Negative Effects of Technology

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  • Published : April 27, 2012
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Dontez Smith
Eng 1010

The Negative Effects of Technology

Do you remember summer as a kid? Playing in the street with your friends and riding your bike up and down the street. What happen to the good old fashion street games? Red light green light, mother may I, freeze tag, and every child’s favorite hide go seek. All of these games that kept us active running and jumping are no longer in existence because of the way of life through cells phones and the internet. Due to technology children and adolescents are unhealthier than ever before. Studies show that all of us, especially children, should exercise at least thirty minutes a day. Exercise not only maintains good health but promotes a healthy proactive lifestyle. Whereas, sitting in front of the computer or television promotes laziness and incompetence. Instead of reading a book children now-a-days would rather pick up a video game. Exercise is a habit that should be formed early because I have learned by experience that it is hard to get into a routine or regime after being stagnant for so long. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high and a large contributor is not only the over consumption of fast food but not moving regularly every day. Exercise has many positive effects. It improves mood, fights off disease, and boosts energy. Video games and too much television, on the other hand, can have very negative effects. Some of these negative effects include hyperactivity, emotional and behavioral disorders, and less human interaction. Social media especially ruins much needed human interaction. Facebook and Twitter keeps children and adults alike glued to desktops, laptops, and iPads. Technology not only causes children to be physically unhealthy but socially unhealthy as well. It causes social isolation and keeps children consumed in “what’s new” in the lives of their “friends” or people they may not even know. Children should get to know one another the natural way – conversing with one another and...
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