"Factors Influencing Population Distribution And Density In Southern Africa" Essays and Research Papers

Factors Influencing Population Distribution And Density In Southern Africa

The distribution of the earth’s population across the globe is uneven. The earth contains many different environments with only few parts suitable for human habitation. Around 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, leaving only 30% as land; however within this portion exist many physical features that restrict human habitation. Only around 11% of the earth’s surface poses no serious threat to human settlement and 80% of the world’s 6.7 billion people live on 10% of the earth’s surface...

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Clover Distribution and Density: Population Ecology

Population Ecology: Clover Distribution and Density Method This lab consisted of the use of various materials. We used four orange flags in order to mark a 30x15m sampling area in which we collected our data from. To measure out the area, we used a thirty meter measuring tape and to determine the density (plants per meter squared) of clovers in the lawn, we calculated the total area of the plot (30x15meters squared). For this lab, a frisbee was used with the area of .053 meters squared as the...

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Population Density, Distribution and Growth in Jamaica Name: Janice Jones School: Territory: Jamaica Centre no: Year: 2012 Population Distribution Population Distribution may be defined as the arrangement or spread of people living in a given area; also, how the population of an area is arranged according to variables such as age, race, or sex. How to construct a population distribution map (choropleth) Parish | Area (KM) | Population (‘000s) | Density | Clarendon | 1196...

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Population Distribution of India

Population distribution is how people are dispersed over a given area. Population distribution is measured by persons per square kilometer. An area (or country) can be densely populated, which means there is a high concentration of persons per square kilometer, or sparsely populated, which means there is a low concentration of persons per square kilometer. The distribution of population can be influenced by both physical and human factors. Physical factors include relief, climate, vegetation, soil...

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Critically evaluate the factors influencing the global heat budget

CRITICALLY EVALUATE THE FACTORS INFLUENCING THE GLOBAL HEAT BUDGET - 40 MARKS The global heat budget is the balance between incoming insolation, and outgoing radiation from Earth. There are many factors that influence this heat budget, some of which are more important than others. In this essay I am going to describe and explain each factor involved. Insolation is the incoming energy from the sun in shortwave ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The distribution of insolation over the Earth’s surface...

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Australia's Population Distribution and Density

environment has determined to some extent, the distribution and density of Australia’s population. Discuss. People do not live evenly spread through the world. Australia is one of the counties that considered has a low population density. This is due to approximately 23 million population were distributed unevenly. Besides the physical environment, there are also a variety of other factors that have actually worked together to distribute in the Australia’s population that cannot be neglected. These included...

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Population Density

Population Density Debra Smith OMM 612 Managing Social Change Prof. Martin Cain September 24, 2012 Population Density According to Social Indicators Research (2002) population density is “the number of people living per square kilometer in the district of the city where the respondent lived” (Social Indicators, proquest database). The American population is very dense. According the United States Census Bureau the current United States population is 314,440,872 people. In some areas of...

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Population Distribution of Brazil

Essay Title: Describe and explain the population distribution of Brazil. Population distribution means the pattern of where people live. The world’s population distribution is very uneven. Places which are sparsely populated contain few people and places which are densely populated contain many people. Sparsely populated places tend to be difficult places to live. These are usually places with hostile environments e.g. Antarctica. Places which are densely populated are habitable environments e.g...

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Learning Outcomes Population Genetics

2-6-2013 Define population structure (as an emergent population property) * Population structure encompasses a number of attributes, including the density and spacing of individuals (spatial structure) w/in suitable habitat and the proportions of individuals of each sex and each age class. * Population distribution and spatial structure together give pic of the arrangement of pops in space. * A population consists of the individuals of a species w/in a given area. Potentially...

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Effect of Geography on Population Distribution

the world population is distributed? Key issue 1 -we can understand how population is distributed by identifying two basic properties. 1. Concentration 2. Density Population concentrations -two thirds of the world’s population is clustered in 4 regions: East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe. - The clustering of the world’s population can be displayed on a cartogram, which despites a countries size according to its population not its land area. Major population clusters ...

