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The Confederate Flag of the CSS Virginia: The Stars and Bars were the first official flag of the Confederacy. Although a striking likeness is shared between this flag and to the Union’s “Stars and Stripes,” the symbols are representations of two nations at war; two very different places and mindsets. The Confederate Stars and Bars were flown from March, 1861, to May, 1863 and throughout that time this flag would gain stars at the same rate that the confederacy gained states into their union,...

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enemy's wooden vessels. The first of these Confederate "Ironclads" was constructed upon the burned-out hull of the USS Merrimac left behind by Union forces when they abandoned the Newport, Virginia shipyards early in the war. Although christened the CSS Virginia by the Confederates, the new ship has retained its original name following the tradition of naming a ship after the name of its hull. At noon March 8, 1862, workmen completed the final touches of the Merrimac's construction and the cumbersome...

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the bottom of the bay. The USS Minnesota remained fixed, where it had run aground the day before. The Union blockade at Hampton Roads suffered a devastating defeat the previous day. The destruction came at the hands of the Confederate ironclad, the CSS Virginia. The Virginia’s iron armor proved too strong for the Union’s cannons to penetrate. The Cumberland and Congress’ shells fell helplessly into the bay, as the Virginia sunk the Union vessels. The Minnesota ran aground as it retreated to the safety...

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The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel: An Overview

named after the two ironclad warships, which engaged in the Battle of Hampton Roads that took place in 1862, during the Civil War. This battle was fought between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia. The later ship was rebuilt from the wreck of the USS Merrimack. The USS Merrimack was commissioned by the Confederacy as CSS Virginia. But even after she was rebuilt, the Union wanted to continue to call her by her original name, Merrimack. Because the Union won the Civil War, US history records the Union...

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The Ironclads: Gunboats Deliver the Mississippi and the Civil War

American Civil War were ocean-based ironclads. There were three main ocean battles in the Civil War: Hampton Roads, New Orleans, and Mobile Bay. At Hampton Roads, the first battle between two ironclads took place. The USS Monitor fought against the CSS Virginia. The Virginia had once been the USS Merrimac, which was abandoned in Norfolk at the beginning of the war by fleeing Union forces. The Confederate Navy bolted iron plates to her, and she destroyed many Union wooden ships near the mouth of the...

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Battle of Hampton Roads

hours and those present on surrounding shores witnessed history when, for the first time, two ironclad ships entered into battle. The Confederates, protecting their naval yard just south of Hampton Roads, decided to place their undefeatable ship, the CSS Virginia, at the mouth of the river. On the first day of battle this ship was responsible for the death of 400 hundred sailors while only losing two of its own. On the second day, hearing the booms of heavy cannon fire up river the USS Monitor, on a...

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Quiz Questions on Css

CSS QUIZ (paper2) 1. CSS can be defined for entire sites by simply writing the CSS definitions where ? a) Plain Text document b) Head section of each page c) Body section of each page d) none 2. Netscape and Internet Explorer supports CSS in which way ? a) Exact same, since CSS is a cross browser standard by W3C b) Very different on older browsers, closer to the same on newer c) Completely different, nothing is cross browser safe. d) none 3. In CSS, you have the following...

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Cascading Style Sheet (Css)

the total appearance of the whole website. To specify the form styles of the web pages. Introduction What is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets Styles define how to display HTML elements Styles are normally stored in Style Sheets Styles were added to HTML 4.0 to solve a problem External Style Sheets can save you a lot of work External Style Sheets are stored in CSS files Multiple style definitions will cascade into one Style Sheets Can Save a Lot of Work Styles sheets define...

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Css 422 Week 2

Individual Assignment: Design Patterns CSS/422 University of Phoenix Design Patterns: Introduction There are many design patterns available for the development of enterprise software. The design patterns discussed in this paper will include Data Access Object (DOA), dispatcher, factory method, abstract factory method, and model-view-controller (MVC). All five of these design patterns are compared and contrasted in this paper. Data Access Object (DAO) The data access object (DAO) software...

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epilog. "?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSS Section /*CSS File for Week 3*/ /*By:*/ /*WEB431*/ /*Hani Al-Dayaa*/ pdfsections { background-color: #ffffff; /*declaring background color*/ width: 100%; } sectiontitle /*Setting Section Heading to 32 point font and in Blue and beginning the margin...

