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K101 Tma 2

Tma 03 Why are people’s life stories important while receiving care and what do workers need to be aware of in encouraging people to talk about their past lives? Introduction In this assignment I am going to explain why life stories of people receiving care are important and how it is essential in developing their sense of identity. I will explain how a sense of identity is developed and what support is available for a child in the looked after system who have no sense of who they...

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 TMA 2 – Part A: Question 1: 1700x12=£20400 16827/12=£1402.25 1700/100=17x2=34+1700=£1734 1734x12=£20808 17104/12=£1425.33 1402.25x6=£8413.50 1425.33x6=£8551.98+£8413.50=£16965.48/12=£1413.79. Piper’s average net monthly income over one year would be £1413.79. Net income Average month £ per month. Earnings:...

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TMA 02 Part 1 Explain how relationships can develop. I have chosen ‘Theory of mind’ in Unit 1 Psychology and ‘Attachments within the family’ in Unit 5 Childhood to help me to illustrate the diverse and complex ways we can develop relationships in our lifetime. In early childhood we are thought to be very egocentric in that we are unable to see things from another’s point of view. The theory of mind is thought to be how most humans understand that other people have different thoughts, feelings...

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acc203 tma question 2

000x$12.6= $22,680 5,400x1.630559= $8,805.0186 $31,485.018 total cost accounted for $1,937,880 $256,649.979 $2,194,529.92 Question 2 b) The weighted average method provides both pros and cons to the institution that selects this method. This method commands a simpler computation to calculated . The accountant does not require to keep detailed inventory dealings records to calculate...

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b120 tma 2

 Finding people and helping them fit in Hotel Housekeeping Department 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2. PROBLEMS DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS 3. RECOMMENDATIONS 4. INFORMATION 5. REFERENCES Executive summary Attracting people to apply to work for a business and being able to select the right mix of skills and personalities is crucial to continuation of any business. Once recruited, there is then the issue of helping new employees to find their place and understand what is required of them. This...

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BBM203/05 Business Statistics TMA1 Weightage: 25% Submission deadline: 6th March 2015 1 a) Explain TWO (2) main differences between qualitative data and quantitative. (4 marks) b) Using the example of a group of BBM203/05 students in your class, differentiate qualitative and quantitative data. (6 marks) 2) A new restaurant did a survey among its customers recently. The following questions were asked in the questionnaire. Identify which type of data are they? Choose from Qualitative-Nominal, Qualitative-Ordinal...

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K101 Tma01

Kim Mason X2616377 K101 TMA01 Part A – What challenges do individuals face when giving and receiving care within the families? Illustrate your answer using examples from K101 Unit 1. The word ‘carer’ is the generally acceptable term, for someone that supports and cares for a family member, friend or neighbour that may be suffering from illness, disability or unable to manage daily life unaided (dircetgov,2006). Care relationships can be very demanding on time and emotions, life can become extremely...

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TMA 10

TMA 01 – With the help of examples from the surveillance film, outline the ways in which surveillance is used to deliver crime control and social welfare (600-800 words). In order to manage, direct and protect people in modern society, monitoring of behaviour and activities takes place through surveillance. This essay will outline the ways in which various observations from electronic equipment such as CCTV, authoritative figures and practitioners monitor specific everyday activity not just within...

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Tma 02

TMA 01 Question 1a The method that has worked for me or I have found it easy to taking notes is that I read the material thoroughly from beginning to end highlighting important words or phrases and then I read through it again to make sure that I have understood. I then transfer or write up the notes using bullet points into my notebook. 1b Geek to Live: How to deal with Internet Meanies Reacting to Internet Meanies in the heat of the moment, can intense things to a meaningless and...

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Tma 5

TMA 5 – Report on the wellbeing of children Statement of Ethical Consideration I confirm that I am currently meeting the pre-requisites for E105 as set out in the pre-registration information for students and have a valid Agreement with Confirmer Form(s). For this TMA I have only used material drawn from the setting(s) identified on my employer Permission Agreement Form(s). In this TMA I have adhered to the E105 ethical guidance by: * Gaining permission from my setting to include and analysis...

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K101 Tmoo2

provide active support and empower the service user to take responsibility of their own lives. This is where the five key principles of care practice play a fundamental role. They ensure that the service user is at the centre of everything that is done. (K101, Unit 3 p148-149)....

