Topics: Lemuel Gulliver, Travel, Gulliver's Travels Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Travelling is a man’s pleasure. Everyone wants to travel to most beautiful tourist’s destinations, natural places and man-made creations. We, human beings, explore, discover and observe unwanted sceneries for educational, business and leisure purposes. Within limited visit time, we gather new things that we got from our journey. We travel through air, sea and land transportation, with or without money to spend for travelling. Even if you are young or old, man or woman, everyone can travel. Travel gives us wisdom, the wisdom for us to learn life, life internally or externally influenced.

The experience in travelling was the most unforgettable experience that a man has. Travelling to own city, inside and outside, as long as the enjoyment never fade out. Visiting to destinations like Palawan, Boracay, Manila and Cebu, to their white beaches, colourful festivals, religious churches, and different cultures are the things that everyone human beings must have. Histories, different people and landmarks, man should learn from these. We learn through travelling better than reading books because by travelling we experience the real life. As the movie “ Gulliver’s Travel” who Lemuel Gulliver travelled different variations of places, to huge or small, to elevated or land, he shared his experience to his people but the public didn’t believe in his journey but still he fight for it even if he looks crazy. Even we ordinary people exaggerates so much in sharing our experience to those who did not travel yet.

Travelling today has made life easy, accessible and accommodating tour. By the advancement of travel system, we have now cars, ships and airplanes to move from one place to another for travelling. By travelling, we avail the reason by making a change of thing. Even in a short period of time, we can travel and go around the globe.
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