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Ordeal By Cheque

In Santa Monica, California Lawrence and Diana Exter’s lived a very quiet life. Since Diana is pregnant and expecting any day now they decide to do a little baby shopping at Yoosie Yander Baby Shoppe. There they stocked up on diapers and formula spending about $48.50. Three days later on September 2, 1903 she went into labor for 13hours giving birth to a baby boy named Lawrence Exter Jr. For that they gave the hospital a co-payment of $100. They took the baby home that week and loved being new parents...

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Charateristic of Cheque

Question 1 Define cheque and identify the characteristic of cheque. CHEQUE Definition of cheque is under section 73, a cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a banker and payable on demand. The characteristics of cheque is it is an unconditional order in writing. “ Writing ” has been in section 3 of the Interpretation Act,1967 to include all modes of representing or reproducing in visible form. Hence, a cheque may be printed and even be written in pencil as well...

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Dishonour of Cheque

DISHONOUR OF CHEQUES A cheque is one form of a bill of exchange. However, all bills of exchange are not cheques. A cheque is always drawn on a bank or a banker. It is payable immediately on demand, without any days of grace. The sum that is directed to be paid should be distinctly expressed in the instrument. If there is a discrepancy between the amount stated in words and that stated in figures, then the amount stated in words shall be the amount that is ordered to be paid. As per the amendments...

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| | | | | | | | | PART III | CHEQUES ON A BANKER | | Cheque defined.  | 73. A cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a banker payable on demand. Except as otherwise provided in this Part, the provisions of this Ordinance applicable to a bill of exchange payable on demand apply to a cheque. | Presentment of cheque for payment.  | 74. Subject to the provisions of this Ordinance- | (1) Where a cheque is not presented for payment within a reasonable time of its...

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Cheques Act Assignment

regards to the application of the Cheques Act 1986 (Cth) (The Act) in relation to the cheques he has written. The particular issues are with post-dating of the cheque for $90,000 drawn in favour of Ken Broome, the validity of the unsigned, undated cheque, and whether the delay of Ikea Medical Furniture presenting the check drawn in favour of them affects payment. 1 The cheque for $90,000 drawn in favour of Ken Broome The issues with this cheque was that the cheque for $90,000 drawn by Dr Duck was...

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Cheque Truncation System

Lawyersclubindia Article : Cheque truncation in the Indian Scenario Page 1 of 3 Cheque truncation in the Indian Scenario During the last two decades or so the attitude and lifestyle of the consumers of banking service have been influenced by the advancement in technology. In tune with technological changes the banks’ delivery system has to undergo tremendous transformation. The financial reforms process has enabled many competitors to enter the financial services market with a higher degree...

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The Ordeal of Reconstruction

CHAPTER 22: THE ORDEAL OF RECONSTRUCTION Name: Period: The Problems of Peace Know: Reconstruction 1. "Dismal indeed was the picture presented by the war-wracked South when the rattle of musketry faded." Explain. Freedmen Define Freedom Know: Exodusters, American Methodist Episcopal Church, American Missionary Association 2. How did African-Americans respond to emancipation in the decade following the war? The Freedmen's Bureau Know: Freedmen's Bureau, General...

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Ordeal by Cheques

Aviles, Alexandra A. Mr. Rodriguez Pre AP English 1 17 September 2014 Lawrence Exeter Jr.: A Short Story July 14th, 1931. I lie in my deathbed at 10:49 pm, thinking. It seems like just yesterday I was only five, with my whole life ahead of me. I remember my mother told me stories while I sat on her lap. She would make hot chocolate and I would listen to her talk. My favorite story always started the same way. On September 2nd, 1903, the day I was born. My mom went into labor a month earlier...

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Bangladesh Automated Cheque Processing System (Bacps)

in Bangladesh Date : 4 Falgun 1415 February 16, 2009 Dear Sir, Bangladesh Automated Cheque Processing System (BACPS) at the expanded Dhaka Clearing Region. You are aware that Bangladesh Bank has been working to modernize the country’s payment system. The most visible step towards modernizing payment system is the establishment of the Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH). Bangladesh Automated Cheque Processing System (BACPS) is one of two components of BACH. The other component of BACH...

