• A Comparison of the Poems, "Postcard from Kashmir" by Agha Shanhid Ali and "Elena" by Pat Mora
    Time and change will always be inevitable. Although some people would like to change that, it just can not be done. There is no going back to the past; there is only remembering it. So, no matter how much we would like the idea of time machines in movies such as Back to the Future, we, ourselves, mu
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  • Pat Mora - Elena
    THE TONE OF A SETTING When having a conversation with someone it is easy to know how they are feeling by the tone in their voice. If a person is being funny, they tend to have a smile on their face, but when a person is angry about a particular subject, the tone of their voice becomes extremely lou
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  • Pat Mora
    Pat Mora is an award-winning writer that bases most her poems on tough cultural challenges and life as a Mexican American. She was born in a Spanish speaking home in El Paso, Texas. Mora is proud to be a Hispanic writer and demonstrates how being culturally different in America is not easy. She e
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