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Benefits Of Travel

Memo To: CEO From: Human Resources Director Date: September 9, 2012 Re: Employee Benefit Package As requested, and after much research and comparison of available benefit packages, the following benefit package is recommended to be implemented by the organization, and offered to all executive assistants, and all other employees. Executive assistants are vital in their role in the organization. The role of the executive assistant is to...

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Travel Agency

3.1 Describe the different types of business that operate within the tourism industry Travel agencies can be categorized briefly into three different types, they are include: 1. In bound Tour Operators 2. Outbound Tour Operators 3. Corporate Travel Service Agencies 4. Land operators – Cooperation among travel agencies. For inbound tour operators, the customers are mainly tourists and visitors from foreign countries such as USA, England and Japan. About the tour operations...

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Travel Agency

expansion of Travel Agencies. Travel Agency is one of the service intensive industries and indispensible among the tourism business. But what is the specific role of travel agency in the hospitality industry and how does it affect the whole industry. Travel Agency is defined as a retail business selling travel-related products and services to customers on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, sight-seeing tours and package holidays. When we say Travel Agency they...

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Traveller Benefits

Getting The Greatest Personal Benefit From Frequent Business Travel Name Suppressed Skills For Professional Development GEN 300 With lost bags, delayed and canceled flights, frequent business travel can be a real headache. On the other hand, it can also be very rewarding. If you plan right and do some research, you can get some very nice benefits for yourself. There are several ways available to you such as airline frequent flyer and hotel frequent visitor programs. Also, there are credit...

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Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism Tourism can bring many benefits to a destination. Tourism can positively impact an area’s economy, social cultural, and environment. At the same time, there can be negative effects to the economy, social cultural, and environment. The tourism industry is extremely large and continuously growing, which is why the impacts and effects weigh so heavily on a destination. Traveling and engaging in touristic pursuits are popular leisure activities. New trends emerge as tourism continues...

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Incentive Travel


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Travel and Tourism

Unit 1- Task 3 Interrelationships in Travel and Tourism Individual businesses must work in partnership with other organisations in order to be successful. Tourism is a very competitive and complex sector and many companies develop links with other businesses as a way of maximising profits. If for example Thomas cook didn’t work with other hotels, insurance companies, company picks up on arrival, Thomas cook wouldn’t make any profits, as customers wouldn’t want to book a holiday with a company who...

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fringe benefits

Fringe Benefits A collection of various benefits provided by an employer for the employee, which are exempt from taxation as long as certain conditions are met. Any employee who receives taxable fringe benefits will have to include the fair market value of the benefit in their taxable income for the year, which will be subject to tax withholdings, and social security benefits payments. Fringe benefits commonly include health insurance, group term life coverage, education reimbursement, childcare...

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Travel and Tour

TRAVEL INDUSTRY TRANSPORT- is a precondition for travel :facilitate mobility and the movement of tourist from their places of origin to their final destination, and back. * Is a fundamental components of tourism industry. 2 Basic approaches have dominated analysis of transport and tourism. 1. Transport for tourism – as a Unitarian or functional act which involves a mode s of travel in moving from origin to destination and for travel in the destination. 2. Transport as tourism...

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Travel changes

TO WHAT EXTENT HAS THE INCREASED AVAILABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL HAD AN IMPACT ON MODERN SOCIETY? In the last thirty years different societies have experienced a considerable number of changes in customs, beliefs and communication methods, citizens from Asia, America and Europe were more attracted to international travel and destroyed the frontiers paradigm creating an interlinked world. Currently, some international institutions such as the European Union, the Organisation...

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TUI travels

The European Tours - TUI Travels Plc TUI Travels Plc is one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies with over 250 of the best loved and market leading travel brands in 180 countries and more than 30 million customers. Question 1 - Value Chain Value chain analysis is the process in which a firm identifies its primary as well as secondary activities that add value to the final products or service. Primary activities. Inbound logistics – TUI Travels Plc has a global supply chain which...

