"In Some Moral Minima Lenn Goodman Argues That There Are Certain Things That Are Simply Wrong Do You Think Goodman Is Right" Essays and Research Papers

In Some Moral Minima Lenn Goodman Argues That There Are Certain Things That Are Simply Wrong Do You Think Goodman Is Right

LENN GOODMAN RELATIVISM AND MORALITY ALETHAER F WOODY ASHFORD UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: ALAN BARTON SOC120 INTRO ETHICS & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY JULY 15, 2013 LENN GOODMAN RELATIVISM AND MORALITY Moral decisions are made on the everyday aspects of life. A minority of moral decisions made are right and not all are wrong. In Relativism the idea that one’s beliefs and values are understood interns of one’s society, culture, or even one’s own individual values (Mosser, p.22).. There’s a possibility...

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Differences Between Right and Wrong

what is right and what is wrong. People have different morals, standards, and beliefs on what they believe are right and wrong. According to Goodman, “The fact is, we humans and the societies we constitute can be wrong, unjust, and vicious—hugely or trivially, tragically or self-deceivingly.” (Goodman, 2010, p. 88, para. 2). Moral choices are conducted on a daily basis, by every culture, which can be viewed on an ethical scale of right or wrong, by other cultures. In her writing of “Some Moral Minima”...

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Universal Moral Wrongs and Relativism

Universal Moral Wrongs and Relativism Lori-Ann Racki SOC120- Intro to Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Megan Reid November 12, 2012 Universal Moral Wrongs and Relativism In the article “Some Moral Minima”, Lenn Goodman argues that there are certain moral wrongs that are universal. He describes four areas he believes are areas of universal moral wrongs in detail. Morality has been an issue that many societies all over the world have...

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Are There Universal Moral Requirements and Is Some Morals Known as Universally Wrong? Challenges to Relativism

UNIVERSAL MORAL REQUIREMENTS AND IS SOME MORALS UNIVESRALLY KNOWN AS WRONG? CHALLENGES TO RELATIVISM Heidi Derflinger SOC 120 June 13, 2011 ARE THERE UNIVERSAL MORAL REQUIREMENTS AND IS SOME MORALS UNIVERSALLY KNOWN AS WRONG? CHALLENGES TO RELATIVISM Imagine you are a philosopher/thinker, attending a conference where the following questions arise; Are there universal moral requirements? Are there some morals universally known as wrong? One philosopher, Lenn Goodman argues that there are some certain...

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Some Moral Minima (Goodman, L.E., 2010)

Some Moral Minima (Goodman, L.E., 2010) Christine Conklin SOC120 Instructor Getachew Wakgira May 10, 2013 Some Moral Minima (Goodman, L.E., 2013) After reading “Some moral minima,” I must agree with Lenn Goodman’s opinions. Though they reflect, to the extreme, his relativism, I agree the topics he chose are all wrong in the eyes of another culture’s virtues and morals. This is a difficult decision because, even if it is true that no norm can be made absolute unless some other is compromised...

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"Some Moral Minima" Lenn Goodman

Relativism and Morality In "Some Moral Minima," Lenn Goodman argues that there are certain things that are simply wrong. Do you think Goodman is right? Using specific examples, explore the challenges Goodman presents to relativism. Determine whether you think there are such universal moral requirements, and defend your answer in a well-argued three-page paper. Your paper must be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style. You don't need any sources other than the Goodman paper and the text for...

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Review : Some Moral Minima

Review : Some Moral Minima Morality has been an issue that several societies around the world have tried to decipher and label, based on diverse sociology thesis. Morality is described as the acceptable code or behaviors and choices in the content presented or society. On the contrary, the term moral minima is considered to compliment or be as congruent with morality. " The advent of civilization has given room to various forms that moral minima can be derived." ( Goodman, 2010, p.87) In such...

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Right and Wrong

After reading “Some moral minima,” I must say I have to agree with Lenn Goodman’s opinions. He argues that there are certain things that are simply wrong. Though they greatly reflect his relativism, I agree on the topics he chose are all wrong in the eyes of another culture’s morals and virtues. We as human beings, and the societies we constitute can be wrong. “Consent is a helpful marker, but neither necessary nor sufficient to legitimacy. Some whose interests are critically affected...

