigmund Freud an Austrian psychologist who first proposed his Psychodynamic approach. These...

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Watsons Theory of Human Caring Paper

 Jean Watson Theory of Caring Moment Nicole Sherrod Theories and Models of Nursing Practice Professor MaryLouise Martin April 20, 2015 Jean Watson Theory of Caring Moment The caring moment is a critical decision in another person life, as well as your life. It is an act of humanity. In essence, there is more to giving physical treatment; your presence and support shows the connectivity with another person at every given moment. It is a shared journey in this life, we should always take care...

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Jean's Watson Theory Nur/403

Jean Watson's Theory NUR/403 Jean Watson's Theory As a nurse establishing a caring relationship with a client is not easy. Jean Watson was the developer of a theory, which emphasizes how nurses express care to their patients. In this paper the author will discuss Jean Watson’s theory, background, descriptions of her four concepts; environment, human being, nursing, and health, also describe of an actual nurse-client relationship which includes the description of the caring moment between a...

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Jean Watson Nursing Theory Paper

Jean Watson’s Philosophy of Nursing NUR/403-Theories and Models of Nursing Practice August 9th, 2010 Introduction Jean Watson’s theories of nursing are instrumental in today’s structure of nursing. Watson’s theories are being practiced in various health care setting all over the world. One of these theories in the nursing process. This entails first assessing patient...

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Watson's Theory of Human Caring

Watson's Theory of Human Caring Carmen Martinez NUR403 Aug 8th, 2013 Gail Williams Watson's Theory of Human Caring Background and major concepts of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Dr. Jean Watson is considered a theorist, a philosopher, and a healer. She directed her life works to the science of human caring and proposed a new and innovative approach to the nurse-patient interaction. Dr. Watson resumed her life career as “devoted to the phenomena of human caring, and inner subjective feelings...

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Nsg/403 Watsons Theory of Caring

Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring Nursing is a profession that has been synonymous with the word caring. I decided to choose nursing as my profession because I felt I had a calling to help others in need, knowing I am able to make a difference in my patient’s lives. The broad definition of caring has been theorized by the philosophy of Jean Watson and has been the primary character of the nursing role model. Caring has been the core of all nursing actions and is defined by Watson as “the ethical...

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 DOROTHEA OREM’ SELF-CARE DEFICIT THEORY OF NURSING Dorcas Gray NUR/403 January 13, 2014 Marilyn Moorhouse University of Phoenix Material Nursing Theorist Grid The chosen theorist is Dorothea Orem. Description of key points of the theory The self-care deficit theory “provides a way of looking at and investigating what nurses do” (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p. 102). It speaks to activities that individuals can perform independently to maintain life, health, and wellbeing. The...

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Watson Theory

COHN(c) a bstraCt Many health care and academic centers have adopted Watson’s Theory of Human Caring as their guiding principle; the theory is also used in other disciplines, such as library science. Human caring theory offers occupational health nurses a structure that not only defines a focus for practice, but also provides a basis for moral and philosophical practice analyses. In particular, nurses may find this theory useful in confirming the definition of “caring” and reconsidering what nursing...

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Watsons Theory of Human Caring Paper

Medicine. As such, caring science is rapidly becoming an Interdisciplinary or Transdisciplinary field of study. It has relevance to all the health, education, and human service fields and professions. The Implications of Caring Theory The caring model or theory can also be considered a philosophical and moral/ethical foundation for professional nursing and part of the central focus for nursing at the disciplinary level. A model of caring includes a call for both art and science; it offers...

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Compare and Contrast of Motivational Theories

Theories of Motivation Ask any person who is successful in whatever he or she is doing what motivates him/her, and very likely the answer will be "goals". Goal Setting is extremely important to motivation and success. So what motivates you? Why are you in college? If you are in college because that's what your parents want, you may find it difficult to motivate yourself. Sure, it's possible to succeed with someone else providing the motivation for you. ("If you graduate from college, I'll give you...