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Travel Egency

ANALYSIS OF TRAVEL AGENCY INDUSTRY Executive summary The purpose of this report is to determine the current business environment of the travel agency industry in New Zealand and some key factors of being success in the business. Booking the fare through travel agency can be convenient and time-saving, but there are many alternative ways out there in the market as well, such as book directly from the Airline Company, online booking website, etc. Findings indicate invest in the travel agency can be...

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Travel and Culture

Discuss ways in which travel has helped to shape the relationship among different cultures and nations. Throughout history, travel has been one of the main causes of relationship formation among different cultures and nations. From the 15th to 17th century, travel was provoked by the desire for power, freedom, knowledge and economic prosperity. In today’s world, tourism has become the main motive for travel. As modern day tourism is growing to become the world’s fastest growing industry, it is...

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Benefits of Ecotourism

ecotourism, if there is such a thing. For some people, it means travel that is environmentally friendly. For others, it is a synonym for ethical or responsible travel. It's a new field and definitions are still evolving. My definition of ecotourism falls somewhere in-between: tourism that has as little impact on the environment as possible, that respects local culture and that helps promote livelihoods. Ecotourism is possible anywhere: travel across Africa, and you can't help but be an ecotourist. You're...

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From millennium-skipping Victorians to phone booth-hopping teenagers, the termtime travel often summons our most fantastic visions of what it means to move through the fourth dimension. But of course you don't need a time machine or a fancy wormhole to jaunt through the years. As you've probably noticed, we're all constantly engaged in the act of time travel. At its most basic level, time is the rate of change in the universe -- and like it or not, we are constantly undergoing change. We age...

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Safe Travel

Occasionally we have to go to other city or country on businesses. After a year of hard work, people receive a holiday, and they do not like to spend it sitting at home. Millions of people all over the world spend their holiday travelling. They travel to see   other countries and continents, modern cities and ruins of ancient cities, to enjoy picturesque landscapes or just to change the situation. It is always interesting to discover the new, to see, how different the life can be, to meet new people...

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Cost and Benefit

Cost Benefit Analysis A cost benefit analysis is done to determine how well, or how poorly, a planned action will turn out. Although a cost benefit analysis can be used for almost anything, it is most commonly done on financial questions. Since the cost benefit analysis relies on the addition of positive factors and the subtraction of negative ones to determine a net result, it is also known as running the numbers. A cost benefit analysis finds, quantifies, and adds all the positive factors. These...

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Travel Writing

Travel Article A time to remember Slug: The beauty of traveling in Europe is the unlimited choices these countries give with architectural magnificence coupled with friendly inhabitants and the easygoing lifestyle. One such place that lies in Netherlands is Amsterdam, a one time small fishing village is now packed with loads of memorable treasures for a tourist. Having travelled twice to this gorgeous place I have picked my favourite attractions and sightseeing activities that will help...

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Travel Agency Management

Could the tide be changing? Travel agencies play an important role within the UK travel and tourism industry. They are the retail arm of the industry, selling a wide range of holiday products and travel services to the public. Yet travel industry analysts have been predicting the death of the high street travel agent due to the ever-changing nature of distribution channels. Travel agents are the key intermediaries in the distribution chain whose main role is selling air, rail...

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Benefits of Ecotourism

Benefits Of Ecotourism There are many different benefits that can be derived from Ecotourism if it is used as a tool by local communities rather than large outside interests.  However, the results are a direct reflection of the motivation behind the project.  Since these motivations are often mixed it follows that the results are often mixed too.  The following article was originally published by USAID, an organization that helps fund various ecotourism projects in many developing nations.  | ...

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Travel Essay

One of my major dreams in life to do, and one of many ideas from my bucket list, would be to travel around the world. People from all walks of life, both young and old, enjoy traveling. When traveling, the traveler has many exceptional opportunities presented to them. The traveler gets the chance to experience new things, make choices, reward themselves, and to gain knowledge of the world outside of their own. First, the most exciting opportunity for a traveler is to experience new things. They...

