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Becoming A Auto Mechanic

Corey Bishop Contemporary Literature Informative – Persuasive Research Paper 22 May 13 Auto Mechanic Career One of the biggest needs on the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe reservation is a used car dealership, on top of that a certified Automotive mechanic that can fix those cars what money that will be made on the reservation will stay on the reservation. What I know about this automobile mechanic is it could get complicated at times such as wrong parts and tight squeezes you got to be physically...

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Automobile Repair and Mechanics

04/29/2011 Automobile Repair and Mechanics Automobile repair is not only an interesting field to me, also I feel automobile maintenance is necessary knowledge to have in today's auto market. Like studying for school or learning the skills of a job; I feel knowing how to repair a vehicle will produce a cost effective lifestyle, and take out all the hassle anyone who owns a vehicle encounters everyday. How many Americans can change their own oil that don't work as mechanics, or what is the average repair...

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Mechanics at Its Finest: an Annotated Bibliography

2013 Mechanics at Its Finest: An Annotated Bibliography “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for mechanics who complete postsecondary education training programs, such as those offered by trade schools and community colleges, should be good, while those with only a high school education will have a more difficult time”. Joseph, Chris “Benefits to an Auto Mechanic.” Demand Media. Ehow, 15 Aug. 2003. Web. The Bureau of Labor suggests that the benefits of becoming and automobile...

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Mechanics experiment 2 : (GROUP 3) Student no or trials Mass m(g) Deviation m-m ave (g) Absolute Deviation m-m ave (g) 1 75.5 0 0 2 75.3 -.02 0.2 3 75.8 .3 .3 4 75.4 -.10 .1 5 75.5 0 0 Sum 377.5 0.6 Average 75.5 0.12 Table 1: Measurement of the old balance Table 2 : Measurement for the new balance Student no or trials Mass m(g) Deviation m-m ave (g) Absolute Deviation m-m ave (g) 1 74.1 -1.14 1.14 2 75.5 .26 .26 3 75.4 .16 .16 4 75.6 .36 .36 5 75.6 .36 .36 ...

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Auto Service

Focus on Auto Service Aftermarket biz up in slow economy WASHINGTON -- The International Franchise Association (IFA) anticipates a continued slowdown in economic recovery, with minimal growth in the franchising market. "As the economic recovery continues at a slow pace, business conditions for small businesses are not improving. The availability of credit remains an issue," according to the revised "Franchise Business Economic Outlook: May 2012" produced by IHS Global Insight for the IFA Educational...

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Carreer Choices: Auto Body Mechanic

interested in a career as an auto body mechanic! To be an auto body mechanic you must have at least a grade ten education and some employers will also ask you for your high school diploma. So it will be in your best interest to finish high school. You will also need to show that you finished an apprenticeship program as an auto body mechanic and collision damage repairer automotive painter or have a combination over three years of work experience in the auto body trade and completion...

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Auto Rickshaw

A HONKING ABOMINATION TO BE OUR SALVATION? The auto rickshaw is set to enter the mass market as its production soars The economic growth in the Third World since the beginning of the 21st century has been inexorable. It has fuelled a stronger demand for a large range of goods; such as electronics, meat and fuel, as well as many services; such as healthcare, financial planning and legal advice. Among these items is the auto rickshaw, also known as the three-wheeler or the motorised rickshaw. It has...

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Skoda Auto - International Business

Skoda Auto The story of Skoda is one of struggle and success. Skoda enjoys a century-long history of motor vehicle manufacturing in a small town in the Czech Republic, about sixty kilometers outside the cultural and tourist center of Prague. Despite early achievements, times became much harder during the former socialist era. The physical plant fell into disrepair and quality declined. However, this tale in one of transformation, and Skoda has once again become very successful in a joint venture...

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Ford Auto World

SULLIVAN'S AUTO WORLD Walter Sullivan the creator of Sullivan Ford Auto World pass away and his oldest daughter Carol Sullivan-Diaz, a health care administrator by profession took over the business and found out that the family business is in economic trouble founded on existing financial performance and market outlook. In addition, CSAT results from car buyers show that the company has problems with their service quality. Sullivan Ford Auto World Facts: - Average sales of 1,100 cars per...

