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Laplace Criterion

Laplace Transformation Laplace transformation is a Mathematical tool which can be used to solve several problems in science and engineering. The transformed was first introduced by Pierre-Simon Laplace a French Mathematician, in the year 1790 in his work on probability theorem. Application of Laplace Transform The Laplace transform technique is applicable in many fields of science and technology such as:  Control Engineering  Communication  Signal Analysis and Design  Image Processing  System...

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Laplace Table

) t sin ( at ) sin ( at ) - at cos ( at ) cos ( at ) - at sin ( at ) sin ( at + b ) sinh ( at ) e at sin ( bt ) e at sinh ( bt ) t ne at , n = 1, 2,3,K uc ( t ) = u ( t - c ) Heaviside Function F ( s ) = L { f ( t )} 1 s n! s n +1 Table of Laplace Transforms f ( t ) = L -1 {F ( s )} F ( s ) = L { f ( t )} 1 s-a G ( p + 1) s p +1 1 × 3 × 5L ( 2n - 1) p 2n s 2 s 2 s + a2 s2 - a2 2 n+ 1 2. 4. 6. 8. 2 e at t p , p > -1 t n- 1 2 p 2s a 2 s + a2 2as 2 3 2 , n = 1, 2,3,K ...

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laplace tips

How to Calculate the Laplace Transform of a Function TerminologySolving the transformDiscontinuous FunctionsUsing Properties of Laplace Transforms Edited by Caidoz, Flickety, Zareen, Garshepp and 4 others The Laplace transform is an integral transform which allows a differential equation to be converted into a (hopefully) simpler algebraic equation, making it easier to solve. While you can use tables of Laplace Transforms, it is never a bad idea to know how to do the transform yourself. ...

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Laplace Tansformation

Q-A. Find the Laplace transform of the following functions 1. f (t) = t − 1, 0 < t < 3; 7, t > 3. 2. f (t) = cos t − 0, 2π 3 , 0 2π . 3 2π ; 3   4, 0 < t < 1; −2, 1 < t < 3; 3. f (t) =  5, t > 3. 5. f (t) = 3t3 + e−2t + t 3 7. f (t) = cos3 2t 9. f (t) = sin (3t + 5) 11. f (t) = e−3t sin2 t 13. f (t) = 7T 15. f (t) = e−3t (cos (4t) + 3 sin (4t)) 17. f (t) = teat 19. f (t) = t sin2 3t 21. f (t) = t2 e−2t cos t 23. f (t) = t cos (7t + 9) 25. f (t) = 27. f (t) = sin2 t t e−t sin t t 1 2...

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Laplace Transforms

Laplace Transforms Gilles Cazelais May 2006 Contents 1 Problems 1.1 Laplace Transforms . . . . . . 1.2 Inverse Laplace Transforms . 1.3 Initial Value Problems . . . . 1.4 Step Functions and Impulses 1.5 Convolution . . . . . . . . . . 2 Solutions 2.1 Laplace Transforms . . . . . . 2.2 Inverse Laplace Transforms . 2.3 Initial Value Problems . . . . 2.4 Step Functions and Impulses 2.5 Convolution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

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Nowhere to Hide: Bullying Is Everywhere

texts we have read this year, it feels as these three are the ones that fit the criteria above the best; “The Monkey’s Paw”, “The Masque of Red Death”, and “The Open Window.” These short stories have very good examples of many criterion but these are the three best. One criterion for judging literature is having expression within the characters and all of the story. “The Monkey’s Paw” contains a lot of emotion from the very beginning till the very end. While reading the story you can always tell whether...

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The Abc Analysis

ABC analysis is a well known and practical classification of inventory items based on the Pareto principle. The purpose of ABC analysis is to classify the inventory into different groups of A, B, or C, according to importance based on measure of a criterion. Traditionally, the classification of inventory into the A, B, or C categories have generally been based on dollar value per unit multiplied by annual usage rate, commonly known as dollar usage. In recent years, several multi criteria inventory classification...

