• Odysseus: hero or villain
    Lizeth Marin Honors Introduction to Literature Period 3 18 April 2008 Odysseus: Hero or Villain? Heading home, to Ithaca, Odysseus is faced upon many obstacles that he and his men try to overcome, but in the end substantiate that Odysseus is a villain. “The old soldier in despair: He has spen
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  • Beowulf and odysseus hero comparison
    When one thinks of a hero, often the picture of a brute, young man with large muscles comes to mind. It is a rare occasion when one is asked to describe a hero that the first word out of their mouth is "smart". However, that character trait is perhaps the most similar in Odysseus and Beowulf. The
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  • Odysseus: a hero
    Odysseus: A Hero Heroism was not an invention of the Greeks. Yet, through the first hundreds years of their civilization, the Greek literature has already given birth to highly polished and complex long epics that revolved around heroes. These literature works gave many possibilities of definiti
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  • Odysseus, the hero, homer
    Odysseus, The Hero In today*s eclectic society, everybody*s heroes are different. However, during the era Homer*s The Odyssey was created all heroes had same characteristics. Heroes were the people who saved people, they were courageous wise and had fighting spirit. Odysseus, the main charact
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  • Odysseus the hero 2
    Odysseus the Hero For a character to be an epic hero, he must possess four characteristics. These four characteristics include the following: (1) he must be high born, (2) the hero must have human weaknesses, (3) he must be brave,and 4) he must be clever. In The Odyssey, Homer’s character
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  • Odysseus a hero
    Odysseus is a hero of all times thanks to Homer who wrote his story in The Odyssey. Odysseus is a hero in his on time because of all his adventures and characteristics. Homer wrote about the Trojan War, in which Odysseus took part in, in the Iliad, and about Odysseus’ long journey home in, Th
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  • Odysseus: an epic hero
    Is Odysseus An Epic Hero? Is Odysseus, the main character of Homer's The Odyssey, really an epic hero? An epic hero embodies several heroic traits such as; having superior or super-human strength; being intellectual and courageous; and being a strong and responsible leader. An epic hero struggles
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  • Odysseus as an epic hero
    A true epic hero has many very defining characteristics. Usually you will find this hero to be the ‘alpha male.' With an almost super hero personality, epic heroes are extremely above an average human being. This character must be of noble birth, and as a result, this gives them great respect and m
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  • Odysseus as an epic hero
    The Odyssey In Homer's The Odyssey, our main character, Odysseus, battles a feat of obstacles on the path back to his family and home. Throughout every disaster experienced in Book Two, Odysseus remains a true leader and strives to bring his people and himself home after many years. Odysseus
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  • Odysseus as a tragic hero
    Nearly every story in Greek mythology revolves around a character with a certain outstanding attribute, be it strength, intellect, or even musical talent. Heroes such as this might spend their lives questing for kleos, or the myth might simply be a tale in which the hero was trying to accomplish a
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  • Odysseus - a different type of hero
    Odysseus – A Different Type of Hero The Homeric epic, the Odyssey, is set in the peaceful years following the Trojan War, and concerns the returning heroes on their journeys home, in particular Odysseus of Ithaca. Odysseus is an epic hero; he displays courage, superior strength, and leadership,
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  • The oddessy- odysseus a hero
    FCAS 1) Correct proof paragraph 2) Correct quoting format 3) No proper pronouns Was Odysseus A Hero? . Bravery, wisdom, and loyalty are some of the most important qualities in a hero, and Odysseus shows all of them. Throughout the entire poem he continuously displays these heroic qualit
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  • Why is odysseus an epic hero?
    A hero is a person who has super powers or can do things normal people could not do. A hero is strong, smart and ladies call them “attractive”. A long time ago, a poet named Homer had written an epic poem called “The Odyssey”. In “The Odyssey”, there is a person with these traits named O
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  • Odysseus: a true hero
    Odysseus: A True Hero The daydreaming lifeguard is brought back to reality by the frantic screams of a small boy. Before his brain can even assess the situation, he feels his body flying through space. He doesn’t see the boy resurface, and he feels as if gravity isn’t pulling him down fast
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  • Why do we consider odysseus to be a hero
    Why do we consider Odysseus to be a hero? Was he all bullets and bravado like the “heroes” of today? Was he a testosterone and power armor kind of hero we see in video games? No, but he was heroic nonetheless. His loyalty, valor, humanity and most importantly, his intelligence, sets him apart fr
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  • Odysseus: a hero or a flawed hero?
    Odysseus: A Hero or a Flawed Hero? The epic poem, The Odyssey written by Homer near the end of the 8th century BC, focuses on a Grecian hero named Odysseus. Although after the falling of Troy Odysseus embarks upon a long, grueling journey home, it is through his travels that Homer is able to ill
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  • The odyssey and was odysseus a hero?
    Odysseus a hero? The only heroes I know are Superman, Batman, and Ironman. How can someone as normal as Odysseus be compared to someone as strong as Batman? The truth is Odysseus, raider of cities, is in fact an archetypal hero. The four characteristics Odysseus exemplified to make himself a hero
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  • Is odysseus a true epic hero?
    How do you define a hero? Some may define a hero as someone with courage and bravery, someone who knows how to fight monsters and win historic battles, remain loyal to himself and or his or her men, or someone who has intelligence to overthrow an evil kingdom and make everything “right”. My de
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  • Odysseus as an epic hero
    Sandra Lopez English I HP, Period 6 Miss Grabowski January 27, 2011 Odysseus as Epic Hero The Odyssey, written by Homer, describes an epic hero to be a mortal male, someone who goes on along, dangerous expedition, also who is very brave, intelligent, and responsible. He will face many conflic
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  • Odysseus epic hero
    Odysseus, the main character of The Odyssey,by Homer, certainly qualifies as an epic hero. He has help from numerous characters, defeats a handful of supernatural enemies, and is known by many individuals from across the land. Odysseus, the main character of The Odyssey, certainly qualifies as an
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