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Dishonour of Cheques

PENALTIES IN CASE OF DISHONOUR OF CERTAIN CHEQUES FOR INSUFFICIENCY OF FUNDS IN THE ACCOUNTS Where any cheque drawn by a person on an account maintained by him with a banker for payment of any amount of money to another person from out of that account for the discharge, in whole or in part, of any debt or other liability, is returned by the bank unpaid, either because of the amount of money standing to the credit of that account is insufficient to honour the cheque or that it exceeds the amount arranged...

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Cheque Truncation

IBM Business Consulting Services Indian Cheque Truncation Initiative Key challenges for Indian Banks Ravi Trivedy IBM Business Consulting Services deeper deeper © Copyright IBM Corporation 2003 IBM Business Consulting Services The Indian Cheque Scenario – an IBM Point-of-View Cheque volumes will continue to increase for the next 5-7 years - All parties involved have strong reasons to continue to promote check usage Banks - significant revenue flows are tied to the use of...

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Dishonour of cheque

Introduction-This topic deals with the subject matter of 'Dishonour of cheque and it's legal implications. In the present scenario where day to day transactions amongst individuals, besides big business handshakes, are based on this very important negotiable instrument known as cheque. But on the other hand the misuse of the same has shaked the confidence of people and thus, the credibility of the same had come under question. At this very relevant time the Law framed for the purpose has helped...

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Dishonour of Cheques

DISHONOUR OF CHEQUES SECTION 138 NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT, 1881 Dissertation Submitted to The Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, in Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of L.L.B.(Hons.) TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Cases i – xi Chapter - I History of Banks 1-17 Chapter - II Meaning of Negotiable Instruments. Kinds of Instruments, specifically cheques 18-32 Chapter - III Dishonour of cheque 33-39 Chapter - IV Duty of the Bank...

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Cheque Printer Consumables Inventory and Monitoring System Chapter 1

management of stocks and supplies of any material such as computer hardware parts of a company, wine supplies of a restaurant, and rice stocks of a farm that are in demand because of its efficacy and useful functions. The record manipulation of Cheque Printer consumables has been scrutinized to be cluttered, complex and weak as observed by the users who have the access to manipulate it. The reports and documentation are not properly enhanced and organized so there was a lack of information given...

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Cheque Collection Process

STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE CHEQUE COLLECTION POLICY ‘12 1. PREAMBLE 1. Bank's Cheque Collection Policy (CCP) is reviewed annually, as per the guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)/IBA/BCSBI from time to time. The Policy duly approved by Bank’s Board of Directors shall be read as Bank’s Cheque Collection Policy -2012-’13. 2. Bank’s Cheque Collection Policy document has been formulated as a comprehensive document with transparency covering following aspects, taking into account...

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The Ordeal of Reconstruction

The Civil War left a devastating nation, a crisis that would take years to overcome. The South, by all means, was wounded the most from the war. Reconstruction lasted from 1865 to 1877 and was one of the most controversial periods in the nation's history. The victory of the North in the Civil War put an end to slavery and stopped the South's effort to secede from the Union. This also marked the beginning of rebuilding the South. There would be about four million freed slaves, most of them homeless...

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The Ordeal of Reconstruction

I. The Problems of Peace I.After the war, there were many questions over what to do with the free Blacks, such as how to reintegrate the Southern states into the Union, what to do with Jefferson Davis, and who would be in charge of Reconstruction? II.The Southern way of life had been ruined, as crops and farms were destroyed, the slaves had been freed, the cities were burnt down, but still, and many Southerners remained defiant. II. Freedmen Define Freedom I.At first, the freed Blacks...

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Ordeal or Reconstruction

1. What were the four main questions facing peacemakers in 1865? a. The aftermath of the war was crucial due to the fact that the south and north were totally separated during the civil war, but more importantly was that all the fighting had ben done in the south, which meant that the majority of the damage was done in the southern towns. This caused the towns and fields to be ruined, and many properties worthless. So many peacemakers wanted to assure the southerners possessions. b. Secondly...