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Wyatt's the Long Love That in My Thought Doth Harbour

Violence’ For if violence is a means, a criterion for criticizing it might seem immediately available. It imposes itself in the question whether violence, in a given case, is a means to just or an unjust end. A critique of it would then be implied in a system of just ends. This, however, is not so. For what such a system, assuming it to be secure against all doubt, would contain is not a criterion for violence itself as a principle, but, rather, the criterion for cases of its use. The question would...

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Recommendation Report

Third, these shingles perfectly match the outside of the Youth Center’s building. SCOPE The Center directors have suggested that we rank cost as the first criterion. Due to the lack of funds that the Center has, we must be cost conscious. The directors have allocated $10,000 for the new roof. Quality is our second criterion. The last roofer that came to fix a leak said that the shingles we currently have are poor in quality and is no longer sold in the state. We would like to have shingles...

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Bodegas Caballé - an International Recruitment Excersise

we have evaluated the importance of each criterion for your company. Based on this we have multiplied the ranking with the quantifier. So in the end the best possible result is 1, while 4 is the worst case. In the following section you will find the explanations for the weighting of the criteria. We evaluated the nationality and the marital status as least important, because these criteria have no significance about an applicant’s qualities. The criterion “Reason for leaving” has more importance...

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Human Resources Management Exam 1

based on the goals of the organization and that the system is constantly adjusting to the organizations current strategy and is therefore relevant and effect each year. Therefore, is it my opinion that this system meets the strategic congruence criterion. I say “meets” instead of “exceeds” because the system only allows for adjustment once a year which limits the agility of the company to change its goals and have the appraisal system reflect the changes. b. Validity – This is the extent to...

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Automatic Control Exam

.................................... University (home) ................................. A (solid line) 2 a) U ( s)  e1s s 1 b) U ( s)  s c) U (s)  s B) (dotted line) 1 d) U ( s)  e5 s s 3 e) U ( s)  e 1s 2s 1 e 5 s f) U ( s)   s s Laplace transforms of the functions depicted in Fig 1 are: u(t) 2 1 0 Fig 1 5 10 15 20 25 t [s] a) X1 is the set-point usually labeled w. b) X2 is the control error usually labeled d. c) X3 is input d) X4 is input e) X5 is input f)...

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Transfer Function

r (t) I is the input By taking the Laplace transform of both sides ansn cs+ an-1sn-1 cs+…a0cs+initial condition involving c(t) =bmsmRt+bm-1sm-1Rt+…b0Rs+initial condition involving r(t) If we assume that all initial condition are zero ansn+ an-1sn-1….+…a0cs=bmsm+bm-1sm-1+…b0r(s) Rs-→ bmsm+bm-1sm-1+…b0ansn+ an-1sn-1….+…a0--→c(s) Gs=c(s)r(s)=bmsm+bm-1sm-1+…b0ansn+ an-1sn-1….+…a0 Transfer function ratio of output over input Laplace Transfer Theorem 1. L f(t)=Fs=0∞f(t)e-stdt ...

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Control Engineering and Control Theory

applications. Classical Control Theory The scope of classical control theory is limited to single-input and single-output (SISO) system design. The system analysis is carried out in time domain using differential equations, in complex-s domain with Laplace transform or in frequency domain by transforming from the complex-s domain. All systems are assumed to be second order and single variable, and higher-order system responses and multivariable effects are ignored. A controller designed using classical...

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Problems of Process Control

balance for the thermocouple, where m is mass of thermocouple C is heat capacity of thermocouple h is heat transfer coefficient A is surface area of thermocouple t is time in sec Substituting numerical values in (1) and noting that Taking Laplace transform, Problem (2) A thermometer having a time constant of 0.2 min is placed in a temperature bath and after the thermometer comes to equilibrium with the bath, the temperature of the bath is increased linearly with time at the rate of I...

