Why We Should Save Natural Resources

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Renewable resource, Oxygen Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Why We should save natural resources because if we don’t, life will die out

Have you ever wondered what would happen to the earth if we used all of the natural resources? Is it a possibility that this would happen in the near future? Well, at the current rate of resources being used it might happen.

Renewable resources can Be used more than once. On the other hand non-renewable resources cannot be restored after being used once it’s used. Additionally non-renewable resources are in limited supply and be used once. Examples of these resources are Coal,oil and natural Gasses, they are known to be fossil fuels; They take millions of years to form. They have to be mined or drilled from deposits deep within the earth. And the Reason we should save them is because if we don’t what will we have left for example if we use too much paper we will end up cutting down all the tree’s on earth causing the CO2 level’s to go to high and kill us all. That is why my family save all paper we use and double side our work.

The Future of our economy lies in how much we use natural resources. And according to the Political Economy of Natural Resources “The Development and taking of Resources leads to wars among countries and within countries”(the Political Economy of Natural Resources) And if natural resources Cost more money guess who suffers? The people do, Such as if we use up all our oil the price for a car and it’s maintenance would be very high. And Gail Tverberg believes “If the price of oil goes up the price of everything goes up”

Natural resources don’t only affect the economy but the environment too. Natural resources are found throughout nature. So when we use it up the environment suffers to most. Without forests in certain areas will never have forests again. So by cutting down trees you are basically abusing the earth. And a source states “That forested area are decreasing 1% every year” so basically in about 100 years we will die unless we...
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