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An Unexpected Surprise

The unexpected As the muscles in my arms began to tighten and my nose involuntarily began to twitch I stared at the teacher with irritation. The more I stared the slower the clock ticked. Looking up every thirty seconds would not allow time to pass quicker, this I knew however the inevitable cannot be stopped. Silent murmurs of constant reassurance kept me still but not for long. With the urge to stand up and scream out loud I clenched my fists with anger. It was coming, he was coming, oh god help...

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The Unexpected

The unexpected She opened the mail box, as she expected there is a letter lying in there waiting for her to pick it up. She walked into the house, trying to find the paper knife to unseal the letter. You can obviously see the letter it’s been carefully wrapped by the back of a poster, and you can clearly see the picture on the back side. Finally Julia saw the paper knife is hidden under Lydia’s little “baby”, it’s a teddy bear...

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Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected What thoughts come to mind when you think of “The Lottery?” Positive thoughts including money, a new home, excitement, and happiness are all associated with the lottery in most cases. However, this is not the case in Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery”. Here, the characters in the story are not gambling for money, instead they are gambling for their life. A shock that surprises the reader as she unveils this horrifying tradition in the village on this beautiful...

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Expecting the Unexpected

Mr. Lantin’s passion is about theater and fake jewelries. The part that Mrs. Lantin came home sick and had cough the next day, and died after 8 days is a pretty fast part of the story. This is shocking actually, but then again, life is full of surprises and as what I have mentioned in the beginning, things happen. The narrator describes the protagonist in this situation as a very devastated individual. That really defines how shocking the incident was to him. Mr. Lantin turned into a totally different...

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Expecting the Unexpected

Expecting the Unexpected Looking into a person’s personality there are surprises around every corner. I have learned to expect the unexpected when working on this assignment. I asked five friends to take the personality test, along with taking it myself, and the results did not turn out the way that I had expected. My friends, who I thought had an okay view on the world, really don’t think that it treats them fairly and the people who I thought were more aggressive than the rest scored lower...

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an unexpected suprise

  An Unexpected Surprise   Even though I come from a big family, I always thought of myself as an only child.  My next closest sibling is 8 years older than me.  You could say I was an unexpected surprise…the eighth of eight children.  When I was a kid, my life was pretty ordinary, or so I thought.  Nothing interesting ever happened.  I spent each day trying to keep up with my brothers and sisters.  Of course they were all in school and that is what I wanted, to be in school just like them...

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An unexpected experience

Keylianys Banks Professor de Yong English 101 July 15, 2013 An Unexpected Experience This happened on Saturday of the 2006. I was a happy young of only 20 years. I already had a baby of one year old. I worked in two jobs during the whole week and on weekends I liked to have fun and spend time with my baby. That Saturday was celebrating a Carnival where they were good artists; they had machines, and delicious foods and drinks. I wanted to go to the Carnival to have great time with my baby....

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Unexpected Killers: a Look Into Parricide

UNEXPECTED KILLERS: A LOOK INTO PARRICIDE 1 Unexpected Killers: A Look Into Parricide EN 101: English Composition Miller-Motte Online Stacey Reid UNEXPECTED KILLERS: A LOOK INTO PARRICIDE 2 Several nights ago, my eight year old daughter and I were lying on the sofa together watching a movie. I remember stroking her hair as she fell asleep and thinking, as I often do, how much I love her. If you are a parent, then you know exactly the kind of moment I am describing: the moments where...

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An Unexpected Journey

An unexpected journey Tom looked down at his telephone, it was 4 p.m. and we had been walking for hours, more specific for two and a half. Lost in our own minds, and the thought of finding back to civilization before nightfall. Five days earlier we had landed in Tanzania, and here our annual family vacation began. Even though we had had a truly unforgettable trip to Bahamas last year, this vacation would prove to turn our lives upside down in a way that we never had imagined. It was now eight hours...

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A Surprise

one of my childhood reminiscences. That day , my dad gave me his promise that he would celebrate the birthday with me and give me a spectacular surprise. What is that, dad? I asked happily. However he still kept his surprise under wraps. I was building castles in the air about the surprise. It drew a blank though. I knew he would give me a marvelous surprise because I was his only child. After my mum’s death and after he had overcome the grief, he picked up the pieces and gave al his love to me. My...