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Laplace Transform

Chapter 7 Laplace Transform The Laplace transform can be used to solve differential equations. Besides being a different and efficient alternative to variation of parameters and undetermined coefficients, the Laplace method is particularly advantageous for input terms that are piecewise-defined, periodic or impulsive. The direct Laplace transform or the Laplace integral of a function f (t) defined for 0 ≤ t < ∞ is the ordinary calculus integration problem ∞ 0 f (t)e−st dt, succinctly denoted L(f...

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function of t. dt 2 C d 2i 5. Find, by double integration, the area of circle x2+y2 = a2. 6. Prove that curl grad φ = o . 7. State the sufficient conditions for a function f(z) to be analytic. 8. State Cauchy’s integral theorem. 9. Find the Laplace transform of unit step function at t = a. 10. Find L-1 [ s+3 ]. s + 4s + 13 2 1 PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks) 2 − 2⎞ ⎛ 7 ⎜ ⎟ 11.(a).(i). Verify Cayley-Hamilton theorem for the matrix A = ⎜ − 6 − 1 2 ⎟ . ⎜ 6 2 −1⎟ ⎝ ⎠ Hence find its inverse...

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Transfer Functions, Poles and Zeros

given by m x + c x + kx = F . Taking the Laplace transforms of the above equation (assuming zero initial conditions), we have ms 2 X ( s ) + csX ( s ) + kX ( s ) = F ( s ), X ( s) 1 ⇒ = . 2 F ( s ) ms + cs + k Equation (1) represents the transfer function of the mass-spring-damper system. Example 2 Consider the system given by the differential equation y + 4 y + 3 y = 2r (t ), where r(t) is the input to the system. Assume zero initial conditions. The Laplace transforms yields, s 2Y ( s ) + 4 sY ( s...

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(iv) the power factor (numerical value and leading or lagging) if i g = 40 cos(5000t )mA. P= ,Q= , S = , PF = , leading/lagging (circle one) Problem 2: Basics of Laplace Transforms (10 pts.) Find L{t 2 e −2t + 10 sin( 3t + 45 o )} using only the Laplace transform pairs, the properties of the Laplace transform (not the ones in the formula sheet, just what you are given below), and math identities that are provided below. a) sin(A+B) = sinAcosB + cosAsinB, b) 1 ω s L{e − at...

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Reliabilty and Validity

questionnaire, clarity develops in that two different types of validity are made distinct. Those two categories are named construct validity and criterion related validity. In classification, construct validity epitomizes itself in that its purpose is to make sure that a test, or whatever assessment is being employed, analyzes what it is intended to. In correlation, criterion related validity is concerned with whether the test was a suitable or beneficial judge and interpreter of an individual gauge or evaluated...

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Csv Exam with Solutions 2009

Calculus of Several Variables Exam 2009 -2 - Question 1 Use the Tables of Laplace transforms, along with the operational theorems, to find the Laplace transform of the following functions: (a) t(t + cos t)e−3t (b) (c) t 0 e−u sinh 2u du 4 − 4e2t t [4+2+2=8 marks] Question 2 (a) Write f (t) = 2t + 3, 0 ≤ t < 9 in terms of Heaviside functions. Find the Laplace −2, t≥9 transform of the function. (b) Use Laplace transforms to determine the solution y(t) of the following initial-value problem...

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Exploring Reliability and Validity

types of validity. The content related validity, criterion related validity, and construct validity. Criterion validity “concerned the extent to which an infinite was systematically related to and outcome criteria. With criterion related validity, we were interested in the degree to which an instrument was a good predictor of certain criterion.” (Whiston, 2012, p. 59) While researching the VMI it appears construct validity was applied along with criterion validity. Areas of concern and strengths concerning...

