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Gangster Disciple Lick

F.O.L.K.S. Followand Obey the Laws the Kings Set Black Gangster Disciple In the 1960's another group was being formed to rival the Black P-Stone Nation. The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was started by a man named David Barksdale. The Black Gangster Disciple Nation {BGDN} fought bloody wars ont he Chicago south side over turf and drug sales. King David Barksdale was assassinated in 1974. As a symbol of honor and remembrance the six-pointed Jewish star {Star of David} was adopted by the BGDN...

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Real Gd Lit

(GANGSTER) In every city under the sun my name is the axis of the educational circle of crime and philosphy. Had it not been for me no prisons would have been built and no guns or bombs would have been created. I am the courge that creates resolution in man, I am the source that provokes orginalty of thought, I am the hand that moves mans hands. I am Gangster Everlasting! I am the Gangster that people fight in order to keep themselves alive. If they cease struggling against me slofullness...

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The Constitution and Literature of the Gangster Disciple Street Gang(Use for Research)


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Folk Nation

gangs have signed a charter to join the Folks alliance. It was formed on November 11 1978 in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Soon afterwards the People Nation was formed to counter the Folks alliance. Larry Hoover, the chairman of the Gangster Disciple Nation, created the idea for the alliance and persuaded many leaders of large Black, White, and Latino gangs from Chicago to join. After a prosperous beginning in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, the alliance started to break apart...

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GD Random

Former High­Ranking Member of the Gangster Disciples, Harold "Noonie G" Ward, Pledges  5000 Copies of his New Book/DVD Release to Youth Organizations for Holiday Season  Giveaway  Harold "Noonie G" Ward Releases New Book and Re ­ Releases DVD "Gangster with a Heart  of Gold: The Noonie G. Story" Narrated by Kanye West and Common            Share with LinkedIn         CHICAGO, Dec. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ ­­ As street gang violence in Chicago rages out of  control, law keepers and politicians continue to toil with solutions...

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Genesis - the Evolution & Rise of the Gangsterdisciples

Genesis: The formation and rise of the Gangster Disciple Nation The history of the Gangster Disciples is one of many faces… in order to understand the whole story; one must understand that it is in reality the telling of three different stories, all of which took place at the same time. The story of David Barksdale and Mac Aurther's "David's and Devil's Disciples", The story of Larry Hoover and Andrew Howard's "Supreme Gangster Nation", and the story of Jerome Freeman and Harold Walker's...

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  Considered the most notorious gangster in history, Alphonse Capone, otherwise known as Scarface Al, was born in New York, 1899, in a small apartment in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Having many run-ins with the police growing up, he was always around the local street gang led my Johnny Torrio. After beating one of his sixth grade teachers, he quit school, and quickly learned the way of the streets, joining the Torrio gang, call the James Street Gang. James Street also included Lucky Luciano...

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Black Disciple

called the Devil's Disciples had become sufficiently large to warrant being given an outreach worker by the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago Youth Services (source: Chicago Historical Society). The Devil's Disciples were mostly male African-Americans, 15-18 years of age, frequenting the intersection of 53rd St. and Kimbark Ave., and operated from 53rd and Woodlawn to 49th St. and Dorchester Ave. In the early 1960s this gang known as the Devils Disciples became the "Black Disciples" (see Explosion...

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Prison Impact on the Gangster Disciples

The GANGSTER DISCIPLES: A Gang Profile by George W. Knox, Director, NGCRC Copyright, 2001, NGCRC, Chicago, IL. (COPYRIGHT PROTECTED DOCUMENT: DO NOT USE WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE NATIONAL GANG CRIME RESEARCH CENTER) © Copyright 2008, Chicago, IL, National Gang Crime Research Center. Introduction The Gangster Disciples, formed in 1974 as a 60-man operation, by 1995 had matured into a centralized criminal organization with nearly 30,000 members in Chicago alone, spreading its...

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The Gangster In Disguise

 THE GANGSTER IN DISGUISE Robert Pittman Critical Writing Professor Methvin October 2, 2013 The Gangster In Disguise On the first day of the season football players are usually handed a home and away jersey. Aaron Hernandez on the other hand entered the NFL wearing his own sort of jersey. This specific jersey was actually a disguise to hide Aaron’s gangster background. Hernandez grew up with a group of gangsters who he made a strong bond with. Even the achievement...

