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Joseph Louis Proust Contribution In Atom

The Contributions of Louis Pasteur Sarah E. Gibson Haywood Community College BIO 175 IN1 Louis Pasteur is believed to be one of the most important contributors of microbiology. Pasteur was born in Dole, France on December 27, 1822 and died in Saint Cloud on September 28, 1895. Pasteur attended primary school in Arbois, France and he attended secondary school in Besancon. In 1840 Pasteur received his Bachelor of Arts and in 1842 he received his Bachelor of Science degree at the Royal College...

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Joseph Louis-Gay Lussac

is-gay lussac Mike Wagura Chemistry Honors 7TH Period April 25, 2011 JOSEPH LOUIS GAY-LUSSAC Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac was born in December 6, 1778 in Saint Leonard de Norblat in France. He was the eldest son of Antoine Gay. Antoine Gay was a judge at Point-de-Norblac and had acquired the name Lussac a small family property in a nearby town. Gay Lussac received his early education in his hometown of Saint- Leonard. Since an early age, Gay-Lussac had a curious interest in science. He...

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Louis XIV And His Contributions

01/28/2014 Response paper 2 Louis XIV I read many fascinating things in chapter 21. During the times between 1550 and 1750, absolutism spread across Europe and Asia. Even in the Muslim world, people were claiming their power was from god directly. France was ruled by the great King Louis XIV, who referred to himself as "le roi soleil" meaning the sun king. In this paper I will be focusing on Louis XIV and his contributions to the artistic world then and now. Louis XIV and his family lived in Paris...

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Joseph Proust Biography

Joseph Louis Proust was born on September 26, 1754 in Angers, France. Though there is not much information about his family, his father and Joachim, his brother, were pharmicists. Other than being a chemist, Joseph was a teacher at the Chemistry School in Segovia and at the University of Salamanca which were both in Spain. Joseph was also director of the Royal Laboratory. Throughout his life, Joseph worked in many different places within France and Europe. In 1776, he was given the opportunity...

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The Atom

The Atom The term atom was coined by the Greek philosopher Democritus, around 460 B.C. Being a philosopher he proposed the question “If you break a piece of matter in half, and then break it in half again, how many breaks will you have to make before you can break it no further?” . He thought that at some point matter would become too small to divide again-this basic matter particle was what he called an atom. Democritus’ idea was dismissed by other Greek philosophers, including Aristotle who opted...

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Atom Structure Theories

Chemistry: Atom structure theories Scientific research is a multistage and complicated process which requires many creative minds to contribute into its creation in order to be efficacious and present solid results. I’ve been given an information sheet apprising ideas of four scientists whose work was very significant in creating the theory about atom structure we recognise nowadays. Guiding Questions: 1 What significant contribution did each of the following people make to present ideas about the...

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2) B) 4 liters C) 6 x 1023 atoms D) 2 moles Which sample of O2 contains a total of 3.01 x 1023 molecules at STP? A) 16.0 grams B) 32.0 grams B) 6.02 x 1023 C) 2.00 moles D) 1.00 mole D) 1.20 x 1024 What is the total number of atoms contained in 2.00 moles of nickel? A) 118 C) 58.9 C) 1 liter of neon D) 1 gram of neon 3) 4) What quantity is represented by the symbol Ne? A) 1 mole of neon B) 1 atomic mass unit of neon 5) How many moles of hydrogen atoms are present in one mole of...

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The study of heat relate to Kinetic theory of matter is that universe is made up of matter and energy. Matter is made up of atoms and molecules. Atoms and molecules are always in motion because energy. Energy forces them to contact into each other or vibrate back and forth. When this happens molecules and atoms creates a form of energy called (heat) thermal energy, which is present in all matter. (“Matter”2009) Molecules interact, attracting each other...