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Tma from Wou

Corporate Finance (BBF304) TMA 1 (25%) Total Marks: 100% 1. Given the following weighted market value of stocks in your portfolio and their expected rate of return, E(Ri), answer the following questions. (30 marks) Stock Weighted Market Value (%) E(Ri) Gamuda 14 - 0.05 Public Bank 37 0.12 Petronas 24 0.14 SapuraCrest 10 0.08 Celcom 15 0.06 (a) W hat is the expected rate of return for your common stock portfolio? (6 marks) (b) ...

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Operation management tma worksheet

Arab Open University Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Academic Year 2012 - 2013 Semester: Second 2012-2013 Branch: Kuwait Program: Business Studies Course Title: Business functions in context II Course Code:B203B Student Name: Student ID: Section Number: 201 Tutor Name: Mark details Allocated Marks Questions Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total (100) Weight 25 25 25 25 Marks Deduction Criteria Presentation (0-4) Referencing ...

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Unit 2: Demand & Supply Text: Economics for Today Chapter 3 and Supplementary Material 1 Market Any situation that brings buyers and sellers together for exchange of good and services (g/s) 2 Example – Pizza market:  sellers comprise the individuals and firms that sell pizza – Supply  buyers include all individuals who buy, or might buy pizza - Demand Does not have to be a physical place  e.g. EBay, foreign exchange market  A market occurs as long as buyers and sellers are in communication...

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 CHApter1 2.What key insights does the GEM study provide us about entrepreneurship?    Of particular interest to GEM is early stage entrepreneurial activity, which consists of businesses that are just being started and businesses that have been in existence for less than three and one-half years. While the high rates of entrepreneurial start-up activities occur in low-income countries, where good jobs are not plentiful such as brazil, china, Argentina. Low rates occur in high-income countries,...

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nervous system: is the portion of the autonomic nervous system that is aroused in response to stress. It is responsible for creating the fight-or-flight response, including raising heart rate and blood pressure and suppressing digestive activity. 2. Imagine that you are in a building and the fire alarm goes off. All of the doors around you lock shut, and you smell smoke. a. What is the main problem that your central nervous system will try to solve?  (5 points) My central nervous system will try...

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 CHILDHOOD STUDIES Unit 2.13 Displays In Schools CACHE Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (QCF) Criteria Evidence Completed 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 Workbook questions and tasks 4.5, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 Reflective accounts 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 Plan of your display with explanations 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, Observation Assessor comments: Unit 2.13 1, (1.1) Describe the schools policy for displays The aim of a displays in school is to celebrate the children’s...

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TMA 07

 A plan of Parts 2 and 3 of my EMA For this assignment I can confirm I have adhered to the E105 ethical guidelines by using information gained from my own setting. Parents of children whom I have observed as part of my studies have given written permission, and are aware they may withdraw this consent at any time. Parents, colleagues and other professionals acknowledge they will not be identified at any time during this assignment. Self-Assessment Profile I am now aware of the United Nations...

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Tma 03

Part 2 For this section, I have chosen to do the report on Sunderland FC, something close to my heart, having been born there and supported them through think and thin (mainly thin) for nearly 45 years. Report on the Internal, External and Stakeholder Analysis relating to Sunderland Football Club Contents 1. Internal Analysis 2. External Analysis 3. Stakeholder Analysis ...

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TMA 01

with the ethical guidance (The Open University 2013) I have followed the BERA guidelines including changing any names. My Role I am a parent volunteer in a Church of England primary and nursery school. I am currently supporting the mixed year 1 and 2 classes. I work on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8.45 -12 pm. I have a variety of different supporting roles within the classroom not just with the helping the teachers but also the pupils, school and curriculum. I feel like my life has followed...

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Tma B322

Peter Drucker has outlined seven sources of innovative chances or opportunities .I am going to identify them below. 1. Unexpected happenings, as a sudden event that can be a indication of a distinctive chance for innovating or entrepreneurship. 2. Incongruity, as the divergence between what everyone think of a thing and the reality of it , this difference can create an innovation. 3. Innovation born when a new process is needed is a chance to fill the gap and create something new. 4. Changes...