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Surprise Award

Surprise Award Provokes Mixed Feelings President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on October 9th. The award has brought immense attention to the modest President. This is an immense accomplishment for Barack Obama as well as for anyone who is privilege enough to win such an award. The argument throughout this article is if Obama is truly justified in winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Scott Wilson does an impressive job of creating an argument within his writing. Both sides are expressed...

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Unexpected Events

Unexpected events By Shanique Singh Tough Days I opened my eyes and the glare from the window shimmered into my room. I groaned and pulled the covers over my head. ‘Must have left them open last night.’ Inwardly cursing, I got out of bed and made my way into my bathroom. I leaned against the vanity and looked at myself in the mirror. I REALLY didn’t want to go to school today. Being the new kid sucked. Mom just HAD to...

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surprise party

lesson to forgive and forget. It was just a freaky morning accident. I reached school by 7.50 am and the prefect on duty booked my name for being late to school. He sternly asked me to surrender him my name so he could write it on the book. To his surprise my name was all over the list. I never see him on duty before and I think he is new. Many prefects knew me well and sometime they booked me even before I reached school. Lately they were being prejudice on me as I always turn the deaf ear on their...

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An Unexpected Gift

It was an unexpected gift. I leaped with joy when my aunty proposed that she would take me to Thailand for the Christmas holidays. Being the top of my form, my aunty felt that it was essential that we celebrate this momentous moment as I had passed my 'O' levels with flying colours. My aunty worked for a travel agency and consequently it was rather easier to tour around the nooks and carrnies in Thailand. She could get discounts for accommodation in an exotic hotel. Arriving at our destination by...

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Unexpected Love

Unexpected Love Off the shores of the Atlantic Coast in South Carolina, was a man by the name of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a very shy, but adventurous man. In addition to doing small cleaning duties at the local market, he loved to explore the ocean. Jeremiah didn’t have a stable income, but when he saved enough he bought himself some scuba gear. To him that was his...

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The unexpected

The Unexpected It was December 18th 2007 and I was in the park with a bunch of my friends. We played some football in the snow and had a good time. We were walking on top of a big hill and we weren’t paying much attention to our surroundings. I started to talk to Justin and the next thing I knew I was on my back going down an ice hill. On my way down I was thinking, “Oh god I’m going to get hurt”. There was a big wooden fence at the bottom of the hill. I extended and locked my leg so it wouldn’t...

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Surprise of a Lifetime

Surprise of a lifetime The sun was shining in brightly and violently onto our pale skin through the small crack of the curtain that was left partially open from the night before. As I slowly began to wake I realized a shadow standing off to the side of my bed, quickly I opened my eyes straining to see this figure through the incoming sun beams. The figure moved and I soon realized it was just my husband Cody as he came closer I let out a long sigh in relief, and giggled a little out loud...

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Unexpected Arrivals

Unexpected Arrivals All over the world there have been unexplained happenings that many believe to be other types of life forms. Do you believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs)? People all over the world think about if other forms of life exist and there are plenty of files to support extraterrestrial activities that occur throughout the world. The government has hidden many documents containing these unexpected arrivals, such as Area 51, and many files were missing pieces of information...

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Unexpected Gift

Gandhi,Sneha Saavedra Unexpected Gift I learned so much from the articles, and the panelists, I feel that I am expanding my personal views. One could say my personal growth. I once felt that like the rest of society; to be transgendered is a horrible thing, and very little good can come with it. But after reading and talking to those who experience it firsthand. I admit that I was wrong. It can be a blessing in disguise to be a transgendered individual. Transgendered identity is something...

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Expect the Unexpected

he did not love Caesar, he just loved his country more. Caesar is a victim of betrayal, stabbed by one of his closest friends. To watch out for an enemy is hard, but to watch your friends as well can be a painstakingly difficult task. “Expect the unexpected” is a common cliché used to warn individuals to prepare for everything because anything can happen. One of the most famous acts of betrayal can be found in The Gospel of Saint Matthew. When Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his closest disciples...

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The Unexpected Friend

The Unexpected Friend Four months ago, I met someone who brought me to the world of love and laughter. To the world I thought I would never have. He made me feel comfortable and safe when I’m with him. He completes me. He was a father, older brother and a good friend to me. Now, I can’t imagine my life without him. He, who’s name was “Lord Ivan” – My best friend. I never expected us to be this way. He was just another member of our crew. I admire him. The way he speaks, dance and smile...