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The development of the theories into the structure of an atom

Over time many theories have been developed into the structure of the atom and what the world around us is composed of. Many scientists and philosophers have dedicated their life works into trying to understand how atoms work and what they are made up of, although not all theories have been accepted they have all come together to form what we know today. It all started from a Greek scientist called Democritus, who developed the idea that everything is made up of smaller things, which he named atomos...

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Atom History

Atom History Essay An Atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense, central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The Atom was theorized by a man named Democritus of Abdera, Thrace in between c.a 460 BC - ca. 370 B.C. Atom is derived from the Greek word “atomos” , which means to be uncuttable. He had a theory that everything is composed of “atoms”, which he believed that these minuscule objects are indivisible, indestructible and have and always been in motion...

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NATHANIEL JOSEPH D. GOBRES GRADE 4 – St. Catherine FOREIGN SCIENTISTS AND THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS Aristotle Student of Plato and a tutor to Alexander the Great, Aristotle was a genius Greek philosopher and scientist of the ancient age. Born on 384 BC, Aristotle was a biologist, a zoologist, ethicist, a political scientist and the master of rhetoric and logic. He also gave theories in physics and meta physics. Aristotle gained knowledge in different fields with his expansive mind and prodigious writings...

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Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer Joseph Pulitzer was born April 10, 1847 he died October 29, 1911 Joseph was from Makó, Hungary he immigrated to the U.S. in 1864 then he moved to St. Louis . After Joseph’s father died his business went bankrupt and his family became pour. When he was seventeen years old he attempted to join the Austrian army, the British Army, and the Napoleon's Foreign Legion but had gotten denied because of his bad eyesight and poor health. Pulitzer came to serve in the American Civil War...

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The Mighty Atom

tiny atom. Like a man named John Dalton. Dalton discovered three main points about atoms: they are tiny, they’re several of them, and practically indestructible.  He also found that all things are made up of atoms. These discoveries made Dalton famous. Although Dalton wanted to avoid all honors, the Royal Society elected him, bombarded him with medals, and was paid highly through a government pension. Dalton was long lived and died in 1844 at 78 years old. But some did not believe that atoms existed...

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Louis Brandeis

THE PEOPLE FIGHTER article called, “The Right to Privacy” Louis stated that Americans have the right to be left alone and as a result, he defended citizens when this right was violated. Due to his dedication to defending the Constitution and the citizens of the United States, Louis was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Wilson. Louis believed that monopolies were dangerous and that big corporations were a threat to the well-being of Americans. Therefore, he believed that these monopolies...

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Louis the XIV

Matt VanDerMeid FRQ 3 Louis the XIV was king of France from 1693 to 1715. He was an example of how to rule for many of the political leaders of the 18th century. An absolute ruler is defined by seven traits. Pacify and subjugate nobles, and centralize power around oneself. Another is to make both money and war. Dominate culture, make religion and finally build something worthy of your glory. Two Enlightened despots that took after Louis were Joseph II of Austria and Peter the Great, Czar...

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Louis vuitton

How Does The World Leading Companies Interact with Society: An investigation into the performance of Louis Vuitton Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) had become the world's largest luxury fashion house brand group and manage to gain sales revenue of 20,320 million euros in 2010 to 23, 659 million Euro in 2011 and 28, 103 million Euro in 2012 (Jin, 2012). Nowadays in business world, the survivability of business depends on how it interact with the society. The way of a company...

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Louis Armstrong

Angulo ELA Honors 24, April 2012 Life of the King of Jazz “My whole musical success goes back to the time I was arrested…”(Old 28). Louis Armstrong started off as a normal kid who lived in a poor family and environment, but ended up as one of the most influential entertainers in history all because of one mistake he made as a child, which changed his life. Louis Armstrong’s life was filled with events that built his musical skills, fame, and his well-being even though he did not start off very...

