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Ctlls Assignments

[pic] ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION AND ASSESSMENT _________________________________________________________________________ OUMM3203 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS (PLEASE EDIT WHERE NECESSARY-THIS IS ONLY SUGGESTIONS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT’S GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS) _________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1. This assignment contains only ONE (1) question that is set in the language of the printed module for the course. 2. Answer in _______ or English...

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PT 1420 Assignment 3

declared but is not set to a definite known value before it is used. Algorithm workbench 3. Write assignment statements that perform the following operations with the variables a, b, and c. a. Adds 2 to a and stores the result in b b. Multiplies b times 4 and stores the result in a c. Divides a by 3.14 and stores the result in b d. Subtracts 8 from b and stores the result in a Assignment statements that perform operations with the variables a, b, and c* (*Actually none of these operations...

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Week 5 Assignments New

PT1420 - Unit 5 Homework and Lab Assignment Unit 5 Assignment 1: Homework 1.) Design an if-then statement that assigns 20 to the variable y and assigns 40 to the variable z if the variable x is greater than 100. (Simple if statement) If x > 100 then Y=20 Z=40 End if 2.) Design an if-then statement that assigns 0 to the variable b and assigns 1 to the variable c if variable a is less than 10. (Simple if statement) 3.) Design an if-then-else statement that assigns 0 to variable...

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“the Traditional International Assignment Is No Longer the Preferred Choice for Multinational Corporations (Mncs) in Staffing Their Global Operations.” Discuss This Statement and Outline and Critique Two Alternatives to Traditional Internatio...

international assignments continue to be important for employers and employees alike. • In particular, the emergence of markets such as China, India and Eastern Europe has had led to an increasing demand for managers with distinctive competences to manage in these countries. (Collings et al, 2006) • However, the context has altered and traditional models do not take into account quick-to-market demand and cost-effective deployment or enable increased cross-border volume for shorter assignment times....

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5 Written Assignment 5 Unit 5001V1 Revision 1

 Chartered Management Institute Approved Centre Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership Written Assessment – 5 Unit 5001V1 Instruction Sheet Assignment: Unit 5001V1 – Personal development as a manager and leader Level: 5 Lecturer: Ian Laing Date of Issue: 13th May 2015 Date Due In: 26th June 2015 Format: Word Document submitted to: ianlaing@ihlassociates.karoo.co.uk ...

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Course Syllabus

church planting in an intercultural context. Develop mission strategies for reaching unreached peoples. Integrate a global missions perspective into his/her Christian life, ministry, and work. GLST 500 Syllabus V. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND ASSIGNMENTS A. B. Textbook readings and lecture presentations Course Requirements Checklist As the first activity in this course, please read the syllabus and Student Expectations. After reading the syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will then complete...

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cis121 chapter 2 and 3

method. d. spaghetti bowl The assignment operator is the ____ sign. d. = The following pseudocode is an example of ____. do stepA do stepB if conditionC is true then do stepD else do stepE endif while conditionF is true do stepG endwhile a. stacking A specific numeric value is often called a(n) ____. a. numeric constant The following pseudocode is an example of a ____ structure. get number while number is positive add to sum get number d. loop In an assignment statment, the part of the statement...

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Explain Various Operator in Java, Also Comment How They Are Different from C++.

basic types. Below is a table summarizing Java operators organized by the type of operation the operator is used for. There are 8 types of operator that is follow :- 1 )- Arithmetic Operators 2)- Logic Operators 3)- Bitwise Operators 4)- Assignment Operators 5)- The Conditional Operators 6)- Increment and decrement operators 7)- Special operator 8)- Relational operator Description of these operators :- Arithmetic Operators The arithmetic operators -, +, * and / can...

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the bear population? I think using a simple ratio equation would work here, let b = bear population = cross multiply 2b = 50*100 2b=5000 divide 2 by 5000 5000 =b 2 b=2500 answer Problem 2 For the second problem in this assignment I am asked to solve this equation for y. The first thing I notice is that it is a single fraction (ratio) on both sides of the equal sign so basically it is a proportion which can be solved by cross multiplying the extremes and means. y-1 = -3...

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The Art of Delegation

often will have multiple tasks to perform. Good managers need to decide which tasks they will perform themselves and which tasks will be delegated to others. When managers delegate assignments they must be aware of the five behaviors used by effective delegators. These behaviors are as follows: 1. Clarify the assignment 2. Specify the employee’s range of discretion 3. Allow employees to participate 4. Inform others that delegation has occurred 5. Establish feedback controls This...

