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1642 Old Deluder Satan Act

Ash Dorrbecker CMNS 330-4 November 28, 2014 Satan in the Bible Dante's giant demon frozen at the center of hell. Pop culture icon adorned with a pointed black beard, long red cape, and a shining red pitchfork. Christianity's cosmic plaintiff and inspiration for the modern English phrase 'speak of the devil'. This paper will introduce Satan through Biblical means, including his involvement in the Old and New Testaments. It will decipher the complex character development and enigmatic nature of...

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recently did I finally learn that he and I are two different people. He may excel in physical activities, but I excel in creative and academic activities, and that is okay. Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again? A time I recall challenging a belief was last year, in my Study Skills class with Mr. Waterbury. I had not been standing for the Pledge of Allegiance for perhaps a month before, when one day, Mr. Waterbury asks...

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Sharon Olds: from Psalms to Satan Says

12 5 January 2013 Sharon Olds: From Psalms to Satan Says Movement: Sharon Olds is a confessional poet. The criteria of the confessional genre are subject matter that is deeply personal to the speaker or author. The work of Sharon Olds is almost exclusively her own personal experiences with her sisters and parents as well as her experiences with being a mother. The subject matter is also typically on taboo subjects such as sex which is also a common topic of Sharon Olds’ work. Another common trait...

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Satan and religion

Satan in Sacred Texts By: Carrie-Anne Prudence 201494547 RELS 3302-001 Within the bible there are a distinctive and shocking amount of passages referring to Satan. More specifically, the topic of misogyny and barbarity towards women, which has sparked a lot of debate. Central to this debate, are the Pauline and duetero-Pauline epistles, which hold conflicting views upon Satan and the treatment of women. Within this essay 3 different texts will be analyzed and compared...

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The Heroism in Satan

Lingke Xiao Professor Pilinovsky FY Seminar Essay 1 2/23/2014 The Heroism in Satan Leading the rebellion and seducing Man to fall, Satan is presented as the notorious antagonist in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. In order to have full freedom and be the ruler of hell, Satan rebels against God the Father who created him, and he even persuades other angels to challenge God’s plan. Although Satan is evil, we see cues of heroism in him since he is the character who suffers from defeats, experiences...

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Kurtz as Satan

white settler was a Satan in his own way. Mr. Kurtz, a leading character in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is the prime example of the white devils in Africa, following the pattern set out by John Milton for a perfect Prince of Darkness in Paradise Lost in his portrayal of Satan to a point. Their characteristics and motivations are paralleled in almost every sense, differing only in the backdrop and in the ends that these characters meet. Once the similarities between Satan and Mr. Kurtz start...

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The Demi-Devil (Iago) An indepth look at Iago as Satan

king of evil himself, Satan. Iago uses the Satanic art of manipulation to conduct his doings. Satan has been portrayed over time in varied forms. In the Old Testament, Satan is mentioned merely as a fallen angel. In the modern day, Satan is envisioned as a red hoofed human like animal with a pointed tail. Shakespeare, however, has taken Satan and put him in the form of Iago. Satan has the ability to enter into man and act through him (Britannica "Satan"). In the play, Satan has entered Iago, and...

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The Role of Satan Paradise Lost

Milton's characterization of Satan in "Paradise Lost" has been the subject of much debate for three and a half centuries. Much of this debate has centered on the issue of his true role within the work. Did Milton intend his Satan to represent the classic incarnation of evil and villany established by Christian mythology or did he carefully craft a version of Satan with which the reader is supposed to sympathize? The problem with this question is the stigma associated with Satan himself. Perhaps the most-well...

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Satan in Paradise Lost

Seeing Satan in a different light in Paradise Lost Satan is a character that has been ridiculed and teased in our modern world because of his symbolization of evil, combined with the underlying hypothesis that good will always triumph over evil ultimately questioning and mocking his presence. In Paradise Lost John Milton frays from the typical view of Satan as the devil-on-your-shoulder by having the readers absorbed in the idea that they actually feel sympathetic towards this evil creature. Within...

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Satan and Jesus in Paradise Lost

Satan and Jesus in Paradise Lost The subject, the drama, and the importance of Paradise Lost is grand. The epic represents what can be accomplished with the English language as sounds and syntax are carefully crafted. But the work is not shallow, because Milton argues forcefully the wisdom and justice of God Almighty for His dealings with mankind. In the words of Samuel Johnson, Milton attempts to show "the reasonableness of religion." No doubt, Ezra Pound represents the most vocal of...