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Reliability and Validity Matrix

Therefore, the test items must be culturally and chronologically accurate for the test-takers for content validity to be used. | Criterion related | I know this is personal opinion, but I think that criterion-related validity is the most powerful of all of the methods of verifying validity—especially concurrent validity. This type of validity is used to verify that the criterion that the test score purports to represent is actually in the sample of individuals being tested (Cohen &amp; Swerdlik, 2010)...

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10 Foreign Films

pursue love and trying to find his feet, all the while it is centered around his community at the cinema. I’m about as maternal as Rambo and this might have made me weep a little at the end. 6. The Seventh Seal (1957) The Seventh Seal (The Criterion Collection) Set during the Plague, the protagonist is a knight fresh from the Crusades and is evading Death, who has told him his time is up. So obviously he gets challenged to a game of chess. It explores existential themes during a time of great...

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Personality Test

Lebel used Monte Carlo methods to evaluate various models of socially desirable responding. They claimed that there are only relatively minor decrements in criterion prediction except under the most extreme situation. Thomas A. O’Neill, Richard D. Goffin and lan R. Gellatly claimed that it appears that test-taking motivation relates to the criterion validity of personality testing differently depending on the personality trait assessed. (2) Faking issues 135 Various issues have been studied in...

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(C) are low and n.s.  Criterion-Related Validity Significant correlations with error rate (negative) and speed (positive). Non-significant correlations with complaints B. Work Sample (T)  High correlation with work sample (C).  Criterion-Related Validity Correlations with error rate (negative) and speed (positive) are not significant. Correlations with complaints high and significant. C. Work Sample (C)  High correlation with work sample (T).  Criterion-Related Validity Correlations...

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This is a much more powerful approach than pros and cons as that approach doesn’t prioritize their various goals. Here you have to outline what the ideal solution looks like and explain why you have selected those particular criteria. For each criterion you need a strong factor again with specific, supported evidence to back it up. Start by listing as many goals/outcomes as you can, then pick your strongest three or four criteria. Work Smart Tip When reading the case pay close attention to what...

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Validity and Reliability Matrix

areas of the world or at different times. Criterion Related---Is the type of validity that is used to verify that the criterion that the test score purports to represent is actually in the sample of individuals being tested (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). For example a group of kids who have ADHD could be tested using a new instrument and if they all score high the test can be said to have been acceptable validity. Strengths—The strength of criterion related it is known to be a very powerful measure...

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Aims & Objectives for Training

people might do. • Conditions. An objective always describes the important conditions (if any) under which the performance is to occur (for example with reference to the course notes, in the court environment). • Criterion. Wherever possible, an objective describes the criterion of acceptable performance by describing how well the learner must perform in order to be considered acceptable (for example correctly, accurately, according to the Adult Court Bench Book). The Framework of Standards...

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Hr Selection & Placement

related to performance on the job, reliability is a necessary but insufficient condition for validity. Criterion-related validation One way of establishing the validity of selection method is to show that there is an empirical association between scores on the selection measure and scores for job performance. If there is a substantial correlation between test scores and job performance scores, criterion-related validity has been established. We usually use the correlation coefficient to assess both...

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Reliability and Validity Paper

rate things, a functional MRI scanner for monitoring brain activity, or any other instrument or measuring tool (Rosnow &amp; Rosenthal, 2008). There are eight different types of validity that include construct, content, convergent and discriminant, criterion, external, face, internal, and statistical-conclusion validity. Construct validity is how well a measurement confirms the theoretical concept. Content validity is the adequate sampling of the relevant material or content that a test purports to measure...

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Analysis of 'Night and Fog'

human need to represent events and history to others (104) and through the use and combination of image and narration, Resnais has effectively demonstrated this. References Lopate, P. (2003). Night and Fog – From the Current. The Criterion Collection. Retrieved from http://www.criterion.com/current/posts/288-night-and-fog Plantigna. C., R. (1997). Voice and Authority. Rhetoric and Representation in Non- fiction Film. Cambridge University Press, pp 101-119 Resnais, A. (1955)...

