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Cango Week 6

Competitive Analysis A competitive advantage is gained by offering consumers greater value, either by means of lower prices or by providing greater benefits and service that justify higher prices. For an E-Commerce Organization such as CanGo the competition is extremely high and requires an organization to make precise business decisions as there is very little room for error. A lack of planning and pursuing poor business ventures is a recipe for disaster and in many cases organizational failure...

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Cango Week 3 Personal

{draw:g} Justin Weigt Senior Project Week 2 9/9/09 Personal Analysis CanGo Week 1&2 CanGo’s strength can be described as a well established company. Their foot has been in the door now, and it is time to leadwith those strengths. The CanGo’s staff seems like family and they really care about this company. The last strength of the CanGo Companyis leadership. Liz seems to not only care about the company, but also its employees. CanGo is a relatively new company who has great success...

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The CanGo Project Team C Freddy De La Cruz, Ialanthe Jackson, Deborah Martin, Iris Plascencia & William Torres Table of Contents Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………….X SWOT Analysis…………………………………………………………………………X Market Analysis…………………………………………………………………………X Competitive Analysis……………………………………………………………………X Financial Analysis……………………………………………………………………….X Strategic Planning Recommendations………………………………………………….X Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………..X Executive Summary X ...

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Cango Week 3 & 4 Video Analysis

WEEK 3 & 4 VIDEO ANALYSIS ASPIRE BUSINESS CONSULTANTS March 23, 2012 CanGo is looking at becoming more productive within their specific demographic. Before doing so they have to make the appropriate actions to encourage the customers to follow through with their orders and expanding to different demographics. Aspire Business Consultants has become aware of six key issues with recommendations that will help provide a solid foundation for future endeavors. These issues cover a range...

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Issues for Weeks 3 and 4 After evaluating CanGo for the last 4 weeks, we feel there are some issues that stand out that should be considered before moving forward with this new on-line gaming venture. The following are what we consider the issues that CanGo needs to be aware of and recommendations to address each. The angle that the marketing department is taking needs to be fully evaluated. The type(s) of customer CanGo will be taking on should be fully understood. The customer service department...

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Cango Week 4 Analysis

Running Head: Individual Analysis Report Week 4 Analysis Report DeVry University, BUSN460 ] Overview After reviewing the material one can see that CanGo is ready to move forward with upgrades technology. CanGo is looking to expand, but is still unsure of which way to go. Jack met with Warren and Debbie in which, he shared with them the ideas of an Automated Retrieval/Storage System (AS/RS). Jake explains to them that process flow charts give them the data to review. He states that they...

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Cango Week 3

Assumptions: 1. At the beginning of 2009, CanGo purchased the online gaming company. This purchase was for cash, paid for through the proceeds of the IPO and results in goodwill.   2. 90% of the online book sales comes from JIT, the other 10% through the inventory which CanGo possesses. 100% of the CD/DVD/MP3 come through CanGo inventory. The result is that 80% of ALL sales is JIT and 20% is inventory.   3. There is one warehouse for shipping of books and one plant for manufacturing...

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Cango Week 3 4 Analysis

Introduction: Week 3 video starts by Jack argue with Warren the new layout that incorporates bar-coding and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). they were discussion about simplifying, eliminating, automating and integrating and what the ASRS would do for the distribution facilities. Jack wasn’t looking into the company current financial situation and more looking ahead into the future and how with having this new ASRS and how much quicker it would be than with the current system that...

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Pinnacle Week 6 Video Analysis Report

Video Analysis Report – Week 6 | BUSN460: Senior Project | | After reviewing weeks 5 and 6 video episodes, we the business consultants have found that CanGo still has some issues that must be corrected in order to operate and function effectively. We have carefully evaluated CanGo’s issues and will be introducing them as well as providing recommendations to make corrections to help improve the company’s problem areas. The first issue was the employee evaluations; very vague. Another that we...

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Cango Analysis Week 5

Running Head: Individual Analysis Report Overview After reviewing the material of Cango thus far one is able to see that the company is well established. The CEO has been chosen as the business Leader of the year in Hudson Valley. Julian telephoned Liz with the new and she was elated by the news. With this said Liz is expected to give a speech that entails how the company has become successful. Liz is not keen on the idea and was eager to give up on putting the speech together since the company...