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The atomic number and structure of an atom

The Atomic and Nuclear Structure of an Atom The atom has three main components the protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons make up the nucleus, while the electrons are found outside the atom’s nucleus. Each component of an atom has a charge to it. The protons have a positive charge. The electrons have a negative charge, and the neutrons have a neutral charge. The atoms also have a charge. For example hydrogen can be negative, positive or neutral. These are called...

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Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was an incredible man who changed much of history that led to the improvement of public health. He was born on December 27, 1822 in Dole, Jura in France. He was the third child of parents, Jean-Joseph and Jeanne Roqui. His father had always dreamed for Louis to have a good education and apply that to his future career. Pasteur was only an average student skilled at drawing and painting, which would help him illustrate what he saw in the microscope later on in life. In a college exam...

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BOHR’S MODEL OF ATOM MADE BY:-GROUP-1{CHEMISTRY} About The Scientist…….    HE was a Danish physicist  who made foundational contributions to understanding  atomic structure and  quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. Bohr was also a philosopher and a promoter of scientific research. He was born in Copenhagen on 7 October 1885. He wrote many books like the theory of spectra and atomic constitution, atomic theory and the description of nature. NEILS BOHR...

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Louis Armstrong

Sunday May 26th Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong was born August 4th 1901 in a part of New Orleans named “Storyville,” another name for what most people would call a Red light district. Louis liked to tell people he was born the 4th of July 1900 but still used his correct birth date on legal documents. Louis's Parents were both absent in his childhood, his father leaving their family when Louis was only two and his mother a prostitute was in and out of his life as a child. Louis was raised mainly...

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Louis Riel

 Louis Riel Madman or Hero? Louis Riel is one of the most controversial figures in Canadian history. To some, Riel may be a national hero. To others, he appeared to be a crazed lunatic. But no matter what your opinion is, it is fact that Louis Riel was a determined man who wouldn’t give up on his people. His leadership of the Métis was shown in both the Red River and North West Rebellions. Everything Riel did was to intentionally improve the Métis’...

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Joseph-Louis Lagrange

Joseph-Louis Lagrange Joseph-Louis Lagrange was born on January 25, 1736 in Turin, Sardinia-Piedmont (which is now known as Italy). He studied at the College of Turin where his favorite subject was classic Latin. After reading Halley's 1693 work on the use of algebra in optics Lagrange became very interested in mathematics and astronomy. Unfortunately for Lagrange he did not have the benefit of studying with the leading mathematicians, so he became self-motivated and was self-taught. Then in...

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Rutherford's Atom Theory Explained

understanding upon the structure of the atom. Before Rutherford, there was a man named Joseph John Thomson who proposed the structure of the atom. He stated that the electrons of the atoms are actually inside the atom, and the atom itself is positively charged, like a “raisin pudding”. The electrons are scattered all around the atom. He stated that the electrons and the positively charged material cancel each other, making it stable. The structure of the atom, proposed by Thomson. (J.J Thomson Plum...

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Science Atoms Study

1: The atom Introduction Atoms are the building blocks for matter Everything is made up of atoms 1A: Sub-atomic particles Atoms are made up of 3 sub-atomic particles, 2 of which are located in the nucleus (the heart of the atom) Positively charges protons and neutrally charged (non-charged) neutrons are found in the nucleus Negatively charged electrons are located orbiting the nucleus in shells. They stay in orbit because the electrons are attracted to the protons 2: The Element...

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Atom Development with Scientists Involved

Pineda, Carlitos Miguel Ponce M. January 9, 2013 AIT2A Natural Science 12 ATOM DEVELOPMENT WITH SCIENTISTS INVOLVED 400 B.C. - Democritus’ atomic theory posited that all matter is made up small indestructible units he called atoms. Democritus expanded the idea to state that matter was composed of small particles called "atoms" that could be divided no further. These atoms were all composed of the same primary matter with the only differences between them being their size, shape...