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Travel and Torusim

Travel and tourism has become one of the major boosts in the economy of any country. Every country's aim is to increase its income through tourism. Therefore each ministry of tourism in any country is seeking for the best ways of promoting and developing the industry. The African countries have become major beneficiaries of the industry. This has been brought about by the stability in the jobs on the developed countries. These people have a low limitation in their spending power therefore in a position...

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Benefit and Compensation

 Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations HRM/531 Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations Introduction Market Evaluation Clapton Commercial Construction currently conducts business operations in Detroit, Michigan and plans to expand into Arizona. Market evaluation within these two regions will provide a comparison against businesses of similar size within the same industry. This will allow Clapton to better determine a competitive, and relevant total compensation package...

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Travel Insurance Guide in India

If you are thinking of heading off for a vacation, business or studies abroad and are confused whether to buy travel insurance or not, you have reached the right page.What is travel insurance and is it really a necessity while travelling abroad? What are the necessary terms and conditions and what are the benefits and exclusions? Read on to find out all you ever wanted to know. Travel insurance covers you against unforeseen events which can occur when travelling abroad. It could be as small and...

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Practices Observed of Travel Agencies

“Practices Observed of Travel Agencies providing superior assistance to local and foreign clients in Competence, and Compliance Levels” Palon, Wildence Enzo Asis Edora, Czarina Mae Atienza Endaya, Mery Cris Gersalia Zabarte, Blain Alexis Bernardo HRM 123 I. INTRODUCTION The study aims to determine whether a significant difference and relationship exist among the practices observe in providing superior assistance to foreign clients, the competence level in proposing excellent tourist attractions...

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Travel and Tourism in Romania to 2018

Travel and Tourism in Romania to 2018 Published on 21st March 2014 Synopsis The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights, including: Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the entire Romanian travel and tourism sector Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in Romania for various categories in the travel and tourism sector, such as accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment, foodservice, transportation, retail, travel intermediaries and others ...

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English: Travel Nursing

Boisseau 1 Needjie G.Boisseau Mrs Little English 083-006 6 December 2012 My career in Travel Nurse In earlyn1900’s,nursing education was received primarily from hospitals rather than colleges or universities.New nursing students were responsible for taxs similar to that of maids-dusting,scrubbing and doing dishes.These students typically worked 10 to 12 hoyr shifts,even days a week,for a period of two to three years...

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Compensation and Benefits

best practices followed by HRM and to acknowledge the importance of compensation and benefit strategies used in organizations all around the world. Compensation and Benefits are used by different organisations globally to attract, motivate and retain their employees. This paper contains a case studies, summary and analysis of academic journals and books to understand the latest trends in compensation and benefits field. The three primary components which are used in designing a strategic compensation...

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Benefits of Online Travel Arrangements for Businesses

STUDY The findings of the study will be presented in three categories: current travel arrangement process, advantages of online reservations and disadvantages of online reservations. Current Travel Arrangement Process Basic Black Corporation uses a combination of e-mails and telephone calls to make travel arrangements for its on site and regional branch employees. The procedure currently in place for travel arrangements is outlined in Figure 1. |Figure 1 ...

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Benefit Plan

 Blue Rose Keller Graduate School of Management July 14, 2013 Blue Rose Benefit Plan Company Profile Company Name Blue Rose Government CB Vendor ID USR20040707011619975 Address 31, Maple Road, Carson City, Virginia, USA Phone Number 123, Sample Rd, Carson City, Virginia, USA (703) 123-4567 Fax Number 123, Sample Rd, Carson City, Virginia, USA (703) 123-4567 Website www.blueroseservices.com ...

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Open University and Original Travel

the current situation of your company Original Travel. From the case study I was able to identify the stakeholders in the company which are the Founders of Original Travel (Internal Stakeholders), Customers (External Stakeholders) and Tim Best Travel (Internal Stakeholders). Founders of Original Travel (Internal Stakeholders) Your main concern is getting financial return from the business. You will need to keep other founders of Original Travel informed and are happy with any decisions made....