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Relativism and Morality, discussion of the article “Some Moral Minima"

The article “Some Moral Minima” by Lenn Goodman states many good arguments that something’s should be seen as moral wrong. I agree with his beliefs that he is discussing throughout this article. All members of a group should not be punished for their cultural differences. In this paper I will share and support my opinions of the arguments discussed in the article by Lenn Goodman. “Relativism is the idea that ones beliefs and values are understood in terms of ones society, culture or even ones own...

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Relativism and Morality Lenn Goodman

RELATIVISM AND MORALITY Lenn Goodman offers a very good argument about his idea of the things that are wrong. I agree with his argument that four of the things that we should look to in whatever being we worship are “(1) genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare; (2) terrorism, hostage taking, and child warriors; (3) slavery, polygamy, and incest; and (4) rape and female genital cutting.” (Goodman, Project Muse, pg 88) When Goodman talks about genocide, famine, and germ warfare...

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Lenn Goodman Essay

Lenn Goodman Essay Lenn Goodman Essay Bruno Toledo Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Instructor Brian Freeland 6/25/12 Lenn Goodman Essay LYNN GOODMAN ESSAY The purpose of this essay is to tell you what I think about an author name Lenn...

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Some Moral Minna by Lenn Goodman

The Morally Right In “Some Moral Minima” I believe Lenn Goodman is right when he says certain things are simply wrong. I agree with Goodman on the issues he discusses such as slavery, genocide, terrorism, murder, rape, polygamy, and incest. I agree with Goodman on these issues because there is never a good time to kill for the sake of killing, rape for the sake of sex, or take ones rights away for the sake of gaining respect or wealth. Goodman basically discusses that every person whether...

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Moral Requirements

Moral Requirements Moral Requirements Universal moral requirement are a personal area of interest, due to human nature, morals and religious beliefs as to whether each circumstance is right or wrong is up to an individual. All the topics that Lenn Goodman touched upon are all wrong to everyone no matter how you dress the stories up. There is no way to show that each one has some kind of good to it, due to the nature at extent of each one. Take for instance genocide "it target...

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Goodman Essay

13, 2012 Lenn Goodman argues that there are certain things that are simply wrong. I think that Goodman is right. Slavery, Polygamy, and Incest are just a few that Goodman argues that are wrong. In “Some Moral Minima” I trust Lenn Goodman is accurate when he says “certain things are simply wrong.” I agree with Goodman on these matters because there is never a decent interval to kill for the sake of killing, rape for the sake of instantaneous desire, or take others individual’s rights away for the...

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Relativism and Morality

a person from a culture conducts some kind of moral choice. The moral choice that he or she chooses may be viewed as right or wrong by other cultures. In this paper “some moral minima” by Lenn E. Goodman there are views of different aspects of morality and relativism and Goodman argues that certain things are just wrong. (antiessays.com). Goodman discusses issues on subjects such as slavery,genocide,terrorism,murder,rape,polygamy, and incest. I agree with Goodman on these issues because these is...

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The Grey Areas of Right and Wrong

The Gray Areas of Right and Wrong. In this world, at times, it is hard to decipher right from wrong. In some parts of the world certain things are just plain unacceptable and others are okay. Where as on the other side of the world the thing that is unacceptable is accept and the thing that is accepted is unacceptable. Morals and values vary greatly from person to person. I do agree with Lenn Goodman that some things are just simply wrong but that doesn’t mean that the other side of...

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Simply Wrong

 Simply Wrong Simply Wrong In the paradigm of what is truly right or wrong we have the obligation to confide the truths for the sovereignty of humanity. In the never ending battle we are faced with the relativisms of each generation. Even through the spiraling curtails of each passing generation the ideal of preservation of personhood is the underlying goal. Goodman gives reasonable concerns on a universal level for personhood. Taking a look at her work I believe there...

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Are Human Rights Universal? - Essay

The concept of Universal Human Rights is a fairly new conception in human history. Rights are not the same thing as social or cultural norms, which can be used to oppress minority interest and be fundamentally unfair to individuals. The beginnings of this concept can be traced back to the Enlightenment Era of the mid 17th through the 18th century. The formal international consensus of this idea did not take effect until after World War II, when the United Nations (U.N.) adapted the Universal Declaration...

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Universal Wrongs

mentioned by Goodman (2010, para.5) “do the claims of truth, for instance, debar all lies.” While relativism argues each cultural view is right in that society, immoral acts like genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare are extinguishers of human life, while terrorism, hostage taking, and the incorporation of child warriors pray on human existence; and similarly, slavery, polygamy, incest, rape and clitoridectomy all have inequalities also deemed universally wrong. Goodman argues that...