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Unexpected Journey to Logistic Companies

An Unexpected Journey in SUBIC Bay Freeport Zone Have you watched the movie “Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey”, this is a hit movie of 2012 where a hobbit had an unexpected visitor from Gandalf and he was forced to join to a group of dwarves to conquer the old Castle of the Dwarves. It is like the same story that our instructor and a Licensed Customs Broker, Ms. Joyce Ann Valdez, led as to experience, in one of the most challenging subjects in the study of Customs Administration. The CUS04...

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The Unexpected

Shaqueria Howard ENC 1101-32 Dr. Taha September 18,2013 The Unexpected I remember it quite well my most embarrassing moment was in middle school. I was in the 8th grade attending Nims Middle School in Tallahassee Florida. It had been a long day at school because everyone was anticipating for the pep rally for the football game. Everybody knew this pep rally would be exciting and fun. We all sat in our classes staring at the clock from period to period. My middle school was predominantly black...

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The Unexpected

4th hour Essay The Unexpected Has something ever happened to you out of the blue? It was November 9th, 2003, and it was my 8th birthday. We were having my birthday party at Gayety’s Ice- Cream Parlor in Lansing, Illinois. Everyone was having such a great time, but then the party ended. My friend Courtney had lost her glove. We were searching for about ten minutes, but she had to go. About three seconds later my mom had found it. She...

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Klm Surprise Campaign Analysis

------------------------------------------------- KLM Surprise Digital Campaign Analysis ------------------------------------------------- Introduction: How Happiness spread Figure 1 http://surprise.klm.com/ Royal Dutch company KLM sought a different way to connect with their customers and reward them for flying with them, at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. And what better way to do it, was through the “KLM surprise” Campaign of “how happiness spreads”. It consisted of monitoring traveller’s...

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Drag birthday surprise

 Drag’s Birthday Surprise: A Tiberius Story by Keith Harvey Sometimes the postman came to Tiberius’ house, but not very often. Occasionally he had a letter from a friend who had moved away to another village and sometimes his aunt would send him a letter, or even a parcel! Tiberius was halfway through his breakfast of cheeseflakes when he first heard the postman’s cheery whistle. ‘Great!’ thought Tiberius. ‘It sounds like a letter or, even better, a parcel is coming my way.’ The whistling...

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The Unexpected Symbolic Outcome of "The Lottery"

The Unexpected Symbolic Outcome of "The Lottery" Violence and human cruelty are two horrible things that occurred a long time ago and continue to be an ongoing issue in our society today. Everyone has either experienced, been apart of, or witnessed these awful acts at least once in their lifetime. Author Shirley Jackson coveys both violence and human cruelty in her well known short story "The Lottery". "Jackson's The Lottery" states, "The date of the lottery, its location, and the symbolic or...

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My Ultimate Birthday Surprise

 My Ultimate Birthday Surprise I had gone to spend the week with my cousin, Brandon, and his wife, Jennie the summer of my sixteenth birthday. I had no idea that Brandon had the most thoughtful and extravagant birthday gift I could ever imagine. Brandon had, without his wife’s knowledge, set up an appointment for Jennie and me to go skydiving. I had always wondered if I would ever have the courage to jump out of an airplane at 13,000 feet in the air. Skydiving had always been a dream of mine...

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Unexpected suprises

Life is full of unexpected surprises. There are many opportunities when one can secretly wish for something exciting to happen – something out of the ordinary. The real surprise is when the wish unexpectedly comes true. I never believed that something like this could ever happen to me; such a thing that would make me stop and look back at the events in awe. I think you would agree that something as simple as being lost in the forest for less than ten minutes should have no influence on my life....

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A Christmast Surprise for Gramma

A Christmas Surprise for Grandma by Gloria J. Shuttleworth Grandma lived on Sugar Creek Mountain all alone. It was a beautiful mountain, with tall cedar trees all over the mountain top. In the middle of the mountain was a crystal clear lake. The water in the lake was the prettiest blue you've ever seen. When the water was calm, you could see the fish swimming around in the lake. I loved sitting by the lake when I was a little girl. Grandma would pack us a lunch, and we would sit at the lake for...

