Week 3 Hcs 465

Topics: Obesity, Surgery, Laparoscopic surgery Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Applying the Results and Conclusions of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care Ryan Abels
March 27, 2013
Ann Impens

Applying the Results and Conclusions of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care Abstract
Childhood obesity leads to gastric bypass which is the operation recommended by the National Institute of Health for treatment of morbid obesity because of its low morbidity and mortality rates and excellent long-term results regarding weight loss”. The laparoscopic surgical procedure for obesity is generally referred to as the Lap-band procedure and is known for the smaller and less invasive incisions. The goal of the chosen study was to determine the effects of the laparoscopic surgery and the gastric bypass based on hospitalization time, surgical duration, rate of mortality, and the surgeries that are repeated. The patients used for the study were each morbidly obese and had tried and failed at other diet and exercise methods however gender, age, race, weight, and height did not factor in when randomly selecting the test patients for participation in this meta-analysis. Some exclusion was made due to previous surgeries for weight control, respiratory and cardiac issues, and certain diseases that would be complicated by participating in the study and alters the results obtained

Evaluation of information

The data collection tools used are reliable and valid because it is study results that were previously compiled based on the surgical procedures performed which were pulled from various electronic and medical databases. The tools and procedures are appropriate for the type of study conducted and the results received from the research answered the questions that the researchers were looking for based on the predetermined criteria. Qualitative data is more descriptive and it deals with the process versus the outcome and can be converted to quantitative easily however can be hard to measure. Quantitative data is...
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