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Home-Based Travel Agency

foreign currency and employment and to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private and public sector. They will largely help a business that caters local and foreign tourists, which is why the proponents decided to undergo a feasibility study on putting up a Travel Agency business. The name of the establishment will be World Connects Tourism Agency. The agency will cater to the travel requirements of individuals who would want to travel either domestic or regional on weekends through the...

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Benefits of Ojt

stable and fulfilling career. Students may work part-time, learning skills such as how to use a cash register, how to serve customers, or how to do basic accounting. In some cases, these work skills will count as credits towards a school diploma.  Benefits Of On The Job Training • Students learn discipline, organization, and people skills while they train out in the workforce. Since on-the-job training is supervised by real employees in real-life work situations, anything can happen, and students...

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Travel Agency Hr

Abstract Travel Agency has instructed the Human Resource (HR) department to review their recruiting strategies to hire a new employee. The HR specialist will have to compare recruiting strategies and review the offer process in order to select the most qualified applicant.   Running head: Travel Agency HR 3 Introduction How do you attract and hire the most qualified applicant for your vacant positions? This process and responsibility falls on the Human Resource (HR) Department. The...

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Benefit of Telemedicine

due to widespread of modern technology. In developing countries, remote areas seem to be isolated and lack of qualified doctors or physicians as well as equipments, that’s why telemedicine will be provided a potential benefits to them. This essay will highlight prodigious benefits of telemedicine. The most important advantages of telemedicine is allowing long-distant people to access advanced healthcare services and cost efficiencies. Scottish Centre for Telehealth had claimed that 99 percent of...

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STA Travel Case Study

Case Study 1: STA Travel Island   Table of Contents Background: STA Travel 3 Alternative 1: Second Life 3 Advantages 3 Disadvantages 3 Alternative 2: Pinterest 3 Advantages 3 Disadvantages 3 Alternative 3: Marketing to the Alumni 3 Advantages 3 Disadvantages 3   Background: STA Travel STA Travel was founded in 1979. They have marketed themselves as the world’s largest student travel organization. Since the time they were founded, they have grown to include...

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Travel Agency Research

A travel agency's main function is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier. Consequently, unlike other retail businesses, they do not keep a stock in hand. A package holiday or a ticket is not purchased from a supplier unless a customer requests that purchase. The holiday or ticket is supplied to them at a discount. The profit is therefore the difference between the advertised price which the customer pays and the discounted price at which it is supplied to...

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Benefit of Asean

Benefits of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) * It will open more regional cooperation and will improve the scale efficiencies, dynamism and competitiveness of Asean members.  AEC will enable easier movement of goods, services, investment, capital and people.  Ultimately, it will offer new ways of coordinating supply chains, or access to new markets for established products. * All Asean countries are more important to foreign investors if they are considered as one node in a larger regional...

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Introduction to Tourism and Travel

definition Travel is an activity taken by individual(s) which involves the movement of people from one point to another for the purpose of personal work, business, and enjoyment. Tourism can be defined as the set of activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year and whose main purpose of travel is other than the exercise of an activity renumerated from within the place visited. While on the surface travel and tourism...

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Wanderlust and Travel Nt

another poem. “When I was but thirteen or so I went into a golden land” and leads on to the protagonist stating that she wants to travel to the edge of the world. The reason for the girl’s desire for many traveling experiences first comes from the quote in W J Tuner’s Poem. Her wide spread of knowledge through her interest in books has also made her want to travel the world. In Wanderlust the protagonist reveals the imaginative journey she takes through her books that she reads. Her sense...

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Travel Agency

I. Name of Business: High Speed Travel and Tour Brand Logo/ Packaging: Brand Tagline: Leading You from Here to Beyond High Speed Travel and Tour (02)7358825 (02)7332911www.highspeedtravelandtour.com.ph II. Features: High Speed Travel and Tour arrange all types of domestic and international travel, from hotel and resort accommodations to air and ground transportation, including car rental needs and tour packages. Also provides individual and group travel to leisure and corporate clients...

