• Why We Must Conserve Energy ?
    We are progressing in all spheres of life and this constant progress has been rather harmful on our natural resources. It is quite crucial to conserve energy. The conversation isn't only necessary to decrease a variety of kinds of pollution but also to save the resources for the future generation. A
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  • Green Products- a Need of Hour
    Green Products- A Need of Hour Kondawar Deepak G. * Md. Aslam Md. Hussian** * Abstract: - In the last few decades, concern for the environment has increased significantly and, at the same time, people’s values and attitudes towards nature have changed substantially. We think the way we a
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  • Why We Need Sleep
    Daniel Mariscal Persuasive Essay Why We Need Sleep Sleep is a very important aspect of our lives and people rely on it to re-energize them so they can continue onto the next day. Although sleep is thought to conserve energy it actually drains your metabolism by 5-10%. However, sleep is very bene
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  • Water Law and Agriculture: a Need for Change
    Water Use And Agriculture: A Need For Change Day in and day out, many people in the United States wake up to somewhat of a steady routine. They shower, brush their teeth, get dressed, perhaps some breakfast and a cup of coffee before heading to their respective jobs or other daily activities. Wha
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  • Energy Conservation
    Energy Conservation Jason Hogue Environmental Science Rich Dunsheath May 25, 2008   Hello ladies and gentleman as you know with oil and gas prices on the rise, and coal and natural gas being consumed to fast; the conservation of energy is a key element in helping ourselves and the envi
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  • Energy Resource Plan
    Energy Resource Plan Conserving energy is very important for the future of our planet. Most of the energy produced today is being used at very high rates and is the main contributor to most of our pollution problems. It is very important that energy consumption rates are slowed; at least until cle
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  • Environment - Energy Resources
    Part 1 Introduction What is your first thought of energy resources? Is it something that got to do with electricity? First of all, I would say that the energy system is not very sustainable because it can either be sustainable, or not sustainable. The energy resources used by mankind have grown
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  • Energy Resource Plan
    Energy Resource plan Energy is one thing that is important to the environment, but conserving it is far more important for the future of the environment. Energy being used at high rates is one thing that is contributing to our pollution problems. We need to find a way to slow down consumption rat
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  • Energy Conservation Mitigation Plan
    Energy is one of the world’s greatest inventions of all time. We use energy on a daily basis for just about everything. Our way of life is based upon energy and how we use it. We use large amounts of energy for transportation and electricity. Due to the limited supply of resources available to
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  • Energy Conservation
    Final Project: Mitigation Strategies and Solutions Kayla Wilson SCI/275 July 4, 2010 Corey Masuca In today’s world we are faced with many decisions to make. Many of those decisions are about everyday things and are considered to be legitimate issues but at many times are not considered to be a
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  • Energy Resource Plan
    Energy Resource Plan Jennifer J Ross June 20, 2010 Steve Renner SCI/275 The need to conserve what energy resources are available is at an all time high right now. Compared to other countries, the United States carelessly uses energy like there is an endless supply. Experts are realizing no
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  • Energy
    Abstract These days’ industries use huge quantities of energy every moment, to run each machines, and to create heat, light and refrigeration and people base their life-style on the certainty of readily available sources of energy. The future of Climate Change negotiations for a lega
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  • Energy Consumption
    This paper was originally presented as a Boaster at the HCIC 2009 Workshop and subsequently released as a UW tech note #09-02-01. Promoting Energy Efficient Behaviors in the Home through Feedback: The Role of Human-Computer Interaction Jon Froehlich DUB Institute Department of Computer Science
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  • Conserving Energy
    Final Project Conserving Energy SCI275 By: Josey Ollila Axia College Energy Conservation is most important for one obvious reason along with many; we have limited amounts left on our planet. I believe along with many, and will explain why we need to start conserving our current supply of no
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  • Water Energy Crisis
    Water, energy crisis in Pakistan First of all, let us admit that all the problems listed in the title have two things in common: they are made-made; and they are interlinked. Starting on these premises, we proceed direct to the solutions through examples. In December, 2008, when I went to intervi
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  • Energy Plan
    Water Resource Plan Environmental Science/SCI275 Bob Laurent At today’s Home Owners Association meeting, I want to discuss energy conservation and how we can all do our part to help the environment. The question I have for you is why is conservation important? Energy Conservation is importa
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  • Alternative Energy Sources
    Chapter 24 Alternative energy sources E1. Australia and China are both signatories to the Treaty for the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Use the Internet to find out about the purposes of this treaty. AE1. The treaty has three goals. • To stop the spread of nuclear weapons
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  • Energy and the Common Purpose
    TEQS IN BRIEF 1. “Tradable Energy Quotas” (TEQs) is a system to enable nations to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases along with their use of oil, gas and coal, and to ensure fair access to energy for all. There are two reasons why energy-rationing may be needed: 1. Climate change: to r
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  • Acilities Management: Paths of Malaysia to Achieve Energy Sustainability
    ABSTRACT The world is haunted by sky high energy price and uncertain energy supply. With the ever increasing domestic energy demand but limited reserves, Malaysia that has long claim herself as a petroleum producer would become a net importer in less than 20 years. As buildings are among the majo
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