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Compare Utilitarian and Deontological Theory

COMPARE UTILITARIAN AND DEONTOLOGICAL THEORIES Utilitarianism is the idea that the moral worth of an action is determined by its usefulness. In maximizing utility and minimizing negative utility, in short it can be defined as pleasure minus pain. Deontology means duty or obligation. This theory was founded by a German philosopher, Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). According to Kant, it is the only way of making moral decisions. Another definition for deontology is that it is an approach to the...

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Watson Theory

applying nursing theory. The use of nursing theory facilitates, “evidence-based practice, nursing inquiry, nursing best practice, and translation to practice” (Alligood, 2010, p11). Nursing theory defines the role of the nurse within interdisciplinary teams. The perspective and contributions of the nurse within this team is unique (Moore, 2010). Nursing theory began with the work of Florence Nightingale in 1846. Other writers have followed such as Levine, Orem, Orlando and Watson. Although nursing...

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Feminist theory, compare and contrast

movements, gender mainstreaming into development.  Equality has been received many scholars, researchers, and politicians concern which is clearly shown in the system of feminist theories. As a result, there is variety of theories to explain for oppressions, justice and equality for women all over the world called feminist theories. Each of idea forward feminism tries to comprehend those things by theorizing the "human agency", which is defined as the capacity of human beings "to act independently and...

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maslow's theory versus education

Application of Maslow's Theory to Education Importance of Maslow's Theory to Education The most important educational goal is for students to learn. Another important goal is to make this newly gained knowledge and information purposeful and meaningful to the students so that it may be retained and useful throughout their lives. An essential factor involved in meeting these goals is motivation. If students are unmotivated in one way or another, it is likely that little learning will take place...

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Jean Watson Nursing Theory

reviewed for any other mislabeled information as well as the other charts on the unit at that time. The manager formed a team from the staff on the unit to conduct a root cause analysis using the Ishikawa or fishbone diagram. Describe and Analyze Theory/Style The management style used on this unit was transformational leadership. This leadership style used by the manager empowered the employees to participate in the unit by open communication, promoting new or better ideas and feeling part of a...

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Price Watson - Due to the bulk purchase of products by centralized sourcing with AS Watsons Group and purchasing process, it can lower the cost and apply medium to low price strategy. Mannings - Take competitive advantage of mother company “Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited” with low price bargain power. Moreover, there is a price differentiation in different district. The pricing method is to comparing with the price within the district in order to reach the lowest price of some selected...

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Compare and evaluate three significant learning and development theories

Compare and evaluate three significant learning and development theories In this assignment I will compare and evaluate three significant learning theories, these being; Behaviourism, Constructivism and Social Constructivism. This will include a clear presentation of; knowledge of these theories, a demonstration of the understanding of academic debates pertaining to these theories and by selecting three key aspects of these three theories, comparing and evaluating them. The three key aspects that...

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Dorthea Orem

Dorthea Orem Learning Team B Nur/403 Theories and Models of Nursing Practice April 11, 2010 Sandra Ulmer, RN, PHN, MSN Traditionally in nursing there has been a lag between learning and practice. This resulted in the development of nursing theories, which guide our [Use "we," "us," or "our" to mean yourself and coauthors, not general humanity (or yourself and the reader)] clinical practice. Dorthea Orem is a woman who developed just such a theory and approach. Dorothea Orem devoted...

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Case Study of Jean Watson Caring Theory

assessment structured?  Watson points out that nursing process contains the same steps as the scientific research process. They both try to solve a problem. Both provide a framework for decisionmaking.  Assessment phase is a opportunity for Formation of a Humanistic-altruistic system of values,   Instillation of faith-hope,   Cultivation of sensitivity to one's self and to others andDevelopment of a helping-trusting, human caring relationship  Watson’s theory of caring insists that a holistic...