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Etymology The name atom comes from the Greek ἄτομος (atomos, "indivisible") from ἀ- (a-, "not") and τέμνω (temnō, "I cut"),[3] which means uncuttable, or indivisible, something that cannot be divided further.[4] The concept of an atom as an indivisible component of matter was first proposed by early Indian and Greek philosophers. In the 18th and 19th centuries, chemists provided a physical basis for this idea by showing that certain substances could not be further broken down by chemical methods...

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The Contribution of Hollywood to the Soft Power of America

in the 90s by Joseph Nye of Harvard University. It is essentially an aspect of the general idea of power as opposed to the conventional or rather the first form of power that comes to mind ,with regards to state power mainly, that has to do with coercive approaches to international relations and military power, known as hard power. Hollywood can and is considered a notable feature in the cultural realm of soft power. The question is whether or not Hollywood makes any contributions towards the United...

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comparitive essay between louis xiv and louis xvi

 Comparative essay between the social significances of Louis xiv and Louis xvi Submitted by: - Avaljot Kaur Randhawa Submitted to: -Ms. Finn Course code: -CHY 4U7 Due date: -6th Oct, 2014 Introduction Louis xiv and Louis xvi were the two rulers of France. Louis XIV (1638-1715) exemplified the characteristics of absolute monarchy during his 72-year reign. He created the most centralized nation state in Europe and gave birth to a new sense...

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History Of The Atom Timeline Project Re

He recognized and named oxygen in 1778 and hydrogen in 1783 Joseph Louis Proust (1799) - a French chemist which discovered each pure compound has its own characteristic elemental composition John Dalton (December 1803) - An English chemist, meteorologist and physicist. He is best known for his pioneering work in the development of modern atomic theory. Amedeo Avogadro (1811) - an Italian scientist. He is most noted for his contributions to molecular theory, including what is known as Avogadro's law...

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Louis Pasteur in Public Health

Louis Pasteur in Public Health Samantha R. James PU-120 December 20, 2011 Adrian Cooksey Louis Pasteur in Public Health Louis Pasteur is a man of many talents; his greatest gift was his intelligence and patience without it the medical field and the public health system would not be where it is today. Through his patience and diligence Pasteur was able to make several advances in chemistry, microbiology, immunizations and preservations. In 1857 he developed the Germ Theory of fermentation...

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Autobiography of an Atom

pADVENTURES of an Atom By: Nicole Zemaitis Atom-Smallest particle of an element that retains the properties of the element. Scientific discovery is how the present day Atomic Theory was made up. The current atomic theory was formed by different scientists over many years, each scientist building on or proving theories wrong. Democritus 460-370 B.C. Narrative: Hello! My name is Anna the Atom. I’m writing to you to describe...

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historical development of atom

The notion of the atom all stared about 450 BC when a Greek scholar starting think when can something break on more, when are the pieces at their smallest, this mans name was Leucippus. Leucippus also had pupil who also thought the same way as Leucippus, his name was Democritus. They developed there ideas and when Democritus died his theory summed up briefly was that everything in the world was made of tiny pieced that could not be broken up any more. That how the word atom was derived from the...

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Tutorial: Atom and Electron Affinity

the table below. Symbol Atomic # Proton # Neutron # # of Electrons Mass Number Charge Ar 19 31 17 18 35 20 18 3+ 40 3. In your own words, explain Thomson’s and Rutherford’s contribution to the atomic theory. Give sketches to substantiate your answer. 4. Explain how Bohr contributed in defining the structure of the atom. 5. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a powerful diagnostic tool used in medicine. The imagers used in hospitals operate at a frequency of 400 MHz (1 MHz = 106 Hz). Calculate:...

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Louis XIV: Absolute Monarch

Louis XIV "L'Etat, c'est moi." Louis is the embodiment of an absolute monarch. He is the chief example of absolutism throughout the second half of the 17th century. Greed is defined in the dictionary as selfish and grasping desire for possession; especially of wealth for one self’s benefit. It is also described as a noun. This definition can be directly related and best describes Louis XIV, the king of France in the sixteen hundreds. Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, was not indeed such...