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Blanque Cheque Construction

II. Statement of the Problem • State the problems facing the manager/key person The manager Joe of Project Scheduling at Blanque Cheque Construction (B) is facing late competition of his first project due to schedule slipping and unforeseen circumstances and it can be damaging to his career due to serious consequences and other penalties. • Identify and link the symptoms and root causes of the problems. Upon analyzing this case I identify the warning sign of schedule slipping. The manager...

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Beowulf: the Story of a Dual Ordeal

Beowulf can be analyzed in an endless numbers of ways. There are different morals, themes, and meanings behind the story. A common meaning, maybe even the most important, is the dual ordeal in Beowulf. The dual ordeal is an external battle with vicious opponents and an internal battle with human tendencies of pride, greed, cowardice, betrayal, and self concern. Each external battle Beowulf wins, his internal battle grows. Beowulf’s external conflicts are part of what creates his internal conflict...

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Analysis: the Ordeal of Thomas Hutchinson

Analysis: The Ordeal of Thomas Hutchinson On the night of August, 26, 1765, a violent mob broke into Thomas Hutchinson’s house and sacked the entire place, stealing around 900lbs in cash, and breaking/stealing a total of around 2200lbs sterling. The wide spread feeling in America was that Thomas Hutchinson had betrayed his beloved country for selfish reasons. It was hard to imagine a man like Hutchinson to betray his country with a background like his own. His family generally helped to found New...

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Dihonour of Cheque Supreme Court of India Ruling

Second or successive dishonour of the cheque :New of Supreme Court Ruling The Supreme Court has overruled its own judgment regarding the law on bounced cheques. The Supreme Court as well as high courts have been following the wrong judgment in several cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act. Now it has turned the law around. In this case, the payee did not issue notice to the drawer when the cheques bounced for the first time. He presented them again, and they bounced again. Then only he initiated...

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Bank of China (Hong Kong) Cheque clearance system

report analyses the provision of cheque services by Bank of China (Hong Kong) and evaluates the need for providing such a service. Most, if not all, banks provide this service. Nevertheless the report’s aim is to overlook this tradition and give an insight into whether a bank should really be providing this service. The Bank Wide Operation Department is in charge of the bank’s cheque clearing process. A staff member from this department was interviewed regarding the cheque services. The report reviews...

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An Ordeal for Women: on the Delhi Metro

Unsafe for women? KALPANA SHARMA |Improvements in infrastructure should make cities safer for women. Delhi is the exception to the rule… | Photo: V.V. Krishnan  [pic]  An ordeal for women:On the Delhi Metro. I f you visit Delhi after a spell away from it, there are several things that strike you. First, the number of buses – green buses running at regular intervals. Then, the bus stops. Well-lit, with bus numbers clearly written on them. Then, the pavements, at least...

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Effective Implementation of Cheque Truncation System in Idbi Bank, New Delhi

Internet banking, we now have instant cheque clearance. Image based cheque clearing system or Cheque Truncation System (CTS) is a project undertaken by Central banks of many countries such as India (Reserve Bank of India – RBI), UAE (Central bank), Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia Monitoring Agency – SAMA) etc. for faster clearing of cheques. CTS promises to bring multiple benefits to customers by substantially reducing the time taken to clear the cheques as well as to the banks by enabling...

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A Study on Dishonour of Negotiable Instrument with Special Emphasis on Laws of Dishonour of Cheque in India

Title: A Study on Dishonour of Negotiable Instrument with Special Emphasis on laws of Dishonour of Cheque in India Table of Contents Chapter No. | Chapter Title | Page No. | Chapter 1 | Introduction:-Title General IntroductionStatement of the Problem Objective of the StudyHypothesisesResarch Question Scope and Limitation Research MethodologyTentative ChapterizationReview of Literature | 5-9 | Chapter 2 | Meaning of Negotiable Instrument and Dishonour of Negotiable Instrument |...