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Sears Auto Center Scandal

LGST001 – Ethics and Social Responsibility Sears Auto Center Scandal Managing Business Ethics Text (pp.207 - 210) Ethical Decision-making Issue: Should Sears remove its commission-based compensation scheme? Group Stand: The majority of the group believes that Ellen should be removed from the team. Support for Motion: Rawl's theory/Egalitarianism The underlying inequality is that car owners are paying for repair services they do not require while Sears benefits by earning higher...

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Soda Auto Motors: Marketing Assignment

Marketing assignment Cormac Lawler C10716525 Skoda Auto Motors Introduction Skoda was founded in 1895 by a mechanic named Václav Laurin and the book-seller Václav Klement, both bicycle enthusiasts, started manufacturing bicycles of their own design ( Skoda Auto website 21/3/11) Motor bikes were the only sort of vehicles with engines as cars would not be invented until 1905. After reading the history of the company on the Skoda site the two Czech inventors of the Skoda motorcycles first...

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Solid Mechanics

02TTB204 – Mechanics of Solids Part B Lab – Buckling of Struts 1. Introduction The task was given to obtain the buckling stresses for pin-ended steel struts of various slenderness ratios and compare with theoretical predictions obtained using the Euler and Rankine-Gordon equations. 2. Theory The method of obtaining the buckling stresses followed was to use data show in Appendix A. From the record of applied load, P, against deflection, δ, a Southwell plot of δ against...

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Toms Auto Service

 Toms Auto Service Case Study #1) Toms Auto Service (TAS) would define their customer service package by providing friendly and professional employee who interact with customers, providing oil, oil filters, tires, windshield wiper blades, and lubricants. They also provide their customers a waiting room with fresh blends and assortments of coffee, tea, soda, magazines, Wi-Fi, and high definition televisions. More services that they include are discount coupons, cleaning the vehicle inside and...

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Fluid Mechanics

ENT 310 Fluid Mechanics Midterm #1 – Open Book and Notes Name _______________________ 1. (5 pts) The maximum pressure that can be developed for a certain fluid power cylinder is 50.0 MPa. Compute the force it can exert if its piston diameter is 100 mm. 2. (5 pts) Calculate the weight (in Newtons) of 100 liters of fuel oil if it has a mass of 900 Kg. 3. (5 pts) The fuel tank of a truck holds 0.20 cubic meters. If it is full of gasoline having a specific gravity of 0.68, calculate the weight...

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Grand Theft Auto

------------------------------------------------- GRAND THEFT AUTO ------------------------------------------------- Automotive Recyclers ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- “Where You Make the Steel” ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Business Proposal ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Body Mechanics

BODY MECHANICS Submitted by: Chelsie Lisa F. Salonga Submitted to: Prof. Marilyn C. Dulig-Cabanes 2nd yr PD-DLF Body Mechanics * The application of kinesiology to the use of proper body movement in daily activities, to the prevention and correction of problems associated with posture, and to the enhancement of coordination and endurance. * The field of physiology that studies muscular actions and the function of muscles in maintaining body posture. Knowledge gained from such studies...

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Cameron Auto Parts

CAMERON AUTO PARTS ✓ Case Analysis: Cameron Auto Parts was founded in 1965, as consumer’s they haver three biggest car manufacturers. Cameron Auto Parts began having crisis in 2000 due two major problems: the first is about the drop in sales that were stopped at $ 48 million and in 2001 dropped to $ 18 million, and the second one is because the entry of Japanese competition to the market. Because of these losses Alex was in need for modernization, for this I borrowed $ 10 million. In 2001...

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Auto-Tube Is Ruining the Music Industry

tittle of ‘Katy Perry without auto-tune’. As I watched this video, I heard Katy Perry’s voice live. As watching this video, I was very disappointed to see her surrounded by fans who bought tickets to watch her perform. My disappointment was a result from her unbearable voice, the voice that when not sung live, we are deceived. This is when it dawned on me; imagine if the radio played artists singing live, no one would listen to the radio. Is it safe to thank God for auto-tune so we don’t have to hear...

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Quantum Mechanics

What are we made of??? Throughout the years the Quantum Mechanic model has evolved many times. This evolution has taken place after every major discovery in Quantum Mechanics. The current Quantum mechanic model is by far the most accurate example of an atom and how it works. Currently the model depicts a proton (or more than one depending on the atom) and neutron in the nucleus and a an electron rotating around the nucleus in an energy level, or an estimated path of the electron. The first person...