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Hospital Study

(1- 0.02120.7426) ( 0.02120.7426) = 0.02773 or 2.773% Probability of arriving two or more patients simultaneously during the night shift = 1-[P(0)+P(1)] = 1-(0.9714+0.02773) = 0.00087 or 0.087% 3) The criterion is that if the probability of two or more patients simultaneously arriving during the night shift is greater that 1percent, a backup OR team should be employed. Otherwise, then a backup OR team will not be necessary. Based on the calculation for...

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a test or measuring instrument actually does what it purports to do. This assessment is considered the most important criterion in instrument construction and typically involves accumulating evidence in three categories, called content validity, criterion validity, and construct validity.(Rosnow &amp; Rosenthal, 2008) There are different ways to measure validity, such as criterion validity which is the statistical part of a test that correlate to the test outcome criteria. In human services research...

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week six assessment paper

(Furlong & Chung, 2000). However, the Total score for the MDI-C possesses the internal consistency at .92 - .94 (Furlong & Chung, 2000). In the end, the MDI-C does assess and measure the emotional experiences of youths. C. Validity: For the criterion validity the MDI-C was compared to the Children’s Depression Inventory, the correlation was found to be at .84 (Furlong & Chung, 2000). Through the comparison it reflects a higher score for low self –esteem and pessimism subscales. Furlong and...

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History of Mathematics Probability

life tables. ! Biological problems - what is the probability of being born female or male?History of Probability 10 Applied Probability ! Pierre-Simon Laplace presented a mathematical theory of probability with an emphasis on scientific applications in his 1812 book Theorie Analytique des Probabilities. ! Unfortunately, Laplace only considered the classical method, leaving no indication on how the method was to be applied to general problems. History of Probability 11 Stagnation...

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by Immanuel Kant in 1755. A similar theory was independently formulated by Pierre-Simon Laplace in 1796.[3] In 1749, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon conceived the idea that the planets were formed when a comet collided with the Sun, sending matter out to form the planets. However, Laplace refuted this idea in 1796, showing that any planets formed in such a way would eventually crash into the Sun. Laplace felt that the near-circular orbits of the planets were a necessary consequence of their...

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History of Statistics

lays down the axioms that positive and negative errors are equally probable, and that there are certain assignable limitswithin which all errors may be supposed to fall; continuous errors are discussed and a probabilitycurve is given.Pierre-Simon Laplace (1774) made the first attempt to deduce a rule for the combination of observations from the principles of the theory of probabilities. He represented the law of  probability of errors by a curve. He deduced a formula for the mean of three observations...

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On freedom and choice

today, it would happen exactly as it is happening, the only way it can happen. In 1814, the french astronomer and mathematician Marquis Pierre-Simon Laplace published an essay in which he wrote “we may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future.”(Philosophical Essay on Probabilities, page 2).4 Laplace later went on to write that if there existed a creature that knew “all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature...

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Book PDE

THAN WILLING TO HELP, BUT PLEASE BE PREPARED WITH YOUR QUESTION. Solution techniques to learn (1) Direct Integration, (2) Separation Variables/ Fourier Method, and (3) Laplace Transform, To apply to (1) Diffusion equation, (2) Wave Equation, and (3) Laplace Equation. Coursework: 40%, Main Exams: 60%. ...

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Victorian womanly, ideals borrowed from the West that was projected as “ideal”, for the “good” Indian woman”. (Ray 6) www.the-criterion.com criterionejournal@gmail.com The Criterion An International Journal in English ISSN 0976-8165 Issue 12, February 2013. 1 Editor-In-Chief: Vishwanath Bite © The Criterion 2 Throwing light on the similar discourse of nationalism Partho Chatterjee states that there was a clear distinction between the ‘outer world’ or the domain of the male and the...