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Soc 120 Week 2 Assignment for Ashford

Some of us like to believe that we are all born of sin and into sin regardless of what culture, race, ethnic identity, or class. We all have a sense of what is morally right and the relativity of it. There are traits, customs, and beliefs that make us distinctive to certain cultures, races, and classes, which due to the differences we all follow, a set of different moral standards. Each culture tackles moral questions based on their own moral beliefs. Universal moral requirements are presented to...

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Relativism and Morality

March 25, 2013 There are moral choices made on a daily basis, no matter the culture or race, people make these types of choices. The moral choices we make based on our cultures can be viewed on a scale of right and wrong by other cultures. In the writing of “Some Moral Minima”, Lenn E. Goodman views several aspects of morality and relativism, and argues that certain things are just wrong. I must say that I agree with her when she says some things are just wrong, and in this paper I will state...

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The Call of “Bartleby the Scrivener” and “Young Goodman Brown”

create effects by what they do not say, or what their characters do not do. In 19th century American literature, we see the use of the latter tool in “Bartleby the Scrivener” and “Young Goodman Brown”, where authors do not give the full information about their characters and events to create the desired effects. In Herman Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener”, the enigmatic title character “prefers not to” do things. On the other hand, in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”, the lead character...

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Regilion and Moral Flaws in Young Goodman Brown

Mrs. Thompson Eng. 101 TR. 10:15-12:15 Good vs. Evil the Moral Flaws in Young Goodman Brown In Salem, Massachusetts religion was very prominent in the 1700s, especially during the Salem Witch Trials. Salem, Massachusetts was known for the numerous witch trials, and the persecutions. Many people were accused for practicing witchcraft, being bewitched, and for making covenants with the devil. Nathaniel Hawthorne introduces Goodman Brown as a newlywed husband who is going to embark on a tedious...

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Young Goodman Brown

2/17/11 From Goodman to bad man Christianity has had a major impact on Western civilization. The strong presence of the Christian church in Europe for several centuries shaped societies ideology way back then and even shape ours today. The church affected society socially and politically as much as it did spiritually. People’s imaginations and fantasy’s were not separate from this Christian way of thinking. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story Young Goodman Brown (Hawthorne) you see an example of...

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The principle of right or wrong

the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group) "the Puritan ethic"; "a person with old-fashioned values" (a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct) motivation based on ideas of right and wrong the philosophical study of moral values and rules known as moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality—that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice, etc. Major...

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Man In Black Suit And Goodman Brown

story? One thing stood out to me in the story, when Loretta was dying, the dog, Candy Bill licked away her tears. To me it symbolizes emotion and comfort for the one who was in need. Questions for “Young Goodman Brown” 1. Look for the presence of surrealism in the story. What is the effect of the surrealism on the overall interpretation? To me, the presence of surrealism in this short story might be the secret meetings, the frightening sounds he hears from the woods, also Goodman honestly thinks...

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SOC 120 Entire Course

In this file of SOC 120 Entire Course you will find the next docs: SOC 120 Week 1 DQ 1 Relativism.doc SOC 120 Week 1 DQ 2 Egoism and Altruism.doc SOC 120 Week 1 Quiz.pdf SOC 120 Week 2 DQ 1 School Prayer.doc SOC 120 Week 2 DQ 2 Responsibility and Reward.doc SOC 120 Week 2 Relativism and Morality.doc SOC 120 Week 3 DQ 1 Death Penalty.doc SOC 120 Week 3 DQ 2 Future Generations and Development.doc SOC 120 Week 3 Rough Draft of Final Paper on Ethics Theory_edited...

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Young Goodman Brown

Nathaniel Hawthorne's unusual story, Young Goodman Brown, is a tale that can be analyzed through many different perspectives. The author uses mystery and bizarre scenarios that create gaps in the plot, leaving the reader asking questions about what the intent of Hawthorne's style is. To answer these questions, many readers approach the story with a type of critical analysis, such as authorial intention, historical and biographical criticism, mythological and archetypal criticism, or reader response...

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Relativism and Morality

In the article, “Some Moral Minima,” Lenn E. Goodman raises the question, “if it is true that no norm can be made absolute unless some other is compromised, are there no rules that tell us that principles are principles – no norms delineating concretely, and uncompromisingly, wrong from right?” (Goodman, 2010) Goodman goes on to state that the areas singled out in this article are not comprehensive of every consideration to which humans are due; he asserts that these are just some of the practices...