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Introduction to Css

CSS Introduction « Previous Next Chapter » What You Should Already Know Before you continue you should have a basic understanding of the following: * HTML / XHTML If you want to study these subjects first, find the tutorials on our Home page. What is CSS? * CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets * Styles define how to display HTML elements * Styles were added to HTML 4.0 to solve a problem * External Style Sheets can save a lot of work * External Style Sheets are...

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Html Css

Student Course Registration System REQUIREMENTS REPORT CENG XXX Fall 2001 October xx, 20XX Ayşe Güzel Mehmet Güçlü Computer Engineering Department Middle East Technical University Student Course Registration System Requirements Analysis Report date 1. Introduction –1.1 Purpose of this Document –1.2 Scope of this Document –1.3 Overview –1.4 Business Content 2. General Description –2.1 Product Functions –2.2 Similar System(s) Information –2.3 User Characteristics ...

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CSS Description Types

CSS Description Types paper The three types of CSS are internal (embedded) styles, inline styles, and external styles. Internal Styles are placed inside the section of a particular web page via the style tag. These styles can be used only for the web page in which they are embedded; therefore, you would need to create these styles over and over again for each web page you wish to style. PROS: All CSS is in one place in the web page: in in the . Good to use when one page has different...

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CSS 422 Week 2 Individual Assignment De

 Individual Assignment: Design Patterns CSS/422 Design Patterns: Introduction There are lots of design styles readily available for the creation of company software program. The design styles talked about in this report will include Data Access Object (DOA), dispatcher, plant technique, abstract factory method, as well as model-view-controller (MVC). All 5 of these design styles are evaluated as well as compared in this report. Data Access Object (DAO) The data access object (DAO)...

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Sorniel M. Davila Professor Bonnie Jones CIS292 – Digital Media Design 11/18/14 HTML, XHTML & CSS Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the main markup language for creating web pages. Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is HTML written Extensible Markup Language (XML). According to W3Schools, XML is designed to transport and store data (W3Schools). Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple mechanism for adding style (e.g., fonts, colors, and spacing) to Web documents. HTML has been updated...

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Css Description Types

Running head: CSS DESCRIPTION TYPES CSS Description Types CSS Description Types Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language that is used to create one or more documents that control the appearance of some or all the pages at your Web site (Bojack, 2007). CSS styles have three categories: external, embedded, and inline. Each of these categories has its own pros and cons to using them. Each one is chosen to use based on the circumstance of what you are trying...

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Web Development Css

CSS (CASCADING STYLE SHEET) What is CSS? * CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets * Styles define how to display HTML elements * Styles were added to HTML 4.0 to solve a problem * External Style Sheets can save a lot of work * External Style Sheets are stored in CSS files HTML was never intended to contain tags for formatting a document. HTML was intended to define the content of a document, like: This is a heading This is a paragraph. When tags like , and color attributes were added to...

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Css Essays

MIPLC LL.M. Program: Application for Admission Academic Year 2012/13 Please print and sign this form. Further instructions are enclosed with this form. 1. Personal Data Family Name: Given Name: Academic or Professional Titles: Date of Birth: City, Country of Birth: Gender: Navid Iqbal Navid Iqbal Graduate 10.01.1985 Timergara, Pakistan Male 2. Citizenship and Visa Status Citizenship: Additional Citizenships: Visa Status: Pakistani I will require a visa and have read the information provided...

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Lecture 02 HTML And CSS Basics

Lecture 2 HTML and CSS Basics SE-805 Web 2.0 Programming (supported by Google) http://my.ss.sysu.edu.cn/courses/web2.0/ School of Software, Sun Yat-sen University Outline     Web 2.0 Programming – HTML and CSS Basics Basic HTML Web Standards Basic CSS Thinking… June 30, 2010 2 / 49 Web 2.0 Programming – HTML and CSS Basics Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)       1993: Initial official proposed description of HTML submitted to the IETF standards group. 1995: HTML 2 becomes...

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CSS-cyclic steam stimulation

Use of Cyclic Steam Stimulation technique for Enhanced Oil Recovery Cyclic Steam Stimulation(CSS), also known as the steam huff and puff, steam soak, or cyclic steam injection is a process in which a combination of directional and horizontal wells are used to inject high pressure steam into the Clearwater Formation, which warms the bitumen oil viscosities(100-10,000 cp) at reservoir temperature and lowers its viscosity thereby permitting it to flow into the well bore. . Figure 1 shows a typical...