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Cango Week 1 & 2 Analysis Report

DreamMakers 2012 Team Video Analysis Report Week 1 and Week 2 DeVry University Video Notes Week 1 1st Issue: Liz the CEO of CanGo company has been selected the Business Leader of the Year. However, she is not prepared to discuss how her company accomplished all this success because she doesn’t have a strategic plan in place. She is somewhat nervous about how she will prepare a speech about a plan that she doesn’t have in place. Recommendation: Liz should think back about the...

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Cango Week 2 Video Analysis

CanGo Analysis Report Consultants BUSN 460-Team 1 CanGo Analysis Report Let me say first thank you for giving us the opportunity to evaluate your company’s operational process. It has been a tremendous experience to be in a company that started out small and grew to one of the leading businesses in the industry. CanGo does have a promising future ahead. During our evaluation over the past two weeks, we have noticed a few things that will be a problem in the future if not resolved....

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Cango Week 6 Analysis

their job performance; this will allow you to clearly see where there has been improvement and what areas in their training are still behind. TBC Consulting has identified that CanGo would benefit from an improvement to their employee performance assessment. An improved method for performing these assessments will help CanGo communicate more effectively with its staff and further encourage growth for the employee and the company. Recommendation TBC Consulting recommends implementing a 360...

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CanGo week 6

CanGo has moved from a small startup to a recognized growth company having a recent IPO offering. CanGo is currently lacking in a critical area for any business. It needs to focus on Strategic Planning. Strategic Planning will benefit CanGo by allowing it to: 1. Clearly define its goals consistently with its Mission and Vision statement. 2. Communicate effectively its goals to all of the organization. 3. Provide a foundation on which to direct future efforts. CanGo has the layers for a hierarchical...

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Cango Week 6

think they are doing. 3. Take Warren’s advice and expand the numbers to 10 to give the reviewer more numbers to use. 4. Gail did not really express her opinions about Nick's performance and how she felt in regards of his actions affecting the CanGo team. 5. when Warren was telling Nick about is job performance, Warren was not straight forwardEmployee assessments are vital to the success of a business. They allow you to give praise for a job well done as well as point out areas in the job...

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Cango Week 1 and 2 Video Analysis Report

Week 1 & 2 Analysis Report “Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning. It can be a big waste of time and money” (“Strategic Thinking”, 2011, p.1). Strategic planning plays a very crucial role in helping organizations achieve their goals. The strategic planning process requires both managers and their subordinates to work together as a team to design, plan and implement those goals. We have noticed that there have been some deficiencies in the leadership of CanGo Inc. We...

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and the guide of its operation, as a whole. This mission statement must be a simple gesture of structured words that embody, embrace and define the goal of the business, an entity, as a whole, both for employees, shareholders, partners and customers. CanGo is a company with great ideas and vision for their future. In the introduction video, Liz outlines the mission as being an “online entertainments company that sales primary music and books with the intention of branching out to online gaming and e...

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Cango Week %

Alina Kutsenko Week 5 & 6 Issue: 1. One issue CanGo faces is that employee evaluations that are given are really weak and not really beneficial. 2. One issue CanGo is facing is the lack of financial resources needed for new service that will expand the company and help it grow future. Recommendation: 1. In the video the coach sat down with Nick to evaluate his performance within the company and while giving Nick his scores the coach gave scores to be nice because he was his friend. The...

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Cango Wk 4 Swot

SWOT Analysis: Swot stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis will assist CanGo understand the opportunities that are obtainable and what threats may have an effect on its business. Before moving onward with new ventures CanGo needs to evaluate the arrangement they currently have in the market. Performing a SWOT analysis technique would be very beneficial at this point and will serve as the baseline to elaborate on a strategic plan for the organization....

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6 Week Fitness Plan

sister’s wedding. She has set goals to lose at least 2 percent body fat and 10 pounds in the next 6 weeks. Diana does not have any injuries, but has not exercised regularly for ten years. She does not have a job, but works to raise her 4 children, ages 8, 10, 14, and 15. She just recently joined LA fitness, which is one mile away, and does not have any exercise equipment. The goal for Diana for her first week is to build up her cardio and increase muscular strength. The muscles that are being targeted...

