Cheque Truncation System

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Lawyersclubindia Article : Cheque truncation in the Indian Scenario

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Cheque truncation in the Indian Scenario
During the last two decades or so the attitude and lifestyle of the consumers of banking service have been influenced by the advancement in technology. In tune with technological changes the banks’ delivery system has to undergo tremendous transformation. The financial reforms process has enabled many competitors to enter the financial services market with a higher degree of efficiency and customer friendly behaviour. The public sector banks although reacted promptly to the new challenges, have not kept pace with the new entrants in the arena because of their inherent limitations. Under the impact of technology, the banks have been trying to innovate newer products and services to become more competitive in the ever demanding customer driven market. The technology has made it possible for the banks to come to terms with the demands of customers. The system of cheque truncation is prevalent in several foreign countries. Denmark and Belgium are the pioneers in the truncation system. They adopted complete cheque truncation system more than two decades ago. Sweden is the typical example for having achieved complete truncation where all the cheques can be presented and encashed at any branch; irrespective of the bank on which they are drawn. The process of cheque truncation is not only quick but also meets the requirements of future electronic transactions. In India the collection and payment of cheques is governed by the provisions of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 which requires that the instruments must be in writing and have to be physically presented for payment in due course (before the amendment in the Negotiable Instruments Act). In view of this requirement the time taken for the processing of cheques, etc. was long particularly for the outstation cheques. In a country like India, the time taken for collection of outstation...
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