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Book Review #1 Seventeenth-Century Colonial America EDMUND MORGAN - AMERICAN SLAVERY, AMERICAN FREEDOM: THE ORDEAL OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA  Edmund Morgan’s American Slavery, American Freedom goes in the dynamics of pre-Revolutionary Virginia from the unsuccessful Roanoke colony to the beginnings of revolution. Edmund Morgan discloses the changing demographics, economics, social structures, and political developments of colonial Virginia that participated to the adoption of slavery. In the...

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Ryland's Paranormal Ordeal- A funny ghost story.

(At my home, at about nine o’ clock in the evening, tired and fit to sleep, I was excited for a ghost movie next morning) “Ryland”, called my extremely irked mom, because I guess I had not done the night-brush it seems. “What’s the matter mom? “, I responded quickly. “You haven’t called Ricky yet. I guess you are really too busy, huh?” mom mocked at me sarcastically. I just secured the newly purchased mobile (of my dad!) into my hands in a flash and dialled his number. He got to his phone real fast...

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Type of Cross

------------------------------------------------- What are the different types of cheques Cheque is an important document that an individual, companies, governments and many others use to transact their business. By definition, cheque can be termed as a negotiable document to transfer money either in physical form or to effect inter account transfer.    Unless or otherwise stated, a cheque is a signed unconditional order addressing the bank to credit it by the issuer. The issuer of the cheque will have an account with the bank to which...

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clearinghouse. A representative of each bank represents his bank in the clearinghouse. Each bank has collected cheques as behalf of their customer but these cheques are not drawn on their own bank so in the clearinghouse, they hand over these cheques to respective banks on which these cheques are drawn. Similarly each bank receives cheques from other banks if any. INSTRUMENT TO BE PRESENTED: 1. Cheques 2. Demand Drafts 3. Pay Orders TYPES OF CLEARING: There are four types of clearing:- 1. Inward Clearing ...

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outstanding cheques not yet presented for payment: Cheque no. XX Cheque no. XX Cheque no. XX Favourable / unfavourable balance according to the bank account XX XXX XXX 1. Post-dated cheques issued All cheques written out must be entered into a Cash Payments Journal according to a cheque number. Any cheque that is post-dated will therefore be entered into the CPJ, but will not appear on the Bank Statement till due date. PROCEDURE a) If the date of the cheque is in the same...

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How to Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement:

a debit balance, deduct from it all cheques, drafts etc., paid into the bank but not collected | | |and credited by the bank and added to it all cheques drawn on the bank but not yet presented for payment. The new | | |balance will agree with bank statement. | |(b) |If the bank balance of the cash book is a credit balance (overdraft), add to it all cheques, drafts, etc., paid into the| | ...

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Negotiable Instruments

Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 | An Act to define and Law relating to negotiable instruments which are Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange and cheques | Citation | Act No. 26 of 1881 | Enacted by | Imperial Legislative Council (India) | Date enacted | 9 December 1881 | Date commenced | 1 March 1882 | Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 was passed by British India and for over 130 years and...

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Negotiable Instruments Act

definition of NI  B/E, Pro Note and Cheque - For DD it is applicable - Not App on share certificate - Not App on share warrant - Not App on Document of title - Not App on Currency note - Not App on Bonds/Commercial papers/ T Bills/ FDs - App on Hundi (traditional instruments)  Local rules are applicable, if not then NI Act is applicable Two amendments have been made since 1881 o Cheque Truncation : Section 143  Cheque made electronic o Cheque Dishonour: Section 138 (2 yrs imprisonment) ...

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Ufone Complaint

the confirmation of cheque Rs 750000 for clearing which was rejected by me as it was not issued by me. After that I visited branch for the enquiry about the cheque which was not issued by me but branch manager refused to show me any detail. Instead manager asked me to show cheque books to verify whether it was misused from cheque books which I had. But manager didn’t find any cheque series from chequebooks I had. After that manager also ask me about Rs.85000 and Rs.50000 cheque cashed on 20th Nov...