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pt1420 exam review

equal to? >= Which relational operator is used to denote not equal to? != Which relational operator is used to denote less than? < What is the difference between using the relational operator = and the relational operator ==? = is used for assignment and == is used for comparison What is the symbol used to indicate "raised to the x power" in pseudo code? ^ What is the truth table for AND? True AND True = True True AND False = False False AND False = False False AND True = False What...

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Summary of Variables

length of an array is established when the array is created. After creation, its length is fixed. Summary of Operators The following quick reference summarizes the operators supported by the Java programming language. Simple Assignment Operator = Simple assignment operator Arithmetic Operators + Additive operator (also used for String concatenation) - Subtraction operator * Multiplication operator / Division operator % Remainder operator Unary Operators + Unary plus operator; indicates ...

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Mat 222 week 2 paper

 Two Variable Inequalities Kristine Heckman MAT 222 Intermediate Algebra Instructor Leah Murray November 4, 2013 TWO VARIABLE INEQUALITIES For this assignment, I am going to work with two-variable inequalities and demonstrate the practical application of these inequalities. I am going to use a graph that shows the number of TV’s on the left side and the number of refrigerators on the bottom. Of course this would mean that my x axis is the bottom, and...

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Gen 105 Survival Guide

you need it in. In the beginning of each class, the professor provides each student with the course syllabus, in which I consider the course bible. The course syllabus will tell you everything you need to know about completing an assignment and when that assignment is due. A good plan of action for the course syllabus is to print it off and mark through the assignment’s and dates as you turn them in and that will help you to stay organized and have everything turned in on time. Taking classes...

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Excersise 1

------------------------------------------------- Assignment This activity will assist you in the understanding of how output should appear after statements are executed (results) and how to write proper pseudocode, as well as the relationship between pseudocode, flowcharts, and programming language code. 1. Show the result of each pseudocode program. 2. Also rewrite the pseudocode statements or flowchart using Assignment statements. Rubric When completed, compile the following...

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Computer Science Study Guide

a program code that acauses some side effects Two kinds seen so far: Print statement: System.out.println(“Hi”); Variable declaration: double radius = 7.8; If we will need to set the value of a variable after its declaration, we must use an assignment statement. ; Method A sequence of instructions for carrying out a certain task, grouped together and given a name. That name can be used elsewhere in the program as a stand-in for the sequence of instructions. Public static in gcd(int a...

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BSHS 452 Week 2 DQs

Individual Assignment Statement of Needs BSHS 452 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Assessment Process and Needs Problem Statement BSHS 452 Week 3 Individual Assignment Methods Exercise BSHS 452 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Proposal Budget BSHS 452 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Proposal Goals and Objectives BSHS 452 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Program Design and Timeline and Program Evaluation BSHS 452 Week 5 Individual Assignment Grant Review...

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Cost and Overhead

overhead is a committed (fixed) cost during the year, but that direct labor is a variable cost. • Calculate the plant-wide overhead rate. Use this rate to assign overhead costs to products and calculate the profitability of the four products. The assignment spreadsheet provides a starting point for your calculations, with some data and formulas already supplied. Suppose sales in 2001 equal 26,000 units, as budgeted in January, and that actual manufacturing expenses turn out to equal budgeted...

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Programming Control Structures

next. Selection Control It is common that you will need to make a decision about some condition of your program's data to determine whether certain statements should be executed. For example, if you were calculating the slope of a line using the assignment statement, slope ← dy / dx, then you need to make sure that the value of dx is not zero (because division by zero is mathematically undefined and will produce a run-time error). Therefore, the decision you would need to make is, "Is dx zero?" ...

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Os Deadlocks

Operating System Sixth Assignment A) Resource Deadlocks:- Allocated Maximum Available A B C A B C A B C P1 1 2 3 3 2 6 0 3 1 P2 1 2 0 1 4...

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Spelling Assessment and Rti

spelling assessments and being able to identify the errors students make help with recognizing student development and making modifications in curriculum to get the students the assistance they need and move them to the correct reading level. The assignment at hand was completed with a group of second grade students. The students were given the 12 word lists derived from the Qualitative Inventory of Word Knowledge (Morris, 2008). In administering the assessment, I had to begin with the first grade...

