• Away Michael Gow
    Change is when something is not what it used to be. It is a process, transition or alteration that affects all aspects. During the play, Gow uses many different techniques and the story of 3 different Australian families to help the audience understand the concept of change. There are 3 main chara
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  • Act 1 Sc 1 Away Michael Gow
    Actors play multiple characters Affects the consistency of the play Audience must be active in recognising the difference Staging - must have a costume change to symbolise the changed role ACT ONE SCENE ONE A school performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream is coming to a close. The Mendelssohn
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  • Away by Michael Gow
    Away Set in the Australian summer of 1967, Michael Gow’s Away is an elaborate play which explores the ideas of self- discovery and change. Through the war affected nation, three families, each from different social classes, depart on an iconic Australian holiday to the beach. In the play, Gow
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  • Away - Michael Gow
    Make a point Explain the point Support the point Link the point Introduction Thesis – In the novel Away by Michael Gow all the characters have the desire to win and this can be interpreted as making the right choices for a good life. These attitudes to life can be seen through the characters
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  • 'Away' by Michael Gow
    Michael Gow’s play Away is the story of three different Australian families who go on holiday for Christmas in the sixties. By going away each family is hoping to resolve their issues. Although Away is set some time ago the themes and issues explored in the play are still relevant to a modern day
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  • 'Away' by Michael Gow
    Life is merely a journey. On a journey, an individual experiences a range of obstacles, either expected or unexpected, which shapes their life. Such obstacles initiate the process of change and transformation. Clearly, through a close study of the play ‘Away’ by Michael Gow, the poem ‘Whither
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  • Away by Michael Gow: Character Analysis
    Coral: The death of Coral’s son has caused an emotional breakdown as she cannot accept her son’s death. Moreover, Coral has lost her social identity and tends to struggle to find a connection with anyone, as she “can’t think of anything to say” (Act 2, Scene 2). Her husband, Roy, is annoy
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  • Away by Michael Gow Character Analysis
    Meet the Character Tom: Tom is a very talented actor with the potential to go far with his acting. “You’ll be our next Chips Rafferty eh, son”. He and his family moved to Australia from England 8 years ago and there not the wealthiest family but there certainly the happiest family. His acting
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  • Michael Gow Away
    Characters – Othello – Character – o Tragic hero – Flaw - - Insecurity (Jealous) - Trust? o Controversial - Becomes racial stereotype - Is Othello responsible for tragedy or Iago? o Othello blames Iago ‘perplexed in
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  • Significance of Away
    Significance of Away Michael Gow’s play Away is both culturally and historically significant in the development of Australian drama. In its portrait of Australian life in the 1960’s, its attack on immigration and the Vietnam War offers us an insight into the specific concerns of that period.
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  • Romeo & Juliet in Comparrison to Michael Gow's Away
    Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann displays a diversity of different conflicts. The most understandable being the conflict between the two families, the Montague’s and the Capulet‘s. Essentially this family conflict opens up the doors for a variety of additional conflicts
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  • Away and Other Related Text Essay. (Yr 11 Standard)
    Australian voices: I am, you are, hold on! What is an Australian? An Australian voice? What can an Australian voice be? To many the definition of an Australian voice will vary from opinion to opinion. One can describe an Australian voice as being a perspective of the Australian culture in relati
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  • Journey - Away, the Red Tree the Violin Man.
    Journeys. Today the meaning of journey has been lost in many forms of literature. Every single author creates some sort of journey in the stories that they write, no matter what form or medium it is in, there is always a journey being taken. There are three different types of journey; they are in
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  • Analisis of Away
    Analysis of away The play away by Michael Gow is a story of three Australian families going on holidays. It is set in the summer of 1967-68 during Christmas and the New Year. There are many sub-themes in away such as death/loss, change, moving on with life, and forgiveness. The theme of death
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  • The Poem "Away"
    , Hello, I feel that the poem written by Michael Gow called ‘Away’ has a lot to do with belonging as many people in the play try their whole time throughout the play trying to feel like they have a sense of belonging. Some of the characters in the play develop their sense of belonging, whe
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  • Away Essay Idea
    AWAY Away is set to the background of post-war Australia when Australians were preoccupied with Vietnam and the divisions within society. The composer, Michael Gow, traces three ordinary, yet very different, Australian families setting off on their Christmas holidays during the summer of 1967-68.
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  • Comparative Study of Away and Bruce Dawe Poems
    Sometimes we need to look back and evaluate whether life, on balance has delivered more positives than negatives. How positive is the view of life presented by Bruce Dawe and the playwright whose work you have studied? Life is viewed as positive in both Michael Gow’s Away and Bruce Dawe’s poems
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  • Coral Away Essay
    The play Away by Michael Gow shoes the character of Coral to be in need of change in her distinctive world. Discuss how this applies to the play. Michael Gow’s play “Away” presents Coral as a character that is in urgent need to undergo profound change. At the introduction of the play, Coral
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  • Away Notes
    “AWAY”- Michael Gow • About challenges, discoveries, transformations • A ‘play within a play’- Tom in ‘A Midsummer night’s Dream’ plays Puck and promises to ‘restore amends’- Tom does this, changing other characters and their problems. • MSND’s end begins â
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  • Smokey Joes Cafe and Away
    The concept of journey exceeds beyond physically traveling, as the traveller encompasses an emotional and intellectual journey along the way. These journeys are a process in which the traveller grows and changes in response to extending themselves out of their comfort zones and overcoming the strugg
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