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formulate a mathematical model for population change in urban areas

making decision (Anon 2005). Urban Population change The urban population change represents one of the most important aspects that define a city. The household composition and their nature differentiate the urban population from that in the area. Urban population is growing much faster than the population as a whole. It is prospected that, in the next century, more than half the population will be living in the urban centers. The changes of the population have shaped the cities to function as...

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The Effects of Population Density on the Reproduction and Survival of Daphnia Magna

Abstract The population dynamics of Daphnia magna are observed under three different conditions; low, medium, and high density. The effects of different population densities on the survivorship and reproduction of Daphnia are observed over a two-week period within a lab environment. Over the two week period, the numbers of parent Daphnia alive and dead are recorded daily, along with the amount of offspring produced each day. From the main parameter investigated, the net reproductive rate, the...

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Famine in Africa

Zimbabwe, the child’s mother and father are both well fed because the food distribution organizations are well funded, your parents go out into the fields and harvest the crops, creating another chain reaction but with a positive spiral. This is an example of how food distribution plays a major role on famine and also how stable governments affect the food distribution in Africa. Most studies on the famine epidemic throughout Africa state that HIV/AIDS plays a major role in famine; this can be attributed...

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The Effects of Population Density and Noise

The Effects of Population Density and Noise PSY/460 The Effects of Population Density and Noise Currently about three-and-a-half billion people live on less than three percent of the world’s land surface (Jiang, Young, & Hardee, 2008). By the year 2015, approximately half of the population in the entire world will be urban dwellers (Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology, 2004). Aside from cultural, social, and economic diversity large cities are typified by stressful living conditions as...

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Key Factors Influencing Buying

" says Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. He says that the average American has nearly one-third of their net worth tied up in real estate. "While not all South Africans own property, they want to. South Africa has been described as a nation which values property ownership above all other investments and sees it as an important part of their lifestyle." In light of this, Goslett says that understanding consumer behaviour and other factors that drive property investment is central...

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Why the Population Increase in Nigeria

POPULATION GROWTH The absence of virtually any reliable current demographic data has not prevented national and international bodies from generating estimates and projections of population and population growth in Nigeria. The World Bank estimate of Nigeria's 1990 population was 119 million, with an estimated annual growth rate of 3.3 percent. Although other sources differed on the exact figure, virtually all sources agreed that the annual rate of population growth in the country had increased from...

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Effects of Population Density and Noise

Effects of Population Density and Noise By: Stephanie Davis Psy/460 Instructor Aaron Graczyk September 2, 2013 Effects of Population Density and Noise Density and noise is able to effect people differently, a person’s personal space; territory and privacy can be disrupted by other people, chronic noise, and short-term noise. The different effects can be from an annoying noise to a more strong intrusive and anxiety forming illness. When population density increases the personal space, privacy...

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Population Density of Seagrass

Study This study was concerned in determining the density of seagrass specifically Thalassia hemprichii at different substrate at Brgy. San Pedro, Panabo City. Objectives In this study, the objective is to determine the present status of Thalassia hemprichii in coastal area at Brgy. San Pedro, Panabo City. This study specifically aims to: 1. Determine the population density of Thalassia hemprichii in the area; 2. Compare the density of Thalassia hemprichii among the three(3) station ...

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Analysis of Environmental Issues and Economic Performance and Population Density

of environmental issues and economic performance and population density Executive summary The main goal with the report was to analyse the relationship from 16 different countries on how, if any, CO2 emission per capita is getting affected by population density and GDP per capita by using descriptive statistics and regression. The conclusion is that CO2 emission per capita is affected by changes in GDP per capita and that population density has no significant relation to CO2 emission per capita...

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The effects of population density

The Effects of Population Density PSY/460 April 7, 2014 The Effects of Population Density You can find noise and pollution in nearly all major cities. Noise in general can be a serious...

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Australian Population Distribution

The majority of Australia's population is distributed along the coastline. The current population of around 20 million is concentrated mainly in the large coastal cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Brisbane and Sydney are located on the south-eastern coast consecutively. From the bottom right to the bottom left of the continent, located on the south-eastern to south-western coasts are Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, respectively. These concentrated cities then branch...