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mat222 wk1 solving proportions

 Solving Proportions Joe student MAT 222 Week 1 Assignment Instructor name Current date Solving Proportions Proportions exist in many real-world applications, and in this problem estimating the size of the bear population on the Keweenaw Peninsula. By comparing data from two experiments, conservationists are able to predict patterns of animal increase or decrease. In this situation...

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Organization Behaviour

BeThis assignment is asked to critique a given article “Why It’s So Hard to Be Fair” by Joel Brockner 2006. Before doing the critique let’s see when the feeling of being fairly treated or not has occur? Fairness is needed where there is more than one person involving in a task. When a person is alone and carrying out a task individually all by him/herself for his/her own benefits, that person will not feel any unfairness. This means the feeling of being treated fairly or unfairly is the comparison...

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PATENT ASSIGNMENT This Patent Assignment (the "Agreement") is made and effective the [Date]. BETWEEN: [ASSIGNOR NAME] (the "Assignor"), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the [STATE/PROVINCE], with its head office located at: AND: [ASSIGNEE NAME] (the "Assignee"), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the [STATE/PROVINCE], with its head office located at: WHEREAS, Assignor, has invented a certain new and useful invention (the "Invention")...

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health and care

financial abuse and neglect. Health and safety procedures identify and explain the relation between the practitioners and service user’s relationship. 303 TASK A Below is a free essay on "Assignment 303 Task a" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Assignment 303 Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Ai Diversity It is the understanding that each individual is unique, and recognising our individual...

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200336 Business Academic Skills 2011.1 Essay Instructions (50%)

which should be attached to the back of your assignment. Assessments will not be accepted without the Turnitin Originality Report. Once the 10 minute submission period in the workshop is over, late assignments must be submitted to the School of Marketing’s assignment drop box and late penalties of 10% per day will apply, including the day of the workshop. Note: A penalty of 10% per day will apply to any submissions to the School of Marketing’s assignment drop box irrespective of the time of day. Hard...

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PLF - Program Design

all possible values that it might contain. Some examples are: midterm_score, midterm_scores, data_points, course_name, etc. 2. Put some information into it (destroying whatever was there before). We "put" information into a variable using the assignment operator, e.g., midterm_score = 93; 3. Get a copy of the information out of it (leaving a copy inside) We "get" the information out by simply writing the name of the variable, the computer does the rest for us, e.g., average = (grade_1 + grade_2)...

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Multiplication Propositions

Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Walden University M.S. in Education Program Formative Evaluative Criteria for Applications and Reflective Essays It is expected that all applications and reflective essays will be submitted according to the assignment due dates indicated. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the faculty member if contacted by the student prior to the due date describing extenuating circumstances. Quality of Work SubmittedWork reflects graduate-level critical, analytical...

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Value Added Tax and Total Sales Tax

Unit 3 Assignment 1: Homework Short Answer 5, 6 p. 71 5. What two things must you normally specify in a variable declaration? You must specify the variable type and identifier. 6. What value is stored in uninitialized variables? Some languages assign a default value as 0 to uninitialized variables. In many languages, however, uninitialized variables hold unpredictable values. Algorithm Workbench Review Questions 3-10 p.71 3. Write assignment statements that perform the following operations...

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Week 1 Activity – Pseudocode

(IPO) analysis leading to a flow chart. ------------------------------------------------- Assignment: This activity will assist you in the understanding of how output should appear after statements are executed (results) and how to write proper pseudocode. 1. Show the result of each pseudocode program. 2. Also rewrite the pseudocode statements using Assignment statements. Rubric: When completed compile the following documents together neatly in 1 &amp; 2...

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Geometry formula list

Graded Assignment Unit Test, Part 2: Polynomials and Power Functions Answer the questions and show your work. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher through the appropriate dropbox basket. (3 pts) 1.) Factor 100x^2 – 49 to factor, use the difference of squares formula, because both the terms are perfect squares the difference of squares formula is a^2 – b^2 = (a-b)(a+b) therefore 100x^2 – 49 = (10x)^2 – 7^2 = (10x – 7)(10x +7) (5 pts) 2.) Solve x^2...