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Discipleship is most commonly linked to the twelve disciples. However, may go beyond the twelve disciples according to how one may define this many-sided term. Discipleship is not for everyone and can have its demands. I believe discipleship is a way of life that one must be called to do. Discipleship is a Christian way of life that can have its demands but can be a rewarding spiritual life. There are demands that come along with the discipleship of Jesus. These demands require you to live a life...

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by F. Scott Fitzgerald reflects the positive and negative conditions of the 1920’s. Of all aspects of the 1920’s Gangsters/Prohibition is the most interesting and important. A gang is a group of people who interact with each other for social and/or criminal purposes. Early gangs were composed of adults involved in theft, illegal liquor sales, and political deals. Most gangsters come from families with little or no parental control. Also a number of gang members dropped out of school and lacked...

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Gangster of Love

For the solo novel I read The Gangster of Love by Jessica Hagedorn. I chose the book because I read Dogeaters for the group novel and I really liked Hagedorn’s style of storytelling also, it sounded interesting from the group presentation. The Gangster of love is a coming of age story told in the perspective of Rocky Rivera (for the most part). Other parts of the story are told from an omniscient point of view so she can give the thoughts and feelings of other characters. I notice that Hagedorn likes...

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Selecting a Disciple-Maker's Message

Liberty Theological Seminary Written Assignment 2: Selecting a Disciple-Maker’s Message A Paper Submitted to Dr. Bob XXXXX In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Discipleship Ministries DSMN500 By XXXXX 6 Sept 2012 Introduction There are many well-meaning, devout, knowledgeable Christians who well never intentionally build even one world-impacting, world visionary, reproducing disciple. This is because they will never seriously pursue a systematic curriculum...

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Analysis of Gangster Movies

Final Paper Option #2: Three "Larger-Than-Life" Gangsters Gangster movies have always appealed to a large public crowd through its central theme of its characters being "larger-than-life. Their interactions, demeanors, and even appearances attracted those who wished to live the dangerous yet luxurious lifestyle. Beyond these simple understandings of the movie, however, directors of these gangster movies insert far more profound cues and details. The way the characters spend their money, create...

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The Gangster American Dream

The Gangster American Dream The Great Depression created great financial hardships all around the United States. Along with a poor economy, prohibition was greatly discouraged as well, starting a tremendous social movement in the 1920s and 30s, specifically related to gang crimes. These gangsters used bootlegging, bank robberies, and many other tactics in order for them to survive the national financial crisis. The two photograph selected depict most of the most notorious criminals of the Great...

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Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet

Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet John 13 (The Message) 1-2 Just before the Passover Feast, Jesus knew that the time had come to leave this world to go to the Father. Having loved his dear companions, he continued to love them right to the end. It was suppertime. The Devil by now had Judas, son of Simon the Iscariot, firmly in his grip, all set for the betrayal. 3-6 Jesus knew that the Father had put him in complete charge of everything, that he came from God and was on his way back to God...

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Evolution of the Gangster Genre

The generally accepted idea of a classic gangster was generated by Hollywood. Before the Kafauver hearings, with the exception of Scarface (1932), the majority of gangster films featured mobsters that were removed from any Mafia and did not tend to contain Italian characters. After the hearings, the genra has become narrower; mainly associating with Italian Mafiosos. Hollywood represents gangsters a dressed in tailored suits, violent, and traditional Italian. Before the enforcement of the Motion...

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Gangsters in The Roaring 20's

jazz, prohibition and mafias. Mafias were quite big in the 20’s, mostly because of Prohibition and bootlegging. Gangsters made easy money, by selling alcohol which was illegal at the time. Some of the most infamous gangsters in the 1920’s were Al Capone, George ‘Bugs’ Moran and Dion O’Bannion . They had great influence and immense power. Al Capone was one of the most notorious gangsters in the 20’s and like most gang bosses rose to power because of bootlegging. Capone had a very interesting life...

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Selecting a Disciple-Maker’s Message

SELECTING A DISCIPLE-MAKER’S MESSAGE Introduction Message selection, for the disciple-maker, is an all-important endeavor. Effective disciple making does not just simply happen. Happenstance cannot be and should not be the modus operandi of one who desires to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People are fragile and the Gospel is powerful. God has entrusted his fragile people with a powerful Gospel message. As people who have been entrusted with such a powerful Gospel, we should...

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How Many Licks Does It Take?