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Watson, Skinner, and Tolman

Watson, Skinner, and Tolman PSY 310/History and Systems of Psychology Psychological Perspectives Used Today Over the years psychological perspectives have changed or advanced in modern psychology. Some perspectives from earlier psychologists have diminished or are no longer used in modern psychology. John B. Watson, B. F. Skinner, and Edward C. Tolman are a few psychologists whose perspectives have remained a foundation for modern psychologists. Watson, Skinner, and Tolman’s perspectives advanced...

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Compare and contrast two approaches

many years Psychologists such as Freud, Skinner, Rogers and Watson, just to name a few, have contributed, providing us with invaluable tools to evaluate and treat mental illness, understand and treat phobias and indeed provide us with a window into the unconscious mind. In particular, two areas of study have intrigued me, so I believe it would be useful to compare and contrast these two very different approaches. Not only will I compare the methods of research used but also will note any similarities...

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Compare And Contrast The Theories Of Personality D

Personality is an intriguing component in psychology vital for perception of human beings. Different theories of personality adopt different levels of explaining features of human beings. Two theories meet the conditions of personality and theories of development, Freud's psychoanalytic theory later followed by Erikson's psychosocial theory. Freud's theory of personality development relates to his theories of personality structure and motivation. His topographical model of personality organisation in...

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John B Watson

Abstract This paper explores the life and achievements of John Broadus Watson. He was a famous psychologist known as the Father of Behaviorism. Watson was best known for his views and theories known as behaviorism. Watson is also known for comparative and experimental psychology, and perhaps his most famous experiment, the Little Albert Experiment. On February 24, 1913, he delivered a famous lecture that is believed to be the birth of behaviorism. Watson’s experiments and publications made major...

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Watsons Theory of Human Caring with Personal Reflection

Watson's Theory of Human Caring Tammy L. Holman University of Phoenix Theories and Models of Nursing Practice NUR 403 Caroline Etland July 1, 2010 Watson's Theory of Human Caring With many changes in our health care systems today I believe nurses and our patients are suffering as a result of all the financial restructuring. Despite the hardships of administrative numbers, hospital nurses continue to provide care, practice the core of nursing, and maintain the caring model. To...

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Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods

Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods Devry University BUSN 379 Exhibit 1 WATSON LEISURE TIME SPORTING GOODS | Income Statement | | 200X | | 200Z | Sales (all on credit) | $1,500,000 | | $2,160,000 | Cost of goods sold | 950,000 | | 1,300,000 | Gross profit | 550,000 | | 860,000 | Selling and administrative expense* | 380,000 | | 590,000 | Operating profit | 170,000 | | 270,000 | Interest expense | 30,000 | | 85,000 | ...

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Kogut and Zander's Theory of Evolutionary Theory Versus Internationalization Theory

Introduction There are many theories given by different group of researchers about the existence of multinational enterprises or MNE's. According to John Cantwell, it was in the 1970's and 1980's that many theories on MNE's were proposed. These theories were either general theories of MNE's which were called the main institution for international production or the theories on foreign direct investment, the means by which international production is done ( Pitelis, Christos N. and Sugden, Roger...

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Jean Watson

Jean Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Caring Michelle Larson Gardner-Webb University Concepts in Professional Nursing Ms. Joyce Rogers, RN MSN Who is Jean Watson and what is her contribution to the nursing profession? Jean Watson is a Distinguished Professor of Nursing and holds the Murchinson-Scoville Endowed Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado, Denver College of Nursing and Anschutz Medical Center Campus. She earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing...

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Jean Watson

RUNNING HEAD: Jean Watson Theorist: Jean Watson July 20, 2011 John Bell Grand Canyon University NUR 502- Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Role and Practice Barbara Pate PhD, MPH, RN Introduction Jean Watson has played a chief role in determining the connection among nursing identity and holistic healing. She has favored the addition of a new vision of nursing process within the nursing profession (Philosophy of Nursing, 2011). The alterations in the health care systems around the...