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Auto Industry Bailout

 The Macroeconomics of the Auto Industry Bailout [Type the author name] [Pick the date] The Auto Industry Bailout Detroit, Michigan grew up around the automobile industry. At its peak, Detroit was the fifth-largest city in the United States, becoming the home to over 1.8 million people by 1950 (Davey, Monica 2013). The prolific population was due greatly to the success of the auto industry in the city. At that time, Detroit was flying high, its name coined “The Motor City” (americaslibrary...

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Popular Mechanics

writing 5 stories in one, because the writer leaves gaps in the story that the reader will subconsciously fill in. Because of that the story will be very different from one reader's perspective to the next. In Raymond Carver's short story "Popular Mechanics," there is no clear ending. He also makes the story pretty vague by leaving out quotation marks, not telling the reader who is saying what, giving no background, and only allowing each character to say a few words at a time. The story as whole leads...

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Auto Bailout

Should Obama Bail Out the Auto Industry? Context and Situations By November 2008, Chrysler’s sales had shrunk 25%.  GM posted losses of $18 billion, and Ford lost $11.5 billion.  Despite Ford’s elimination of 1/3 of its workforce, GM’s elimination of 30,000 jobs, and Chrysler’s cutting of 13,000 employees, the Big Three were on the brink of bankruptcy.  All three testified before both houses of congress asking for loans to avoid default. The Big Three stated their demise would trigger 3 million...

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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics that studies fluids (liquids, gases, and plasmas) and the forces on them. Fluid mechanics can be divided into 1)  fluid statics, the study of fluids at rest; 2) fluid kinematics, the study of fluids in motion; 3)  fluid dynamics, the study of the effect of forces on fluid motion. Fluid Mechanics Overview Fluid is a substance that is capable of flowing. It has no definite shape of its own. It assumes the shape of its container. Liquids and gases are...

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Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto Limited Vision & Mission Bajaj doesn't have a straight vision or mission statement. They define it in terms of brand identity, brand essence (derived from mission) and brand values. Bajaj’s Brand Identity Bajaj’s Brand is the visual expression of its thoughts and actions. It conveys to everyone Bajaj’s intention to constantly inspire confidence. Customers are the primary audience for Bajaj’s brand. Indeed, our Brand Identity is shaped as much by their belief in Bajaj as...

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Auto Industry in China

Department of Languages & Intercultural Education Exploring China 331 RESEARCH PAPER Can Chinese cars sweep the globe? Competitiveness of China’s auto industry Name: Chang Deng Student ID: 14068678 Lecturer: Dr Grace ZHANG Date of Submission: 16/3/2001 Word Count: 681 Literature Review The automotive industry is regarded as a flag of a nation’s economic progress, unique in its far-reaching influence on the development of numerous related core industries...

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Becoming a Parent

Becoming a Parent It’s sad to know that some people will never know how becoming a parent really feels. Becoming a parent can change a person’s life in many different ways. I always knew I wanted kids when I got old enough. My son is 12 years old and growing up fast. It hasn’t been easy and it isn’t going to get any easier from this point because he is becoming a teenager. My daughter is about to turn four in December and with her it has been a whole different experience than with my son. I can...

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Quantum Mechanics Homework

Drion Shkreli Alchemy to Astrophysics Professor Efthimiades 12/11/2012 Quantum Mechanics Homework 1. Principles of Quantum Mechanics a. Particles have multiple virtual motions and each motion is accompanied by a wave. The strength of the total particle wave at each point corresponds to the probability that the particle may be found there. Applying this principle we can explain all kinds of phenomena, from the properties of atoms and radioactivity to light reflection. 2. Electron Double...

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Mechanics of Writing

Mechanics of Writing The goal of mechanics of writing is to make the writing precise and grammatically correct. It is directed to make the writing systematic and being concerned about how to be correct in spelling, punctuation, italics and so on. The mechanics of writing are the rules that must be followed while preparing research paper so that the research strategies and the format becomes systematic and consistent in all academic sectors. If one does not follow or if there are no such rules...

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Bone Mechanics

 Title: Bone Mechanics Objectives:- -To become familiar with LabView software and National Instruments, in order to record and observe the strain signals from chicken bone and an aluminum rod. Background: Data acquisition is the use of computer software connected to a measuring device. Signals and measurements are recorded, which is converted into a digital signal only understood by a computer. Data is recorded at a certain speed that is processed in real time, and can be immediately interpreted...