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A call for an unexpected change

Kahn 1 Nick Kahn Professor Martin English 102 7 June 2014 A Call for an Unexpected Change An initiation story, or better yet a “coming-of-age story,” is a narrative in which the main character witnesses a rite of passage that prepares him or her for adulthood. In “A&P” by John Updike and “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, the protagonist faces an initiation moment that awakens him to a new reality. Sammy, the narrator in “A&P”, is distracted by three barefooted girls in bikinis who walk into...

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Surprise, Security, and the American Experience

States has underestimated the advantages posed by potential threats made possible through technological advantages in weaponry and transportation. The first example of this is the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, which caught America by surprise because they were able to travel long distances without detection. The second occurred on September 11, by terrorists who were able to communicate furtively and planned mass suicide bombings against many American civilians without exposing themselves...

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Unexpected Inflation

Unexpected Inflation and Redistribution of Wealth in Canada Césaire A. Meh, Canadian Economic Analysis, and Yaz Terajima, Financial Stability One of the most important arguments in favour of price stability is that unexpected inflation generates changes in the distribution of income and wealth among different economic agents. These redistributions occur because many loans in the economy are specified in fixed-dollar terms. Unexpected inflation redistributes wealth from creditors to debtors by reducing...

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Unexpected: Marriage and Doorbell Rang

Sample of A Narrative Writing Write a story with the title : An Unexpected visitor (SPM 2005) It was comfortably warm in the living room and the fire crackling in the grate bathed the room in gold. He was quite comfortably seated in the old over – stuffed wingchair, a cup of tea at his side and the mornings newspaper on his lap. It was quite understandable then that when the doorbell rang, he groaned in resignation and very reluctantly left his nest. The doorbell rang again, the person at...

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"The Unexpected Guest" Gives plot summary, and character explanation

Book Report 1. In the book, "The Unexpected Guest", there are two main themes. The main themes are revenge, and love and hate. Revenge is a very important theme to the plot because Mr. Richard Warwick, the man killed, had ran over the little boy of a man who later comes back to kill him. Love and hate is also a theme. In this book, many people had a motive for murdering Warwick, but these people were his family and friends. The line between love and hate is broken when accusations arise. 2. The...

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Jackie Robinson: the Unexpected Hero

Michael Martens Sociology Professor 11 November 2009 Jackie Robinson: The Unexpected Hero The name Jackie Robinson is recognized widely around the country. He is known as someone who broke the color barrier in American Baseball, and someone who fought through some of the toughest circumstances. He was an activist athlete, and used the sport of baseball to break down the traditional barriers and convey his ideas. To many, Robinson is a hero; one who Americans can relate to due to his background...

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Big Surprise

Big Surprise Have you ever done something no one has ever expected? Like surprised someone that cried? I have surprised my whole family in America when I moved here. No one was expecting us to come; especially my aunt. When my family and I were moving here from Poland, we planned to surprise everyone. Our goal was to fly here and surprise my aunt, my dad’s sister, for her birthday which is exactly on April Fools’ Day. So it makes it the perfect day to surprise someone. The only...

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Dealing with Unexpected Events

`Unexpected Events: Dealing with Life’s Uncertainties with the help of An Emergency Fund, as well as Insurance’ Chapter Objectives To identify key risks and uncertainties faced by the overseas Filipino worker that affect their financial status To briefly explain how to use tools such as insurance and setting aside an emergency fund by the end of the session Detailed Outline (sentences/paragraphs represent sections that will be expounded upon) Introduction 1. Begin with an anecdote of...

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Unexpected Trip

Muneer Sallam . STUDENT ID : 12071809. PROGRAMME : ADTP. AN UNEXPECTED TRIP Life events are experiences that can be expected or unexpected. Different people face different experiences, which can also change a person's life. Unpredictable life events are those that surprise people as they do not have any idea what will happen. An unexpected trip can cost someone his job or studies sometimes. Similarly, I had to go on an unexpected trip a few days ago. My visa was expiring and I had to go back...

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Creative Writing: Unexpected Horizons

Creative Writing: Unexpected Horizons Wow! I love going deep sea fishing on our boat. I was excited when my dad had asked me if I wanted to go this weekend. We departed that Saturday morning after almost a week of sheer anticipation, our destination, Port Canaveral, home of of some of the best fishing on the east coast of Florida. The sea is a very dangerous place when riled by a storm, even a mild one, so we always made sure the day would be at least close to perfect before we ventured out...