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Satan: the Unsung Hero?

and the Great Books March 5, 2013 Satan: The Unsung Hero? Having the title of a hero has changed substantially over the centuries, but throughout all of the changes a few things have stood strong. Passion, strength, determination, leadership, and cunning all have passed the test of time, and oddly enough John Milton’s character of Satan in Paradise Lost has all of these attributes. Is it possible that Satan may be viewed as a hero? Throughout the story, Satan shows strong characteristics of an...

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Son of Satan

Son of Satan 1. The first person narrator is sitting with his two friends Hass and Morgan, and they figure out that a boy named Simpson needs to be punished, as he claims to be having sexual intercourse with a girl under the narrator's house. They head down the lane to find and punish Simpson. They find him all by himself playing handball against his garage. They encircles him, and start questioning him whether he have been sexual active under anyone's houses lately. Then they begin bullying...

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Milton's Satan in Paradise Lost

about who the hero is of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost:” Satan, Adam or Christ, the Son? Since Milton’s overall theme stated in the opening lines of Book I is to relate ‘Man’s first disobedience’ and to ‘justify the ways of God to men’, Adam must be regarded as the main hero. John M. Steadman supports this view in an essay on “Paradise Lost:” “It is Adam’s action which constitutes the argument of the epic.” Steadman continues: The Son and Satan embody heroic archetypes and that, through the interplay...

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How is the character of Satan portrayed

How is the character of Satan portrayed in Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’? In the text, Satan is one of the main points of focus, especially in the first two books, introducing him to the reader, telling the story of his fall from a position alongside God, and how he intends to overthrow God at some point, and gain a position of power. Satan could be considered as a hero in this text, if his intentions were not bad, but still he is attempting to overcome his own personal doubt and weakness and achieve...

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Satan: A Tragic Hero

Satan is typically viewed as the evil fallen angel who is determined to undermine God. It is not often that someone would use the word “heroic” to describe him or feel any sympathy towards him. However, in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, it can be argued that Satan is the protagonist and epic hero of the work. He is made to be a relatable figure and in comparison to God, it is easy to be sympathetic towards him. The epic hero can be summed up to be a good person who makes mistakes and who has...

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Pride of Satan and Dr Faustus

Pride of Paradise Lost’s Satan and Dr Faustus “Pride and worse ambition threw me down"(4.40) says Satan in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. This short and simple confession hides several deep meanings and significant messages to humankind. That is because it is not only Satan who stumbles by the sin of pride. Satan is the tempter and foe of mankind, and he imposes his own ill traits on mankind while trying to draw him to the depths of hell. That is, like Satan human may think highly of himself though...

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Case Study: Early American Education

Princeton founded some of the first schools for women and African Americans Students attended worship in college halls morning and evening. Early Educational Laws 1642 Old Deluder Satan Act Thin slices of wood books were made out of. Required public schools in each community. It begins one chief project of that old deluder. 1787 Northwest Ordinance The first federal law to address education. Passed by founding fathers who drafted the first amendment Northwest ordinance Article III...

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Satan and Eve

Satan and Eve Published in 1674 John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost is an ambitious retelling of Satan and Mankind’s fall from grace. While today it is generally thought of as a straightforward recount of the book of Genesis as interpreted by a devout Christian, the poem itself contains far more moral ambiguity then one would expect. Milton may have been unwaveringly devoted to Christianity and Puritanism, but he was also deeply distrustful of the church. He attended college with the intention...

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Coercive Acts and Quebec Act

Coercive Acts and Quebec Act The Coercive Acts and the Quebec Acts were British responses to actions that were taking place in the British colonies in America. The Coercive Acts were a series of four acts passed during the spring of 1774. The Boston Port Act closed the port of Boston until the people paid for all the tea that was thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party. The amount of tea thrown over was equal to more than seven hundred thousand dollars in the year 2007. Parliament also passed...

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Was Machiavelli Satan?

The Church accused Niccolo Machiavelli of being Satan for writing his book The Prince. Machiavelli completed The Prince in 1513. He wrote it as a gift to Lorenzo Medici, called the Magnificent, ruler of Florence. The political views Machiavelli expressed in his book went against the theology of the Church, specifically the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Machiavelli wrote to gain control of a principality one must be brutal. "(I)f you are a prince in possession of a newly acquired state...