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CUA Mechanics

 PACO CATHOLIC SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS’ COORDINATING BODY PAASCU Accredited CLASS UNITY AWARD MECHANICS S.Y. 2013-2014 GENERAL OBJECTIVES 1. Instill the value of cooperation, unity, stewardship and service among students in and out of the school. 2. Develop a strong bond between the adviser and the section. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES 1. Enhance students’ potentials and talents in all areas of endeavour. 2. Establish students’ self-confidence through program participation. 3. Maintain...

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Fluid Mechanics

1. Using diagrams and/or graphs, explain the following terms: a. Pressure Head pressure head [′presh·ər ‚hed] (fluid mechanics) Also known as head. The height of a column of fluid necessary to develop a specific pressure. The pressure of water at a given point in a pipe arising from the pressure in it. b. Total Discharge Head Total discharge head refers to the actual physical difference in height between the liquid level in the pit and the highest point of the discharge pipe or water level in...

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Becoming an Artist

people happy, what helps them enjoy life? Becoming an artist’s means different things to different people, you can become a painter, a dancer, a musician, a designer, an actor and so much more. Being an artist means following your heart and not listing to criticism from others. It’s what makes us who we are; it makes us comfortable, brings us peace during hard times and can put a smile on our face during a dark day. There are no limitations on what becoming an artist means. There is no book or law...

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Mechanics of Tennis

Sports Mechanics Of Tennis The hitting and subsequent motion of a tennis ball in playing a forehand topspin Abstract The forehand topspin is one of the primary techniques that is utilised in modern day tennis. It has been used to enhance a player’s overall forehand skills that result in the maximising of a players groundstroke power output. This report will analyse the motions the tennis player and tennis ball undergo, the forces acting on the player and the ball and lastly, the force transformation...

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Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) PPH 0125 Mechanics Foundation in Engineering ONLINE NOTES Chapter 1 Physical Quantities Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University, Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama, Bukit Beruang, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia. PPH0125 MECHANICS Contents 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 Introduction to SI Units. Basic Quantities Derived Quantities Conversion of Units Scalar and Vector Quantity Factor of ten Simplification (Standard Prefixes) Dimension:...

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Nicholas Caruolo Throughout my life I've always had an interest in mechanics. At a young age I was constantly taking things apart to learn how they go together. This mechanical interest has played a huge role in life, dictating my hobbies and interests. My job as a bicycle mechanic is a large interest of mine. It allows me to creatively use my mechanical knowledge to fix problems with bicycles. Outside of work, I recently bought a motorcycle and have since been disassembling and tuning the entire...

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Hilcrest Auto

INTRODUCTION In this memo, the issue regarding Hilcrest Auto with regards to its quality issues in creating parts that meet the specifications in their contract will be discussed. Their options and their outcomes as far as current and new processes will be reviewed, as well as the costs and benefits of their options. Lastly, whether or not they should disclose information about their “error” to their customer will be discussed. THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL CAPACITIES Under the current production...

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Becoming a Nurse

How I became a Nurse Maggie Cook Galen College of Nursing How I became a Nurse Have you ever thought about becoming a nurse? Growing up, becoming a nurse had never crossed my mind. I didn’t grow up around anyone who worked in the nursing field nor was I used to being in and out of hospitals; whether it be for me or because of family. Although I wasn’t around many nurses or had much experience, I knew at one time or another I would be a huge part in changing...

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Becoming an actor

The Role of the Actor in the Industry There is not one precise route to becoming an actor but there is a common direction most aspirant actors take. Training for an actor can be acquired in numerous ways. An actor could be trained academically, through studio schools or through pure experience. The young actors’ career will undoubtedly begin with pure experience through small scale performances. The small scale performances could take place through school, outside social clubs or other children’s...

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New Players Guide to Battle Mechanics

World of Tanks new players guide to battle mechanics World of Tanks is a massive multiplayer online computer game. This historically accurate tank warfare game is played by sixty million gamers worldwide. Each match consists of two teams, fifteen players per side in a fifteen minute strategic fight to the death. There are six nations (US, Germany, USSR, UK, France, China), each nation has four types of tanks (heavy, medium, light, and artillery), and there are ten tiers (levels) for each type...

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Bajaj Auto vs Hero Honda

Producing Lowest Cost Two-Wheelers: Bajaj Auto Vs Hero Honda By Ved Singh, Abhimanyu Prabhavalakar, Baskaran Balasubramanian, Srikanth Gopalakrisnan Table of Content 1. Indian Economy and Two-wheeler Industry 2. Bajaj Auto Ltd. 3. Hero Honda 4. Cost Management Analysis 1. Indian Economy and Two/Three wheeler Industry As we write this report, there are few factors which we would like to state , just to set the context for this report, for for Indian Economy in general and then...