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Unexpected Change of Plans

An Unexpected Change of Plans As a senior in high school, I was looking forward to going to college. I was so anxious to be out on my own, and explore new freedom without any adult supervision. I was going to be totally on my own soon, and I could hardly stand having to wait until that upcoming August. My parents were not only proud of me for my academic grades, they were also proud of me for the softball scholarship I had received to Valdosta State University. At that time in my life, everything...

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Personal Experience: "An Unexpected Event"

An Unexpected Event Even though it happened two years ago, it marked our lives forever and the image is implanted as if it was yesterday. My friends, Mailina, Yhenny and I, just wanted to give a surprise get together party for one of our friends Letty returning from New York. It has been almost a year since we have seen her and figured we could surprise her with a little party. However, we were all in the dark that day. It was not the right time, right place, neither the right day for us to make...

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Unexpected Friendship

and because they offer us something we want. Occasionally, however, we make unexpected friends. For example, a young person bumps into someone at the library who is crying because she has lost an important paper she was writing for school. As a result, the two become friends and learn that helping people through tough times is at the core of strong relationships. Assignment Tell the story of a time you made an “unexpected” friend and learned something important from that friend. In your response...

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My Unexpected Experience

My unexpected experience Last month was horrible. My Dad had gotten sick. My family and I thought it was nothing but the flu because when he gets it, it always hits him harder than us kids; he is usually laid up in bed for about a week. When the week passed and he was still severely sick, we knew something was really wrong. That same day we noticed he was spitting up blood, his fever wasn't breaking, and he could barely move. My sister Brittany and I tried to get him to go to the hospital but...

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The Unexpected Guest

Modified: Wed 23/05/2012 18:28 The unexpected guest Besides my father and mother, there are my elder brother Gerald, my younger brother Kenny and my younger sister Rita. Gerald is a seaman, and he is away from home most of the time. I remember his stories about his voyages around the world, and the many fascinating things which he has seen on his long journeys. When Gerald's twenty-first birthday drew near, both Mother and Father decided to organize a birthday party. We did not have much...

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Bilbo Baggins: an Unexpected Hero

Bilbo Baggins; An Unexpected Hero Bilbo Baggins, an unadventureous hobbit, is not an iconic symbol of bravery, but he remains a literary hero for his bravery, perseverence and integrity. Only a hero could riddle a dragon, slaughter a spider, and yet spare the life of a small, ugly creature who has threatened to eat him. Such is the legacy of Bilbo Baggins, a mere hobbit, whose Tookish blood got the better of him. Often, when heros are mentioned, Hercules is a name that is thought of; Alas,...

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The Odyssey: Use of Irony to Create the Element of Surprise

Vanshika Mullick Mr.Finken Honors English I April 3, 2014 Irony creating elements of surprise Irony is often used by authors to create an element of surprise or humor and to increase and enhance their work. Homer, author of The Odyssey, is one of the many authors who use this literary technique well. In The Odyssey, Homer has presented irony to create an element of surprise to the character and to the audience. There a lot of instances throughout The Odyssey where Odysseus is present but...

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surprise party

 College Online Composition A Surprise Birthday Party Throwing a surprise birthday party for someone is not an easy task, it takes a lot of patience and planning. Surprise parties are usually thrown for friends and family members on birthdays or accomplishments they have made, and are very fun to participate in. In this event of a surprise party, everyone is aware of it except for the person the surprise party is being thrown for. You have to know where it’s going to be held, have everyone...

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Life Changingsurviving Life's Unexpected Events

Jerry Bruneau October 26, 2010 Personal Narrative Essay Life ChangingSurviving Life’s Unexpected Events My life was outstanding after moving to Dallas. It was like something you read about in magazines or watch in a movie. I had the dream job, car, house, and social life. I worked as a bartender at the hottest nightclub in town and made a lot of money. I bought a beautifully restored 1961 Porsche, a lot like the one that James Dean had died in. My car had a pearl- white paint job, a red-leather...

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The Unexpected Collapse at Dewan Perdana Felda

The Unexpected Collapse At Dewan Perdana Felda KUALA LUMPUR: An unexpected collapse was happened during a Health Seminar programme in Dewan Perdana Felda at 9 o’clock this morning. That incident happened when the director of Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Mohd Azman Abdullah, was speaking. Just shortly over a moment when he started to speak, the ceiling caved in, injuring him. When the ceiling had caved in, there were many students from schools all around Kuala Lumpur inside the hall....