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Need Help

guaranteed approval loan or a no cosigner student loan in case your financial aid is not reinstated. When writing your awards letter request for reinstatement, NEVER, and I mean NEVER put the blame on someone else as to why you failed to meet the criterion. This is different than writing a letter of financial aid appeal because you need more money. Unless you got into a car accident that put you in a coma or were otherwise the victim of some crime that was out of your control, you should never blame...

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Evaluation and Measurement

logical or FACE validity CRITERION validity can be determined by utilizing a panel of judges Testing mile runs to VO2 max is CONCURRENT validity A test that yields data that are stable, repeatable, and precise is said to posess RELIABILITY Formula used to predict the reliability of the entire instrument based on correlational coefficients of the two halves if the instrument is referred to as the SPEARMAN BROWN PROPHECY FORMULA PREDICTIVE validity is a category of criterion related validity in...

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auditing ch13

(05PAF SMART CLASS) Read the Chapter of “Motivation” and answer the following questions. 1. Identify five different criteria by which organizations can compensate employees. Based on your knowledge and experience, do you think performance is the criterion most used in practice? Discuss. 5 Different Criteria by which organizations can compensate employees: Discipline Results Contribution Diligence Attitude Yes, we do think that performance is the criteria most used in practice. Because, most...

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products 4. Table 4: Durability of pirated products 5. Table 5: Criterion rating for purchasing pirated products 6. Table 6: Mode of purchasing pirated products 7. Table7: Category of pirated products purchased 8. Table 8: Comparison of pirated products with authentic products in terms of durability 9. Table 9: Impact of advancement of technology on the demand for pirated products 10. Table 10: Criterion ratings for not purchasing pirated products 11. Table 11: Impact...

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Understanding Decision Matrix

decision matrix is, therefore, a variation of the 2-dimension, L-shaped matrix. The decision matrix is an elaborated version of the measured criteria technique in which options are given, for each criterion, satisfactory or compliance points up to a maximum (usually from 0 to 100) that is predefined per criterion and may vary between criteria depending on its relative importance in the final decision. Decision Matrix Activity Should you be involved in creating a decision matrix...

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Sample IB Written Task

Sample Written Task 1 Criterion A The rationale seems to be a few words over the 200-300 word limit, clocking in at 303 words total; not that bad but it needs to stay within the word limit. The rationale also doesn't give a clear cut purpose as to why he is doing this. He does give some background information about why exactly he chose this exact topic for his written task, but he doesn't tell us what exactly he's trying to do and what the task is about. I get the feeling that the writer of...

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Writing A TOK Essay 1

Assessment Criteria Assessment Criterion Ideas to address this criterion (Examine page 18-20 of TOK: approach your assessment the IB way to assist you). Criterion A: assesses to what extent your essay shows that you understand the knowledge questions(s) directly related to the essay title. Criterion B: is all about your knower’s perspective, which is central to your whole understanding of TOK and certainly important in your essay. Criterion C: looks at the quality of your...

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19_______________ What Kind of Validity Evidence: Content-Related, Criterion-Related or Construct-Related? A valid instrument is one that measures what it says it measures. Validity depends on the amount and type of evidence there is to support one’s interpretations concerning data that has been collected. This week, you discussed three kinds of evidence that can be collected regarding validity: content-related, criterion-related, and construct-related evidence. Each question below represents...

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In the Heat of the Night

also receive a IB MYP rubric for the essay (this rubric is attached). Criterion A: Content Language A Assessment Rubric: Compare and Contrast IB MYP UNIT QUESTION: “How to prejudice and preconceptions affect our perception?” Achievement Level Criterion A: Content Understanding of topic and theme What perceptions will your reader gain? Details and support essay Are your points of Similarity and Difference...

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201 Managing Own Performance

transferred to countries abroad without adequate protection Teamed with the Data Protection Act is the Freedom of Information Act. 1.2 If you are an employee you are accountable to your employer. They have a right to see that your work is up to the criterion that they have set. We have to set priorities in order to do most important things first. If we are accountable to others for our own work we are more responsible for work we do. The benefit of planning work means that you have to complete an overview...