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Week 6 Analysis

that the CanGo executives would like to see the company grow. While there are many ideas that have been presented that would elevate the company and give it a greater presence, there are also many consequences to consider when embarking on new opportunities. CanGo must decide if the benefit of the opportunity cost is greater than the economic trade-off. One evident factor that is prohibiting CanGo’s expansion is lack of financial resources. With its deficiency in working capital, CanGo must now...

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Busn460 Week 2

CANGO’S WEEK 2 ANALYSIS CanGo’s Week 2 Analysis. A Team Consulting DeVry University BUSN 460 Senior Project Instructor: Jessica Keyes July 17, 2013 CanGo’s Week 2 Analysis As CanGo keeps growing as a leading business in the online entertainment industry, it requires some changes to face the challenges growing businesses have. Team A Consulting, one of the best consulting groups in the nation, will create a plan of action for CanGo to continue their success as an online...

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Cango Week 3 Financial Analysis

Following up with our initial analysis last week, NewGen had the opportunity to review CanGo’s financial statement. The success of a business depends on its ability to remain profitable over the long term, while being able to pay all its financial obligations and earning above average returns. NewGen leveraged our knowledge of Investment rations, breaking our analysis down into four (4) key areas, efficiency, financial leverage, liquidity and profitability. Attached you will find our financial...

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Week 6 Excel

Week 6 Excel PF008 A14 Introduction to Spreadsheets A spreadsheet is an electronic file that contains a grid of columns and rows used to organize related data and perform calculations. Excel is a spreadsheet program used to create and modify electronic spreadsheets. An electronic spreadsheet makes data-entry changes easy, and if the formulas are correctly constructed, the results recalculate automatically and accurately. A worksheet is a single spreadsheet that typically contains descriptive...

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Sr Project Busn 460 Cango Wk 6

CanGo week 6 I have observed that CanGo is in the mists of making decisions on how to grow the company. They have found out that they cannot really fund all of the ideas they have for the growth. There was the suggestion to move employees around, or an IPO put in place or the company will never grow into anything bigger than what it is. They are focused on their competitions offerings and are worried they will be left behind if they don’t expand their offerings. Liz and Maria make a suggestion of...

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Week 6 iLab Report

iLab, Week #6 CRUDE OIL DISTILLATION Introduction The purpose of this lab was to see how temperature changes the chemical properties of crude oil and how heat distills the crude oil. The boiling points of organic compounds can provide important information regarding other physical properties. The distillation of a substance is based on the boiling points. When the crude oil is brought to a boil (275 °C), the gasoline and kerosene are distilled, but the lubricant remains a part of the crude oil...

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Cango Analysis

|Cango | |Analysis Report | |Individual | | ...

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Hsm 260 Week 6

Week 6 HSM 260 Due Day 7 Exercise 11.1 Followed by the family and child benefits being such a success in the previous seminars, the Advocates for Children agency is going to conduct another seminar. The agency is a private nonprofit agency. This seminar is going to be conducted in one day for the children and families within the area. The activities that will be conducted at the seminar will provide a profit to help support the agency. The seminar is planned to take place in a conference room...

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Cango: Strategic Management and Online Gaming

Senior Project For the week 2 Team report you are to list 6 issues facing CanGo that you gleaned from the week 1 and 2 videos. They should be prioritized in order of importance. They should be numbered. The team must then come up with an actionable recommendation for each of the issues found. These should also be numbered. 1. CanGo does not have a a concise vision or mission statement that defines who they are as a company. Solution: CanGo needs to find out what market they want...

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Cango Analysis

observation is that CanGo is a company that has had some success so far. Liz and her company have many great ideas for the future of the company. However, they still need to create a mission statement to show what the company is trying to accomplish as well as what they are about. Liz was given an award, and just glossed over the story, because she had no idea how CanGo came to where they are. There was lack of planning, and didn’t even have a vision for her company. CanGo has identified a growing...

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COM 530 Week 6 Reflaction

There is COM 530 Week 6 Reflaction in this pack. Business - General Business COM 530 Week 1 Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper COM 530 Week 2 Group Communication Paper COM 530 Week 3 Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper COM 530 Week 4 Synergetic Solutions Report COM 530 Week 5 Enhanced Formal Communications Project COM 530 Week 6 PR Communication Memo Understand that when you enter college, you do not have to choose a...