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Moral Order

ultimately share the same basic ethical principle--namely, moral goodness is that which produces happiness. FALSE 3 Ethical relativists argue that, because all moral values are relative to cultural or individual choice, no universally valid moral principles hold for all human beings. TRUE 4. For the cultural relativist, if a moral code of a society says that a certain action is right, it is right (at least within that society).TRUE 5. If moral objectivism is true, then homosexuality must be morally...

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Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

justice involves an in depth look at what we as individuals and a collective society value. Michael Sandel’s book Justice: What’s the right thing to do? does not attempt to answer these questions for us but rather implores us to look inside ourselves for the answers. This is accomplished by challenging the reader with cases, some hypothetical, and some real, in which the moral basis can be debated from different angles. We all have views on the death penalty, war, taxes, and religion but few of us take...

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Young Goodman Brown: Attack on Puritanism

It is surprising, in a way, to discover how few of the many critics who have discussed "Young Goodman Brown'' agree on any aspect of the work except that it is an excellent short story. D. M. McKeithan says that its theme is "sin and its blighting effects." Richard H. Fogle observes, "Hawthorne the artist refuses to limit himself to a single and doctrinaire conclusion, proceeding instead by indirection,'' implying, presumably, that it is inartistic to say something which can be clearly understood...

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Relativism and Morality

According to Lenn E. Goodman some things are just wrong. His articleSome Moral Minima” outlines some of the worst examples of things that are just simply wrong. He mentions rape, genocide, and incest as things that have no justification. When it comes to any of the above examples, Goodman finds something that diminishes another person or party and conflicts with the right to possess an enjoyable existence as wrong. He also believes anything that demoralizes man or women as wrong. One could...

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What Is the Right Things to Do?

Abstract Moral dilemma is a situation where people have to choose between two equally unpleasant alternatives. Moral dilemma is worse than anything, because whichever option people choose, someone or something will suffer. In a moral dilemma, people have to decide on the morally correct course of action, not just the one they would prefer. In the video Harvard University’s Justice with Michael Sandel, he discusses a lot of situations that deal with moral dilemmas. However, he focuses more on the...

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Comparing and Contrasting Young Goodman Brown and the Lottery

Comparing and Contrasting “Young Goodman Brown” and “The Lottery” By: Wayne Gillard II Professor C. Givens ENGL 102-B19 Wayne Gillard Prof. Givens ENGL 102-B19 Essay 1 Outline Thesis: The literary works of “The Lottery” and “Young Goodman Brown” both appear to show the fallibleness of human behavior and judgment. I. Introduction/Statement of Thesis II. Themes and Author’s Purpose a. The Lottery i. The hazards of following tradition or living according to...

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Soc 120 Assignment Wk2

between what is right and what is wrong at a young age by our parents or guardians. What is classified as right or wrong can differ between cultures, races, ethnic identities, and by social class. We all have a sense of what is morally right and the relativity of it. There are specific traits and beliefs that are distinctive to every culture, race, and social classes, due mostly impart to the differences we have in what we consider to be morally right. The idea of universal morals shows that through...

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Moral Minima

Moral Minima In the article “Some Moral Minima,” Lee E. Goodman goes into depth in what he describes and defines to believe are four large acts of moral dilemma that are present in our society today. “(1) Genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare; (2) terrorism, hostage taking. And child warriors; (3) slavery, Polygamy, and incest; and (4) rape and female genital cutting.” (Goodman, 2010, pg 88) The four truths are described in detail and various ways when it comes to each cultures...

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Three Things That Are Just Wrong

Three Things That Are Simply Wrong Shanna Snyder Assignment for Week 2 SOC: 120 Instructor Cari Lynn Beecham-Burtista In the “The Good Society”, Goodman, challenges relativism, in presenting the debate, that there are some things that are just wrong, no matter what. In other words, we are all held to a universal moral requirement. No matter what race, religion, ethnic background, sex, financial status we hold, or political stance, we as a human may be, or hold, we all have a moral duty to...

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Introductions to Ethics and Social Responsibility

Reeder January 20, 2013 Relativists argue that there is no absolute law that gives guidance as to what is right or wrong. What is ethical or unethical depends on the individual or their culture such that what is unethical to one person can be ethical in another person’s culture. With relativism, one cannot pass judgment on another person’s moral standards using their own standards; they can only accommodate the other person’s point of view as everything is right and ethical relative to a particular...

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Critical Analysis on the movie "Do the right thing" by Spike Lee.