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The Factors Affecting Safe Drinking-Water (Planning and Essay Basic)

The factors affecting safe drinking water: Describe and explain the different factors effecting access to safe drinking water. (10 marks) Planning and Notes: * From 1996 – 2006 +/- 1.56 billion people gained access to improved drinking-water sources. * Today 87% people drink from improved water sources compared to 77% in 1990. Physical factors that affect safe drinking water: * Amount of precipitation * Seasonal distribution of precipitation * Physical ability of the surface...

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Interim Report of the Factors Influencing the Success of Community Tourism in South Africa

[pic] INTERIM REPORT OF THE FACTORS INFLUENCING THE SUCCESS OF COMMUNITY TOURISM IN SOUTH AFRICA Submitted to: ACTS South Africa PO Box 13911 Mowbray South Africa 7705 South Africa 30 November 2009 Submitted by: FinnGroup Ltd Group 3 Helin Henrietta 09163185 Mäkinen Outi 07083938 Raudaskoski Heli 09163176 Tuominen Katja-Mirjami 07084112 Introduction In this consultancy report we will discuss about the concepts of community tourism and pro-poor tourism and their sustainability...

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Population Density Map

The Population of world has been booming for years. India is the second most populous country followed by China. India’s population is approximately 1.2 billion. Most of the people from backward area are suffering from malnutrition. Most of the big cities are crowded with millions of people. Overpopulation is a major problem for the world and it should be solved. It can directly affects on environment. Meaning of Overpopulation: The meaning of overpopulation is excessive population of an...

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The effects of population density and noise

 The Effects of Populations Density and Noise PSY/460 October 15th 2013 Introduction There are many different things in the environment that can affect people even things such as noise and populations density. When there is chronic or even short term noise and other people intrude on another person’s territory, privacy and personal space it can cause different results like severe anxiety producing illnesses or just a simple annoyance (Straub, 2007). In order to prevent...

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Factors Affecting Shifter's Population

Introduction Over the years there have been growing concerns of the students in minimizing the rising BSA population shifters. Like other universities, FEU Diliman is experiencing a high number of BSA students’ shifters and low academic performance in accounting course. Comments and voiced of sentiments of the shifters’ and academics led the researcher to question the factors affecting the shifters’ population and if the problem exists with the course. Broad Field of Accountancy requires varying levels of...

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The Effects of Population Density

The Effects of Population Density Psy 460 September 29, 2011 The Effects of Population Density Population density indicates the population that lives in an area by unit of territorial surface of that zone. Allows us to distinguish which are the areas where there’s a high or a low number of people be contingent of the territory they occupy. This essay will discuss the effect of population density and noise on individuals. In addition there’s a brief description of the...

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The Evolution of Population Density and Noise Pollution

The Evolution of Population Density and Noise Pollution University of Phoenix / Psy460 The Evolution of Population Density and Noise Pollution When the City of San Diego was first incorporated in 1850, the population was merely but a percentage of what it is now. At barely 2,932 people, according to the 1850 United States Government Census, one can only imagine how different it was. 162 years ago, there were no skyscrapers, no amplified speakers with high levels of bass, no ascending and...

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Population Studies

302. An Assignment on Various Population Matters. Population Definition. Population is a term which refers to the total human inhabitants of a specified area such as; a continent, a country, or a city, at a given time. It can be defined further in a number of ways depending on the various aspects of population that one would be looking at. It can refer to the various aspects of population such as age, ethnicity, race, or region. For example, population size may refer to either the total...

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Modern society human populations at risk of disease pandemics

 Modern society human populations at risk of disease pandemics Sandra Mankarios 42460441 Word count: 2033 The qualities in which humans in modern day society live have increased the potential risks of the transmission of pathogens and their vectors. These risks have become limitless compared to the past; the damage created now will greatly effect future generations where the damage may even be irreversible (Washer 2006). Many factors in everyday modern life contribute...

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Population Growth in Africa

Africa to Record Largest Population Growth Over Next 40 Years * Print * Comment * Share: A woman poses for a photograph with her children in front of house in the slum of Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria, January 22, 2013 * ------------------------------------------------- * ------------------------------------------------- * ------------------------------------------------- * ------------------------------------------------- Related Articles * World Bank...

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What Are the Factors Which Affect the Distribution of Population?

