• Corporate Culture
    Introduction Corporate culture is the shared values and meanings that members hold in common and that are practiced by an organization's leaders. Corporate culture is a powerful force that affects individuals in very real ways. In this paper I will explain the concept of corporate culture, apply the
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  • Impact of Language on Corporate Culture
    Corporations, like any organization, define and are defined by a shared culture. This culture is created through the use of language first in the creation and implementation of a shared vision articulated in a company mission statement. This vocabulary steers the organization toward what will beco
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  • Corporate Culture and the Indian Software Industry
    CORPORATE CULTURE AND THE INDIAN SOFTWARE INDUSTRY Introduction This article tries to explain the concept of corporate culture in general, its effects on the performance of employees in an organization. It then dwells on the specifics of the Indian software industry and then goes on to find out
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  • Corporate Culture
    Corporate Culture Paper In every walk of life individuals encounter various types of environments or cultures which affect many aspects they are involved in. These cultures are dependent upon the situations and origination of all those impacting the environment. Organizations are also affected b
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  • Enron's Corporate Culture: Doomed for Failure
    Organizational culture can be defined as the system of attitudes, beliefs and values that are collectively expressed in support of organizational structure. Organizational culture is a pattern of shared basic assumptions that dictate the behavior of individuals within an organization. Culture dete
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  • The Impact of Corporate Culture on Company Performance
    388 Business Intelligence Journal August Impact Assessment Of Corporate Culture On Employee Job Performance Olu Ojo Abstract This research study assesses empirically the impact of corporate culture on employee job performance as well as organisational productivity using Nigerian bank
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  • How Corporate Communication Influences Strategy Implementation, Reputation and the Corporate Brand: an Exploratory Qualitative Study Janis Forman Anderson School at Ucla, Los Angeles, Ca Paul A. Argenti Tuck School at
    Corporate Reputation Review Volume 8 Number 3 Top of Mind How Corporate Communication Influences Strategy Implementation, Reputation and the Corporate Brand: An Exploratory Qualitative Study Janis Forman Anderson School at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA Paul A. Argenti Tuck School at Dartmouth, Amos T
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  • Corporate Brand Management: Aligning Core Values, Strategic Vision, Corporate Culture and Image
    CORPORATE BRAND ALIGNMENT 1 Corporate Brand Management: Aligning Core Values, Strategic Vision, Corporate Culture and Image. Abstract Although the importance of corporate brand alignment is generally recognised, only a limited number of tools are available to assess and manage corporate brands
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  • Ethical Behavior in Business
    Ethical Behavior in Business Ethical Behavior in Business Ethical behavior refers to behaviors that are appropriate. Ethical behaviors are based on morals. An ethical behavior is considered the right way to behave. It involves selecting the right from wrong. People have
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  • Ethics Assignment: Are the Actions of People in the Workplace a Consequence of Individual or Organisational Characteristics? What Would Promote Ethical Behavior at Work?
    3. Are the actions of people in the workplace a consequence of individual or organisational characteristics? What would promote ethical behavior at work? Organisations are defined as congregations of people who are in an interdependent and collaborative relationship to accomplish common goals or
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  • Corporate Culture
    HOW ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE SHAPES COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES: A COMPARATIVE CASE STUDY OF TWO ECOMMERCE FIRMS IN CHINA Qiang Ye, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P. R. China, yeqiang@hit.edu.cn Qing Hu, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, qhu@fau.edu Yijun Li, Harbin Institute
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  • The Corporate Culture Survival Guide
    ing a clear understanding of the nitty gritty of culture dynamics, this essential resource is filled with new illustrative case studies that clearly show what successful change looks like and demonstrates how to dismantle an ineffective or dysfunctional culture. “Why [read this] now? It s
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  • Corporate Culture
    An insight into corporate culture & its role in promoting efficiency in a global economy Liandri Boonzaier Matrikel nr: 2585923 Theory of the Firm Porf. Dr. Christian Cordes 1 INDEX 1. Introduction……………………………………………………………………Page 3 2. Important el
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Culture in Vodafone.
    | | |Corporate social responsibility and corporate culture in vodafone Egypt. | |
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  • Corporate Culture
    Abstract In the minds of many management teams, the term “Corporate Culture” is evolved and come to the forefront when discussing marketing, research, organizing, and progress for their respected companies. This essay will identify the usefulness and necessity of a corporate culture to gain orga
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  • Corporate Culture
    Research problem:- For an organization to give its optimum output, the employees should not only be very motivated but also working as a well-functioned and well-oiled machine. The overall objectives as well as the values for daily workings should be very clear. Each employee should have a distin
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  • Ethical Behavior in Business
    January 14, 2013 Ethical Behavior in Business In the business world employers and business owners should know that there is no room to be dishonest, or greedy dealing with a business. In reality people need to be held responsible and accountable for making sure that they are holding up an
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  • Review of Article the Influence of Organitional Culture on Employee Work Behavior
    Summary and review of article The objectives of this research are to examine the influence of organizational culture on employee work behavior. Moreover, there are to explain the influence that organizational culture has on employee work behavior, to formulate recommendations regarding or
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  • Ethical Values at an Organization
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Culture, Ethical Citizenship and Reputation of Financial Institutions in Uganda
    Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational culture, Ethical citizenship and Reputation of financial institutions in Uganda By: David Katamba (B.Com, Marketing) A final dissertation submitted to School of Graduate Studies, Makerere University, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for
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