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Week 6 Case Study

Week 6 Case Study: A Perky Way to Productivity 1. It is important for employees to receive benefits that meet their needs. When employee needs are met they are happy, turnover rates may decrease, and employees complain less. Employees are more likely to do a better job because they feel appreciated and needed at work which boosts the workplace morale. HRM goals will be met in that employees will be doing a great job, which allows them maintain the effectiveness of the company. HRM’s goal is...

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Practice Exercises Week 6

Practice Exercises Week 6 Question 1 ( H17.12) A futures price is currently 60 and its volatility is 30%. The risk-free interest rate is 8% per annum. Use a two-step binomial tree to calculate the value of a six-month European call option on the futures with a strike price of 60? If the call were American, would it ever be worth exercising it early? In this case purchased to provide protection against the value of the portfolio u = e 0.3× 0.25 = 1.1618 ; d = 1 / u = 0.0.8607 ; and 1 − 0.8607 p= =...

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Week 6 Assignment Compatible

HS140 Week 6 Assignment Pharmacology Name: Peter Gordon Please answer the case study questions, showing your work where applicable. Each question is worth 5 points. Case 1 A patient is prescribed a pain medication with the directions: i tab PO q 12h The patient takes the first dose upon waking at 8:30 am. 1. When should the second dose be taken? The next dose will be at 8:30 PM. 2. Read pages 146 and 147 in the textbook and then express your answer using international standard time. International...

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Analysis of Cango

Jwayad May 30, 2010 Individual Analysis Report for WEEK 5 Presented By: Arlene Lewinson Team A: AVTAM Consulting Team Week 5 Individual Analysis of CanGo Performance appraisals is a tool used by CanGo employees and managers where they can communicate by sharing ideas, opinions and information; however, the managers are usually put in the position of being the judge of the employee. (www.toolpack.com) As I reviewed this week video lecture I found that, a great number of employees are...

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Aed 201 Week 6

of Case: Aaron Moore Vs. Willis Independent |was later diagnosed with inflammation of the Esophagus |negligence. The teacher could obviously tell that the student was indeed | |School District |and missed three weeks of school. |becoming hurt and the student did complain. | | | | ...

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Case study week 6

 Principle of Management Week 6 Assignment Loan Ly Professor Baker DeVry University 10/7/2014 1. According to Maslow's hierarchy, which basic needs does the Patagonia culture meet? What would it be like to work at Patagonia? (Hint: Go to Patagonia’s website and find the section on jobs.) What’s your assessment of the company’s work environment? (20 points) 1. The five level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Physiological Needs These include the most basic needs...

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case studies week 6

Nursing Informatics Case Studies Week 6 Introduction to Informatics A client arrives in the emergency department with shortness of breath and complaining of chest pain. Describe how informatics can help nurses and other health care providers to more efficiently and effectively care for this client. Hebda, & Czar (2013), define Medical as the use of information and computer technology to support all aspects of nursing practice. An informatics can be used to help nurses and other health care...

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 WEEK 6 IRAC Brief Law/531 November 17, 2014 Explanation This paper will explain regulatory compliance requirements for business situations for both domestic and international businesses. It will also evaluate legal risks associated with domestic and international business activity and explain how this can be applied in a business managerial setting. The two cases chosen deal with Facebook and suits that have happened domestically and internationally to show and explain the difference between...

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Week 6 Problems And Exercises

Business system anaylsis Problems and Exercises Week 6 Homework Tom Sanders DeVry University Professor Girten October 12, 2014 Problems and Exercises Chapter 10 Question 1 - Consider the reasons implementations fail. For at least three of these reasons, explain why this happens, if there is one (or more) type of implementation likely to minimize the occurrence, and if there is one (or more) type of installation more likely to induce failure for this reason. Having only one or two key people...

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Week 6 Discussion 2

                                                                      5  birth and they would be selected randomly. I would follow up with participants yearly until the  age of 6.  Participants would be distinguished based on formal or informal childcare that is being  provided. Children would be tested at the age of 6 on cognitive school readiness, receptive  vocabulary, mathematics and reading. Results of research showed that children of mothers with  low levels of education shows a consisten...

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Week 6 Quiz

Week Six Quiz - Due Day 7, Sunday, 10-17-10 All answers can be located in Chapters 9 and 11 of the text. Fill in the Blank – 2 points each Psychologists typically define personality as an individual’s unique pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that persists over time and across situations. The need to be with others is called affiliation motive. A desire to perform a behavior that stems from the behavior performed is called intrinsic motivation. Theory which states that emotional...

