• Malcolm X
    Malcolm X was born in Malcolm Little, Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. During his life time, Malcolm X went begin from a street hustler become to a powerful and most influential Black Nationalist leader in United States. During Malcolm’s period, is full of discrimination and racial violence time. The envi
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  • Malcolm X
    Malcolm X "I've never seen a sincere white man, not when it comes to helping black people. Usually things like this are done by white people to benefit themselves. The white man's primary interest is not to elevate the thinking of black people, or to waken black people, or white people either. The
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  • Malcolm X
    Malcolm X used literacy as the main tool to gain knowledge. If Malcolm X were alive today he would have been just as likely to have needed and valued literacy. Writing can be used as a means of increasing understanding of complex subjects. Technology can prove to be too distracting for cognitive le
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  • Prison Reforms in Pakistan
    REFORMING PAKISTAN’S PRISON SYSTEM Asia Report N°212 – 12 October 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS ....................................................... i I.  INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................
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  • Malcolm X
    Mathew Redoble Professor Nugent English 51 March 5, 2012 “My Prison Studies Malcolm X”: Summary and Reaction In reading the essay to Malcolm X “My Prison Studies”, Malcolm X has gained a lot of his knowledge in prison through reading the dictionary, and as he began to write out the who
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  • The Importance of Proper Treatment, Rehabilitation and Education in our Prison Systems
    When we think of prisoners, we often picture the worst possible people: murderers, rapists, and child molesters. But what about those being jailed for more minor crimes such as drugs or robbery; those who just made a bad decision and got mixed up with the wrong crowd? Without a proper...
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  • Malcolm X
    The 1950's and 1960's were decades full of powerful speakers. These speakers could motivate people in such a strong way. They were a huge part of the Civil Rights Movement being successful. One of these powerful speakers was Malcolm X. He led a very interesting, yet tragic life. Malcolm X was born
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  • Prison Boot Camps
    Prison Boot Camps The Alternative Solution to Decrease Prison Cost and Overcrowding Abstract The rising costs, effectiveness, and implications of accommodating growing numbers of criminals have increasingly come under fire from both the government and public (TDOC, 2001). Prison overcrowding
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  • Administratorchallenges Paper on Prison and Jails
    Administrator Challenges Paper on Prison and Jails Until recently the view of prisoners has been that once incarcerated inmates forfeit their constitutionally protected rights. That inmates undergo a civil death; the legal status of prisoners in some jurisdictions who are denied the opportunity t
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  • Prison Overcrowding
    Prison Overcrowding Sherita Bowens American Intercontinental University April 24, 2010 Abstract Prison overcrowding is one of the many different problems throughout the world that law enforcement faces. Prison overcrowding not only affects those in law enforcement, it also affects the taxpaye
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  • Prison Systems
    Prison Lean Nelson 204/CJA October 31, 2010 Rebbecca Johnson Prison Studies show that more than one in 100 American adults is behind bars. Nation wide, the prison population has grown in the last year by 25,000 that brings the population to nearly 1.6 million people in the pri
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  • Prison Cost & Taxpayer Dollars
    Are tax dollars used towards Criminals sitting in State Prisons a waste? Every year in the United States of America over 1.5 Billion Dollars of TAXES is paid by Residents of the United States. Weather the Tax money paid is used for Major crisis or unnecessary actions; we have no say. Although I have
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  • Prison Paper
    The Prison System in America Reducing Overcrowding Prepared For Dr. Kevin Davies Business Communications Northern Illinois University May 8, 2012 Table of Contents Executive Summary……………………………………………………………………………….3 Intro
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  • Malcolm X
    “Malcolm X” Reflection “Malcolm X” by Spike Lee was a very powerful and moving movie. His transition from a man running the streets of Harlem to one of the most powerful and influential Afro-American men in the country at that time was truly amazing. This movie does not just show the story
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  • Martin Luther King V. Malcolm X
    Malcolm X is evoked as one of the greatest and influential African American figures, at the same time degraded for the violence he provoked as well as his black supremacy teachings. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the other hand, is recognized as the greatest influential character in the black Civil Ri
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  • Com156 - Prison Population of Drug Offenders
    Prison Population of Drug Offenders With the United States prison population growing, did you know that almost every citizen knows at least one person that is in prison? Every day there are 200 new jail cells that are constructed in the United States (ZHENG, SALGANIK, & GELMAN, 2006). With the high
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  • It Is Often Stated That Prison Does Not Work Because of the High Recidivism Rates. Why Do You Think the Prison Population Has Increased so Much in the Last Ten Years?
    Introduction What is Recidivism- Recidivism is a term, applied in the Criminal Justice System for criminals who despite having been punished for a crime go on to repeat it, only to be returned to a custodial sentence. It is for this particular reason that the penal system need to decide whether t
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  • Restorative Justice in the Prison Setting
    RESTORATIVE JUSTICE IN THE PRISON SETTING Dr Andrew Coyle International Centre for Prison Studies King’s College University of London United Kingdom A Paper presented at the conference of the International Prison Chaplains As
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  • Prison vs. Education
     Prison or Education? Mrs. Kolb Comp. II 12 March 2014 America is ranked number one in the world in the amount of people they incarcerate. On average for every 100,000 U.S citizens there are 500 citizens incarcerated (Tsai). A high percentage of the inmates are illiterate and...
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  • Malcolm X: Historical Perceptions
    THESIS The impetus for the development for this major work arose from the varied and largely, colorful interpretations of Malcolm X. The differences seem to have arisen from scholars and historians use and understanding of many different and varied sources and most important, their own perspectiv
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