I dearly love the film and maintain that it's one of the great pictures from the last 10 years. I don't know what the director of this movie (Spike Lee) intended the moral to be, but my take on the film has always been that NO ONE does the right thing, and this is the cautionary element of the movie. The racial message about racial injustice is very deep and one that every race should see. The climax of the movie is very powerful and deep. The heat is blazing, tensions are running high (especially...

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Animals Rights

Animal rights There is much disagreement as to whether non-human animals have rights, and what is meant by animal rights. There is much less disagreement about the consequences of accepting that animals have rights. The consequences of animal rights Animal rights teach us that certain things are wrong as a matter of principle, that there are some things that it is morally wrong to do to animals. Human beings must not do those things, no matter what the cost to humanity of not doing them...

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MORALS Morals http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/kant-hume-morality/ Growing up I always was told to tell the truth, treat everyone how you would want to be treated and not to lie, cheat, or steal because these are morals I should live by. The definition of morals is a principle or habit with respect to right or wrong conduct. What is right and wrong, and who decides these rights and wrongs? I will go back and explore Kant and Locke to hopefully answer my questions. • The values people...

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Goodman Brown

goodman brown Goodman Brown Goodman Brown shows both innocence and corruptibility as he vacillates between believing in the inherent goodness of the people around him and believing that the devil has taken over the minds of all the people he loves. At the beginning of the story, Goodman Brown believes in the goodness of his father and grandfather, until the old man, likely the devil, tells him that he knew them both. Goodman Brown believes in the Christian nature of Goody Cloyse, the minister...

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Book Analysis: Young Goodman Brown

Nathaniel Hawthorne “YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN” (1835) Plot Summary At Salem village in one evening, young Goodman Brown left his wife, Faith, to do some quest in the forest alone. During his way, he found an old man who accompanied Brown, persuading him to change his belief. He hesitated. Soon after, when they walked past the good people together with Faith, the old man tricked him accusing them as sinners. Eventually, he lost his belief. After he went back to the village, his attitude towards...

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Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown Research Paper

Dec 7th, 2011 Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown Show me who you are and I will show you who I am, Christian belief, family, trust, and good versus evil are author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s muse in his novels. Hawthorne’s writings capture the audience by keeping them entangled in the atmospheres he paints for his readers. He also captures the reader with the message underling in each novel. His novels play on the reader’s morals by putting a religious box around his readers. Readers are able...

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Young Goodman Brown

Kevin McNeal English 1302 Dr. Wesson-Martin February 22, 2012 Dancing with the Devil “Young Goodman Brown” is a short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne about a young man who has to endure the experience of temptations of evil and dance with the devil. Goodman Brown is a young adult who has influences all around him swaying him towards evil that he felt were reliable role models. Hawthorne uses literary devices to display many different meanings in this story. In the story, the most common...

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Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing” Course Assignment #3: Movie Night Overview: The movie my partner and I chose was Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.” Our reason for choosing this movie was that both of us have never seen a Spike Lee movie before, and I have heard a lot of good things from his movies and always wanted to watch one. I also watched the trailer and the movie seemed like it was going to be both entertaining and have a lot of racial conflict. The movie follows “Mookie” who is a young black man...

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Can One Be Moral and Believe in God

Can One Be Moral and Not Believe in God Name: Course: Phi 103 Informal Logic Instructor: Jennifer Creekmore Date: May 6,2013 Can One be Moral and Not Believe in God There are many people, that do not have any faith or belief in any personal god or deity, one that dispenses grace, goodness, and/or miracles according to his/her 'will'. Many people do not acknowledge any ‘supernatural’ agent or agency that intentionally intercedes in human affairs or selectively...

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Who Is Wrong or Right

Who is right or wrong? Who is right or wrong? Phi 208 Ethics and Moral Reasoning Ashford University Instructor Victor Reppert 5/4/2013 Phi 208 Ethics and Moral Reasoning Ashford University Instructor Victor Reppert 5/4/2013 Heather Foultz Discussion on Peter Singer Famine Affluence, and Morality. Over the argument in this work and the goals in his article. Heather Foultz Discussion on Peter Singer Famine Affluence, and Morality. Over the argument in this work and the goals in his...

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Moral Philosophy

Everyone human being on the planet carries with them a moral philosophy of some sort. For some people it is a way of life, and they consult their philosophy before making any moral decision. However, for many their personal moral philosophy is undefined or unclear to them. Perhaps these people have a philosophy of their own that they abide to; yet fail to recognize that it exists. What I hope to uncover with this paper is my moral philosophy, and how I apply it in my everyday life. In my life...