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Bio Lab Essay K101

It was to add specific amounts of inhibitor hydroxylamine to two cuvettes in given amounts. Ex1 test tube | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | A/min | 0.816 | 0.039 | 1.65 | 0.594 | 0.606 | μL Enzyme | 150 | 0 | 350 | 50 | 25 | Experiment one shows that, as the enzyme concentration is increased, in A/Min. Meaning the more the enzyme the more oxidation that tends to occur. Ex 2 test tube | 6 | 1 | 7 | 8 | pH | 3 | 5 | 7 | 9 | A/min | 0.093 | 0.816 | 0.672 | 0.021 | Experiment two shows what...

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acc201 tma

600 = $4,200 2) Factory Overhead = 20% x 4200 = $840 3) T-shirts replaced = cost per t-shirt x 20 = (4800/600) x 20 = 8 x 20 = $160 4) Additional labour incurred on t-shirts = labour on reworked t-shirts + labour on replacement t-shirts = 60 + (7 x 20) = $200 Question 1 Workings 5) Overhead incurred on additional labour = 20% x 200 = $40 6) Cost incurred on reworked t-shirts = 20 x 1 = $20 7) Sale of reworked t-shirts = 20 x 10 = $200 Question 2 (i) The number...

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TMA 01

 TMA 01 – Question 1 Mean: The maximum value of a series of measurements (or numbers) divided by the number of those measurements. The definition of the ‘mean’, is an array of numbers added together and then divided by the amount of those numbers. The reason the first definition is incorrect is because it isn’t the maximum value of figures, it’s the total amount added together. Scientific notation: A notation that represents any number by expressing it as a simple power of ten, using a positive...

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Tma 2013 Spring Season

Arab Open University Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Academic Year 2012 - 2013 | Semester: Second 2012-2013 | Branch: Jordan | Program: Business Studies | Course Title: An Introduction to Business Studies | Course Code:B120 | Student Name: | Student ID: | Section Number: | Tutor Name: | Mark details | Allocated Marks | Questions | Q1 | | | | | | Total (100) | | Weight | 100 | | | | | | | | Marks | | | | | | | | | Deduction...

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Aou Tma

Arab Open University Faculty of Business Studies B628: Managing1: Organizations and people Spring 2013 Tutor-Marked Assignment, TMA Cut-off date 06/May/2013 This tutor-marked assignment draws mainly on chapter1(readings 1,2,3,4), chapter2 (readings 1,3) ,chapter 3(reading3), chapter 6 (readings1,3,4),chapter7(readings1,2,3) and chapter 9 (readings1,2,3,4,5,6). It consists of four (4) questions and accounts for 20% of the total grade assigned to the course. This assignment will be graded out...

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K101 Tma04

adopted by the International Health Conference, New York, 19-22 June, 1946; and entered into force on 7 April 1948. http://www.who.int/about/definition (accessed 2 February 2013) WHOQOL Group (1996). What Quality of Life? Quality of Life Assessment. In World Health Forum. WHO: Geneva (www.who.int) The Open University (2010), K101, An Introduction to Health and Social Care, Ronald Labonte ‘A Broad View of Health’, Milton Keynes: The Open University (P12). The Poverty Site http://www.poverty...

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B321 Tma 02

Simon’s (1999, pg 763) describes belief systems as “explicit set of organisational definitions that senior managers communicate formally and reinforce systematically to provide basic values, purpose, and direction for the organisation”. Figure 14-2 Levers of control (Simon’s pg, 305) shows belief systems as “strategy as Perspective” and “Obtaining Commitment to the Grand Purpose, this in the context of Airtex Aviation are firstly Ted and Frank have taken control of the business, Ted is President...

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2 Fast 2 Furious Into

Theory in Action 2 Fast 2 Furious http://putlocker.tn/2-fast-2-furious/ In order for a director to make an audience feel in a certain way, the director would want to do certain things with the camera, editing, sound and by showing specific things (Mise-en-scene). I will be analysing these factors in the open sequence for the film ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’. Editing The film starts off with a group of guys and girls getting off the back of a truck in the middle of the night. At first glance I thought that...

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W100 TMA 06

attributable to the care given, or not given to the children. Or that Barry or Felicity are beyond parental control. It would appear from the information that there are grounds for the Local Authority to apply for a care order for Barry Evans. Section 31(2)(ii) of the Children Act 1998 refers to if the child is question is beyond parental control. Mr. Jones complained to Mrs. Evans ; Barry’s mother that Barry allows gang members into the Evan’s home and plays loud music in the middle of the night disturbing...