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Joseph-Louis Lagrange

Joseph-Louis Lagrange is usually considered to be a French mathematician, but the Italian Encyclopaedia [40] refers to him as an Italian mathematician. They certainly have some justification in this claim since Lagrange was born in Turin and baptised in the name of Giuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia. Lagrange's father was Giuseppe Francesco Lodovico Lagrangia who was Treasurer of the Office of Public Works and Fortifications in Turin, while his mother Teresa Grosso was the only daughter of a medical doctor...

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history of the atom notes

Notes on the history of the atom In 1897 the British physicist Joseph John (J. J.) Thomson (1856–1940) discovered the electron in a series of experiments designed to study the nature of electric discharge in a high-vacuum cathode-ray tube, an area being investigated by numerous scientists at the time. Thomson interpreted the deflection of the rays by electrically charged plates and magnets as evidence of &quotbodies much smaller than atoms&quot that he calculated as having a very large...

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Atom and Nucleus

The Atom and the Nucleus – Test Review Energy Levels: electrons spin around the nucleus in distinct patterns. The further the orbit from the nucleus the more energy level present. Electrons tend to get attracted to the nucleus because of electrostatic force which makes them repell one another. Electron Shell Diagram: grouping of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom. The chemical properties of an atom is defined by it’s outershell 2 8 8 18 18 32 32 Valence Orbital: outmost energy...

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Louis Vuitton Imc

INTRODUCTION Louis Vuitton has prided itself in its tradition and longstanding commitment to thousands of peoples lifestyles for over a century and a half. Right from its origins as a trunkmaker, Louis Vuitton has always been a trendsetter, progressively developing a range of luxury products consistent with the brand's values. This creativity entered an exciting new realm in 1998 when Mark Jacobs joined the firm as the Artistic Director. The French origin of Louis Vuitton swiftly became an international...

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Quantum Mechanics

discovery in Quantum Mechanics. The current Quantum mechanic model is by far the most accurate example of an atom and how it works. Currently the model depicts a proton (or more than one depending on the atom) and neutron in the nucleus and a an electron rotating around the nucleus in an energy level, or an estimated path of the electron. The first person to purpose the existence of atoms was Democritus. Democritus’ had the right idea however the details of his original theory were not quite right...

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Bonding Atoms

M-F (12-1) Bonding Atoms to Form Molecules 1) Observe a) Atoms bond together to form molecules b) Some molecules are inorganic (non-living). c) Some molecules are organic (are/were living), containing all or part of Mr. Cohn. d) Atoms can bond ionically, whereby an atom gives up valence electrons and becomes a + ion, and another atom receives those electrons and becomes a – ion. The overall charge on the molecule then becomes zero. e) Atoms can bond covalently...

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Atom and Electrons

6. An anion is defined as A) a charged atom or group of atoms with a net negative charge. B) a stable atom. C) a group of stable atoms. D) an atom or group of atoms with a net positive charge E) isotope 7. Atoms of the same element with different mass numbers are called A) ions. B) neutrons. C) allotropes. D) chemical families. E) isotopes. 8. How many neutrons are there in an atom of uranium whose mass number is 235? A)...

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Richard F. Daley and Sally J. Daley www.ochem4free.com Organic Chemistry Chapter 1 Atoms, Orbitals, and Bonds 1.1 The Periodic Table 21 1.2 Atomic Structure 22 1.3 Energy Levels and Atomic Orbitals 1.4 How Electrons Fill Orbitals 27 1.5 Bond Formation 28 1.6 Molecular Orbitals 30 1.7 Orbital Hybridization 35 1.8 Multiple Bonding 46 1.9 Drawing Lewis Structures 49 1.10 Polar Covalent Bonds 54 1.11 Inductive Effects on Bond Polarity 1.12 Formal Charges 58 1.13 Resonance 60 Key Ideas from...