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“Negotiable instrument means a promissory note, bill of exchange or cheque payable either to order or to bearer, whether the word “order” or “ bearer” appear on the instrument or not.”   A negotiable instrument is a document guaranteeing the payment of a specific amount of money, either on demand, or at a set time, with the payer named on the document. Examples of negotiable instruments include promissory notes, bills of exchange, and cheques. PROMISSORY NOTE    A promissory note may be a negotiable...

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138 Ni Act

Critical Study of Dishonour of Cheques UnderNegotiable Instruments Act,1881Introduction:Cheques are very convenient instruments which can be issued to settle payments or obligations in a contractor even to give gifts. Section 138 to 142 are incorporated in Negotiable Instruments Act,1881 with a view toencourage the culture of use of cheques and enhancing the credibility of the instrument. The NI Act makes the drawer of cheque liable for penalties in case of dishonour of cheques due to insufficiency of funds...

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Problem on bank reconciliation

bank statement. (3) The paid cheque returned with the December Bank Statement disclosed two errors in the company, cash records cheque No. 936 for tk 504 had been erroneously recorded as tk 50.40 in the cash payment journal and cheque No. 942 of tk 245.50 has been recorded as tk 254.5. Cheque No 936 was issued in payment of advertising expenses and cheque No. 942 was for the acquisition of office equipment. (4) Included with the December Bank Statement was on NSF cheque for tk 220 signed by a customer...

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7 Bought fixtures and fitting for RM10,000 on credit from Asoka Trading. 10 Goods return to Bakar RM200. 15 Cash drawing by the owner RM310 17 Bought goods on credit from Asmahani RM2,000 18 Paid insurance by cheque RM400 20 Paid rent by cheque RM6,000 22 Sold goods on credit : Ani RM 4,500; Azlani RM3,500; Abu RM1,500 23 Bought goods RM700 on credit from Ah Seng 24 Return goods to Ah Seng RM200 25 Goods return by Ani RM100 and Azlani RM200. Required: ...

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Cash Management Practice in India

OUTSTATION CHEQUE: If a cheque issued in one city and to be cashed in another city, it is called outstation cheque. Eg. Ram live in Delhi receives cheque from a person in Bombay and the cheque is drawn on a bank in Bombay and Ram present into bank in Delhi for clearance, it is called outstation cheque. INSTATION CHEQUE: If a cheque issued in one city and to be cashed in same city, it is called in-station cheque. Eg. Ram living in Delhi receives cheque from a person in Bombay and the cheque is drawn...

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Pinnacle: Accounts Receivable and Master File

| |packages. |acquisitions | |4. |Use of prenumbered cheques, properly |Existing cash payment transanction are recorded. |Account for a sequence of cheques. |Reconcile recorded cash payment with the cash payment | | |accounted for. |(completeness) | ...

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Job Dissatisfaction

Rs. 1,000 (10 units) on credit from B & Co. 3) Ms. Monika purchased furniture (Fixed Asset) for Rs. 3,000 on credit from R & Co 4) Ms. Monika sold goods to Alpha & Co. for Rs. 2,000 (10 units) on credit. 5) Ms. Monika received a cheque for Rs. 20,000 from New Bank of Investment Co., towards loan @15% p.a. interest. 6) Withdrew cash from bank Rs. 8000/- 7) Ms. Monika purchased goods for Rs. 500 (5 units) in cash. 8) Ms. Monika paid Rs. 100 towards conveyance charges...

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and Mr. Jalil RM 3,000 14 Sold goods to Namikah amounting RM 7,000 by cheque 15 Sold goods to Mizah of RM 10,000 on credit and Mizah only paid RM 5,000 by cash in hand 15 Business paid RM 600 of advertising expenses using cash 15 Insurance expenses amounted to RM 1,600 paid by the business using cheque and paid staff salaries amounted to RM 3,000 by cash 16 Purchase of stock is made by cheque RM 5,000 before receiving trade discount of 3% 17 The owner’s daughter...