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W3schools Learn HTML And CSS

Learn HTML and CSS with w3schools Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. 111 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774 www.wiley.com Copyright © 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana Published simultaneously in Canada ISBN: 978-0-470-61195-1 LOC/CIP: 2010924594 Manufactured in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording...

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It275 Checkpoint Css Description Types

Checkpoint - CSS Description Types . Cascading styles sheets are a language used most commonly to separate the document content of an HTML or XHTML file from the presentation. This allows you to separate such things as the layout, colors, fonts and more from the main HTML file or change the attributes within the file. There are three types of styles when it comes to CSS. The first of the three styles would be inline styles. Next would be embedded styles and last would be external...

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Unit 6 Assignment 1: CSS Properties

Unit 6 Assignment 1: CSS Properties 1. What is the box model area between the content and the border called? _Padding_____________ 2. What is the box model area between the padding and the margin called? _____BORDER_________ 3. What CSS property configures text font typefaces? __FONT-FAMILY___ 4. What CSS property configures if and how an element is displayed? __DISPLAY__ 5. What is the default browser flow as it renders XHTML elements? _NORMAL FLOW 6. Use __RELATIVE____ positioning...

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HTML CSS The Complete Reference Fift

HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition About the Author Thomas A. Powell (tpowell@pint.com) is a long-time industry veteran. After an early stint at CERFnet in the early ‘90s, he founded Powell Internet Consulting (later renamed PINT) in 1994, a Web design and consulting services firm. Today, PINT (pint.com) provides Web development, design, and consulting services to large and small corporations all over the United States in a variety of industries. Beyond his involvement at PINT...

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An Mei-Use of Css by Chinese Efl Learners

Language Technology Laboratory, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Pathumyani, Thailand Abstract This present study reports on an investigation into the CSs used by College English students (or non-English major students) in China. These students are a large group who are studying English and need to use CSs to facilitate their communication because they do not have sufficient exposure to English in daily life. All of the subjects are first-year bachelor students from Arts and...

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Css: Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Style Sheets  CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) offer a way of keeping content and design elements separate.  This separation allows us to include more meaningful content on each page 12/2/2010 University of the Punjab 1 Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets  Briefly, the main advantages for any business that embraces CSS:  Ease of Maintenance  More Search Engine Visibility  Accessibility  Uniformity 12/2/2010 University of the Punjab 2 What is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading...

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Every Day Science for Css

PMS/CSS Everyday Science Compiled by: Engr. Syed Muhammad Umer www.css.theazkp.com info@css.theazkp.com Ph: +923336042057 It’s just an effort to merge all relevant data of Everyday Science in a single document, which will be used in the preparation of Competitive Examinations like PMS/CSS and other such exams. The primarily source of these information is mainly from internet. PMS/CSS Notes Contents Topic 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21...

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History of Html/Css Study Guide

* Accessibility * What are the W3 Standards? * HTML 5 - – HyperText Markup Language * HTML 4.01 – HyperText Markup Language * XML 1.0 – Extensible Markup Language * XHTML 1.0, 1.1, and Modularization * CSS – Cascading Style Sheets * DOM 1 – Document Object Model Level 1 Anatomy of a Webpage * DOCTYPE * Xml namespace—an attribute of the html tag, helps clarify confusion around tags with the same name * <html xmlns=http://www.w3...

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css english composition 2013

 ENGLISH COMPOSITION CSS 2013 PART I - COMPULSORY Q.1 Choose the word that is near most similar in meaning to the Capitalized words. (1 Mark each) (20) 1. BRISTLE: a) Regulate  b) Flare up  c) Frail  d) Exhilarate  e) None of These 2. DELUGE a). Immerse  b) Rescue  c) Drown  d) Overflow  e) None of These 3. TIRADE a) Argument  b) Procession  c) Angry Speech  d) Torture  e) None of These 4. QUASI a) Secret  b) Improper  c) Seeming  d) Whole  e) None of These ...

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CSS 422 Week 5 Final Software Architecture

This file comprises CSS 422 Week 5 Final Presentation Software Architecture Computer Science - General Computer Science Learning Team Software Architecture Project Finalize and submit the graphical presentation of the software architecture for Riordan Manufacturing. Set time aside each day for studying. College life presents many distractions, but academic success should be your foremost priority. Promise yourself at least one complete study hour each day...