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Thomas Paine: Contributions

contributed to the revolutionary war by writing and publishing pamphlets and articles to boost the moral and hopes of the patriots. Today, he is remembered for his contributions to the revolutionary war through his famous quotes and writings. Thomas Paine was born in January 29, 1727, in a small town of Thetford, England, and to a Quaker Father, Joseph Paine and an Anglican mother, Frances Paine. At the age of six, he attended a school where he learned writing, math, the Bible, and Latin. But Thomas didn’t...

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Phosphorus Atom

phosphorus atom. A) 4, 2 B) 2, 4 C) 2, 3 D) 4, 3 E) 0, 3 2-There are __________ paired and __________ unpaired electrons in the Lewis symbol for a phosphorus atom. A) 4, 2 B) 2, 4 C) 2, 3 D) 4, 3 E) 0, 3 3- How many unpaired electrons are there in an ion? A) 0 B) 1 C) 2 D) 3 E) This cannot be predicted. 4-What is the electron configuration for the ion? A) B) C) D) E) 5- How many single covalent bonds must a silicon atom form to have...

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Jacques- Louis David

Jacques – Louis David Rhea Talwar 7696321 Susan Moffatt March 26, 12 We know that through out our Art History many artists have made themselves a name in this world. We have learned about the different periods of art history and the artist involved in those periods. Listening about all theses artists really touched me. There is so many to talk about, but I have pick one. Jacques Louis David was a great painter painting was considered his strength. He is one I really liked. ...

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History of the Atom

particles called atom. He tried to break down matters into smallest particles. His model was that the matter would stop splitting in halves when it reaches its smallest matter. He called that an atom. * John Dalton In 1803, John Dalton proposed a theory. The theory had 4 parts into it. 1. Elements are made of identical atoms. 2. Atoms of different elements are physically different 3. Compounds are formed by a combination of two or more different kinds of atoms. 4. A chemical...

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Gas and Atoms

change. -snow melting and freezing into ice -fuel being changed into gas for cars -ponds freezing over to have a layer of ice Page 2 : E:\CC_Software\Workbench\CC-MW-CD\part2\phasechange\page2.cml 1. Describe the motion of atoms and molecules in a gas. the atoms and molecules bounce off one another each time they come in contact with eachother. they never bond, but reflect off of eachother and spread around. 2. How are the behavior and arrangements of gas molecules similar to and different...

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Louis Vuitton

 Case 14: Louis Vuitton in Japan American Military University Abstract Established in France in 1854, Louis Vuitton, known as the oldest supplier of French luxury fashion goods, became known for its exquisite leather bags and trunks. Louis Vuitton opened its first overseas location in 1885 located in London, England. In 1888, Louis Vuitton developed the Canvas Damier Pattern which provided brand recognition and a symbol of product excellence. In 1977, Louis Vuitton expanded into...

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Joseph Andrews

Questions on Joseph Andrews 1. Comment on the character of Joseph Andrews and his role in the novel. J.Andrews is the hero after whom the novel is named. He is the chief protagonist of the novel. His physical appearance fascinates Lady Booby and also Mrs. Slipslop, and later, Betty the servant-maid at an inn. Lady Booby becomes infatuated with him only on account of his handsome appearance, because socially speaking he was greatly inferior to her. Joseph possesses many qualities of...

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Louis vuttion

Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton When it comes to Louis Vuitton, we all think of Marc Jacobs. This talented designer has been with Louis Vuitton close 2 decades and has left indelible mark in the development of the brand Louis Vuitton. The first step in the successful design career was marked by Marc Jacobs fashion label event 150 old Louis Vuitton "dots" “brain” This U.S. position Creative Director. Year 1997, Jacobs has officially become an important part of the oldest fashion brand Louis Vuitton. ...

