• Railway
    The Directors, &C., of the Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron Company (Limited) v. Hector Riche (1874-75) L.R. 7 H.L. 653 Divisional Court HL (UK-Irl) The Lord Chancellor (Lord Cairns), Lord Chelmsford, Lord Hatherley, Lord O'Hagan and Lord Selborne. 1875 June 1, 4, 7 Companies
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  • Ashbury
    Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron Co Ltd v Riche [(1875) LR 7 HL 653] Aradhya Choubey 2011/B.A. LL.B./014 ------------------------------------------------- facts The Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron is a Company incorporated under Companies Act, 1862 and its objects clause stated that the co
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  • History of Railway
    HISTORY OF RAILWAY * 1875 The Spanish government issues an order to plan a Philippine railroad. * 1887 Construction of the 196-km Manila-Dagupan railway begins. * 1905 Meralco, or Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company, operates the “Tranvia,” an electric street tramway tha
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  • Indian Railway
    Main article: History of rail transport in India A plan for a rail system in India was first put forward in 1832, but no further steps were taken for more than a decade. In 1844, the Governor-General of India Lord Hardinge allowed private entrepreneurs to set up a rail system in India. Two new rail
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  • Railway
    History of rail transport in India Under British rule A rail system in India was first proposed in 1832 in Madras but it never materialised. In the 1840s, other proposals were forwarded to the British East India Company who governed India. The Governor-General of India at that time, Lord
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  • Asian Immigrants at Gold Fields and Railway Construction in Nineteenth Century: Racism and Struggle for Rights
    Asian immigrants at gold fields and railway construction in nineteenth century: racism and struggle for rights PRINCY JAIN The economic development history of nineteenth century was extensively affected by the colonialism and the process of capital accumulation and surplus extraction. It involved la
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  • Economic Impact Analysis on a High-Speed Railway System for Central Florida
    Economic Impact Analysis on a High-Speed Railway System for Central Florida Economic Impact Analysis on a High-Speed Railway System for Central Florida Introduction High-speed railway (HRL) systems have been used primarily over in such countries as Japan since 1964 and France since 198
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  • How Successful Was Organized Labor in Improving the Position of Workers in the Period from 1875 to 1900? Analyze the Factors That Contributed to the Level of Success Achieved.
    The years following the Civil War and Reconstruction was an era somewhat gilded. The Second Industrial Revolution came about with new inventions, and revolutionized how factories and jobs were worked. Factory workers in this time period were working in poor conditions and had no power whatsoever. Of
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  • Burlington Northern Railway
    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company (BSNF) was formed December 31, 1996 when Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway and Burlington Northern Railroad merged as one. It is the second largest railroad system in the United States behind the Union Pacific. It owns and operates tracks in 27 stat
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  • Railway in China
    INTRODUCTION China experiences a huge development with growth rate of the GDP beyond 8% for about 20 years. Among several factors, infrastructures and facilities are often considered as one of the components that have helped China to achieve such performances. How to consider the role of the rail
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  • Indain Railway Five Year Plan
    Indian Railways: Five Year Strategic Plan 1 Introduction The Indian Railways has a capital base of about Rs. 100000 crore and is often referred to as the lifeline of the Indian economy because of its predominance in transportation of bulk freight and long distance passenger traffic. The netwo
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  • Railway Re-Orientation in Bangladesh
    Page 1 of 98 RE-ORIENTATION OF BANGLADESH RAILWAY: A MARKET INTEGRATION STUDY BY MD. SAIDUR RAHMAN ID NO.: 40201045 A Thesis submitted to the Department of Marketing, Evening MBA Program, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, in partial fulfillment of the requirement of Internship Progra
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  • The Railway Development in Hong Kong in the 21st Century
    ''The Railway Development in Hong Kong in the 21st Century’’ Railway in Hong Kong in general means a train service for carrying people and cargo in Hong Kong Territory and also crossing the Hong Kong and Chinese border to or from Mainland. Trains were first steam hauled in the past, then
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  • International Railway Project Feasibility & Financing
    International Project Financing In partial fulfillment of the degree of Master of Finance & Control Submitted by: Deepti Jayam Roll no 1830 Department of Financial Studies University of Delhi South Campus Internal supervisor: External superv
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  • Burlington Northern Railroad & Santa Fe Railway Company (Bnsf)
    TUI UNIVERSITY Andrew C. Hubbert ETH 501 – Business Ethics Module III – Case Study BNSF Genetic Testing Dr. John Malpass The purpose of this case study is to justify the fairness of the court settlement between the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the
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  • Railway Transport and Economy
    铁道运输与经济 RAILWAY TRANSPORT AND ECONOMY 成都站高峰期客运组织工作探讨 随着国民经济的发展,人民生活水平的不断提高和消费理念 的改变,人们的出行数量和对质量的要求都有所提升。尤 其在春节等假期,形成了独特的
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  • The Railway Ahead
    Question 4 Do you agree the idea of originality is being challenged by the internet? Do you agree talents and skills are now being replaced by technology? Use your own project to explore it. The Railway Ahead Technology, which includes the internet, is the ‘highway’ of knowledge and infor
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  • Turnaround Strategy of Railway
    History of Indian Railways Introduced in the country in 1853 by the British. 53 kms between Mumbai and Thane The Indian Railways (IR) has a network spread over 63,000 route kms. and 7000 stations 12 million passengers and more than 1.2 million tonnes of freight daily 40 per cent of the freight
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  • Railway Accdent
    A RAILWAY ACCIDENT During the last few months, there have been many railway accidents. The losses incurred due to these accidents are immense. In July, there occurred a serious accident between Frontier Mail and Bombay Express near Ratlam Station. It occurred during the early hours of the mor
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  • Railway Lines
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