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travel operation

Impact of the internet to tour operators and travel agents Introduction The growth in the ICT sector hardly goes unnoticed since it affects every other industry, tourism included. The effects of internet in tourism have revolutionized tourism by encouraging people to travel from one place to another. The internet has increased the access of information and greatly improved communication in the world. The internet has affected tourism both positively and negatively. With the advance in technology...

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Cancun Travel Proposal

(Xel-Ha), dolphin swim in a heaven-like island (Isala Mujeres), and snorkeling around the coral reefs (Cozumel). We also provide some selective activities for you to choose. As your travel agents, we have done a significant amount of research. This trip is designed based on your criteria and needs. We established our own travel agency and have good partnerships with many providers; we are able to provide the most competitive price and high- quality service for your trip. Background Our customer...

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Time Travel

For many years time travel was the stuff of science fiction. This was all just part of the world's imagination until recently. Scientists now believe that the current laws of physics allow us to travel though time. They believe that we can now travel back to see our founding fathers sign the declaration of independence. We could travel to 2999 to witness the birth of the next new millennium. Such travel would require a machine capable of withstanding great pressures and incredible amounts of speed...

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Benefits of Nanomedicine

The Benefits of Nanomedicine Nanotechnology is defined as “the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale.” Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnology within a medical background. Nanomedicine provides us with the technology to quickly and more efficiently diagnose, fix, and heal the body at an accelerated rate while causing a significantly less amount of harm or stress on the body during the process than current procedures. We are able to achieve this by constructing...

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Competitive Landscape of Online Travel

Online Travel Competitive Landscape AmericanAirlines.com, Priceline.com, and Kayak.com offer many different services in their online marketplace. American Airlines gives the consumer the option to book their flights directly through their website along with other services that they will need during their trip. This encourages the consumer to develop brand loyalty while allowing them to reap the benefits through competitive pricing. When booking directly through American Airlines, consumers are...

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Hrm Employee Benefits

Employee benefits  Have grown in importance and variety  Typically membership-based rewards offered to attract and keep employees  Do not directly affect a worker’s performance, but inadequate benefits lead to employee dissatisfaction. Costs of Providing Employee BenefitsBenefit and service offerings add about 40% to an organization’s payroll cost.  Benefits become the focus of negotiations with employees when large wage and salary increases are not feasible. Social Security ...

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Travel and Tourism

technology has brought to the travel environment and retail operational practices. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the technology. The assignment will contain the information and examples of impacts as well as explanation how the impacts developed the retail environment. The technology has big impacts on the travel agencies. There are many positives and negatives that the technology has brought to the whole industry. The impact of technologies on travel agencies is so profound, that...

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Are You Getting Employee Benefits?

Are You Getting the Best Benefit From Your Employee Benefits? Are your employee benefits giving you the payback you deserve in increased employee appreciation and satisfaction? Chances are, your employee benefits are not. On average, organizations spend 41 cents for employee benefits for every dollar of payroll. That's 29% of the total employee compensation package. Research reported in the journal, Personnel Psychology, suggests that employees only understand and appreciate between 31 and 68% of...

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Social Cost Benefit Analysis

INTRODUCTION What is Social Cost Benefit Analysis? Cost-benefit analysis is a process for evaluating the merits of a particular project or course of action in a systematic and rigorous way. Social cost-benefit analysis refers to cases where the project has a broad impact across society {and, as such, is usually carried out by the government. While the cost and benefits may relate to goods and services that have a simple and transparent measure in a convenient unit (e.g. their...

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Tourism the Business of Travel

The History of Tourism Travel begins to occur out of a sense of adventure and curiosity. 1. The Empire Era(4850B.C.- 715B.C) Egyptians travel to centralized government locations. Greeks develop common language and currency, and travelers’ services emerge as city-states become destinations. Romans improve roads, the legal system, and inns to further travel for commerce, adventure, and pleasure. These empires started the necessities that encourage travel Affluent population with time...