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Accounts Notes

resale for cash Purchases Cash Sold goods for cash Cash Sales Paid cash into bank Bank Cash Sold goods and received cheque Bank Sales Bought goods and paid by cheque Purchases Bank Example 2 Transactions Debit Credit Bought goods on credit from M.Mizzi Purchases M.Mizzi Paid M.Mizzi in cash one week later M.Mizzi Cash Sold goods on credit to S.Said S.Said Sales S.Said paid by cheque Bank S.Said Example 3 Date Transactions Debit Credit Jan 1 Mr. Jones started business with €1000 cash Cash €1000...

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My Parents Were Right

CONSTRUCTION/EXTENSION/IMPROVEMENT 1. Title deed in favour of applicant/co-applicant-Original 2. Parent documents for minimum 15 years 3. Encumbrance Certificate for minimum 15 years - Original 4. Sanctioned plan 5. Estimate for construction 6. Cheque favouring letter with Bank account details FLAT PURCHASE (NEW) 1. Sale agreement for undivided share-Original 2. Sale deed for undivided share-Original-If registered alongwith encumbrance...

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Bayou Stores Ltd Aat

costumers’ profiles etc. 4. The company cheque book is kept locked in Marion's desk in the accounts office. Even pay packets are stored in the office safe. Disables access to unauthorised personnel to gain important information and documents. 5. The cheques and cash received from credit customers are placed in the office safe. This procedure provides safety of anti thefts over the loose money and cheques. This decreases the chance of any credit notes and cheques of getting lost. It also enhances the...

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Details 401622 Polarity UserName: Amount gayatri.nikkula@gmail.com TAX Total Remarks 4647342 Payment received-CHEQUE-43687687-0 7-JUL-13 Credit 660.00 0.00 660.00 Payment for subscriber 401622 PaymentsReceived : Total PaymentsReceived: 1. Cheques to be in favour of "M/s Beam Telecom Pvt Ltd". 2. We do not accept out station cheques and post dated cheques. 3. In case of cheque bounce, Rs.100/- penalty will be levied. 4. 18% interest will be levied on overdue payments 5. In case of overdue/...

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Beam Account

Polarity UserName: Amount anindyajyotiroy@gmail.com TAX Total Remarks 4325866 Payment received-CHEQUE-43155242-1 3-MAY-13 Credit 1660.00 0.00 1660.00 Payment for subscriber 426144 PaymentsReceived : Total PaymentsReceived: 1. Cheques to be in favour of "M/s Beam Telecom Pvt Ltd". 2. We do not accept out station cheques and post dated cheques. 3. In case of cheque bounce, Rs.100/- penalty will be levied. 4. 18% interest will be levied on overdue payments 5. In case of...

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Canteen Proposals

Kindly find the attachment of the next season's hot lunch operating days, details along with the pricing. In this term, we are getting 49 chargeable days and we will not be accepting any partial/monthly/weekly payment. Payment is to be made through cheque OR DD (Account Payee) in FAVOR of “XXX PVT. LTD.” and should be submitted in school by 20/04/2012. Kindly submit a photograph for the ID card.Write the name ,class ,div, roll no behind the photograph Kindly mention Student's Name, Std, Div and...

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Poa Mock Paper 1

at 31 Dec 2009 10 500 Debtors balance at 31 Dec 2010 10 000 The following information has to be taken into account when preparing the provision for doubtful account. 1 The provision account has a balance of $600 on 1 January 2008. 2 A cheque of $200 received for a debt written off in year 2007 has not been taken into account and bad debt of $500 has to be written off in 2008. 3 A debtor account has been overdue and an interest of $80 has to be charged into his account in 2009. ...

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Bank Reconciliation Statements

cleared by the bank. • Cheques paid out but not yet presented to the bank. • Direct debits • Standing orders • Credit transfers • Bank charges • Dishonoured cheques. Bal. as per bank statement 875 Deduct Unpresented cheques 256 Credit transfers 56 Add Uncleared lodgements 115 Balance as per cash book 678 Bal. as per cash book 678 Add Unpresented cheques 256 Credit...