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Watson's Theory of Caring

Watson's Theory of Caring NUR/403 02/20/2012 Dr. Ethel Jones Watson's Theory of Caring Watson’s philosophy of caring can be traced back thirty years; it started as a textbook for a nursing curriculum at the University of Colorado. It started with a question of the relationship between human caring and nursing, this was the foundation for her book The Theory Of Human Caring: Retrospective an Prospective (1997), Nursing: Human Science and Human Care (1988), Caring Science as Sacred Science...

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Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories

Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories NUR/513 October, 22, 2012 Delores Diehl Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories Nursing is a science that has many theories to support the beliefs and clinical practice of the profession. One core concept prevalent in many nursing theories is caring. Theorist Jean Watson and Madeleine Leininger are both nursing theorists who developed theories around caring and nursing. The subject of discussion in this paper is the comparison and analysis...

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Compare and Contrast 2 theories

Discussion Board 3.1 Application of a Grand Theory Virginia Henderson (1897-1996) is a Nursing Grand Theorist who was often referred to as the “first lady of nursing.” In the article by Nicely (2011) it depicts how she developed a nursing model which is based on activities of daily living. She believed that nursing as a profession stood separately from medicine. In this article, I was able to decipher how Henderson’s theory is applied to the specialized area of organ donation...

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Compare and contrast the aims and methods of Trait Theory with thos of the personal construct theory

COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE AIMS AND METHODS OF TRAIT THEORY WITH THOSE OF PERSONAL CONSTRUCT THEORY Traits: a moderately, stable characteristic, that distinguishes one individual from another. Or the individual differences between individuals. Personal Constructs: an individual is seen as creating their own private structures of the world, centred on their own individual experiences, this is fundamental to making sense of the world and how to behave in it. These are the foundations of both approaches...

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historical theory

frameworks, theory and paradigms. In order to understand nursing science, I will discuss the historical development and explain the relationship between nursing profession and nursing science. Also, I will discuss how other disciplines can influence nursing science. This will help understand how theoretical thinking has evolved. Theory development and theory thinking was first intiated by Florence Nightingale. She presented the first nursing theory, the environmental theory. Her theory focused on...

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Compare and Contrast Two Sociological theories

Compare and Contrast and Two Sociological Theories This essay will compare and contrast and contrast two leading sociological theories: Marxism and Functionalism. Marxists predominantly believe that within society inequality and prejudice are rife, whereas Functionalists live under the impression that society operates in a state of social equilibrium wherein class and social status are necessities which we allow to transpire. This essay will explore the different viewpoints each theories...

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jean watson

 Historical Nurse Leader: Jean Watson Nursing has changed dramatically throughout time. The modern changes in healthcare have directly affected nursing and many nurses have found the need to change their practice. In this paper, I discuss a strong nurse leader in the modern age: Jean Watson. She set a precedent for caring that many nurses follow today. Being knowledgeable of Watson’s caring theory and her dedication to human connection helps we, as nurses...

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Applying Orem

Orem's Theory to Care for Patients with Neurogenic Bladder Applying Orem's theory to care for patients with neurogenic bladder INTRODUCTION The core of nursing is theory guided practice. Nurses uses concepts, principles and theories of nursing to meet the health needs of the patients. Nursing practice is the art and science of caring and healing. In order to provide holistic and effective interventions, nurses use the theories to develop plan of care. Nursing is a combination of theories and it...

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Bureaucratic Caring Theory

Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring illustrates the importance of spiritual and ethical caring in relation to organizational cultures. Watsontheory of Human Caring illustrates the fact that caring is central to the discipline of nursing. The paper will elaborate on Watson’s theory, Ray’s theory and then compare both theories. The theory of human caring was developed in 1975 and 1979 by Jean Watson. Watson is also the founder of the Center for Human Caring. The theory is used to guide new models...

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Compare and contrast two developmental theories of

Compare and contrast two developmental theories of intelligence Intelligence is a complex psychological construct and promotes fierce debate amongst academics. Many experts maintain that intelligence is the most important aspect of individual differences, whereas other doubt its value as a concept. At one extreme many claim that individual differences in intelligence depend upon genetic factors, and at the other many argue that environmental factors account for it. In this essay I will compare and...