The main factors that affect distribution of population are natural resources, climatic conditions, soils, cultural factors, age of human settlement, industrial development and means of transport and communication. The factors affecting distribution of population are described below one by one in a nutshell manner. (i) Natural Resources: The regions having rich wealth of natural resources like coal, water, minerals and forest wealth favour the growth of population. These resources help in the...

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Population Density and Noise Paper

Effects of Population Density and Noise Paper Psy/460 The Effects of Population Density and Noise Paper Introduction There are quite a few people who believe that territoriality, privacy, and personal space mean the same thing, but that is not the case. As noted in this paper, they are completely different things. The author of this paper will describe the concepts of territoriality, privacy, and personal space; examine how these concepts have become increasingly important as populations become...

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Demecology – the Ecology of Populations

– the ecology of populations The main idea: Note how mathematical models are used to examine variation in growth of a population. Lecture outline: 1. Statistic and dynamic characteristics of population. 2. Growth curves patterns: J-shaped curve and S-shaped curve 3. Population regulation: Density-dependent and density-independent factors. 4. Human population patterns: - Population numbers. - Demographic transition and structure - Population urbanization 1...

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Factors Influencing Production

Factors influencing Production c.arunkumar 1225115321 CONTENTS  Factors of production  Description  Sectors  Key Factor  Conclusion FACTORS OF PRODUCTION • Land • Labour • Capital • Entrepreneurship LAND Includes any natural resources used to produce goods and service i.e. not just land but anything that comes from land  Land refers to all natural resources both renewable and non renewable. Income that resource owners earn in return for land resources is called rent LABOUR Labour...

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Factors Influencing Temperature Essay

weather elements and measures the degree of hotness and coldness in a place. The temperature of a place is affected by a number of factors such as latitudinal location, seasonal variations, albedo of the place, contrasts between land and sea and elevation. Latitudinal location has the strongest influence on the climatic conditions on a macro/global scale. The rest of the factors then serves to modify these influences and are secondary, operating at a smaller scale. Latitude affects the temperature of...

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Factors Influencing Exports of Pakistan

                         Factors influencing exports of Pakistan                                                     Factors influencing exports of Pakistan  1. Introduction    The exports of goods and services play a vital role in the economic improvement of a country and signify one of the most important sources of foreign exchange income. Exports not only ease the pressure on the balance of payments but also create employment opportunities. They can increase...

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The Effects of Population Density and Noise Psy/460

The effects of population density and noise The effects of Population Density and Noise Noise and Population density has several different affects on individual’s Personal space, Privacy, and territory may have negative affects on individual, along with chronic noise. Population density and noise can have a variety of effects on people. The effects vary by individual but can lead to anxiety, increased stress levels, aggravation and more. As the population increases awareness of personal...

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Normal Distribution and Population Mean

Weston Materials, Inc., a national manufacturer of unattached garages, reports that it takes two construction workers a mean of 32 hours and a standard deviation of 2 hours to erect the Red Barn model. Assume the assembly times follow the normal distribution. a. Determine the z values for 29 and 34 hours. What percent of the garages take between 32 hours and 34 hours to erect? z(29) = (29-32)/2 = -3/2 z(34) = (34-32)/2 = 1 z(32) = 0 P(32 < x < 34) = P(0< z < 1) = 0.34 b. What percent of the...

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Factors Influencing Corporate Culture

FSB SCHOOL OF BUSINESS | BUSINESS ETHICS | Individual assignment | | | Topic 1: The factors influencing corporate culture | LECTURER: | Trangdtt | STUDENT: | Nguyen Anh Duc | ID NO. | FB00111 | CLASS: | FB0601 | I. NATURE AND BACKGROUND OF FIRM: * My Lifestyle was established in 2011 by VNN Plus Communications Company. My Lifestyle is a soft skills training center, specialized in professional training courses such as master of ceremonies, bartender, magic and vocal...

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Factors Affecting Health

children a woman is likely to have in her lifetime Yr 10 - Population Fold along here www.geobytesgcse.wordpress.com St Ivo School Geography Department - GCSE REVISION Ageing Population - a population in which there is a high number of people over the age of 65 Define the following key terms:    Ageing population Youthful population Dependency Ratio www.geobytesgcse.wordpress.com Youthful Population – a population with a very high proportion of young people under the age of...