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Week 6 Individual Project

Week 6 Individual Project Introduction A new innovative warehouse system it is been introduced to ease the movement of items in warehouses this system includes autonomous mobile vehicles which will move quickly through the warehouse and load and move orders to the fulfilment platform. An entrepreneur, Dr Ryan O'Neal, and an investor, Jeff Hoffman investing $12 million in this project as a startup capital, Dr O'Neal have a good deal of experience in mobile robotics while Jeff Hoffman is an investor...

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Week 6 Assignment It/286

week 6 assignment IT/286 Associate Program Material Appendix D Troubleshooting Computer Hardware In this worksheet, you must identify solutions to four separate computer printer problems. For each solution, you must prepare an answer of at least 150 words in each Answer box. Part One: Wireless Printing |Problem | |The computer will not connect to the printer wirelessly...

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Cango Analysis

CanGo Video Analysis Report Group C: The Conceptors Professor: Jessica Menck 06/02/13 1. CanGo has too many activities without having specific goals or setting priorities. As they find something that needs to be accomplished, it is always as soon as possible without setting definite time deadlines. Setting priorities is one way to insure that the tasks which need immediate attention are worked on first, while other task can be delayed because they are not as important. Being able to schedule...

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Operation Management Week 6

Utilization is ρ = 7.5 / 10 = .75 or 75 percent; (b) Ws = 1 / (10 – 7.5) = 1 / 2.5 = 0.4 days; (c) Wq = 7.5 / 10*(10-7.5) = 0.3 days; (d) Ls = 7.5 / (10-7.5) = 7.5 / 2.5 = 3 units. (The variety of queuing models, easy) {AACSB: Analytic Skills} 6. A crew of mechanics at the Highway Department garage repair vehicles that break down at an average of λ = 7 vehicles per day (approximately Poisson in nature). The mechanic crew can service an average of μ = 11 vehicles per day with a repair time distribution...

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Federal Taxation Week 6

Federal Taxation 2/10/2013 Questions: 21-2, 21-13, & 21-26 Problems: 21-53 & 21-63 Homework Week Six 21-2. What are the eligibility requirements that a corporation must meet in order to qualify under Subchapter S? Answer: In order to qualify under Subchapter S, a corporation must be a small business corporation. The following additional requirements must be met in order to be a small business corporation: 1. Must be a domestic corporation 2. Must have no more than 100 shareholders ...

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Week 6 Plan Review

 Week Six Plan Review HCS/588 August 11, 2014 Dr. Georgia Rothstein Week Six Plan Review During week six, learning team A continued their collaborative efforts in implementing and evaluating the quality improvement plan designed to assist each team member to enhance the quality of their individual assignments. This team utilized peer review, proofreading, and discussion as strategic tools to improve the quality of academic writing. This review will summarize the quality improvement process...

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BUSN 460 Senior Project Week 2 CANGO Video Analysis Set 2 Answer

Week 2 Video Analysis BUSN460, Senior Project, DeVry University Online WEEK 2 VIDEO ANALYSIS 2 Table of Contents of 6 issues facing CanGo: Issue 1: Absence of planning for the startup business ………………………………….. 3 Issue 2: Missing strategic planning for the future of the company ……………………... 4 Issue 3: Failure to utilize team strategic planning ……………………………………….. 5 Issue 4: Lack of direction and good communication practices …………………………. 6 Issue 5: Deficiency in communication and organizational/prioritization...

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CanGo Week Two Analysis Report

CanGo Week Two Analysis Report Bus460 Senior Project Instructor: "Dr. John" Introduction Assure Analysis Inc. have spent the last two weeks observing CanGo and their business practices to help them determine the weaknesses within their organization. We will use our knowledge and experience to provide suggestions for improvement that will have a positive impact not only on CanGo’s bottom line but also on the morale of all those who are employed by the organizations. Elizabeth (Liz), who is the owner...

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Week 3&4 Video analysis

 Weekly Video Analysis Report Weeks 3 and 4 Bravo’s Consulting Agency Yvonne Jackson, Darren Gregan, Esmeraldita Luciano, Mark Parish; Tedra Wilkinson, Ronald Moore BUSNN460 – Senior Project Melissa Stec, Professor 1. Issue: Jack have a good plan for the implementation of the ASRS, but poor planning. To implement the system they are going to have to use IT and bandwidth personnel who are already involved in other projects and obviously have not been informed. 2. Issue:...