1 How Many Licks Does it Take? Niklas Andersson Saginaw Valley State University of Michigan TOOTSIE ROLL POPS 2 Abstract Tootsie Roll Pops are known for the catch phrase, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” The phrase was first introduced in an animated commercial in 1970. The whole point of the commercial is that no one will ever know how many licks it takes because you can’t resist...

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Scarface vs. American Gangster

When considering candidates for all time greatest gangster movies, one wouldn’t forget to mention such classics as Goodfellas, the Godfather, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction. Some may even consider Tony Montana of Scarface to be the hardest, roughest gangster to ever appear on the movie screen. But what characteristics make this so? Is it because he was able to take over a drug cartel by violence to become the single most made man in Miami? Was it his ruthless business tactics, which ultimately...

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Alchemist: Doubt and Perfect Disciple

impression of Santiago was bravery. He was young, but age is just a number after all. So, when he read the sign of the hawks I thought maybe he could be the perfect disciple. But he would have to prove himself. I offered him a chance to accompany me to the desert tomorrow. There, his training would begin. He could be the perfect disciple, after all. Santiago Finding Life in the Desert- Perhaps I was wrong. Finding life is usually one of the easiest tests I have in store for my students. Oh well...

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Success in gangster movies now and then through Robert Warshow's "The Gangster as Tragic Hero"

defenseless among enemies: one is punished for success." Robert Warshow This is a quote from the famous essay "The Gangster as Tragic Hero", a "classic example of film criticism and cultural analysis". The essay was published for the first time in 1962 in Robert Warshow's book "The Immediate Experience". In it the author examines some of the generally accepted conventions that most gangster movies follow and draws conclusions from them about the reasons and the way this genre appeals to the audience...

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American Gangster-Movie

American Gangster Many issues affecting politics take place behind closed doors. Some of the events that take place which influence political decisions can stem from sociological, cultural, and political issues. American Gangster does a great job of conveying how each of these issues effect different aspects of today’s government. In this movie, Denzel Washington’s character (Frank Lucas) demonstrates how sociological influence can be exploited to gain power and wealth. Ellsworth "Bumpy"...

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Maters of Mercy: Buddha’s Amazing Disciples

Kylie Nottingham Art History May 3, 2012 Maters of Mercy: Buddha’s Amazing Disciples Japanese art covers a wide range of art styles and has a long history ranging from the 10th millennium B.C to the present day. In the earliest eras of Japanese history when the Jomon people ( 10,000 BC - 300 BC) were first settling in Japan, art was created in basic and practical terms. The Jomon people made clay figures that mainly represented women. In the time period between 300 BC and 300 AD, different...

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Selecting a Disciple Maker’s Message

SELECTING A DISCIPLE MAKER’S MESSAGE By: Ronald L. Washington Discipleship Ministries Professor : James Sulfridge DSMN 500-B05 LUO 9/7/2012 Table of Contents Page I. Overview 1 II. A curricular plan ...

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Pre-Code Gangster Genre Films Analysis

define the gangster genre in American film history from the years of 1930-1932. These gangster films center on the criminal actions of bank robbers, hoodlums, and the bootlegging of alcohol during the period of prohibition. The gangsters who are depicted in these films operate outside the law without regard to the safety of human life. Gangster films are about gangsters who seek out power and wealth. The true to life gangsters of the 20’s and 30’s were a big influence in American cinema gangster mythology...

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Analysis of Stone Soup and the Gangster as Tragic Hero

and The Gangster as Tragic Hero It is said that Americans are raised on certain values and all live and strive toward the American dream. Somewhere along the way, though, lines were strewn and those values and morals became extinct by nature. Now with misinterpreted ideals and ideas of logical fallacies as our only reference to the normal way of living, life is made to be more complicated and full of anxiety. In the short stories of “Stone Soup” by Barbara Kingsolver and “The Gangster as Tragic...

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American Gangster Film Review by Steven Zaillian

A Film Review November 27, 2007 Title: American Gangster Genre: Gangster Writer: Steven Zaillian Director: Ridley Scott Date and Place of performance: November 21, 2007 at my house On November 21, 2007, I was home for break and watched an interesting-historical film titled American Gangster. The film was written by Steven Zaillian and was directed by Ridley Scott. American Gangster was a gangster movie that reflected back on the pass. The performance environment was at my house in...

