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    Alka-Seltzer Rocket Formal Lab Report Abstract In the Alka-Seltzer Rocket lab one was to experimentally determine how much (grams) Alka-Seltzer and water in mL, is needed to launch the rocket the highest/longest distance in cm. Also to experimentally determine the % NaHCO3 in the tablet using the...

      1315 Words | 4 Pages   Sodium bicarbonate

  • Chemistry Beverage Lab Report

    Joanna Park Mrs. Carrillo CP chemistry per. 5 September 17, 2012 i. Beverage Density Lab Report ii. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the percentage of sugar content in beverages. iii. Materials: Distilled water, beverages (juice, soda, sport drinks), Sugar reference...

      1257 Words | 4 Pages   Density, Relative change and difference

  • Chemistry Lab report

    Measurement Practice 8/27/13 Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to become familiar with the measuring equipment in the lab, figuring out what piece of equipment is best for measuring and to become familiar with finding density, mass, volume and area. Conclusion: My conclusion of the data is that...

      491 Words | 2 Pages   Volume, Pipette

  • Chemistry Lab Report

    Lab Report Marisa McKinney P. 2 Purpose: To investigate the periodic variation of density in Group 4A elements. Background: When the elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number, they exhibit periodic recurrence of properties. Elements in the same group in the periodic table...

      476 Words | 3 Pages   Periodic table, Germanium

  • Final Chemistry Lab Report

    using the solution in titration with diluted bleach, an accurate measurement of NaClO can be found. References University of Kansas – Chemistry 184, Spring 2012

      817 Words | 4 Pages   Sodium hypochlorite, Chlorine, Bleach, Hypochlorite

  • Hydrate Lab Report for Chemistry Lab

    rehydrated sample by the mass of the original hydrate and then multiplied by 100%. Data Presentation & Analysis Table 1: The data was collected from the lab experiment. Sample calculations are shown. Mass of beaker with sample 30.765g Mass of empty beaker 30.263g Mass of sample .502g Mass of beaker...

      823 Words | 4 Pages   Stoichiometry, Water of crystallization, Relative change and difference, Mole (unit)

  • Chemistry lab report

    Kevin Nam Honors Chemistry 3/22/14 Mr. Mihordea Motion of Atoms and Molecules lab summary In this lab the standard heat of combustion of magnesium was calculated by using...

      272 Words | 1 Pages   Calorimeter, Heat, Heat capacity

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    Table 8.1- Combustion of magnesium ribbon Observations Reaction was exothermic; magnesium ribbon burned and was glowing a bright white color when ignited. Reactants: Mg and O2 Products: MgO Balanced chemical equation 2Mg + O2  2MgO Table 8.2- Combustion of heptane Observations When holding...

      607 Words | 3 Pages   Manganese dioxide, Single displacement reaction, Sulfuric acid, Chemical equation

  • Organic Chemistry Lab Report

    Brooke Beams February 2, 2012 Experiment 1 Determination of the Components of a “Mixed Drink” INTRODUCTION. For this experiment standard solutions of Kool-Aid flavors will be prepared to measure the absorbance at lambda max and plot the results against the concentration of solution to generate...

      672 Words | 3 Pages   Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy

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    intermolecular forces in different molecules, you should be able to use the IMF and understand how it relates to chromatography. The purpose of this lab is to be able to understand the procedure of chromatography, by reconstructing a specific chromatograph. Procedure: Make a hole in the center of...

      877 Words | 4 Pages   Chromatography, Solvent, Chemical polarity, Phase (matter)

  • Chemistry Lab Report

    Mutation and Polymorphism In the past chapter we learned some of the fundamentals of the DNA structure and function and its role in making proteins from amino acids. Scientist around the world worked and studied the DNA for years, leading us to the sequencing of the entire genome for many organisms...

      351 Words | 1 Pages   Nucleic acid sequence, DNA, Mutation, Genotoxicity

  • Chemistry of Urine Lab Report

    DEPARTMENT OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY College of Art and Sciences Visayas State University Chemistry 31a Biochemistry Laboratory Experiment No. 09 CHEMISTRY OF URINE Name: Artajo, Zeal Conbrio A. DVM-2 Date performed: Feb. 26, 2013 Group:...

      1946 Words | 8 Pages   Glycosuria, Citric acid cycle, Urea, Ketone bodies

  • Chemistry Lab Report

    Titration. Cary Academy. Accessed date September 3, Sienko, Michell and Robert Plane. 1957. Chemistry. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. Titration 2012. Titration.

      4291 Words | 15 Pages   Neutralization (chemistry), Phenolphthalein, Titration, Pipette

  • Chemistry lab report

    Cowan University Chemistry lab reports Academic Tip Sheet This academic tip sheet: • outlines the guidelines for writing a laboratory report; and • looks at what you should write in each section. CRICOS IPC 00279B Guidelines for writing lab reports Laboratory reports are a written version...

      1023 Words | 6 Pages   Experiment, Research

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    Name: Galymzhan Kenesbekov Date of performance: 06.02.2015 Experiment 19. Molar Mass Determination by Depression of the Freezing Point. Introduction: One of the most used type of liquid by people called water. The aim of this experiment is the investigate the equilibria between water which is pure and...

      1335 Words | 5 Pages   Freezing-point depression, Boiling point, Boiling-point elevation, Molality

  • Chemistry Lab Report

    ab reportChemistry 117L Laboratory Report Name: Aneesa Noorani Lab Day: Tuesday Lab Room: SCL 114 Date of Experiment: January 22, 2013 TA: Mikhail 1. Basic Laboratory Skills Purpose(s) of the Experiment: The purpose of the first part of today’s experiment is to establish the stoichiometry...

      1802 Words | 6 Pages   Molar mass, Accuracy and precision, Mole (unit), Titration

  • Chemistry Lab Report 1

     Determination of Copper in Brass Rebekah Blackburn Introduction An alloy is a mixture or solid solution composed of metals. One common alloy is brass, a mixture of copper and zinc. Copper comprises between 60-90% of the mixture. Brass with a high amount of copper is...

      1161 Words | 5 Pages   Base (chemistry), Hydroxide, Acid, Nitric acid

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    Alex Scott 9/4/14 Chemistry Lab Conclusion Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space(volume). Mass is a body of matter with no definite shape or size. A physical change is a change that doesn’t involve a change in the substances chemical identity. A physical change is one that commonly includes...

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  • Chemistry Lab Report

    chemistry lab report : reaction of alcohol CHEMISTRY LAB REPORT SK026 SEMESTER 2 SESSION 2011/2012 TITLE                 :REACTION OF ALCOHOL DATE                 : NAME                :  MATRIC NO      :  PARTNER          :  PRACTICUM     :  SUPERVISOR    :  Title            : Reaction...

      1017 Words | 5 Pages   Alcohol, Ester, Aldehyde, Haloalkane

  • Standardization Chemistry Lab Report

    Standardization of Solution and Titration Lab Report, Preparing a Dilute HCl Solution from a Concentrated One Titrating NAOH Solution with HCl Solution (of Known Concentration) Chemistry lab report(by abdazino abdalla) International College Objective preparing a dilute HCl solution from a concentrated...

      1101 Words | 4 Pages   Sodium hydroxide, Carbon dioxide, Titration, Sodium carbonate

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