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Unit 2 Assignment 2

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2 - TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE Unit 2 – assignment 2 1. Understand how to make and receive calls 2.1 Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them.• Call holding- places a caller on hold so you can undergo another duty. This could be to find paperwork, find client/customer details, retrieve information from another member of staff or contact another colleague to divert the call along to. • Call waiting- lets you know when...

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essay 2 year 2

great drive for a person to seek pleasure, he referred this as the ‘libido’(Module 2 ; Roth, 2001). In Freud’s theory he divided the mind, known as the PSYCHE, Freud divided this in to three parts. The first part would be referred as the unconscious; second part known as the preconscious and lastly the conscious.  However these can be referred by another terminology which is; the ID, EGO and the SUPEREGO (Module, 2). The ID can be characterised as the part where the mental processing strives the initiation...

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Unit 2 Assignment 2

 Unit 2 Assignment 2: Vulnerability of a Cryptosystem 1. Microsoft is aware that research was published at a security conference proving a successful attack against X.509 digital certificates signed using the MD5 hashing algorithm. This attack method could allow an attacker to generate additional digital certificates with different content that have the same digital signature as an original certificate. The MD5 algorithm had previously shown a vulnerability, but a practical attack had not yet been...

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Ccna 2 Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Group Members: 1. Name: Matric No. : 2. Name: Matric No. : A large company has three separate regions, East, West and Central. The topology diagram for the company’s network is given below. The HQ has assigned a network address of for the organization’s use. The following diagram shows the topology of the network for the organization. The network has the following addressing requirements: East Network Section • The N-EAST (Northeast)...

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Tma 02 E100

in both English and Gujarati. The children were able to develop their own language and communication skills through imaginative play and also extend their social skills through communication with each other and an adult. Word Count 1533 Part 2 Two implications for my practice from my analysis of the sequence with regards to supporting children’s learning are: 1. Although we have a fantastic outside play area it is not used for enough activities, like in the sequence. We have a climbing...

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k101 tma01

Ann in an isolated position, with no work and no outside time to meet her social needs. ‘The ensuing isolation and loneliness seem to be an inevitable part of caring. This has been referred to by other carers as the caring syndrome’ (Cavaye, 2006. K101 Resources). Using up lots of time to care for someone can then increase strain in other relationships, as your balance between them may not be equal. Ann’s relationship with Bob her husband was strained at times with tension between them; this was...

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Assignment 2 Aa105

Assignment 2 Wiki Assessment Practice This was my first time contributing to any type of wiki. Although it initially seemed a daunting task I found it simple enough to add and edit content after a quick glance at the wiki. My biggest issue for taking part in the wiki was time management. As I do two modules concurrently and have family commitments I found I had limited time to contribute to the wiki and managed around 60 minutes each week. I had initially hoped that this amount of time would have...

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2 2 Chapter Questions

2-2: Chapter Questions Action Items Q/ 01 Why study operations management? Answer All businesses want to hire bright people who can make the best decisions for the business as a whole, not the best marketing, finance, or operations decisions. They want employees who can see the big picture of how these functional areas interact. You will severely limit your career if you take a narrow functional perspective. Every decision is cross-functional in nature2. You will be working with operations and...

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B120 TMA 01

To: Patricia Lodge From: Sue Gill Contents Part 1(a) Part (b) SWOT analysis Part (c) Part 2 Part 1 (a) I have decided to use section 6 of the study session in book 1. From my research of the Lodge Bistro I have found the following problems within the company. 1) An annual meeting at HQ, instead of regular financial reports and audits. As Patricia has given café managers autonomy to manage their bistro, she computerised the financial report system and audit visits have been...

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shuttle bus 2 2

routes shown above. It is possible to take the Rapid Penang bus instead of Youth Escapade’s mini shuttle bus. However, bus fee will be imposed and time schedule is different for the Rapid Penang bus. Additional Note: New routes for Penang Bridge 2 are currently under construction and will be updated ASAP. ...

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level 2 taskk 2

Task 2 Describe how to communication with children and young people differs across afferent age ranges and stages of development. Communication differs in many stages they are: 0-2 years Vocabulary is very limited they only communicate really through body language and by reading facial expression. 2-3 years They can start to copy adults, they learn new words gain more confidence. 3-4 years At this stage they are starting to string words together and may be asking questions. 4-8 years...