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Gangster Look

http://www.ehow.com/about_5034813_clothes-gangster-wear.html Working-Class Roots * The core of gangster fashion stems from the dichotomy between poor beginnings and eventual wealth. A gangster is essentially a street criminal, someone who came from an impoverished background and gained money through violent and illegal means. "Working" gangster clothes thus often reflect hardscrabble origins: cheap fabrics and easily purchased materials. Wealthier gangsters, on the other hand, tend to flaunt their...

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How Chaplains Evangelize and Disciple Military Members and Their Families

LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY How Chaplains Evangelize and Disciple Military Members and Their Families Submitted to Dr. Michael Whittington, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course, CHPL 600 Theological Perspectives in Military Chaplaincy by Avis N. White July 10, 2012 How Chaplains Evangelize and Disciple Military Members and Their Families Introduction Some 60% of military chaplains are evangelical, while...

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Gangster Disciple Nation Literature

Running head: SOCIAL HISTORY CLIENT CASE Social History Client Case #2 Nicole McCree Mississippi State University Social History Client Case I. Introduction Client: Jaqueshia Steele Chronological Age: 8 year(s), 1 month(s), and 5 days. Religion: Baptist Date of Birth: December 20, 2001 Race: African American School and Grade: T.J. Harris Elementary 4th Grade II. Individual Client Profile A. Brief Physical Description of Client Jaqueshia is a petite, average girl...

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13th Disciple

The Thirteenth Disciple b THE THIRTEENTH DISCIPLE 1st Edition by Imam Ahmad al-Hassan pbuh The successor and messenger of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh Certified accurate by the English Translation Committee of Ansar Imam al-Mahdi pbuh For more information and works by Imam Ahmad al-Hassan pbuh please visit either www.saviorofmankind.com (English) or www.almahdyoon.org (Arabic) Copyright © 2012 by Ahmad al-Hassan ISBN 978-1-61061-825-0 ‫:‪Translated from the original Arabic Al-Hawwari al-Thalith...

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American Gangster

"American Gangster" takes place in the late 60's when drugs and trafficking were at a high in the U.S. Frank Lucas was the driver and body guard of famous gangster Bumpy Johnson. Following Bumpy's death, Frank took over the business and became the main importer of heroin into the New York city area. The heroin imported was better quality and sold at a cheaper price because Lucas bought the heroin directly from a source in South East Asia. Lucas was able to expand his operation beyond New York...

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The Life of a Gangster

Gangster The life of a gangster living in the hood worrying about the getting caught up with police more than losing their life. The streets are a beast and death is around the corner, seeing drug sales to the dope fiends but that doesn’t really mean to much when your family starving. All you want to do is make a way and it seems that the only way is to keep it straight “G”. Growing up in a low income neighborhood nobody thinks that a little kid out the projects will make it, many don’t, feeling...

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American Gangster

INTRODUCTION American Gangster tells a story about how the emerge of drug traffic and trade was in the streets of Harlem, New York. Denzel Washington plays real life gangster- Frank Lucas back in the 70s that was originally from North Carolina. Lucas moves to Harlem and is apprenticed under a notorious crime boss- Bumpy. Russell Crowe plays detective Richie Roberts – a New York detective that has a task to bring the drug trafficking and corruption between the police department to heel. In the...

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Gangster Essay

extended knowledge on the context of the two films we have studied; Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese; 1990; USA) and American Gangster (Ridley Scott; 2007; USA), is useful in many aspects, because it allows me to understand completely the accuracy of the representation of many social groups, that are depicted in both of the films. For example, both films make reference to the gangster being an immigrant, one especially who dislikes his low status in life, and believes he is destined for more. In Goodfellas...

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Disciple and Discharge

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Management has expectations for the employees to meet workplace standards of behavior and performance. This may include (and not limited too): following workplace rules and practices, accepting job assignments, working well with other employees, or even coming into work in time. When management expectations are not met, the need for disciplinary acts arises. However, sometimes management delays or does take disciplinary action. This can lead into...

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Why Has Audience Positioning Towards Gangster Films and Their Main Characters Changed Throughout the Evolution of Film?

“Why has audience positioning towards Gangster films and their main characters Changed throughout the evolution of film?” “The crime film is the most enduringly popular of all Hollywood genres, the only kind of film that has never once been out of fashion since the dawn of the sound era seventy years ago.”-Thomas Leitch The central theme of the gangster film has always revolved around law and order and essentially boils down to the Criminal institutions fighting one another or fighting a corrupt...

