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Topics: Family, Disappointment, Frustration Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: January 2, 2013
This essay will explore why working in someone’s home can give rise to tensions and challenges for both the service user and care worker and will go on to explore how these issues can be overcome.

When we read about Yetunde’s visit to Angus and Ann’s home it is clear that this was not an easy one for all involved. From the onset, tensions were running high within the family home. Ann was feeling frustration and despair at having to wait so long for support to arrive, coupled with guilt that she failed to recognise Zoe’s crisis at school. Ann began feeling resentful towards Bob as she felt she was left to manage the heavy burden of caring for Angus alone. It is clear that the sheer strain of the situation is impacting on all family members.

Angus felt anxious and scared about a stranger coming into his home to care for him and perhaps there was an underlying feeling of guilt as he knew that Ann was finding it difficult to cope. Angus may feel that he is a burden and possibly there may be an element of shame attached to this feeling as he knows he is unable to manage without help.

Yetunde faces many challenges when first arriving in the family home, firstly there was the awkwardness felt by Angus at having a stranger coming into his home, and from Yetunde’s point of view, not knowing really where to start. Angus was reluctant to allow anyone other than Ann take care of him. To begin with he was unwilling to give Yetunde a chance. Then there was the hostility and disappointment expressed by both Angus and Ann towards the support that Yetunde was able to offer.

The challenges presented are slowly overcome as Yetunde uses her professional diplomacy to build a rapport with Angus and the members of the family. Gradually, Angus begins to trust Yetunde and we see Zoe changing her view of Yetunde. In the beginning Zoe expresses that she does not like Yetunde. Interestingly towards the end of the case study Zoe appears to be getting on with Yetunde....
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