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Red Ball Pizza CSS and HTML

Red Ball Pizza • 811 Beach Drive • Ormond Beach, FL 32175 • (386) 555 - 7499 ------- /* New Perspectives on HTML and CSS Tutorial 4 Case Problem 2 Pizza Style Sheet Author: Date: Filename: pizza.css Supporting Files: */ /* Set the defaults */ body, header, section, aside, footer, nav { display: block; } * { padding: 0px; margin: 0px; } /*...

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CSS 422 Week 3 Individual Assignment NET vs. Java

This paperwork of CSS 422 Week 3 Discussion Questions and Summary shows the solutions to the following problems: DQ 1: Based on Kruchten et al. (2009), how is a decision view different from an architectural view? Would a decision view lead to higher quality software? Why or why not? DQ 2: What are API's? What is the relevance of an API to the architecture of a software product? How should the API support this architecture? Computer Science - General Computer Science CSS 422 Week 2 Individual...

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CSS 422 Week 4 WAPWML Architecture vs. J2ME Architecture

This archive file contains CSS 422 Week 4 WAP/WML Architecture vs. J2ME Architecture Computer Science - General Computer Science Prepare a 3-4 page paper comparing and contrasting Wireless Application Protocol/ Wireless Markup Language (WAP/WML) and Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) architectures. Set yourself up for success in college by taking your habits and ideas into consideration. For example, think about whether you are a morning person or an afternoon person. If you aren't...

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Css Notes

Chapter 7 Inflation The global economy experienced significant financial crises in 2007-08. The financial crisis emanated in subprime mortgage loan portfolio and shocked the confidence of the international institutions and markets which in turn badly deteriorated the economic development and balance of payments across the world. In the developing countries, the crisis was seen at the time when they were already experiencing severe terms of trade and slower economic growth. The financial meltdown...

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Ptcl Css

PTCL Corporate Customer Care Centers (CCC)   | Name of CCC | Address | Contact | Email | | | Islamabad (ISB) CCC  | PTCL Exchange Nazim-Ud-Din Road F-8, Islamabad | Junaid Khan051-2855575051-111 20 20 20 | juniad.khan@ptcl.net.pk | | | Lahore  CCC | 26-A Civic Center Barkat Market Garden Town Lahore | Khurram Shahzad 042-111-20-20-20 042-5888105 | KShahzad@ptcl.net.pk | | | Karachi (KHI) CCC | Hatim Alvi Road, Behind Telephone  Exchange Clifton KHI | Wajid Ali Bhayo 021-111-20-20-20 ...

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HSA 300 Week 6 Quiz 4

possibility for formal CSS affiliation would be: Answer Selected Answer:    an affiliation that offers long-term performance closest to benchmark. Correct Answer:    an affiliation that offers long-term performance closest to benchmark. Question 2 2 out of 2 points Market share is a measure of which operational dimension for the CSS? Answer Selected Answer:    Demand. Correct Answer:    Demand. Question 3 2 out of 2 points What is one tactic that can be used to improve CSS performance...

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Client Side Customization of Web Pages: Assignment

 Grading Internally Verified BTEC Extended Diploma in ICT UNIT/ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Unit 20 - Client Side Customisation of Web Pages / Assignment 1 (Features of CSS) LECTURER/ASSESSOR: Ronnie Ioannou ISSUE DATE: 10/10/14 FINAL SUBMISSION DATE: 30/10/14 DATE HANDED IN DATE RETURNED Assignment approved for distribution INTERNAL VERIFIER SIGNATURE: ...

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Rh Bill

nation. This research intend to determine the “Perception of the CSS students of Western Mindanao State University in Zamboanga City on the implementation of the RH law.” This is important because as CSS students, they should be familiar, aware and participative with the current issues that our nation is facing. Also, since it is the most talked-about then it is just and proper to know the perceptions of selected students of the CSS of Western Mindanao State University. 1.2 Conceptual Framework...

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The Structure of a Website

What advantages do Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have when creating Web pages?CSS stands for "cascading style sheets". A single CSS file can contain positioning, layout, font, colors and style information for an entire web site. The file can be referenced by each html file on the site. CSS is a means of separating the content of an html document from the style and layout of that document. It's useful to be able to do this for a number of reasons. CSS makes it very easy to change the style of a document...