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Becoming American

Shao Yang HIST 1381_001 12/02/13 Stacey Pendleton Becoming American, Becoming Ethnic. United States has always been recognized throughout the world as the “Land of Opportunity.” The attraction of the promise of freedom, wealth, prosperity, and success had drawn millions of immigrants to come to America and search for a better life. One of the most important aspects is that the U.S is an egalitarian nation which opportunities are given based upon ability or achievement, rather than social status...

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Bajaj Auto Limited Case Study

{draw:frame} CASE STUDY: BAJAJ AUTO LTD. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Bajaj Auto Limited was established in 1945, initially importing scooters and three wheelers from Piaggioand later becoming a powerhouse in the Indian two wheeler industry. This paper highlights the effects of the Indian government policy on foreign imports until 1991, BAL’s marketing or lack of it during this period and the evolution of the Indian two wheeler industry from scooters to 2 stroke and 4 stroke bikes with a strong...

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Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a primary school teacher is something I have always wanted to do. I have been greatly inspired by an old teacher of mine, who i always looked up to and admired. I feel i have a real enthusiasm for teaching as well as a great deal of patience, which i believe is an important quality to hold when working with children. Through the classroom experience i have gained through various weeks of work experience, i have seen my love for teaching grow and it has shown me that becoming a teacher is...

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Mechanics of Basketball

Tino Estose WA #4 16 April 2013 Basketball (Mechanics of the game, College, and Professional) Social Media (Twitter and Facebook), Television, Basketball Video Games Factors about the medium | Factors about the message | Factors about the audience | -The most prominent characteristic of at least two of these particular mediums (Twitter and Sports Television) is the delivery of information. These two genres are specifically instant in terms of delivering information or whatever message...

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Auto Insurance: Factors Affecting Operational Level of Planning

Auto Insurance: Factors Affecting Operational Level of Planning Team C University of Phoenix MGT330 Orlando Rivero June 20, 2005 Auto Insurance: Operational Level of Planning The insurance industry is affected by many economic factors. In an attempt to better understand the operational level of planning within the insurance industry we would like to take a look at how revenue, operating expenses, and the auto insurance market directly affect the operational level of planning of any given...

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On Becoming a Writer

On Becoming a Writer William Gould Strayer University Eng 115 Mrs. Eackloff In the essay “On Becoming a Writer” Russell Baker want to become a writer. Baker realized that he wanted to become a writer since he was sixteen. But he also felt that he was in a world all by himself because According to Baker (1982) sixteen year olds did not come out of high school and become writers (p.66). Eventhough he had that frame of thought he always thought of himself as a writer. “I told people I’d like...

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On Becoming a Leader

“More leaders have been made by accident, circumstance, sheer grit, or will than have been made by all the leadership courses put together.” ― Warren G. Bennis, On Becoming a Leader Revised Edition What makes a leader? Is always my initial though when thinking of leadership. There are many kinds of leader and many reasons why a person can be considered a leader Truly effective leaders are also distinguished by a high degree of emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation...

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Becoming Charlemagne

Becoming Charlemagne, written by Jeff Speck. This book written by Jeff Speck, chronicles events around the life of a Germanic king name Karl. Becoming Charlemagne is a factual account of the events that took place in the empires of A.D 800. Jeff Sypeck explains key events in this time period and illustrates how the king Karl became the legend Charlemagne. Question 1 a-c The writer of Becoming Charlemagne, Jeff Sypeck, did a wonderful job in writing a book that was interesting to read, well explained...

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Auto Biography

RobranequeMcGowin Composition 1 Mr. Belcher January 28, 2013 Auto Biography My name is Robraneque Lanesha McGowin I was born in and raised half of my life in Kansas City Missouri. My parents are Robert and Alonda McGowin, both of my parents were born and raised in Kansas City Missouri also. I have 5 siblings they are all males. Their names from oldest to youngest are Mark McGowin who is 34 years old, Deandre McGowin 22 years old, Deantrea McGowin 21 years old, and Jeremiah...

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Becoming a Cpa

Becoming a CPA Accounting is the study of how businesses track their income. Identify business goals and activities; describe the role of accounting in making informed decisions, the uses and organization of financial performance over an accounting cycle. Accountants engage in a wide variety of activities besides preparing financial statements. They spend a lot of time learning how to make the business profitable. Therefore, an accountant is perfectly positioned to become a Chief Financial...