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American Gangster

communicate with another person. Symbolic Interactions theory was a very popular theory seen throughout the movie, as far as the many interactions that are involved in a drug trade and between Lucas and his family. In one of the scenes in “American Gangster” Frank and his cousin get into it at a party because his cousin starts acting up in front of everyone. Frank gets angry and punches him in the face and then slams his head in the piano. This is a part of the symbolic interaction theory because Frank’s...

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Crime and Gangster Films

FMVD150-American Cinema Classics Crime and Gangster Films The gangster genre rose in popularity during the 1930s and most historians locate the beginning of its classical phase at this time. The gangster films became an excellent system to exhibit cinema's sound capacities: ballistic machine gun fire, screeching tires and sharp streets electrified the screen. The rise also coincided with historical conditions of Prohibition, such as notorious real gangsters, like Al Capone, and violent outbreak, such...

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Get Capone: the Rise and Fall of America’s Most Wanted Gangster

Get Capone: The Rise and Fall of America’s Most Wanted Gangster Al Capone. Everyone is bound to hear the name at least once in his or her life. The charming, broad smile, the greenish gray eyes, heavy set, and five foot ten and a half; a seemingly normal man. Until someone notices the scars. A faded purple, still fresh looking, Al Capone’s scars marred the normal face, they gave a glance into the life of the notorious gangster. But who was Mr. Alphonse “Scarface” Capone? One reporter comments,...

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Engineering Disciples

Engineering Disciplines Oral Presentation Overview: The purpose of this project is to provide a better understanding of the different engineering disciplines offered at the University. Students will be divided into teams. Each team will prepare a presentation on a discipline to be presented to the class. This presentation serves as a means for students to learn, in-depth, about a major outside of their areas of interest. The assumption is that students haven’t had much information presented to...

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Crime and Gangster Students

would get involved in gangsterism. I would then haul the bullies and suspected gangsters in the school to determine further the reasons behind their individual behavior.Statistics and studies on gangsterism indicate most student gangsters hail from poor backgrounds or broken families whereby they lack attention and love from the family members propelling them to behave in such a manner. Poor students become gangsters as a means to gain extra cash by extorting money from other students. Those who...

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Life as a Gangster

Seneca College EAC 149 Assignment #6: Oral Presentation Presentation Dates: November 27th, 29th, December 4th, 6th, 2012 Value: 5% Task: A Take-home Essay-Presentation In preparation for developing the topic, based on the given Quote, you should come to a greater understanding of why some issues are possible in our lives, and support your points of view with specific examples; the media and the Internet. ➢ Each student is responsible for composing a critical essay on...

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Notorious Prison Gangs

primarily created to strike back against rival gangs that were organized under the People Nation. Folk Nation gangs include the Black Gangster Disciples; the Black Disciples; the Gangster Disciples; the Imperial Gangsters; the La Raza; the Spanish Cobras; the Latin Eagles; the Latin Disciples; the Maniac Latin Disciples; the Simon City Royals; the Spanish Gangster Disciples; the Two Sixers; and the International Posse. The gang lives under one rule which is “I will not let a brother fall to his knee.”...

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American gangster

Group 1 Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or for the extraction of organs or tissues, including surrogacy and ova removal .Human trafficking can occur within a country or internationally. Human trafficking is a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim's rights through coercion and exploitation. Victims of human trafficking are generally forced to work for or provide services to the trafficker or others...

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gangs in chicago

within African American gangs like the Black P Stone alliance, and the Black Gangster Disciple alliance. Or alliances between Vice Lords and Black P Stones and Mickey Cobras. White gangs had alliances such as the White Power Organization (WPO) or the United Fighting Organization (UFO), or the alliance between Simon City Royals and Insane Popes. Latino gangs had the United Latino Organization (ULO) or the Familia Disciple nation (FLDN). These alliances were foreshadowing of what was to come. There...

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Frank Lucas; American Gangster

Frank Lucas; American Gangster What is the one thing every person, white or black, rich or poor, American or Hispanic, wants to have plenty of in their possession? If it’s green, flimsy paper with different values on the front then money is the answer. Whether it’s 19th Century, 20th Century, or 21st Century, people work, steal, worship money. Human beings aren’t always satisfied with the amount of money they have, so they work harder, steal, rob, or cheat hoping to satisfy their money obsession...