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week 4 homework

budgets recommends final budget to the board. Chapter 8 1. Explain why the organizational structure recommended in Exhibit 8.5 (p. 272) has explicit CSS Managers and a clear link to an “HCO Manager.” All of these managers are expected to be responsive. As a result, each function can generate issues for the HCO manager. How would the manager respond? The CSS team has accountabilities to its patients, its customers and the HCO. Most small CSSs are employed by the HCO. The HCO manager’s focus is on the...

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Software Name: Hotel Management System Defined with Inntegrity

| |CSS has been developing Hospitality Management Systems for three decades.  In the seventies, CSS was approached by key people in | |Hotel Management.  They asked us to write Hotel Software Applications to their specifications for Accounting and Front Office | |operations.  We Did; and it was the beginning of the CSS Solution. | |CSS has done it again - with Inntegrity™.  Written in...

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css challan form

Date Received payment Rs. (in words) Rupees For Bank use only /- only) Signature Treasury Officer/ Bank Officer With Stamp Date (in words) Rupees Received payment Rs. -R only) For Bank use only /- only) Signature Treasury Officer/ Bank Officer With Stamp Date Received payment Rs. (in words) Rupees -R only) For Bank use only /- only) (in words) Rupees Signature Treasury Officer/ Bank Officer With Stamp Date Received payment...

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Journalism Notes For Css

This is a system in which every individual owns the enterprises or business organizations equally i.e. equal subsidy for each individual. Socialism emphasis on equal distribution of the wealth In the hands of public. No private individual has share in capital assets of the enterprise. It is the state which holds it for the benefits of the public. Currently, steel mill is owned by the state, hence it is in a system of Communism or Marxian It is a system based on theory of Karl Marx It regards violence...

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How to read newspaper

How to read Newspaper for CSS Beginners should read it... As we know that CSS candidate has to manage 12 subjects and he has limited time. Newspaper plays key role in CSS preparation for instance It helps in preparation of current affairs paper directly It helps acquiring material for Essay ( for essays on current issues only) It helps you in many ways indirectly for English Composition It helps build your opinion It helps acquiring facts and figures and updated knowledge for many of optional...

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joom boot codes

<title>Colegio de Dagupan-Home</title> <!-- Bootstrap Core CSS --> <link href="css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> <!-- Custom CSS --> <link href="css/business-casual.css" rel="stylesheet"> <!-- Fonts --> <link href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300italic,400italic,600italic,700italic,800italic,400,300,600,700,800" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <link href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Slab:100,300,400,600,700,100italic,300italic...

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Strategic Competence

the definitions coined by those interested in the study of the term. Then we will have a look into the types and classifications of communication strategies (CSs) given by researchers. The last part of this review is devoted to pedagogical implications. This part includes the significance of teaching CSs, factors affecting students' choice of CSs and finally strategy training activities. i. Background of the Term "Communication Strategy" a. Development of the term: Dörnyei and Scott (1997) in their...

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as .com and .edu) These letters are called the _______. They indicate the type of organization or the country where the host server is located. a) DNS b) RFP c) TLD d) URL 5 On a link statement to an external CSS file, which keyword is used after the media attribute to indicate that the CSS file should be used when the web page will be viewed on a computer screen or monitor? a) display b) monitor c) print d) screen 6. Given: http://web.gccaz.edu/~timgo00001/cis133/ The second section showing...

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Module 7 Check Your Understanding

need a consistent style that can be easily updated, __________ is a good choice. a. DHTML b. CSS c. XML d. both a and c 2. An external style sheet must be saved as a(n) __________ file. a. .html b. .xml c. .ext d. .css 3. A(n) __________ statement must be inserted into all Web pages in which you want to use an external style sheet. a. index b. connect c. link d. attach 4. All of the following are types of CSS, EXCEPT: a. embedded. b. inline. c. dynamic. d. external. 5. A __________ is a rule that...

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Html Tutorial

2. Web page design with HTML and CSS 2.1. Designing HTML documents ©2007, University of Colombo School of Computing 1 Main Reading • Steven M. Schafer (2005), HTML, CSS, JavaScript® , Perl, Python®, and PHP Web Standards Programmer's Reference, ISBN: 81-265-0620-2, Wiley Publishing Inc., USA (Indian Edition) ©2007, University of Colombo School of Computing 2 What is HTML? • HTML was invented in 1990 by a scientist called Tim Berners-Lee. • The purpose was to make it...