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Freemark Abbey Winery Case

Baur Bektemirov BUSF 36106: Assignment 5 Freemark Abbey Winery Assume that under no unusual circumstances (no storm), Jaeger sells 1,000 cases of Riesling. Consider different cases: 1. Jaeger harvests grapes in anticipations of storm. Then the total revenue will be equal to 12×1000×$2.85 = $34200. 2. Jaeger doesn’t harvest and there is no storm with 50% chance. 2.1. With 40% chance, sugar concentration is 25%, then the total revenue is 12 × 1000 × $3.50 = $42000 2.2. With 40% chance, sugar...

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Cis115 Midterm Answers

following statements does NOT have a syntax error? a) x = 4; b) 4 = x; c) x + 2 = 6; d) None of the statements above has syntax error Correct answer: (a). Answers (b) and (c) have syntax errors because the left hand side of an assignment statement must be a variable name but nothing else. 14. int x = 0; int y = 0; cin >> x; if (x < 10 || x > 20) { y = 6; } Which of the following statements is true? a) If the user enters...

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Tulong Dunong Lesson Plan sample

they really understand the lesson. w Make follow up explanations if they didn't have successful results. w Then proceed to giving quiz. w Check the quiz. w let them stand. w Formally end their session. w Make them sit again. ASSIGNMENT Instructions: (Attachment) 1 SOURCES & MATERIALS w WEBSITE: http://home.avvanta.com/~math/def2.cgi?t=equation http://www.math.com/students/worksheet/algebra_sp.htm Equation An equation is a math sentence that says that 2 things...

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Blw 301

owner of Dewey's Home Store. The value of Fresh Food's property will increase after Dewey's store is remodeled. Fresh Food is a. a delegatee. b. an assignee. c. an incidental beneficiary. d. an intended beneficiary. 6. To be enforceable, any assignment covered between the statues of frauds must be in writing TRUE 7. Rescission advances the contracting parties to the position they would have been in if the contract had not been fully executed. FALSE 8. A court may refuse to enforce and exculpatory...

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Up to Now

first draft. Before You Outline Planning / Outlining is Step #5 of The Writing Process1. This is the last step before you begin to write your essay. As you develop your outline, keep in mind the length of the assignment. How many words / pages do you have to produce for this writing assignment? Although you may have many great ideas, it is in your outline where you decide how many ideas you will develop in your essay and which ones will be a priority. For example, if you have been assigned a 1,000...

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Equals Sign and Expo Class Method

than, Less than, Greater than or equal to, and Less than or equal to. 33. Java does not use “=” to test for equality. What does it use instead? Because that is an equality operator ( =) not the assignment operator (==). 34. What kind of operator is “=”? assignment operator ...

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Accountancy 2258

Written Macro Assignment Solutions True/False Questions. Read each statement carefully, and neatly write the word TRUE on the line next to the statement if you believe the statement is true, or neatly write the word FALSE on the line next to the statement if you believe the statement is false. FALSE 1. Do…Loops are used in macros to repeat lines of code a specified number of times. TRUE 2. The area where macro code is displayed in Visual Basic is called the Code Window...

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Effective Delegation

Delegation is only effective when the responsibilities empowered to the individual are clearly stated and delineated. Victor Lipman said it perfectly, “while those executing an assignment have the responsibility to deliver a professional product, those making the assignment have the responsibility to ensure that the assignment is, as an old editor of mine used to put it, “clear as a mountain crick: (2013, para.2). Communication needs to be clear and the delegator needs to make sure the employee understands...

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Quantitative Techniques (Assignment Method)

Hard Copy ASSIGNMENT METHOD The assignment problem is one of the fundamental combinatorial optimization problems in the branch of optimization or operations research in mathematics. It consists of finding a maximum weight matching in a weighted bipartite graph. In its most general form, the problem is as follows: There are a number of agents and a number of tasks. Any agent can be assigned to perform any task, incurring some cost that may vary depending on the agent-task assignment. It is required...

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Gender Assignment Surgery at Birth

parents made an important decision for them and maybe they didn’t want to be what they had chosen for them. Their parents should have waited till they were old enough to make a decision for themselves and let them decide. I disagree with gender assignment surgery at birth. I think it should be done later so that the child can decide. If I ever had a child with intersexed condition I would not go for early surgery. I would wait for my child to make this decision for his or her self. I do not want...

