Topics: Bicycle, Design, Mountain biking Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Nicholas Caruolo

Throughout my life I've always had an interest in mechanics. At a young age I was constantly taking things apart to learn how they go together. This mechanical interest has played a huge role in life, dictating my hobbies and interests. My job as a bicycle mechanic is a large interest of mine. It allows me to creatively use my mechanical knowledge to fix problems with bicycles. Outside of work, I recently bought a motorcycle and have since been disassembling and tuning the entire motorcycle to rebuild it. I also take interest in sports such a snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking and road biking. Each of these sports have mechanical aspects which appeal to me. Skateboarding has inspired me to build a skatepark in my backyard. Mountain biking has introduced me to trail building, in which you use natural features and wood to create trails that flow through the terrain, typically incorporating jumps that must be built specifically to meet New England Mountain Biking Association standards. I have built my own mountain bike and road bike from the frame up, to the specifications I prefer. My choice in sports and part time job are a reflection of my natural proficiency in mechanical design. I have decided to capitalize on this ability by pursuing an education in mechanical engineering and I believe it will lead me to a deeply fulfilling career. The University of Connecticut provides many avenues to fulfill my educational desires and gain career direction. The mechanical engineering program has an exceptional ranking, intriguing internship opportunities and an outstanding rate of job placement. This leads me to feel confident that the University of Connecticut is the best choice for my furthering of education. While at Uconn I hope to use mechanical engineering facilities to design and build bicycles. I would like to start a club for engineering students to collaborate ideas with each other, invent new frame designs and build them. My academic...
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