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Crime Theories Within American Gangster

Suheiry Fermin Crime theories- American gangster The behavior theory claims that humans learn their behavior through experiences. They learn how to and commit crimes because they receive favorable incentives for committing the crimes. This theory ties into the social learning theory which claims that people learn their aggressive or criminal behaviors from watching others around them engage in these acts. Another interesting theory is the rational choice theory. The rational choice theory...

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Disciple Making Plan

UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Disciple Making Plan Submitted to LBTS Faculty & Students, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of any course All LBTS Course Prefixes and Numbers All LBTS Course Titles by Brian J. Jones March 8, 2015 Contents Introduction 1 Vision 2 Values 4 Views 5 Vehicles 6 Verifiers 8 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11 Introduction The mandate of the Body of Christ to make disciples has been established. The Church needs...

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The Movie American Gangster Frank Lucas

In 2007, The movie American Gangster was a reenactment of the famous Frank Lucas, a well known herion dealer from Manhattan in the early 1970's. He was considering himself as the number one importer of heroin in Harlem, one of the districts of Manhattan. He imported heroin directly from South East Asia and figuring out a unique way of smuggling the drugs to the U.S. He uses the transportation o the U.S military airplanes from Vietnam to the U.S. His trademark was called "Blue magic" which was the...

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Summary of the Gangster We All Search for

and its effects it had on the main characters and how coming to America was just as hard as living through the Vietnam war. It is a tale built on love but sustained on hate. The Authors mother was disowned for falling deeply in love with a rough gangster from the northern region of Vietnam. They had a very rough life in Vietnam filled with fear, recklessness, abandonment,and lust. Death was a constanant the emense amount of violence that followed suit. “She had heard a story about a girl in a...

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Frank Lucas The Real American Gangster

 Frank Lucas The Real American Gangster “Frank Lucas was born on September, 1930 in La Grange (Lenoir County), North Carolina, but raised in Greensboro, North Carolina (A&E). Frank Lucas was a country boy who grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. Lucas grew up in rural North Carolina during the depths of the Great Depression. Many Americans in the rural South were poor at this time, but most African-Americans suffered the deepest poverty. Lucas spent much...

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Al Capone, the American Celebrity Gangster

Al Capone,the American gangster General introduction: Alphonse Gabriel Capone,also known as Al “scarface” Capone,was an American gangster who led a prohibition-era crime by smuggling liquor,and conducting other illegal activities such as prostitution,in Chicago from the early 1920s to 1931. Early life: Al Capone was born in the district of Brooklyn in New York on January 17,1899.His father was a barber and his mother was a seamstress,were both immigrants from Italy.He dropped out of school at...

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Security Threat Groups/Gangs in Prisons

organized on the east and west coasts of the US. In the 1990’s, there was a decline in membership and strength. The BGF has recently reorganized and gained substantial power and growth with their alignment with the 415s, Crips, Bloods and Black Gangster Disciples. The BGF is currently experiencing internal conflict with old and new membership in federal custody. The newest members formed “New Man/New Woman” or the Northern Structure of the BGF. Criminal activities include drug trafficking and murder...

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violated which means beaten brutally or killed . The last but today,one of the most brutal gangs on the southside of chicago is the gangster disciples if they wor any other color they would have to put a band aid on it or it. The diffrence between the gangster disciples and the other gangs is they have different sets in their gang the have the black disciples latin disciples and etc. All which started on Chicago southside this gang is one of the most brutal because they have war against each other on...

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1920 American Gangsters

Gangs have existed in the United States for over 200 years. It all started when the first immigrants came to the U.S.A. Most of them came for a better life but many of them ended up in poverty. The first gangs were formed among poor adolescents who grouped together for the sake of socialisation and protection. They were of the same race or the same ethnic background. The first known gang specialized in crimes was called "The Five Points". They consisted of Irish immigrants and was established in...

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She's Dating the Gangster

the Gangster - Credits to the Author [Chapter 1] You wanna know a secret? Ok ok..  He's not my first love and I'm NOT his first love. Definitely not.  So what is it that made me love and cling to him this much?  Well, he's irritating, loud, and he's not sweet! He's weird, he smokes, he drinks, he goes clubbing on a weekday, and he fights and bullies a lot. Take note, A LOT. He is very moody and a bit blunt. Oh yeah, he even threatened to kill me. -- for short, HE IS A GANGSTER. ...

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