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ACC 455 Week 4 Individual Assignment Problem Set

ACC 455 Week 4 Individual Assignment Problem Set includes solution of these exercises: 1. C:6-8 2. C:4-34 3. C:4-36 Business - Accounting ACC 455 Week 1 Individual Assignment Tax Return Position Paper ACC 455 Week 2 Individual Assignment Week Two Problem Set ACC 455 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Week Three Problem Set ACC 455 Week 4 Individual Assignment Week Four Problem Set ACC 455 Week 4 Team Assignment Week Four Tax Return Ch. 3...

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Week 2 Assignment

 Week 2 Assignment Yasir Shakoor Intermediate Algebra MAT222 Professor Perez 09/01/2014 For our Week 2 assignment, in Intermediate Algebra, we were asked to solve the problem number 68 on page 539 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. aside from completing the problem, we were also asked to write a two to three page paper while including the five given vocabulary words for the week. Please see the problem below: Shipping restrictions. The accompanying graph shows all of...

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Week One Assignment

Running head: WEEK 1 Week One Assignment Patrick Cain Mat222: Intermediate Algebra Joseph Oslakovic August 27, 2012 Week One Assignment I will set up two ratios and show an appropriate variable and write the equation. First problem is: Bear population. To estimate the size of the bear population on the Keweenaw Peninsula, conservationists captured, tagged, and released 50 bears. One year later, a random sample of 100 bears included only 2 tagged bears...

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Mat 222 Week 1 Assignment

Solving Proportions Tara Lint MAT 222 Week 1 Assignment Instructor: James Segala August 18, 2013 Solving Proportions Proportions exist in the real world. For example, in finding out the price of a unit, or the population of a specific species. The first problem that we are working with states that “. Bear population. To estimate the size of the bear population on the Keweenaw Peninsula, conservationists captured, tagged, and released 50 bears. One year later, a random sample of 100 bears...

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Plagiarism: Citation and Students

2005; Brimble and Stevenson-Clarke, 2005; de Lambert et al., 2006; McGowan, 2005; Scanlan, 2003; Wilhoit, 1994). This problem has been exacerbated in recent years as students increasingly utilise material from internet-based sources within assignments (see, for example, Allan et al., 2005; Szabo and Underwood, 2004). Studies have shown that students do not perceive the same principles of ownership applying to webbased sources as conventional published materials (Baruchson-Arbib and Yaari,...

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Occupational Safety and Health

Assessments ................................................................................................................ 10 Frequently asked questions ......................................................................................... 12 Assignments ................................................................................................................. 14 Please note / important note: <insert content> 2 OHS101S/101 1. Introduction and welcome We are pleased to welcome you to this...

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Progress Report

communicated well from the last session. Last session, the client’s problem was about how stressed she was when it comes to prioritizing things. So I decided to give her an assignment. Her assignment’s purpose is to let her be aware on the things that are very important and the things that needed to be done. So her assignment is the “time audit” where she will list all her activities and also list all the things that she should prioritized first. After listing all her activities I also requested...

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External and Internal Factors - Part 3 - Delegation

External and Internal Factors - part 3 - Delegation External and Internal Factors - part 3 - Delegation Delegation is the assignment of authority and responsibility to a subordinate at a lower level (Bateman &amp; Snell, 2009). Delegation is an important role of a manager and if well executed may bring several benefits to the complete organization and its employees in all levels such as people development, positive teamwork environment, and efficient time utilization just to mention few examples...

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642616446 597183

ASSIGNMENT DRIVE PROGRAM SEMESTER SUBJECT CODE & NAME BK ID CREDITS MARKS WINTER 2014 MBA/ MBADS/ MBAFLEX/ MBAHCSN3/ PGDBAN2 II MB0048 OPERATIONS RESEARCH B1631 4 60 Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme. Questions Q.No 1 Marks Total Marks Explain the types of Operations Research Models. Briefly explain the phases of Operations Research. 2 Meaning of Operations Research...

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ACC 349 Week 2 Team

Business ACC 349 Week 1 Individual Assignment Ch. 1 Ethics Case BYP 1-7 and Exercise E1-7 ACC 349 Week 2 Individual Assignments Ch. 2 3 ACC 349 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Problems Ch. 2 3 ACC 349 Week 2 Learning Team Case Study Ch. 2 ACC 349 Week 3 Article Analysis Summary ACC 349 Week 3 Individual Assignment Ch. 4 ACC 349 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Case Study Ch. 4 ACC 349 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Problems Ch. 4\ ACC 349...