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Surprise Ending

“The Surprise Ending” Assignment 1: Essay Humanities 112: World Cultures II “A Modest Proposal for Preventing The Children of Poor People in Ireland, from Being a Burden on Their Parents or Country, and For Making Them Beneficial to The Publick,” is a story about the author Jonathan Swift, who reveals the life in his country. Swift explains that the streets are filled with begging women and unattended children lurking the streets. The women in the streets have many children and cannot...

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Unexpected Costs

UNEXPECTED COSTS Grantham University Abstract Unexpected inflation rates can happen, decreased prices in consumer goods and services happen all the time and in other times it can actually increase. It’s up to us to figure out how our financial future is going. Inflation When consumers expect an increased inflation rate statistics shows that most consumers spend more due to the fact that they know that they can get more bang for their buck before inflation rises than...

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Managing the Unexpected

would unexpectedly crop up in their daily routines. However, organizations can never truly predict the magnitude of something unexpected or the impact such an event will have on them and the various stakeholders in the organizations. This paper examines the applicability of an organization's foundation (routines, culture, values and decisions) to act as a shield against unexpected events and/ or how an organization can use this foundation to better manage such twists. To address the above, we utilize...

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Unexpected Day

Unexpected Day What would be your feeling if you plan something and all what you planned for turns into something unexpected? Of course you will feel disappointed and you might regret it as well. This is what happened to me exactly. It was a perfect plan! I rushed into my room after the good news I heard of going to spend a day on the beach with my family. Wow! “How marvelous this day will be”, I told myself. I lay on the bed imagining the cold breeze of the fresh salt water...

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Surprise the Irate Customer

Surprise the Irate Customer Businesses experience negative people all the time (Christopher, 2012). If avoidance were an acceptable tactic in customer service, most employees would be thrilled (Christopher, 2012). Interaction with adverse individuals can exhaust an employee’s vitality and change a pleasant experience to one of regret rapidly (Christopher, 2012). Businesses are burdened with finding solutions for customer conflict based on varying personality types (Christopher, 2012). It is...

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An Unexpected Friend

time when it seems like the world is an enemy in itself and nothing, better yet, no one, is there. The pain is almost indescribable. Numb, cold, and empty feelings overwhelm the body. I too am not subject from this feeling. Luckily, someone did the unexpected and helped me find my way out of this slump, and literally help me become who I am today. Coming into middle school I was an outsider. A new kid shoved into a judgmental world known as junior high. Cliques and groups surrounded me but I belonged...

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The Unexpected Visitors

“The unexpected visitors” One rainy night in 2010, a young boy whose name was Peter Jones was getting ready for bed, as usual he brushed his teeth, and set the alarm clock because He had to take an advanced English test the next morning!, He was truly excited about it, However; while he was lying in bed, He heard a sound outside the windows. So he got up and walked over the window, what is more; He was looking outside into the yard when suddenly he saw something really strange in the sky, like a...

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Unexpected Friendship

An Unexpected Friendship According to Lopez’s novel, The Soloist, “A friend is someone who inspires, who challenges, who sends you in search of a truer sense of yourself.” (Lopez 197). The two main characters, Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Jr., develop a true friendship throughout the novel. Lopez was a middle class journalist for the LA Times, and while searching for a new story he stumbled upon a fifty year homeless man playing a broken down violin and that intrigued him. Little did...

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transitions both expected and unexpected from birth

 This tables explains the different types of transitions both expected and unexpected from birth to 19 years old and how they affect the development or behaviour and having a positive relationship can effect them. Transition Effect on Children and Young People of having positive adult relationships during periods of transition Babies Weaning Crawling to Walking Nappies to Toilet When weaning the adult can help the child by using a calm and soothing voice, a...

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An Unexpected Holiday!

An Unexpected Holiday By: Sumithra Kumar What comes to your mind when I mention the word holiday? Obviously, fun, having a whale of a time, and sweet moments with our loved ones. None of us would consider the dangers that could happen during a holiday, unless the one who has experienced it. A couple of days ago, my dad told us that we will be heading to Johor the very next morning, for a vacation in Pulau Tioman....

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