• Results and Conclusions Hcs 465
    Results and Conclusion of Research Process HCS 465 June 3, 2012 Results and Conclusion of Research Process The purpose of this paper is to further analyze the study done on trends in teen pregnancy rates from 1996-2006, a comparison of Canada, Sweden, United States, and England. The item
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  • Hcs 465 Annotated Bibliography
    Annotated Bibliography HCS 465 Health Research Utilization October 7, 2012 Reagan Parks, MHA Annotated Bibliography Clinical Digest. (2009, February 18). Aggression is a predictor of rapid repeat teen pregnancy. Nursing Standard, 23(24), [16]. Retrieved from http://web.ebscohost.com.ezproxy
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  • Hcs 465 Week 1
    Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography University of Phoenix, HCS 465 March 4, 2013 Strunk, J. (2008). The effect of school-based health clinics on teenage pregnancy and parenting outcomes: An integrated literature review. The Journal of School Nursing, 24(1), Retrieved from:
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  • Week 3 Hcs 465
    Applying the Results and Conclusions of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care Ryan Abels HCS/465 March 27, 2013 Ann Impens Applying the Results and Conclusions of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care Abstract Childhood obesity leads to gastric bypass which i
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  • Results and Conclusion HCS/465
    Results and Conclusion HCS/465 January 23, 2014 Results and Conclusion Childhood obesity in the United States and internationally has become a wide spread public health catastrophe. Over the years childhood obesity has increased at a rapid pace. This paper will show the...
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  • Week 1 Hcs
    Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography Amanda Jane Reese 8/19/13 HCS/465 Drawn Bricker Teen pregnancy rises despite threatss of AIDS. http://av4kc7fg4g.search.serialssolutions.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fe
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  • Hcs/413/Health Care Management Strategies
    Self Assessment Jodi Dyess University of Phoenix HCS/413/Health Care Management Strategies Shawn Matheson Self Assessment I will be providing information about myself in this paper; I will be talking about the values that are important to me, my ma
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  • Hcs/330 Health and Disease Trends
    AIDS HCS/330 Health and Disease Trends Tamy Nutoni University of Phoenix AIDS The world’s population has one of the most deadly diseases, that is a global epidemic and millions of people are living with this diseases called “Aids”. There is also another way in which we relate i
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  • Hcs 435 Conflict Between Research and Ethics Paper
    Running Head: RESEARCH ETHICS Conflict between Research and Ethics Paper Courtney Aday HCS 435 Bob Vella The conflicts between medical research and ethics can be a fine line. Many people will argue that research breaches medical ethics because some of the means necessary, to broaden our kn
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  • Standard Quality of Care Hcs 451
    Substandard Quality of Care HCS 451 Health Care Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis Professor Jodi Sapaguh By Lisa Gresley August 9, 2010 Substandard quality of health care is duly recognized as a major form of medical crises with potential to jeopardize the functioning and purpose
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  • Hcs/438 Dq's
    HCS/438 DQ’s Week 1: DQ1: What are the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics? According to Bennett (2009), the biggest difference between descriptive and inferential statistics is that descriptive statistics "deals with describing raw data in the form of graphics and sampl
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  • Emily Dickinson in Her Poem #465
    Emily Dickinson in her poem #465, covers the subject of death in a way that I have not seen before. She delves right into the last sounds she heard when the narrator died, which was a fly buzzing. The last actions of this world are concluded by the assigning of "keepsakes", the last few tears whi
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  • Hcs 325
    Motivational Methods Paper Kerri McCaughey HCS/325 November 2, 2010 Professor Suwannee Srisatidnarakul, RN, MSN, CCRN Motivational Methods Paper Motivation most certainly plays a huge role in the workplace, therefore, it is imperative to understand fully the basic theories and methods,
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  • Hcs 325
    Hcs 325 Motivational Methods Paper Motivational Methods Paper     Motivation most certainly plays a huge role in the workplace, therefore, it is imperative to understand fully the basic theories and methods, and of course how to apply these theories and methods to everyday workplace scenarios.
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  • Hcs 405
    Reporting Practices and Ethics HCS/405 Reporting Practices and Ethics A major aspect of health care organization operation is that of financial management. Financial management of health care organizations incorporates ethical standards and proper reporting practices. Financial practice
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  • Hcs/330 Culture and Disease
    Culture and Disease August 29th, 2010 HCS/330 Introduction While most if not all diseases can eventually be identified, defined, studied and treated, one thing that can drastically change almost everything about a disease is the culture in which it is present. Culture controls the way in whic
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  • Hcs 578 - Ethical Issues Paper
    Ethical Issues HCS/578 November 2010 Ethical Issues Enhancements in medical and statistical technologies, amplified economic anxiety, and converted importance on team-based tactics to treatment are among the several issues intensifying the primacy and intricacy of ethical issues in health car
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  • Concord Bookshop Hcs/587
    The Concord Bookshop Paper Kathleen M Lepley HCS/587 The Concord Bookshop Paper The Concord Bookshop was a small town bookstore that had been in operation for 64 year. It had small town flair and was enjoyed by all the citizens of the town. After, many years the financial status of the book
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  • Hcs/405
    Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper HCS/405 Week 2 KijaKazi Saddyk June 16, 2011 Financial management in health care is extremely important, especially in today’s society. With the raising cost in health care and new technology being introduce everyday, managing health care can determine
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  • Hcs 455 the Policy Process: Part I
    The Policy Process: Part I Susan Kunz HCS 455 July 6, 2011 Rich Jones The Policy Process: Part I Patient access to affordable health care is an ongoing issue in the United States. The first portion of the policy process involves three different stages, the formulation stage, legislative stag
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