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B120 Tma 1

reflected the Open University. There was a wide differing of opinion throughout the discussion with no one metaphorical idea being overly dominant over the others: Culture – 4 Machine – 5 Brain – 6 Political System – 1 Vehicle for domination – 2 Organism – 2 Flux & Transformation – 3 Psychic Prison - 0 Above you can see a numerical breakdown of peoples’ perceptions of the OU within the context of Morgan’s Metaphors. The majority of opinion saw the OU as a ‘Culture’, ‘Machine’ or ‘Brain’, with...

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Week 2 Quiz 2

Cyber Law Text & Cases Quiz 2 1. Cyberlaw |        both a and c | 2. The Internet |        is a network of computer networks. | 3. The Internet began in |        1969. | 4. The history of the Internet shows that(Points : 1) |        user policy expressly prohibited commercial applications. | 5. The World Wide Web was developed in: 1) |        1991. | 6. The World Wide Web began at |        CERN. | 7. The World Wide Web was developed and...

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Informative Outline 2 2

level will remain outside your control.” 2. Symptoms According to the International stress Management Association include: Inability to concentrate or make simple decisions Easily distracted Worrying Negative thinking Depression Very emotional Defensive Feeling out of control Lack of motivation Frustrated Lack of self-esteem B. Second point_ Unhealthy ways of dealing with stress 1. you may be unaware that you do and is hurting you in the long run 2. Smoking, Drinking Overeating or underrating...

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TMA 1 W200

first be legislated by Parliament to imitate those rulings and grow part of domestic law (part of the EU Directives). Legislation can also reflect societies’ change much faster and for these reasons remain the most important source of law. Question 2 (A) As a result of Tessa driving into the tractor, Tessa could incur civil and criminal liability. The Civil liability is she will be liable in tort for negligence. There are three elements to negligence: (a) Duty of care, drivers of cars owe a duty...

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Accounting - Excerise 2-2

Solutions Guide: Please reword the answers to essay type parts so as to guarantee that your answer is an original. Do not submit as is EXERCISE 2-2 Acquisition Method The balance sheets of Petrello Company and Sanchez Company as of January 1, 2011, are presented below. On that date, after an extended period of negotiation, the two companies agreed to merge. To effect the merger, Petrello Company is to exchange its unissued common stock for all the outstanding shares of Sanchez Company in the...

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Assessment Task 2 2

access and communicate details of budget to a team member (assessor). You will then support the team member to perform their required role with respect to software resources and systems. Procedure 1. Consider the scenario provided and tasks A and B 2. Prepare to meet with your team member (assessor) to communicate budget and then coach and train them in new role: a. access required budget information from assessor b. determine organisational needs c. identify coaching/training needs of team member...

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MODULE 2 ASSIGNMENT 2 NAME :SMRITHI R PH: 9551060099 1. Montessori has become a very popular name in the recent times. What are the qualities a person should have to imbibe the real Montessori spirit? Ans. A Montessori directress is one who guides the children and helps them learn. A person involved in the Montessori house of children should have certain traits which will help them deal with children and help them to learn and grow. A person should have the following qualities : Be the connection...

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tma 01

 TMA 01 PART 1 FAO: PATRICIA LOGE RE: MY FINDINGS ON BISTRO LODGE CHAIN After carefully studying all aspects of your business, I have found a few areas which are affecting the brand. Structure is an important part of a business, and I feel this is where your business is lacking. I firmly believe in Pugh and Hicksons 1968 study, in which the main points of the study were: SPECIALISATION – In your case the French style bistro setting and food offered. STANDARDISATION – The same conformity...

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JET 2 Task 2

 Financial Analysis JET 2 Task 2 March 1, 2015 Mariana Marquez Sital A. 1. Budgetary items that raise concern for Competition Bikes, Inc. in the budget planning reports. In year 9 there are several areas of concern with the budget planning report for Competition Bikes, Inc. The sales projection in units for year 9 is set at 3520. However, only 3423 bikes were sold. The sales budget has projected, for year 9, revenue from sale of $5,247,450 million that is showing a 3.2 % growth in sales...

