• Dominant Social Paradigm and Its Impacts on Environmental Policies in the United States
    Ecological/Environmental Paradigm (1978): It was proposed by Dunlap and van Liere in clear contrast to the dominant social paradigm that unlimited growth is feasible with new scientific and technological developments (Shafer, 2006). The NEP concept states that unlimited growth in a finite ecological...
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  • Literature Review on Consumer Behaviour
    , that scientific inquiry, the fundamental basis of the dominant positivist paradigm, is central to the consumer research project. Conclusion Overall, it is argued that the study of consumer behaviour is rapidly evolving as researchers recognize and implement new techniques and transdisciplinary...
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  • Think Piece
    : Changing Paradigms and Values." [Web Reading #1] Steel, Brent, Mark Brunson and Courtland Smith, "Social Assessment Manual for Natural Resource Managers." [Web Reading #2] Steel, Brent, "Environmental Values and Behavior: Hypocrisy or Consistency?" [Web Reading #3] Brunson, Mark, and Bruce...
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  • Organizational Paradigm
    . Compare and Contrast The three organizational paradigms seem to have one underlying commonality; they were developed in response to the organizations environmental needs. Henry Ford and his adaptation of a rational system changed the course of automobile assembly that still impacts the industry...
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  • Human Paradigm
    provided the strong conceptual 302 THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PARADIGM foundation for the new paradigm. His approach defined human development as the process of enlarging a person’s ‘‘functionings and capabilities to function, the range of things that a person could do and be in her life,’’ expressed in...
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  • Rise and Fall of Protectionis
    international trade theory to labor market performance (Wood, 1994); the development of the new economic geography (Ottavino & Puga, 1998) and sociological analysis of global production chains (Gere, 1995); work on global environmental commons; and the emergence of social exclusion as a concept of...
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  • Dominant Logic
    the calculator, digital watch, and personal computer businesses at Texas Instruments illustrates the point. The dominant logic which worked so well for T! in tbe semiconductor business, when applied to the new business, led to failure. A dramatic contrast is tbe early recognition at IBM that the...
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  • The Dominant Paradigm
    nations were often greatly aided in their socioeconomic transformation by their exploitation of colonies. New Approaches to Development / The Rise and Fall of the Dominant Paradigm Capital-intensive technology. More-developed nations possessed such technology. Less-developed nations had less of it. So the...
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  • Concepts and Theories of Education Administration
    paradigms and theoretical frameworks. By the end of the nineteen-sixties what is sometimes called the ‘new social theory’ began to emerge. The new social theory comprises three main areas: critical theory, postmodernism and poststructuralism. In module 3 you were introduced to some of the thinking...
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  • Family Tree
    dominant paradigm continue to think of communication as a process that contributes to behavior change, participatory models are not primarily concerned with “behavior” but with transforming social conditions. Another salient feature of recent studies in development communication is the increasing...
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  • Effects of Desertification
    imposed by the GEM and populist discourses. Social scientists hope that a new desertification paradigm--that is, the dryland development paradigm, which represents a convergence of insights from both discourses--is emerging.   Bibliography: 1) Adger, W. Neil, Tor A. Benjaminsen, Katrina Brown...
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  • Travel and Tourism
    ' orientated, while domestic tourists, mainly Saudi nationals, аs 'pull' orientated. Western expatriates were more adventurous than Saudi locals іn destination choice. The dominant desire іn destination choice fоr recreation travel by foreign tourist was tо see аnd experience new places. In contrast...
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  • Exxon Mobil
    disinters and in renewable energy. The paradigm shift, a concept we have learned in class means a change or adjustment in a model or thinking that has been accepted universally as the result of new inventions or experiences (Hill & McShane, 2008). Exxon didn’t have any paradigm shift in the past...
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  • Smart Phone
    the point when relationship marketing actually is defined as the new marketing paradigm. According to our knowledge, only a few studies of current marketing practices have been conducted to investigate whether marketing is turning towards a paradigm shift or not. The research of marketing practices in...
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  • Thesis
    is explored. This chapter will then allow an in-depth discussion in Chapter Three of the dominant paradigm in marketing in contrast to interpretivism. A number of authors have recently made the claim that a new marketing paradigm is needed. Gronroos (1994) states that a ‘paradigm shift in...
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  • Grunig
    the ‘new PR’ challenges the Excellence paradigm, as Phillips and Young argued in these two passages. They seem to believe that ‘an organisation and its publics’ are distinct from ‘internet-mediated social networks’. Instead, I believe that an organisation and its publics now are embedded in...
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  • learning
    as a discrete issue of public service and environmental regulation to become an integral part of economic policy and commercial regulation. Apparently reflecting these implications of moving towards a new paradigm of waste management and adopting key principles of sustainable resource...
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  • Discourse on Aboriginal Health Care
    paradigms seen in nursing research are empiricist, interpretive, and the critical social paradigms. It is apparent from my previous examination of this course that in the academic literature all three paradigms are used to describe how substandard and overcrowded housing impacts on the health of First...
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  • Miss
    means. However, a sustainable marketing philosophy needs to incorporate societal, consumer and environmental perspectives. A paradigm shift is needed: If the solution to the crisis cannot be found within the DSP (social dominant paradigm), a new paradigm is required in order for truly...
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  • What that's isn't mine

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