Why We Must Conserve Energy ?

Topics: Conservation, Energy, Renewable resource Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: December 2, 2012
We are progressing in all spheres of life and this constant progress has been rather harmful on our natural resources. It is quite crucial to conserve energy. The conversation isn't only necessary to decrease a variety of kinds of pollution but also to save the resources for the future generation. As a result, we have to conserve energy for the much better future. How will need to we conserve energy? Energy is needed for commercial and non-commercial use. The answer to this question lies in the truth that we have to replace our non-renewable energy resources with renewal ones.

You will discover two types of energy resources:

Non-renewable energy resources: These are the kind of energy resources that can not be produced or used once more. This indicates non-renewal resources perish after single use. The example of such resources are oil, coal etc.

Renewal energy resources: These are the types of energy resources which might be reproduced again. The example of renewal energy resources are wind, solar energy, water etc.

The renewal resources are a much better choice because this energy may be regenerated. This undoubtedly does not mean that we do not have to conserve renewal resources. It really is essential to conserve both types of energy. The solar energy in employed in different industries to run turbines. Within the same manner wind energy is procured from wind mills to generate electricity. We must be aware of the reality that if we don't conserve our non-renewal resources then soon they'll exhaust. If we conserve energy then it would be beneficial to us only. We would secure our future in this manner. If we use renewal resources of energy then we are helping in saving the environment. The energy derived from water, wind and sun don't trigger any pollution. These resources are readily available in abundance in nature. Therefore, they are economical also.

We really should not just practise conservation of energy but we must also educate our kids...
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