• Role of Ordinary Germans in the Holocaust
    The role of ordinary Germans in the Holocaust is that of bystanders. The people of Germany watched on, without protest, as the Jewish people were murdered. Small and large jobs such as engineering and railway work contributed to the operation of the Holocaust and the murdering of Jews. The manipulat
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  • Comparing Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative with Jacobs’ Slave Narrative
    Mini-Research Essay i) Mary Rowlandson's A Narrative of the Captivity and A Restoration is a captivity narrative. Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is a slave narrative. While they are considered distinctive genres, they share some characteristics. Look at the excerp
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  • Comparing Hitler and Staling
    Comparing Hitler and Stalin in History Adolf Hitler and Joseh Sterling were both crucial leaders in European history. Their beliefs and ideas helped to shape the lives of millions of people. However, their ideas differed dramatically. They were two opposing forces lea
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  • Comparing Empires Rome and China
    Comparing Empires: Roman and Chinese Consolidating the Roman and Chinese Empires 1. both empires defined themselves in universal terms 2. both invested heavily in public works 3. both claimed supernatural sanctions a. deceased Roman emperors as gods (imperial cult) i. persecution of Christians for
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  • Holocaust
    Imagine being a Jew and having to work in a concentration camp in Germany during the Holocaust everyday and you have no idea when or if you will be liberated, or die before then. I you were a Jew during the Nazi regime, you were either forced into hiding or brought to Auschwitz to work or to be kill
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  • Comparing and Contrasting Biblical and Professional Views of Addiction
    Running head: COMPARING AND CONTRASTING VIEWS OF ADDICTION Comparing and Contrasting Biblical and Professional Views of Addiction Mike Hill Liberty University Abstract This paper compares and contrasts the biblical view of addiction counseli
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  • Jews During the Holocaust
    Introduction What were the troubles that the Jews faced from the end of the First World War until the second? From 1919 until 1933, the Jews were the blame for all of the troubles that happened in Germany, beginning with the Treaty of Versailles. When Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933
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  • comparing and contrasting jazz choreographers
    Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Comparing and contrasting Jazz choreographers There are a variety of dancing styles in the world today. Some jazz dances originated from the African American vernacular dances in the 1950s. Some jazz dances can be traced back to the Caribbean communities....
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  • Comparing & Contrasting
    Comparing and Contrasting Essay Although El Paso, Texas and Los Angeles, California are both in the western part of the United States they have some similarities but have many differences. El Paso and Los Angeles are similar in few ways like the weather we both get hot days in...
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  • Comparing Tone Essay
    Comparing Tone Essay The tone of a literary work encompasses the author's attitude toward the subject and toward the audience. Both "Emancipation" and "Brown vs. Board of Education" are nonfiction essays used to describe important events in American history. At points in each...
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  • ‘Comparing Athens and Sparta is like comparing Heaven and Hell’
     Ancient Greece Essay Topic One: ‘Comparing Athens and Sparta is like comparing Heaven and Hell’ The two rivals of ancient...
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  • Renaissance (1300-1650), the Industrial Revolution (1700-1900), and World Wars I and II (1914-1945). slavery
    Thesis Throughout history, slavery has played a very prominent role in shaping the world's societies and economies. Across three time periods in particular, slavery throughout the world has notable similarities and differences in areas such as the status of slavery, the way slavery...
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  • 3 stages of the Holocaust
    The Holocaust systematically murdered 11 million people across Europe, more than half of those people were Jewish. The Jews were blamed for the German’s failures, such as World War I. As a result, Hitler established anti-Semitism throughout his army and the majority of Europe. The...
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  • Comparing two instances of Genocide
    Genocide is a word that should not exist. Unfortunately, it does and we’ve had to experience it in different nations throughout the world more then once. Genocide refers to violent crimes committed against groups with the intention to destroy the existence of the group. The groups...
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  • slavery gold
    The subject of slavery is a controversial issue. Many an afternoon has been enjoyed by a family, bonding over the discussion of slavery. While it has been acknowledged that it has an important part to play in the development of man, it is impossible to overestimate its impact on modern...
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  • Holocaust Research Paper
    Malka: Survival of the Fittest The fear of an empty-stomach, biting winter nights and death corrodes at a child’s innocence, shredding away at the soul and well-being. Being born into a vulnerable and miserable situation like of the Holocaust is not one that can be prevented. Once a...
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  • Colonialism and Slavery
     Colonialism and Slavery “I hate imperialism. I detest colonialism. And I fear the consequences of their last bitter struggle for life. We are determined, that our nation, and the world as a whole, shall not be the play thing of one small corner of the world.” (Sukarno) When it comes to...
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  • Comparing The Allegory of the Cave and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
    Comparing The Allegory of the Cave and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Plato’s work in the Allegory of the Cave emphasizes the actualization of reality and truth. Fredrick Douglass’ life, which is portrayed in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, is...
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  • The Holocaust
    The Holocaust The Holocaust is recognized as the most significant tragedy of the modern era. The phenomenon was driven by religious discrimination, dictatorship, and the general hatred toward Jews by the Nazi party. The term “Nazi” is an acronym for “Nationalsocialistishe Deutsche...
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  • The Holocaust
    Holocaust Essay COMPARISON: I will be comparing and contrasting the memoir Night and the film Schindler’s List. Characters changed throughout the two different stories. In Night, Elie Wiesel goes through a lot. He’s taken from his home, his family, and made into a slave. He sees...
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