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FACTORS INFLUENCING PLANT LOCATION Introduction: Units concerning both manufacturing as well as assembling of the products are on a very large scale affected by decisions involving the location of the plant. Location of the plant itself becomes a very important factor concerning service facilities, as the plant location decisions are strategic and long-term in nature. Plant location decisions need detailed analysis: Wrong plant location generally affects cost parameters i.e. poor location can act...

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Human Population Test with Answers

AP Environmental Science Human Population Dynamics released AP questions (1999, 2003, 2008) Name: _________________________________________________ Questions 1-3 refer to the table below, which shows population, area, and energy use of several countries. 1) The country with the highest population density is a. Australia b. Bangladesh c. China d. Ethiopia e. India 2) The country with a population about three times that of the United States is a. Australia b. Bangladesh c. China d...

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Assess the significance of strategic concerns in influencing Britain’s relationship with its African empire in the period c1870 – c1981

Assess the significance of strategic concerns in influencing Britain’s relationship with its African empire in the period c1870 – c1981 The last three decades of the 19th century saw an unrelenting wave of expansionist policy followed by most, if not all of the major European powers over the African continent, and so has been dubbed as the “Scramble for Africa”. France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Britain all laid claim to vast swathes of African land and by the turn of the century controlled...

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Factors Influencing Unemployment

result of the interaction of economic, structural and policy factors. Economic Factors Economic factors affect both the supply and demand sides of labour. Demand for goods and services stimulate production which, in turn, generates employment. The resulting demand for workers affects the supply side as more workers are attracted to a vibrant labour market. The market never reaches this ideal state of balance due to a number of factors. Business cycles ¾ Agreement among economists is rare, but...

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Distribution Risk Analysis West Africa

 TMGT As a manager in United States distributing soft drinks, asked to prepare risk analyses for distribution in country on west coast of Africa, there are many risks to be outline and discuss considered. Informal arrangements often lead to misinterpretations, so care should be taken with drafting Distribution agreements. The process of crafting and negotiating a contract safeguards agreement on terms of the transaction. Equally important, where something does go wrong, a written agreement will...

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Factors Influencing Buying Behavior

1 Factors Influences Consumer Behaviour Cultural, social and personal factors are always considered to be the major forces influencing consumers’ buying behaviour (Kotler and Keller, 2006). An understanding of such factors helps businesses at tailoring products that meet consumers’ needs and wants. Among important influences on consumer buying behaviour (culture, subculture, and social class) ‘’culture is the fundamental determinant of a person’s wants and behaviour’’ (Kotler and Keller, 2006...

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Why is Africa so under-developed?

Africa is the world’s second largest continent and the second most populated continent behind Asia. Africa is the poorest and the most undeveloped continent in the world, and is commonly referred to as a ‘Third World Continent’. The term ‘Third World’ came around during the Cold War to classify countries/continents that remained self-governing with a capitalist or communist government. This definition allows us to categorise the nations of the world into three groups based on social, political...

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Psychological Factors Influencing Consumer's Attitude to Foreign and Indigenous Products

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER’S ATTITUDE TO FOREIGN AND INDEGENOUS PRODUCTS BY: AYANGBESAN, TOLUWALOPE OLUWAGBENGA MANAGERIAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT - (MMP), UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN, NIGERIA, AFRICA. INTRODUCTION Katz (1960) defines the attitude aspect of consumer behavior as a well established mental set that predisposes a person to evaluate something as favourable or unfavourable. The formation of attitude is generally influenced by factors such as social, cultural and psychological factors. The...

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Explanation of the Population Pyramid Annotation.

Map . 1b) describe an account for variations in density of population within your chosen country (Brazil) Firstly , every country has its own population density. According to(http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/population-density.html) population density means ‘’Measure of the intensity of land use, expressed as number of people per square kilometre or square mile. Also called density of population’’. The World’s population is increasing rapidly and along with that increase...

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Population Density of Major Insect Pest as Influenced by Spatial Arrangement in Pechay

population density of major insect pest as influenced by spatial arrangement in pechay by ABSTRACT Spatial arrangement in pechay production could be used as an strategic pest management. Three different spacing were used to determine the effects of spatial arrangement in the population density of pechay. The spacing were 2.5 x 5 in, 3.5 x 5 in and 5 x 5 in per plant. Collections of insect pests were done starting five days after transplanting and continued every three days until harvest...