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King Louis Xvi Was the Most Influential Personality of the Reign of Terror

society. Some may reason that King Louis XVI was in fact the most influential personality of the French Revolution. However Louis and his incompetence as a leader was merely the catalyst of the revolution and evidently the Reign of Terror which followed. Louis XVI, the final Bourbon king, and absolute monarch of France reigned from 1765 to 1793, during a time of great discontent in his country. The decision of his forefathers impacted greatly upon the rule of Louis XVI and the opinion of the lower...

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Help ! and Louis

Personally, Louis doesn’t know what he did wrong. A stupid chav was making fun of his sister and she started crying, so Louis did the right thing and punched the lad. Sure, maybe he had a ‘history’ of it or something. It isn’t his fault there are so many stupid people in the school. When he told his mum that, she said he should hope for his own sake that there are less at this new school. Louis agrees, but only because switching schools again after this means going somewhere nearly an hour away...

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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Presentation of the company Louis Vuitton is an international luxury French fashion house specialized in trunks and leather goods, founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854. As an emblem of the French luxury, Louis Vuitton knew how to make way on the international scene, by advancing an image of quality, elegance and refinement. Today, Louis Vuitton is one of the most recognizable and powerful brands in the world with more than 300 stores in 44 countries around the world and 2,7 billion...

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Louis Armstrong: a Biography

musicians of the 20th century, Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong is easily recognized by simply listening to his infamous raspy voice and legendary, creative skill on the trumpet. All Armstrong had to do to play beautifully was to play one note. Louis Armstrong had a strong influence in music. His forte in jazz, ragtime, and swing was solo performing and improvisation. First, his dedication to music influenced jazz music and then later all popular music. I chose Louis Armstrong because of his love...

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Louis 14

France was affected by many kings; one of them was Louis the 14th. If you were asked who is the king that faced a big series of war, you will be answering Louis the 14th. How did Louis the 14th affected France is the subject of that research. I wrote about this subject because Louis the 14th sat on Frances from the age of five, and ruled France for 72 years, from the year of 1643- 1715. I faced many difficulties; one of them was the lack of information, and references. Another difficulty...

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Louis Xvi

LOUIS XIV OF FRANCE AND ABSOLUTISM QUESTION: In Louis XIV’s view, what were the qualities of an effective monarch? In his opinion, what were the main obstacles to absolute rule? Louis XIV is known as being one of the most remarkable monarchs in history. He reined for seventy-two years (1643-1715) and from 1661, he personally controlled French government. The 17th century is labelled as the age of Louis XIV. Louis XIV, was a strong believer in “absolutism” - term used to describe a form of monarchical...

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Louis Vuitton

: Richard Small Submission Date : 02-03-2011 PROJECT PROPOSAL TITLE: LOUIS VUITTON AIM OF THE PROJECT: To understand the the marketing challenge faced by the LOUIS VUITTON the no 1 luxury brand in the world. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the LOUIS VUITTON (fashion & leather) business issues. These are some LOUIS VUITTON business issues * Regarding their distribution network, Louis Vuitton has a tremendous competitive advantage. But rapidly increase similar competitive...

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Louis Armstrong

Younger English 12R 1/22/14 Louis Armstrong To millions of people he is just a great entertainer but to fellow musicians he is one of the most important figures in jazz history. Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong is the preeminent jazz artist of all time. As a musician and jazz fanatic myself, Louis Armstrong has made an impact on my life like no other. Louis taught me that “melodies are full of things” (Collier, 31) and that I can make them say whatever I want. I read about Louis to strengthen my knowledge...

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Louis Armstrong Research Paper

Many people knew Louis Armstrong as the “first real genius of jazz”(Shipton 26). He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, 1901. Louis was the illegitimate son of William Armstrong and Mary Est “Mayann” Albert. He was abandoned by his father, a boiler stoker, shortly after his birth and was raised by his paternal grandmother. Then, at the age of five, he was returned to the care of his mother, who at the time worked as a laundress. Together with his mom, they moved to a better area of New...

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