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Embed ‹›  /38    Related More Travel Distribution India Report (Edition 1)1895 viewsLike Ernst & Young India eCommerce 2013344 viewsLike #BTO2011 - B[R]IC - Manish Kalra1276 viewsLike State Of Online Retailing In India4819 viewsLike Scope & growth of e commerce_gitanjali maria734 viewsLike Online Travel Industry - India - Sample8685 viewsLike Increasing Hotel Booking Conversion606 viewsLike Otb1934 viewsLike Ecommerce...

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Travel Writer

Travel Writer A job in which someone is paid to just travel the world is a myth. There is really no job that a person can travel for free and come back from their trip and earn an income. Though maybe, one of the closest jobs to this kind of lavish lifestyle is being a Travel Writer. A Travel Writer is someone who travels to different places and writes about their experiences there to inform their readers through some kind of publication. If one wants to be a Travel Writer, they must have a...

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Benifits of Foreign Travel

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the benefits of traveling to other cultures. Title: Another Life Thesis/Central Idea Sentence: It’s very important and beneficial to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, but few ever think to use traveling as a tool to assist in the restoration of all three. Introduction: [Attention Getter] Taking a vacation is on everybody’s to do list but according to a study conducted by the Families and Work Institute only about half of...

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What Benefits Can Traveling Give?

What Benefits Can Traveling Give? Leisure traveling has many benefits. It is no wonder that many people love to travel. It is very common, nowadays, for people to just get away on a vacation trip any time. Some even consider traveling as part of their routine lifestyle. Perhaps, the reason for its popularity is because more people have come to realize the benefits of traveling. People from all walks of life, both young and old, enjoy traveling. Most of the younger travelers tend to seek for...

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Travel Helps in Education

"Travel makes a man perfect" "Travel in the younger sort, is a part of education in the eider, a pan: of experience. ''----Bacon, Traveling has become an inseparable part of modern living. We travel for business, for sight-seeing and for necessity. We go to Darjeeling to see a relative or to look at the mighty Himalayas; We go to Puri to enjoy a sea-bath, to see the sun sinking in and emerging out of the sea. We go to Kashmir to enjoy the lovely sight of the valley of gods and to have a glimpse...

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Links and relationships within the travel industry

must work with many different travel and tourism component industries, comply with laws and regulations, and deal with a variety of external influences and challenges. Unlike travel agents, who sell holidays and a range of other travel products, tour operators actually assemble the different parts of a holiday, i.e. the type of travel, accommodation, facilities, transfers, excursions and other services. If we consider that travel agents are the retail arm of the travel business, then tour operators...

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Time Travel

Time Travel Mark Jacob de Paz Course: Comm 2 Instructor: Mrs. Noemi Agner Date: March 14, 2011 2 Time Travel Thesis Statement Time travel is possible. Outline: Time travel A. Definition of time travel B. Origins of the concept Theories about time travel A. Time travel forwards 1. Time dilation 2. Time perception B. Time travel backwards 1. Using wormholes 2. Special spacetime geometries Philosophical understandings A. Grandfather paradox B. Novikov self-consistency...

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Intro to Travel Agency

* Food and Beverage * Activities and Attractions * Travel Trade * Others (Publishing companies, Events Organizers Department of Tourism: Mr. Ramon Jimenez, Jr. (Secretary) Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority ( Philippine Tourism Authority) * To develop identified tourism priority areas; * To operate, maintain and promote facilities in pioneering capacity; * Collection of Travel tax * Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) * ( Philippine...

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Asianana Travel Mate Profile

COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY INTRODUCTION Asiana Travel Mate Co. Ltd., founded in 2006, provides customized inbound travel into Vietnam, extending to Cambodia and Laos. We believe in delivering services as promised, Benefiting local communities and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Vietnam. Company name: Asiana Mate Travel Co. Ltd. Công Ty TNHH Du Lịch Bạn Đường Châu Á Representative: Nguyễn Đình Ân Title: Giám Đốc International License...

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