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Answers of Review Questions - 2 Chapter: Java Programming Book by Joyce Farrell

the following is not a primitive data type in Java? D. sector 3. Which of the following element is not required in variable declaration? C. an assigned vale 4. The assignment operator in Java is A. = 5. Assuming you have declared shoeSize to be a variable of type int, which of the following is a valid assignment statement in Java? A. shoeSize = 9; 6. Which of the following data types can store a value in the least amount of memory? D. byte 7. A boolean variable can hold D. the...

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ACC 349 Entire Course

ACC-349-E5-5.1.xls ACC-349-E5-5Answer.1.xls ACC-349-E6-5-Answer.1.xls ACC-349-Final-Exam.pdf ACC-349-week 1 assignment Ch-3-Q2-3.1.doc ACC-349-week 1 assignment-E2-6.1.doc ACC-349-week 1 assignment-E2-9.1.doc ACC-349-week 1 assignment-E2-9.1.xls ACC-349-week 1 assignment-E3-5.1.xls ACC-349-week 1 assignment-E3-9-Memo.1.doc ACC-349-week 1 assignment-E3-9.1.doc ACC-349-week 2 deliverables-chapter-4.xls ACC-349-week 2 deliverables-E4-10.1.doc ACC-349-week 2 deliverables-E4-11-answer...

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Ilm Leadership

ASSIGNMENT TASK for Unit: Delegating authority in the workplace Centre Number:|Centre Name:| Learner Registration No:|Learner Name:| TASKThe purpose of this unit is to enable learners to delegate work effectively and empower others. note:An ILM Assessment Task provides an opportunity to relate your learning directly to your current organisation. It is recommended that you discuss the assignment with your line manager to explore and agree how the task could be used to support the needs of your...

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develops while determining an initial assignment via any one of the initial assignment methods Get fully solved assignment, plz drop a mail with your sub code computeroperator4@gmail.com Charges rs 125/subject and rs 700/semester only. our website is www.smuassignment.in if urgent then call us on 08791490301, 08273413412 Q4. a. Explain the steps in Hungarian method. Differentiate between Transportation and Assignment problem. b. Find the optimal assignment of four job jobs and four machines...

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Counter Controlled Loops and While Loops

08/12/2014 Unit 8 Research Assignment 1: Exploring the Difference between Using Count-Controlled Loops and While Loops Count-controlled: control variable (or loop counter) initial value of the control variable increment (or decrement) by which the control variable is modified each iteration through the loop condition that tests for the final value of the control variable A count-controlled repetition will exit after running a certain number of times. The count is kept in a variable called...

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portfolio entry 3

 SBLE 2103 PROCESS WRITING ASSIGNMENT: PORTFOLIO (ENTRY 3) NAME: LEONG HUI SHAN STUDENT ID: 219884 GROUP: D7 INSTRUCTOR: ROHIDA BT YAHYA SUBMISSION DATE: 20/10/2013 i. Cohesive Devices A Bad Journey It was a day of disappointments. And being an optimist I did not attach much importance to bad omens. First of all the auto I hired to the railway station rattled noisily and emitted more smoke than an ordinary vehicle can. But I had limited time at my disposal, so I decided to travel by it...

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Counseling 101

completion of the basic skills/intake self evaluation forms completed during intensive week. (Program outcome 1) 7. Course Requirements and Assignments: Course assignments are described below, along with the course learning outcomes each assignment meets. A summary table ends this section connecting each assignment with the course and program learning outcomes addressed. A. Pre-class quizzes on the Thomas/Sosin text are due by Sunday night before Intensive Week ...

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Getting Started With . . . Assignments Student View Release 9.1 Service Pack 8 Click assignment link Assignment Information Points Possible and View Rubric Assignment Files Submission, Attach File, and Comments In the course area, click the assignment link to access the Upload Assignment page. Review the instructions and the date the assignment needs to be submitted by. View how much the assignment is worth and a scoring rubric, if made available by the instructor. Download one or more...

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Transportation Model

of specialized algorithms to solve network problems Types of Network Problems Shortest Path Special case: Project Management with PERT/CPM Minimum Spanning Tree Maximum Flow/Minimum Cut Minimum Cost Flow Special case: Transportation and Assignment Problems Set Covering/Partitioning Traveling Salesperson Facility Location and many more The Transportation Problem The Transportation Problem The problem of finding the minimum-cost distribution of a given commodity from a group of supply...

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