• Nursing education practice
    Hawai’i State Center for Nursing Nursing Education and Practice: Building Partnerships to Ensure a Stable Nursing Workforce in Hawai’i Written by Sandra A. LeVasseur Associate Director, Research Hawaii State Center for Nursing February 2006 Nursing Education and Practice: Building Partn
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  • Nursing experiencing mentorship & reflection of practice
    Experiencing Mentorship & Reflection of Practice – Applying Research in Practice Description of Mentorship Through out the years the nursing profession has changed, through evidence based practice, and nursing research the profession has elevated. Nurses have the tremendous respon
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  • The relationship between structure mentoring programs and the retention of new graduate nurses: a literature review
    Abstract The issue of new graduate nurse retention remains a challenge in many healthcare facilities. More than 50% of new graduate nurses leave their first employment in less than
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  • Mentoring factors, commitment and competency
    MENTORING FACTORS, COMMITMENT AND COMPETENCY OF CLINICAL INstructors in the different NURSING schools IN ILIGAN CITY ACADEMic year 2010-2011 _______________________ An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the COLLEGE OF NURSING Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Te
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  • Mentoring in workplace
    1.0 Introduction 1.1 Aim/purpose The aim of this report is to convey and clarify the findings of “why we agree that mentoring is one of the possible ways to enhance the development and retention of young professionals that are important to the growth and success of any organization”.
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  • Critical care nursing
    Vbg Intensive and Critical Care Nursing Article in Press, Corrected Proof - Note to users http://www.sciencedirect.com/science doi:10.1016/j.iccn.2011.01.001 | How to Cite or Link Using DOI Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd All rights reserved. |   Permissions & Reprints | O
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  • Nursing managment
    Leadership in the nursing profession comes in many different forms, it involves any actions you take to guide, direct, or influence others. All nurses guide, direct, and influence their patients to recovery, their peers to higher standards of care, and their hospitals to reach financial goals. Our
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  • Nursing
    | Home | Editors | Current Issue | Archives | Instructions for Authors | Disclaimer | Share with others |   What Makes a Quality Therapeutic Relationship in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: A Review of the Research Literature Read printer friendly  Subscribe in a reader Share with others Relate
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  • Nursing
    with student progress and attainment (Neckline and Kenworthy, 2000) Assessment is a critical element of the mentoring process as Duffy (2004) explain “mentors must ensure that assessment of clinical skills does occur as required passing students who should have failed or in the hope that they wil
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  • Nursing shortage
    WRT101 12/01/05 Mandatory Overtime The nurses of today are just as important as doctors. Hospitals thrive on their training and skills to care for sick patients. Nurses are the heart and backbone of all hospital facilities. Nurse’s duties consist of injecting pharmaceutical drugs into a
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  • Nursing field
    Christina Leach Term paper November 9, 2010 English 8 Credit Recovery I. Introduction A. Why I have chosen this career? 1. Interested in this field 2. The helping of others II. The job A. Requirements 1. Schooling 2. Volunteer hours B. Expectations
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  • Nursing as a profession
            Nursing as a Profession The Purpose of this paper is to discuss whether nursing is a profession based on Pavalko’s eight dimensions describing a profession. Firstly, we must understand the definition of a profession before one can accurately judge the validation of the nursing
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  • The effects and implication of mentoring for beginning teachers in the philippines
    Research Problem: The Effects and Implications of Mentoring for Beginning In-service teachers in Western Mindanao State University – Philippines Statement of the problem Teachers face many challenges during the first years of teaching, such as planning and implementing curriculum and instruc
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  • Journals on transcultural nursing
    Journal of Transcultural Nursing Editor Marilyn “Marty” Douglas, DNSc, RN, FAAN Assistant Clinical Professor University of California, San Francisco Associate Editors Joyceen S. Boyle, PhD, RN, CTN, FAAN Professor, School of Nursing Medical College of Georgia Dula Pacquiao, EdD, RN, CTN Pr
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  • Nursing shortage
    LaTeisha Hervey Nursing Shortage and the Shortage of Nursing Reduced HLAD 310 November 23rd 2010 Over the past few years, there has been a shortage of trained and experienced nurses. This sort of matter is a result to several institutes rejecting qualified nursing students from the health
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  • Mentoring
    Mentoring While reading the book “Mentoring, The Ministry of Spiritual Kinship”, I remembered a dream, many years ago, that change the course of my life forever. I dreamed that I, along with my son got lost in a dark forest. We were trying to find our way out, for hours, without success. At so
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  • Reflection on mentoring a student
    The aim of this assignment is to critically reflect on the experience of mentoring and assessing a student in clinical practice. As the student was on a four week placement the assessment process will be discussed incorporating the qualities of the mentor and the effect it can have on the mentor/s
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  • Mentoring paper on individuals
    COACHING AND MENTORING PAPER This Coaching and Mentoring paper is the result of the discussion and analysis of the Work Preference Indicator's results and coaching and mentoring sessions for 3 working adults: Emiliano Lafalla, Cecilia Espín and Rafael Mora and its purpose is to identify their st
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  • Facilitating early practice development in nursing using novice to expert theory
    1 Facilitating Early Practice Development in Nursing Using Novice to Expert Theory Authors: Barbara Haag-Heitman, RN, MS, MA and Sara Schedler, RN, BSN April 10, 2004 © Barb Haag-Heitman - who grants permission for printing one copy for personal use. Abstract The first years of nursing practice con
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  • Mentoring
    Mentoring isn’t teaching, tutoring or coaching. It is sharing what you know with someone requiring to learn and improve their situation. In this essay I shall discuss three points of view from the RMIT mentor program I reviewed, the program manager, mentor and mentee. From the three points of view
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