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Mechanical Sylabus Kurukshetra University

co-efficients. Applications of linear differential equations to simple pendulum, oscillatory electric circuits. UNIT-III Laplace Transforms and its Applications : Laplace transforms of elementary functions, properties of Laplace transforms, existence conditions, transforms of derivaties, transforms of integrals, multiplication by tn, division by t. Evaluation of integrals by Laplace transforms. Laplace transform of Unit step function, unit impulse function and periodic function. Inverse transforms, convolution...

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Are the SAT's Irrelevant?

college. I applaud Dr. Creighton’s persistence in encouraging colleges to look at the big picture when selecting students to accept. It is important, however, to maintain a balance and not swing from one extreme to another. SAT scores are but one criterion of several that should be looked at by college admissions offices when selecting the right students to attend their school.   Works Cited Creighton, Joanne V. "Dr." Los Angeles Times 13 March 2006. Pope, Justin. The Associated Press 11...

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Taqa L3

compared against an established criterion, or against the performance of other students, or against previous performance: Criterion-referenced assessment, typically using a criterion-referenced test, as the name implies, occurs when candidates are measured against defined (and objective) criteria. Criterion-referenced assessment is often, but not always, used to establish a person's competence (whether s/he can do something). The best known example of criterion-referenced assessment is the driving...

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The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications

The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications on Life in the 21st Century is an article by Dr. Terry Mortenson. He discusses a well know debate that goes back many years. He mentions three French scientists, Comte de Buffon(1708-88), Pierre Laplace(1749-1827), Jean Lamarck(1744-1829), and how they were involved in the development of theories without the involvement of God. He defends his arguments with the mentioning of the four scriptural geologist, George Young(1777-1848), George Fairholme(1789-1846)...

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EED 280 – Standards, Observation, Assessment: 0 - 8 (37317)

norming population selected? all sections of the country different genders ages community size geo area socio-econ and ethnic factors 11. Explain content validity, criterion-related validity, and construct validity. validity is the degree to which the test serves the purpose for which it will be used criterion-related validity is concerned with the validity of an aptitude test content validity is when the test developers are defining the degree to which the test items measure the...

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B&M Paper

reviewing them regularly with the teacher and modifying or rewriting them as necessary should circumstances change. The maximum achievement level for criterion A, research proposal and action plan, is four (see “HL internal assessment criteria”). Students who fail to produce a research proposal or action plan will be awarded zero for this criterion. Students should consider the possible difficulties they may face when carrying out their research, for example, limited or biased sources. Research...

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Kinds of Grading System

Grading Systems Jump to: * Norm-Referenced Systems * Criterion-Referenced Systems * Other Systems * Characteristics of a Good Grading System The two most common types of grading systems used at the University of Minnesota are norm-referenced and criterion-referenced. Many professors combine elements of each of these systems for determining student grades by using a system of anchoring or by presetting grading criteria which are later adjusted based on actual student performance...

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Earthquake in Ledc and Medc

edu/ftp/pub/louie/class/100/plate-tectonics.html http://www.georesources.co.uk/kobelow.htm http://www.insead.edu/facultyresearch/centres/isic/025HRG.pdf.pdf http://www.slideshare.net/patdesy/managing-earthquakes Criteria to be assessed: Criterion A: Knowing and understanding Achievement level | Level descriptor | 0 | The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below. | 1-2 | The student:• makes a limited attempt to use some relevant terminology• demonstrates...

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Assessment and Learners

red for questions that will require help. 4.4 Explain how assessment arrangements can be adapted to meet the needs of individual learners Assessment arrangements can be adapted by allowing the learners to have an element of choice on how the criterion is assessed. This will allow the learners to feel included and means that the tutor is not offering an alternative or necessarily forcing the learner to disclose their lack of understanding or forcing adjustment. An example would be giving all...

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