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Engineering Mechanics

Part I Statics Principle of Statics Introduction Engineering Mechanics may be defined as the science which consider the effects of forces on rigid bodies. The subject divides naturally into two parts Statics and Dynamics. In Statics we consider the effects and distribution of forces on rigid bodies which are and remain at rest. In Dynamics we consider the motion of bodies caused by the forces acting upon them. Engineering MechanicsStaticsDynamicsForce SystemApplicationKinematicsKineticsConcurrentTrussesTranslat-...

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Becoming a Lawyer

major to study in wouldn't be so broad. There are so many different areas of study when you want to become a lawyer. I really don't know what area of law I would like to study, but I do definitely know that I will be a lawyer. I don't think that becoming a lawyer will make me have to lie or twist stories in order to be successful, so I do not think that my morals and values will be disturbed. As for my classes, I feel that each one has its specific purpose in order to get me prepared for law school...

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Case 11- Skoda Auto-2007 Abstract

Case 11- Skoda Auto-2007 Abstract The case on Skoda Auto is based on figures and stats taken in 2007. The case explains the past position of the company, the current state and the position of the company compared to other automobile companies in the world. Skoda Auto Mobile Company was formed in 1895 in Czechoslovakia when Vaclav Laurin, a mechanic, and Vaclav Klemant, a bookseller, joined together to manufacture the bicycle later a motorcycle and then a four-wheel, 2-cylinder engine motor vehicle...

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Becoming a Nurse

Becoming a Nurse Will you be the one individual that can look beyond the stress, liability and the unexpected turns of events of being a nurse, and seemingly realize that it is a remarkably rewarding career? Frequently, people wonder why individuals would choose nursing for their occupation, with so much stress and human suffering. A nurse must be a very caring person, one that can accept responsibility, supervise individuals, and be able to react in a very fast pace. A nursing career has multiple...

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Becoming Literate

From Spanish to English: Becoming Literate Mark Twain once said, “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” It was in first grade when I first learned how to read. Mrs. Garza was my teacher and I will never forget her because she is the one that taught me how to read, write, and speak English. If it was not for her encouragement and push she gave me I would not have been where I am today. It was a book that contained a collection of short stories. Words like ‘mat’...

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Fracture Mechanics

Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM). In this criterion, the two fracture parameters take account of the deviation of the stress to failure from the stress calculated pursuant to LEFM principles. These parameters have to be calculated earlier in pretests known as base line tests to be conducted under identical conditions of the material. It was possible neither to find 48 the failure stress of pressure vessels by means of the fracture parameter obtained from fracture mechanics specimen nor to...

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Auto-Ethnography Vincent Verduzco Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Abstract The methods of writing vary in people almost as much as fingerprints are different. This paper, hence the title, studies the way that I write. The sample of writing the study is being conducted on is an essay that I wrote using a prompt which asks the effects that technology has had on society over the years; with an emphasis on the recent years, meaning the past ten to fifteen years with the start of the...

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Economic Issues Plaguing the U.S Domestic Auto Industry

 Economic Issues Plaguing the U.S. Domestic Auto Industry Danika G. Brown Lakeland College Economic Issues Plaguing the U.S. Domestic Auto Industry Starting in the very recent recession, the decline of the United State’s domestic auto industry is a sight to see. “The mutual market share of the United State’s “Big Three” car companies fell close to 20% in a decade, from 70% in 1998 to 53% in 2008.” (Snyder, 2012). Within the past several years, China is currently building...

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Becoming a Fashionista

studies of how to draw a perfect line, good texture, and the ability to determine what things go together. Fashion designers must have patience when drawing the one design that could sell millions. Time and effort also goes along with the role of becoming a fashionista. What will attract people; what is the most popular color; who will wear this creation. These are all the things upcoming fashion designers need to know. Ideals are always needed to be present. It is a fashion designer’s...

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Becoming a Teacher

Lisa McIntyre February 6, 2013 Exploring Education as a Profession Tiffany Trent Becoming a Teacher I would love to write about how I wanted to become a teacher since I was ten years old, but it is not true. I just happened to get involved in a round-about-way. Having four children under the age of ten, going back to work was a necessity. I became a school nutritionist, also known as ‘lunch lady’. It was perfect hours, decent pay and summers off, what more could I ask for? On my second day...

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