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Kant vs. Regan: Who Has Inherent Rights, and Why?

The difference between “right” and “wrong” is rarely plainly clear. Dozens of wars have been fought over the centuries that have been driven by differing moral beliefs. These rights, and actions motivated by them, are justified by a society’s collective morals, which begs the question- who decides what the collective belief of an entire society is? Some seem relatively clear—the right to life, the right to work—while others are significantly cloudier— how does my right to own property and freely...

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Is Self-Interest Our Motivation to Be Moral?

motivation to be moral? (30 marks) This means is a person moral because they are thinking about the benefits for them if they are moral? It could be rephrased as: ‘How much is a person inclined to do the right thing at the right time because it benefits them?’ For example if self-interest is our motivation to be moral, a person may, for example, help an old woman onto the bus, but actually they didn’t do that to help the old woman, or to be kind to her, they simply did that for the ‘Thank you’ from the...

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Week 2 Assignment Ethical and Social Responsibility

Morality Ashford University SOC120 March 11, 2013 Relativism and Morality Relativism and Morality do they belong together in a sentence when discussing the life of a person or do any of us give these words any thought? After reading “Some Moral Minima” by Lenn Goodman that certain things are simply wrong I do agree with her for example ask yourself is wholesale murder wrong? What will you decide as I go through each of her topics of genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare; terrorism...

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Fate or Face? Young Goodman Brown

Faith or Face? "Young Goodman Brown" is short story about a young Puritan man who sets out on a journey through the forest to witness a witch ceremony, leaving his wife, Faith. He must resist the devil's temptation and return to her at sunrise, as promised. On his journey Brown experiences events that alter his way of thinking forever. This story is centered around the concept of Faith. Faith is used to show the extent to which religion can become the driving force in one's life. Faith is defined...

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Analysis and Plot Summary of "Young Goodman Brown"

Analysis and Plot Summary of "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne The beginning of the story by Nathaniel Hawthorne introduces us to Young Goodman Brown as he says goodbye to his wife of three months. He tells her that he must go on this journey (although we still do not know where he is going or what he’s doing) and that he will be back by the morning. It is clear that he knows he is up to something and he feels a tinge of guilt because his wife, a woman named Faith who wears a pink ribbon...

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Moral Obligations about Charity views of Peter Singer and John Arthur

Moral Obligations about Charity views of Peter Singer and John Arthur By Amy Gallaher The fact that we can afford to provide for ourselves even beyond our basic needs bring an important question.  Is it then our duty to provide financial assistance to those who do not have enough to provide for their own basic needs?  Peter Singer, in his piece, “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” would argue that we ought to prevent bad things from happening without sacrificing something of equal importance...

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What Is Right and What Is Wrong

“What is right and wrong?” and “What is Truth?” What is right and wrong? Life is characterized by many situations that require decision making, especially on moral grounds. The issue of what makes an action right and wrong has been studied for a lengthy period of time and several theories developed to address this issue. Socrates and Aristotle are some of the early philosophers who came up with theories about the rightness or wrongness of actions. As noted by Warnek (2005), Socrates considered...

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Moral Absolutism

Moral Absolutism a) Explain what is meant by Moral Absolutism. (25) Moral absolutism is an ethical theory which believes that there are absolute standards against which moral questions can be judged, and that certain actions are either right or wrong. Moral absolutists might, for example, judge slavery, war, dictatorship, the death penalty, or child abuse to be absolutely immoral regardless of the situations or beliefs of a culture that engages in these practices. Moral absolutism adopts the...

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Absolute Moral Rules

Absolute Moral Rules One may believe that an absolute rule against killing humans is essential because killing is always evil and inhumane. Others believe that there are great exceptions to killing humans, such as self-defense, that need to be taken into account when making an absolute rule about killing humans. If someone tries to kill your family member or tries to kill you, should you stand there and die because you do not want to violate the absolute rule, even if your reason behind breaking...

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Why Should One Be Moral

interrogatory. Should I be moral? If I should be, then why? Why is morality important to society? An assumption can be made that morals derive from a purely religious perspective or the Golden Rule approach. We are told that it is right to be moral. This is an ineffective answer, since it does not apply to someone outside the moral circle This in mind, there is really no way to prove this too a person who wants to know why he/she should be moral. According to Olen, the only answer...

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