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jean watson

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring University of Phoenix NUR/403 November 23,2013 Watson's Theory of Human Caring Dr. Jean Watson, a native of West Virginia, began her career in 1961 where she graduated from the Lewis Gale School of Nursing in Roanoke, Virginia. She then moved to Colorado, where she now lives, to further her education. She attended the University of Colorado and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1964, then further pursued her Master’s degree in...

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Compare and Contrast Paper

Running head: Compare And Contrast Chart And Paper Compare and Contrast Chart and Paper Grand Canyon University EDU 313N Prof. Mark Rowicki December 4, 2011 This week assignment is about two of greatest theorist, Abraham Maslow and B.F. Skinner, who has helped to provide structure into today's classroom. Within this paper I will compare and contrast of Maslow’s hierarch of needs theory with that of Skinner’s behaviorist theory; as well as define motivation...

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Watson and Behaviorism

John B. Watson is considered the founder of behaviorism. He suggested that psychology should be objective and focus on human behavior. Watson's views dominated the field of psychology during the first half of the twentieth century. His theories and behavioral techniques that many psychologists have built on are still used today. This so-called father of behaviorism was born in 1878, in South Carolina into a poor family. Although left fatherless at the young age of thirteen, Watson who had drive...

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Jean Watson

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Heidijo Elyea Olivet Nazarene University Theoretical and Professional Foundations of Nursing MSN SP2013 NRSG-653-54 Theresa Williams March 19, 2013 Certification of Authorship: I certify that I am the author of this paper and that any assistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper. I have also cited any sources from which I used data, ideas, or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. I also...

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Theories of Development

 Theories of Development Lacey Thomas Arkansas Tech University Theories of development provide a framework for thinking about human growth, development, and learning. According to Santrock, theory means “an interrelated, coherent set of ideas that helps to explain phenomena and facilitate predictions.” (Santrock, 2013, p.21) Having an understanding of child development is important for implementing developmentally appropriate practices. As educators...

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Jean Watson

 Jeans Watson’s Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring Tiffany Roberts Molloy College As a nurse it is imperative to integrate the psychosocial of a critically ill patient and their family into care. One not only cares for the patient’s physical health, they care for all the components that makes up the patients entity. Sick patients face many obstacles. During the different phases of illness the nurse must alter care to accommodate the patients and family’s...

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Orem s nursing process

OREM’S THEORY AND NURSING PROCESS Nursing process presents a method to determine the self care deficits and then to define the roles of person or nurse to meet the self care demands. The steps within the approach are considered to be the technical component of the nursing process. Orem emphasizes that the technological component "must be coordinated with interpersonal and social processes within nursing situations. Nursing Process Orem’s Nursing Process Assessment   Diagnosis and prescription;...

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Counselling Theories

[pic] Course: Counselling theories 1. According to the Nature Versus Nurture theory, it is the debate between whether our upbringing or our inheritances determine who we are. In Steven’s case, I feel he was over-nurtured by his parents which led him to consciously rebel against their wishes and then led to the decision to live a double life, his parents established nothing but boundaries and in his adolescence he thought of nothing but tearing through them. This shows...

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Jean Watson

UOP Nursing 403 | Watsons Theory of Human Caring | Ester Van Baren, MSN, RN | Laurie Spangler 3-11-2013 | In this critical think paper I will explore Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring by defining the “caring moment” as stated in her theory, describe major concepts and background of the theory, relate how the patient-nurse interaction is defined as the “caring moment” while exploring what I learned about myself during the interaction. I will explain how the patient perceived...

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Comfort Theory

Katharine Kolcaba: Comfort Theory Sarah SchlenvogtPresentation College In my nursing practice with long term care residents, I frequently care for dying residents. Instead of simply providing these patients with medication to ease the pain, I wanted to learn about ways to enhance the comfort of the dying patient and assist their beloved family throughout the difficult process. This desire led me to undertake a concept analysis of comfort. Through my research at the end of life, I discovered Katharine...

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