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UNIT 2 Assignment 2

 Unit 2 Assignment 2: Computer Basics Review 1. Which of the following terms is the closest synonym to the term computer networking? a. Telecom 2. Ann uses her email address, me@here.com, to send an email to Bob, whose email address is you@there.com. The message contains a few paragraphs of text. Which of the following will be important to the process of making sure that Bob receives this email? b. Bob’s incoming email server 3. According to the chapter, which of the following concepts...

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Unit 2 Assignment 2

Unit 2 Assignment 2 1.1 Analyse the role and use of initial and diagnostic assessment in agreeing individual learner goals During my role as a trainer it is important that each new learner has a starting point from where to commence the training. This can be found by the use of initial assessment procedure. Initial assessment is a vital link to the learning process, it is a formal and informal process that identifies each learners starting point. It helps to identify learner’s current levels...

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B122 Tma 1

competitive, however, high levels of retailers will also leave if the competition is just too high. Kwik Save is a good example of this, 'It struggled to make profits in the 21st century as superstore operators such as Tesco[->1] and Sainsbury's[->2] introduced their own budget brands (wikipedia.org,2012). Kwik Save promoted themselves as a low-priced grocery retailer. Kwik Save are expected to make a return to the market this year and may become another threat to Asda as they previously...

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Unit 2 DBQ 2

alter the political, economic and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies? Document 1 NORTH AMERICA BEFORE 1754 Use the documents and your knowledge of the period 1740-1766 in constructing your response. Document 2 Source: Canassatego, Chief of the Onondaga Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy, speech to representatives of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, 1742. We know our Lands are now become more valuable. The white People think we do not know their Value:...

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Tma 01 E111

and sometimes , I have to supervise the class and maintain good order and keep the pupils on the task. I have to promote the home school partnership and to ensure an appropriate learning environment. At the moment I am dealing directly with 2 teachers, offering them full support any time when required. Luckily, they are aware of the fact that between us it's a co-dependent relationship, where I need them and they need me. (P.S 3.3) all the time I am in direct contact with the other professionals...

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Unit 2 Assignment 2

transferred, or information assets usage or need-to-know/need-to-share changes. - Deactivate temporary accounts that are no longer required and accounts of terminated or transferred users. - Grant access to the system based on (1) valid access authorization, (2) intended system usage, and (3) other attributes as required by the organization or associated missions/business functions. - Review accounts on a periodic basis or at least annually. Access Enforcement: All Ken 7 Windows Limited Business Systems...

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Week 2 Assignment 2

you need to take the time to review what you are reading. You also need to take time to read other sources on the internet to ensure that the information you are finding is in fact accurate. References An Anti Bullying Blog. (2014, February 2). Retrieved from The Anti Bully Mom: http://www.theantibullymom.com/an-anti-bullying-blog/ Evaluating Internet Sources. (2012, September 21). Retrieved from Lydia M. Olson Library: http://library.nmu.edu/guides/userguides/webeval.htm Eyes on Bullying...

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TMA Assessment

TMA Assessment Activity 1 1.1 The Human Resources (HR) Professional Map, created by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), is an online self-assessment tool which sets the standards for employees to understand what key skills, knowledge and behaviours are required for HR personnel to deliver a timely and effective service. It is also used to support and enhance individuals’ own continuous professional development (refer to 4DEP Course Companion). It is a tool used to offer a...

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TMA 02 amended

owners to the detriment of the moorlands and the other species that live there. Nature knows how to keep things in balance and has done so since the beginning of time and is a far better at managing the environment than we will ever be. Question 2 (a) 200 x 52 = 10400 Nazira drives on average 10400 miles in a year. (b) 200 ÷ 14 = 14.29 200 ÷ 6 = 33.33 On average Nazira would spend £14.29 a week on fuel for the LPG car and £33.33 a week on fuel for the petrol car. (c) 0.80 ÷...

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Quize 2

Question 1 2 out of 2 points Art's Boutique has sales of $640,000 and costs of $480,000. Interest expense is $40,000 and depreciation is $60,000. The tax rate is 34%. What is the net income? Answer Selected Answer:    $39,600 Correct Answer:    $39,600 Response Feedback: Taxable income = $640,000 - $480,000 - $40,000 - $60,000 = $60,000; Tax = .34($60,000) = $20,400; Net income = $60,000 - $20,400 = $39,600   Difficulty level: Medium Ross - Chapter 02 #56 Topic: NET...

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