• Gangster Disciples
    The organization of the Gangster Disciples and their battle plans were created by Gangster Disciple's chief, Larry King Hoover. They modeled this after Chicago's Italian Mafia, the top-down organization has always strived for discipline, respect, and to respect the hierarchy. At the top is the c
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  • Prison Impact on the Gangster Disciples
    The GANGSTER DISCIPLES: A Gang Profile by George W. Knox, Director, NGCRC Copyright, 2001, NGCRC, Chicago, IL. (COPYRIGHT PROTECTED DOCUMENT: DO NOT USE WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE NATIONAL GANG CRIME RESEARCH CENTER) © Copyright 2008, Chicago, IL, National Gang Crime Research Cent
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  • Larry Hoover & the Gangster Disciples
    The night I was born Folks was the night I died. As my brethren cast my body into the lake of Fire and Knowledge I was baptized. One with my nation by my Kings blessed. With a Pitchfork in my hand and a Six on my chest. Others will speak my name and know the name of Death. I live by the Nations laws
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  • Real Gd Lit
    (GANGSTER) In every city under the sun my name is the axis of the educational circle of crime and philosphy. Had it not been for me no prisons would have been built and no guns or bombs would have been created. I am the courge that creates resolution in man, I am the source that provokes orginalt
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  • Gangster Disciple Symbols
    The major symbol Gangster Disciples make use of is the six-pointed star (similar to the Star of David) The fact that this star is known as the Star of David pays homage to co-founder David Barksdale, and the six points are said to represent Life, Love, Loyalty, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. T
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  • The Constitution and Literature of the Gangster Disciple Street Gang(Use for Research)
    Prayers The 6 point Star is made up of two pyrmids the one faceing up is 13 bricks for the original 13 Founders The one up side down is 21 bricks for the down fall of Jeff Ford an the Main 21 "F.O.L.K.S" THROUGH THE YEARS A NATION HAS ROSE ABOVE THE REST. A NATION OF FOLKS THAT HAVE BE
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  • How to Read Lit Like a Prof Notes
    From How to Read Literature Like a Professor Thomas C. Foster Notes by Marti Nelson 1. Every Trip is a Quest (except when it’s not): a. A quester b. A place to go c. A stated reason to go there d. Challenges and trials e. The real reason to go—always self-knowledge 2. Nice to Eat With
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  • Gansta or Gangster
    “Gansta or Gangster” Many people like to read “street lit” because they want to escape reality and live in a fairy tail world just like some of the books portray. The term “street lit” began in the16th century as a type of printing of large sheets of papers now in the 19th century it
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  • Disciples Story
    DA DISCIPLE'S STORY OF BIRTH. The  Gangster Disciple Nation was born out of two organizations. In the beginning, there were two separate organizations: The Disciple Nation, whose President was David Barksdale, and the Gangster Nation, whose President was Larry Hoover. There were many branches of
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  • Lit Review
    英文荟萃网 http://www.ywhc.net The World is Flat Thomas L Friedman 英文荟萃网 http://www.ywhc.net To Matt and Kay and to Ron 英文荟萃网 http://www.ywhc.net Contents How the World Became Flat One: While I Was Sleeping / 3 Two: The Ten Forces That Flattened the Wor
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  • World Lit only by Fire Reading Journal
    Reading Journal: A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance – Portrait of an Age. Medieval Mind Summaries P.7: The Dark Ages brought war, famine, high crime, and widespread ignorance to the once thriving Roman Empire. P.8: Civil wars were waged across the Roman...
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  • Indian Lit. in English - Untouchable
    Indian lit. in english paper The Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand Mulk Raj Anand, one of the most highly regarded Indian novelists writing in English, was born in Peshawar in 1905. He was educated at the universities of Lahore, London and Cambridge, and lived in England for many years, finally settl
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  • Analysis of Gangster Movies
    Final Paper Option #2: Three "Larger-Than-Life" Gangsters Gangster movies have always appealed to a large public crowd through its central theme of its characters being "larger-than-life. Their interactions, demeanors, and even appearances attracted those who wished to live the dangerous yet lux
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  • A World Lit Only by Fire Essay
    A World Lit Only By Fire William Raymond Manchester (b. 4/1/22 – d. 6/1/04) was an American historian and biographer, notable as the author of 18 books that have been translated into 20 languages. Manchester was the son of a WWI Marine, and grew up in Attleboro, Massachusetts. After his father's
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  • A World Lit Only by Fire Study Guide
    A World Lit Only By Fire Summer Reading Test Section 1: The Medieval Mind 1. Whose country was described as "the back of a horse?" The Huns' country 2. Who declared he was "above grammar?" Sigismund 3. Who invaded Rome in A.D. 410? The Visigoths under the leadership of Alaric 4. Wh
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  • Review of William Manchester's a World Lit Only by Fire
    Review of William Manchester's A World Lit Only by Fire William Manchester's A World Lit Only by Fire: the Medieval Mind and the Renaissance is a historical, nonfiction book that I found to be both only intriguing and enticing, despite its beginning and ending parts. The beginning chapter of Manch
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  • American Gangster
    INTRODUCTION American Gangster tells a story about how the emerge of drug traffic and trade was in the streets of Harlem, New York. Denzel Washington plays real life gangster- Frank Lucas back in the 70s that was originally from North Carolina. Lucas moves to Harlem and is apprenticed under a n
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  • Scarface vs. American Gangster
    When considering candidates for all time greatest gangster movies, one wouldn’t forget to mention such classics as Goodfellas, the Godfather, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction. Some may even consider Tony Montana of Scarface to be the hardest, roughest gangster to ever appear on the movie screen. B
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  • American Gangster: the Film
    The American Gangster The strike force banged on the door. “This is the police! Open up! We have a search warrant.” That was the beginning of the end of Frank Lucas, also known as “Superfly”, a name he gave himself. Frank Lucas was born September 9, 1930 in North Carolina. He moved to Har
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  • Frank Lucas; American Gangster
    Frank Lucas; American Gangster What is the one thing every person, white or black, rich or poor, American or Hispanic, wants to have plenty of in their possession? If it’s green, flimsy paper with different values on the front then money is the answer. Whether it’s 19th Century, 20th Century,
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