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Population/Migration Patterns of Mexico and Botswana

Jonathan Chao 11/15/12 AP Human Geography Period 2/ Ms. Graef Population and Migration Assignment Re-write Botswana, located at 22.9906°S and 25.1557°E, is known to be the most advanced country in Africa, where poverty is common and at its worst. What makes this country covered, with a large wilderness and desert sand, a middle-income nation is its abundance of diamonds. Almost half of its economy is run off the selling of diamonds. It is the world’s number one diamond...

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South Africa

. South Africa Alicia Hudson SOC 315 Professor Norsworthy May 6, 2013 South Africa South Africa, a country on the southern tip of Africa, has an area of 471,442sq mi and a population of 44,188,000. It is predominately a black ethnicity with 76% of the population. Although South Africa is Africa's most developed country, most of the black people - rural and urban - are poor, with low standards of living. South Africa has vital natural resources such as diamonds and gold and is rich in...

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Discuss the development of the Early Iron Age populations of Southern Africa

area. They would also require axes for cutting trees for firewood, and other daily needs. Another use for iron was in ploughing fields. With better implements, the farmers were able to grow more crops. Better crops lead to a larger population. This better fed population was healthier, and so survived and provided labour to grow even more. Crops such as millet, sorghum, legumes and squashes and pumpkins were cultivated. Fields that had been cultivated in the past were used to graze cattle, but it is...

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Factors Influencing Aggression

Factors Influencing Aggression There is not one explanation commonly agreed upon the cause of aggression. Many psychologists have proposed theories to explain aggression, but not all of these are strongly supported by scientific evidence. Most theories are organised into four categories explaining aggression: 1. aggression has a biological basis and is, at least partly, inborn 2. aggressionhas a social basis and occurs as a response to frustration 3. factorsin the environment can trigger aggressive...

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Comparison on High Population Density Between Mumbai, India and Shanghai, China

Shanghai’s Population Density India’s population density. Historical populations | Year | Pop. | ±% | 1953 | 6,204,417 | — | 1964 | 10,816,458 | +74.3% | 1982 | 11,859,748 | +9.6% | 1990 | 13,341,896 | +12.5% | 2000 | 16,407,734 | +23.0% | 2010 | 23,019,148 | +40.3% | Shanghai’s population size may be affected by changes on administrative divisions. | Currently there are about seven billion people living on Earth. Since 72% of the Earth’s surface...

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scramble of africa

What Caused the Scramble for Africa? Why was Africa so rapidly colonized? By Alistair Boddy-Evans Ads: South African Map West Africa US History Timeline Home History Black History Month Ads Meet Kenyan Singleskenyancupid.comFind Your Dream Kenyan Woman. View Profiles. Join Free Now. Find A Foreign Husbandafrointroductions.com/MarriageChat With Men From USA, Europe & Canada. Browse Profiles & Join Free Referred Academic Journalwww.iiste.orgFast Review, Publishing...

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Southern Culture Essays of Review 2. Southern Literature is like none other. Given that the south has gone through many milestones, you can find out all about them just by reading southern literature. Literature in the south focuses on slavery in the south, history of the south, gender roles, religion, and social class. In the South local color tradition is very popular. These are the fiction stories that seem so realistic. This allows local writers in the south to be well supported from the...

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Country Profile on South Africa

Country Profile on South Africa The Republic of South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of the African continent. It borders the countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland. Lesotho is an enclave entirely surrounded by South African territory. South Africa has experienced a significantly different evolution than other nations in Africa arising primarily from two facts: immigration from Europe reached levels not experienced in other African communities and a...

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Lab 03 Normal Distribution

Analysis & Geostatistics Normal Distributions Laboratory Exercise # 3 1st and 5th February, 2015 Read through this instruction sheet then answer the ‘pre-Lab’ quiz BEFORE starting the exercises! 1. Aim The purpose of this laboratory exercise is to use a Normal Distribution to find information about a data population. On successful completion of this exercise, you should be able to Describe what a Normal Distribution is; How the histogram for a whole population looks like; How to find information...

Cumulative distribution function, Normal distribution, Probability density function 1215  Words | 8  Pages

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