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Ict in Banking

pay for goods using not only cash but plastic cards, cheques and direct debit cards. Smart cards can also be used to pay for goods over the internet. A person can now bank from home using the telephone or internet or even through their mobile phones. A person also no longer needs to go to the bank to take out money. Cash machines mean that people can take out money without having to visit the bank. Cheques have also changed due to ICT. Cheques can now be cleared easier and quicker through the use...

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Choosing a Product and How It Is Developed

Payment through the banks: You may pay bills at any of the Vodafone appointed banks which will be announced from time to time. Payments by cheque/Payment order: Cheques should be payable to GHANA Telecommunications Company Limited “Account Payee” only. Please ensure that your account name, account number and phone number are written on the reverse side of your Cheque / Payment Order. 2. Payment period Payment should be made 21 days of the bill date. 3. Billing period Customers are billed for a particular...

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Roches Acquisition of Genentech

system instead of the “regular clearing” system (Automated Clearing House/ACH), where all cheques are now cleared. Consequently, the BOJ will impose a penalty of $5,000 on any transaction of this value which is processed through ACH after March 31, 2011, providing the bank does not reduce its volume of large transactions by at least 50% over an assessment period. What does this mean for you? For any cheque that you write for $5,000,000 or above, your account will be automatically debited the penalty...

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Book Analysis: Journey to the West

nine is the crucial means by which one returns to immortality. The sage monk has undergone eighty ordeals. Because one ordeal, therefore, is still lacking, the sacred number is not yet complete.”(Wu Cheng’en, 470) Even though the sage monk performed tasks that were supposed to lead to immortality, Bodhisattva suddenly says that his deeds were not sufficient unless the pilgrims performed one more ordeal for the perfect number of sufferings. This behavior of Guanyin is problematic – why would she suddenly...

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"The Jade Peony"

at all"(Atwood 79). In the second position, however, the character is a victim but believes that it is there only by Fate. Moreover, in Canadian literature, the survivor is not a victor or even receive triumph but has only the fact of knowing his ordeal; and sometimes, the obstacles that a character faces are not even external factors, but rather it is a spiritual survival. Therefore, The Jade Peony, written by Wayson Choy agrees with Margaret Atwood's "The Victim Theory." Jung-Sum is a victim, but...

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Pbl Report

recorded. No payment voucher is preparing for the cheque prepared. Payment voucher is sign by person who issue the cheque and will be sign by a vendor who receive that cheque for a proof. Lastly, in this case stated that the cheque less than RM10,000 are machine signed. Therefore, there is no segregation of duties between who maintain the keys and signature plate and maintains a record of use of the cheque signing machine. Besides that, all cheque over RM10,000 is signed by the treasurer or controller...

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Rome Was Not Built in a Day

in purchase return book | |9 |Receipt issued |Money received in cash or cheque by us |Recorded on debit side of cash book | |10 |Receipt of opposite party |Payment made on cash or cheque |Recorded n credit side of cash book | |11 |Pay-in slip |Cash, cheque or draft deposited in bank |Recorded on debit side of cash book | | | ...

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Problems with E-Banking

countermand or stop electronic payment is unclear. If the transfer is effective before the countermand is received, then the paying institution will have paid in accord with its mandate and is not liable to reverse or restore payment to the customer. Cheques are only paid or effective once cleared, and the paying bank holds records of the appropriate debit, however with EFT there are 5 possible times of payment: a. The time of transmission. b. The entering of the transfer instruction into the transfer...

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Joseph Campbell Hero s Journey Charac

REFUSE THE CALL, but 4. are encouraged by a MENTOR to 5. CROSS THE FIRST THRESHOLD and enter the Special World, where 6. they encounter TESTS, ALLIES, AND ENEMIES. 7. They APPROACH THE INMOST CAVE, crossing a second threshold 8. where they endure the ORDEAL. 9. They take possession of their REWARD and 10. are pursued on THE ROAD BACK to the Ordinary World. 11. They cross the third threshold, experience a RESURRECTION, and are transformed by the experience. 12. They RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR, a boon or treasure...

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