• Senior Pe and Figueroa’s Framework on Touch Football
    Senior PE Introduction: This term we have been studying Figueroa’s framework, to map out an individual success, in touch football. Figueroa’s framework is a framework that the sociology of sport is based on. There are five levels in which this framework is based on. Those levels include
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  • Figeroua's Framework
    * Equity affects nearly all aspects of our lives none less than sports such as beach volleyball. Sport is an integral part of today’s society and as such, sport should be organised, participated in and distributed in an equitable manner.The aim of equity in sports is to encourage all people, regar
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  • Figueroa's Framework
    Using Figueroa’s framework as a guide, evaluate and predict current and future participation levels for Beach Volleyball for Maryborough in the next 10-15 years. Evaluate what role the various personal, sociocultural and motivational factors have on your personal participation in Beach...
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  • Figueroa's Framework
    f you've ever sat there like a stunned mullet, mouth gaping open in awe of another piece of Gary Ablett magic, you're not alone. Even his own team-mates can't believe half the stuff their no.1 player conjures. As a student who enjoys playing and watching AFL, it is truly impossible to compre
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