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Week 6 Bus 650

Running head: Week Six Assignment Week Six Managerial Finance Jason Campbell Wayne Hollman BUS 650 January 7, 2013 Abstract In this final paper for Managerial Finance I will attempt to show how the supply chain inventory management method can be affected depending on the situation of the retailer. Studying the control method for problems in inventory, which would include both, excesses in inventory as well as shortages, and hoping to minimize loss. Use of SCM as a Method of Inventory...

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assignment week 6

 Assignment Week 6 Jacqueline Guyton HSM 210 February 16, 2014 Teressa Jones ...

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CanGo Analysis Final Report Sherry Youngs, Alheri Gajere, Oksana Harbar, Hope Muhammad and Binish Maroof Be Bold Consulting Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Analysis 2 SWOT Analysis (Oksana Harbar) 2 Market Analysis (Alheri Gajere) 5 Competitive Analysis (Binish Maroof) 7 Financial Analysis (Sherry Youngs) 8 Strategic Recommendations 9 Conclusion 9 Works Cited 10 Appendix 11 Be Bold Consulting has been invited to provide CanGo with solutions and recommendations...

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Week 6 Lab 90

700 mb in the sounding image below? A.20 C B.-5 C C.15 C D.5 C Answer Key: D Question 5 of 10 10.0/ 10.0 Points What is the dewpoint at 700 mb in the sounding image below? A.2 C B.0 C C.10 C D.-5 C Answer Key: A Question 6 of 10 10.0/ 10.0 Points What are the wind speed and direction at 700 mb? A.30 knots from the W B.15 knots from the N C.30 knots from the E D.10 knots from the S Answer Key: A Question 7 of 10 10.0/ 10.0 Points What is the 500 mb temperature...

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chemistry week 6 lab

Laboratory 6: Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions Note: Lab reports are to be completed by each student individually and in their own words Observations: (This part is to be completed in class) Part 1: Physical Change- Heat of Solution for Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 3.2 grams NaOH Result: Temperature of DI water = ____22.8 °C Temperature after addition of NaOH = ______31.8 °C Part 2: Chemical Change- Reaction between acid and base Result: Temperature of HCl = ___21.4 °C Temperature after addition...

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Ilab Week 6 Devry

Statistics – Lab #6 Name:__________ Statistical Concepts: * Data Simulation * Discrete Probability Distribution * Confidence Intervals Calculations for a set of variables Answer: Calculating Descriptive Statistics Answer: Variable N N* Mean SE Mean StDev Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum Mean 20 0 3.560 0.106 0.476 2.600 3.225 3.550 3.775 4.500 Median 20 0 3.600 0.169 0.754 2.000 3.000 3.500 4.000 5.000 Calculating...

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Week 6 Assignment 3

Week 6 Assignment 3.1 English 115 August 16, 2014 Unemployment is a major issue in today’s society. Do you know what causes unemployment? Do you know who it affects? I do, let me tell you. Unemployment effects everyone, whether it be directly or indirectly. Even if you are employed, the unemployment of people in your community can hit home. As a public relations specialist I work with people on a daily basis to try to get them the assistance they need so that they can get...

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Cango Week 2 Video Analysis

Management Consultant Group Team – C CanGo Company Weeks 1 & 2 Videos Analysis BUSN 460 Senior Project Management Consultant Group Team – C CanGo Company Weeks 1 & 2 Videos Analysis DeVry University 5/13/2012 DeVry University 5/13/2012 Team Members Joyce Jones - Team leader, Week - 2 John Inverso Marquetta Macon Adrienne Mccain Shad Mongrue Presented to: Professor Juan Peralta Team Members Joyce Jones - Team leader, Week - 2 John Inverso Marquetta Macon Adrienne...

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Re: Week 6

with one associate each of the three times I have been to the local Krispy Kremes location. The first occassion the associate lacked any excitement, no initial greeting in the door and no “Thanks” at the end of the trip. The second time I went in (a week later), the employee was no different than the first time I was in there, hardly anything to brag about. On my third visit the Krispy Kremes employee was a little more friendly than the two previous times, again nothing to jump up and down about. ...

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