• Christopher Columbus and His Legacy: Positive vs. Negative
    Upon completion of first grade, it is likely that children in America will have learned about the famous maritime explorer and navigator, Christopher Columbus. Born in 1451, Columbus was a Genoese captain commissioned by the king and queen of Spain to find a route to the Indies. However, he sailed t
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  • Word of Mouth Communication
    Introduction Word-of-Mouth is somewhat of a phenomenon in marketing because it cannot be accurately predicted. However it can has major effects on sales. This paper will discuss what this phenomenon is, why people engage in it, its effects on advertising, and a few forms of online word-of-mout
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  • Global Communication
    Introduction Our world today has become global. In this changing world where communities have become more diverse and financial stability remains merely an ideal vision, communications has become the main tool for our nation's business exchanges. In this paper I'm introducing the Global communicati
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  • Causes and Effects of Economic Growth
    Discuss the causes and effects of Economic Growth Economic Growth Before discussing the causes and effects of economic growth, I will define what economic growth actually is and distinguish between the two types of growth in the economy; actual and potential. On the whole, economic growth may
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  • Global Communication
    Problem Solution: Global Communications In my Problem Solution Analysis I will identify the issues and the opportunities confronting this company followed by the ethical dilemmas faced by the stakeholders and company's end state vision. Global Communications feels the pressures of the industries an
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  • Capm the Effects of Beta
    Background and Introduction This summary provides a brief overview of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) as an alternative method for estimating expected returns. This paper also discusses the positive and negative effects of CAPM along with the risks of Beta and why this model has its share of dr
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  • Effects of Music
    Bill Cosby said "Nothing separates the generations more than music. By the time a child is eight or nine, he has developed a passion for his own music that is even stronger than his passions for procrastination and weird clothes." Music is an essential part of life. It shows, as Bill Cosby said, "
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  • How Affective Is Media as a Type of Communication?
    Media is undoubtedly the greatest medium of communication in our society, but how does media’s portrayal of violence affect us as a whole? Is music’s explicit lyrics and televisions raunchy and violent content the cause of our downfall, or is it merely an accurate depiction of today’s society?
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  • Negative Affects of Hip-Hop Music
    Hip-hop music has been an integral part of the American culture since the 1970s. Hip-hop music, which encompasses rapping, disc jockeying, break dancing, and graffiti writing, has become so popular that American culture has adopted the music in mainstream fashion and modern language. The conflict o
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  • Effects of Self Esteem
    People with high self-esteem are the ones who respect and value themselves. They feel confident about their appearances and abilities. From that, they form a good self-image about them. While the people with low self-esteem, they are not confident in themselves. They assume that they are stupid and
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  • Media Violence and the Effects on Youth
    Americans have grown increasingly alarmed about youth violence. There are far too many of our children killing and harming others. Many people question why this is happening. Sadly, despite decades of effort on a broad front in this country, we still can not answer this question with certainty. Some
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  • Culture and Communication
    With the expansion of business across so many borders there is a greater amount of interaction between cultures that previously, did not communicate. This can cause a great deal of confusion and require businesses to update their understanding and appreciation for the differences between cultures.
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  • Mass Communication
    MASS COMUNICATION Field of study In the United States, many university journalism departments evolved into schools or colleges of mass communication or "journalism and mass communication," as reflected in the names of two major academic organizations. In addition to studying practical skills
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  • Cross Cultural Communication
    Cross Cultural Communication: Far East Asian Countries This paper gives a short overview of the observed behavioral pattern across some of the far east Asian countries. Understanding these behavioral patterns is important for doing effective communication with people/people group from these count
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  • Effects of Columbian Exchange
    The Columbian Exchange The Columbian Exchange was the exchange of agriculture, livestock, food, religious ideas, diseases, and evidently slaves between the New World and Old World after 1492. This exchange between the two worlds was brought on by the “discovery” of America by Christopher Colum
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  • Effects of Touch on Infants
    Running head: PRENATAL STRESS Prenatal Stress in Pregnancy and Infant Outcomes Kamilah Heywood-Gregory College of New Rochelle Introduction Stress has become one of the major issues of health concern in modern society.
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  • Communication Skills
    Communication skills are very important to the success of business. We are constantly in communication with others at work. In order for a business to succeed, the messages have to be sent and received by others without interference. Poor communication can cause problems that spread throughout th
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  • Effects of Criticism to Attitude Change
    Abstract The best theory to addresses how people’s attitudes change as situations and involvement change is social judgment theory. A review of the literature on social judgment theory (SJT) improves understanding of one’s own judgment process and of one’s work, marital and interpersonal rela
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  • Effects of Economic Activities on the Environment
    All economic activities affect the environment in some way whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally. These could be positive or negative effects. Most of the time, they are negative. Most activities usually end up harming ecosystems or just polluting the environment. Economic activities c
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  • The Effects of Self Checkout Lines
    Consumers have a great impact on what is available in a variety of markets. As consumer demand shifts to new products, the market will adjust to provide those new products and services that the consumer has decided to be of some importance. From black and white televisions to LCD televisions, from
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