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The Impact of Open Source Software on the Strategic Choices of Firms Developing Proprietary Software

in quality comparing to CSS(Closed source software).Author states “Would a firm producing CSS produce higher-quality software when it faces competition from an OSS than when there is no OSS in its market? Would there be a change in the firm's response if the CSS faced competition from another CSS in addition to competition from the OSS? We show that the firm produces lower-quality CSS when it faces competition from an OSS than when it does not. Also, the quality of the CSS decreases as the quality...

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why oky

 Lab Quiz # 1 (JavaScript and CSS) Instructions Please go through the instructions very carefully. Submit the same document by renaming it with your roll number In case of cheating, -3 abs would be awarded in lab Write answer below each question e.g. “option A” Exercise 1 JavaScript Section 1. How do you call a function named "myFunction"? A. call function myFunction B. call myFunction() C. myFunction() Option: C 2. What would be output of alert? var _$te$t2; ...

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Chase Cardmember Services at the Dawn of the 21st Century

the card-issuer and the branded company. For example, issuing the Shell card made customers already partial towards Shell gasoline even more incentivized to buy from them, since CSS promised rewards like rebates on purchases of Shell products. Shell would get the benefit of exclusive business from Shell cardholders, while CSS would now be preferred as the card of choice for loyal customers of Shell. The problem with this strategy is that it tended to appeal to the less profitable customers. Customers...

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Dr Br Ambedkar

http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /&gt; &lt;title&gt;Vidya Bal Bhawan Sr. Sec. School , Delhi-96&lt;/title&gt; &lt;link rel="stylesheet" href="script/style.css" type="text/css" media="screen" /&gt; &lt;link rel="stylesheet" href="script/prettyPhoto.css" type="text/css" media="screen" /&gt; &lt;script type='text/javascript' src='script/jquery.js'&gt;&lt;/script&gt; &lt;script src="script/jquery.prettyPhoto.js" type="text/javascript"&gt;&lt;/script&gt; &lt;script type='text/javascript'...

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College Education

Resources & Credit ............................................................................................................................. 9 Introduction Thank you so much for purchasing this file called (College Education). This is an HTML AND CSS template. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or problem about this file. No guarantees, but we will do our best to provide you with the best possible assistance. Alternatively if you have more general questions relating to this...

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web authoring report

not CSS Tools to insert Graphics Unnecessary HTML code, takes longer for display What are Meta tags and what are they used for: tags is for providing data about the HTML document, it won’t be displayed on the page but will come to use with the search engine. tags go in the tag. (ww.w3schools.com) What are comment tags and what are they used for: Leave a comment for yourself or team member when developing a website so you can keep track of your progress e.g. What are CSS style...

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Cssk D

<p><style type="text/css"> strong {color: #FF26A8;} </style></p> <p><style type="text/css"> em {color: #FF6600;}</style></p> <p><style type="text/css"> u {color:#FFFF00;}TAHOMA ;}</style></p> <p><style type="text/css"> <p><style type="text/css"> td.menu { background-color: transparent; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; text-align: middle font-size: 9px;} Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight: normal; font-size: 9px; text-decoration: font-style: normal;} a.menu:link, a.menu:visited...

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Web Design

........................................................................... 2 Week 3: Scripting basics- Introduction to JavaScript/JQuery ................................................................ 3 Week 4: Enhancing a Web Site with Advanced CSS .............................................................................. 3 Week 5 -7: Using Multimedia Tools and Optimising ............................................................................. 3 Week 8: Planning and Evaluating .........

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Essay on I Want to Become a Air Hostess


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Web Development Course

PHPMyAdmin Chapter-5: * Adobe Photoshop * Graphic Designing * Image Editing * Image for Web * Design Layout * Slicing Chapter- 6: * The Basics of HTML * Relationship between html and css * More css designs * Advanced Concepts * PHP with XML and AJAX * Web Services with PHP Chapter-7: * PHP Debugging * Application Development &amp; Deployment   Teaching and learning methods The classes are a mixture of lectures...

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web based for NSTP

audible web pages. The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses the tags to understand the content of the page.(Princeton 2013)[6] The developers chose HTML since it is the most basic language that web pages are written in. With the use of CSS it is easy to change font style, color, and the type of text. It is also create a simple table to organize images or create a chart on the site. PHP Stands for "Hypertext Pre-processor." (It is a recursive acronym, if you can understand what that...

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