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A Delusion of Satan

Ted Ford Dr. Strickland November 29, 2010 History 101 A Delusion of Satan A Delusion of Satan, was written by Frances Hill and covers in the personal situations of the people in Salem during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The book opens up describing the intense and strict life style of the Puritan. Then we go into discussion of the town of Salem at the time, being owned by mainly the Putman family. The pastor there, Samuel Parris, has lived there in Salem since 1689. He resides...

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Book Review of A Delusion of Satan

Dr. Anthony ScottiHistory 201 15 October 2014 Book Review of A Delusion of Satan Frances Hill. A Delusion of Satan. United States: first Da Capo Press edition, 1997; second Da Capo Press edition, 2002. Frances Hill wrote A Delusion of Satan in 1995. It’s a non-fiction book recounting the gruesome details of the witch-hunt hysteria and trials in Salem Village, which is now Danvers, Massachusetts. Hill is an author from London, England who has written three other non-fiction books about the Salem...

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Analyzing Persuasive Techniques in Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" Commercial

of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of English Language and Literature Analyzing Persuasive Techniques in Old Spice's “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like“ Commercial Student: Mia Sarić Course: English Language 1 Course Instructor: Irena Meštrović Štajduhar, M.Ed. Ac. Year: 2012/2013 This essay covers persuasive techniques used in the video commercial for Old Spice deodorant, as well as the messages that lie in the heart of the very commercial. The essay will try to explain the...

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The Evolution of Satan from the Bible to the Satanic symbol

The Evolution of Satan from the Bible to the Satanic symbol The common notion of Satan has installed fear into the hearts and minds of society for over 2000 years. Satan also referred to as Lucifer, the Devil, Accuser and the adversary; is a Christian figure that in the Christian belief represents everything sinful. The depiction of Satan has slowly evolved over the past 2000 year; this evolution has transformed the idea of Satan representing everything considered sinful in the Christian religion...

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Old Testament Summaries

Michele R Erb BIBL 104 July 30, 2012 Old Testament Book Genres Deuteronomy The Book of Deuteronomy is in the genre of law. Deuteronomy is divided into three sections or speeches by Moses and tells about what God has done for the Israelites. It first tells how Moses was chosen leader and about the journey to the promise land. Moses talks about the rebellion and a lack of trust of God during the trip and of the 40 years wandering in the desert. The next speech is when Moses retells the people...

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The NET Act

Week 4 Assignment 2: Computer Laws No Electronic Theft Act of 1997 Assignment 2: Computer Laws No Electronic Theft Act of 1997 Today, there are many laws that address different acts of computer crimes. It is very important to understand what laws are applicable in a given situation. The law I have selected is the “no electronic theft act of 1997.” The no electronic theft act is also known as the net act, it came into law under presidents Clinton in 1997. This was used to protect...

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CONFERENCE of SCIENTIFIC PAPER AFASES 2011 Brasov, 26-28 May 2011 MILTON’S SATAN: HERO OR ANTI-HERO? Edith KAITER, Corina SANDIUC “Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy, Constanţa, Romania Abstract: Satan is the most controversial and appealing figure of Paradise Lost. No convincing single source for Milton’s Satan has been found, not even the Bible, which contains very little evidence referring to Satan. Satan is, according to some theories, a vital part of a Manichaean universe, the “infinum ...

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Equality Act

 UK & EU Legislation The Equality Act 2010 The Equality Act came into force in October 2010 and was set up in order to legally protect people from discrimination in the workplace and outer society. The Equality Act replaced all of the anti-discrimination laws such as Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Equal Pay Act 1970, Race Relations Act 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 with one law covering them all. The Act protects employees from being discriminated against in the work place and...

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Son Of Satan

Son of Satan. The titel is called ''Son of Satan'' and is a comparison that the is used to describe the young boy in the story. His actions and behaver are brutale and that is because he comes from a violent home where he get's beaten if he does things he's not allowed to. Based on his age it is very abnormal for a eleven year old boy to act and speak like he does, he dosen't want to come out as weak so he dosen't show emotions and instead of that he smokes, swears and commit violence. He is pure...

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Dream Act

believe their kids will have more opportunities then back at home. An Act was introduced in 2001 then reintroduced in May 2011 to potentially help immigrant children, The DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is for alien minors who are brought to America under the age of 16 years old by undocumented parents. In the article Basic Information about the Dream Act Legislation I read the requirements you need in order to qualify for the DREAM Act. An individual must have entered America before the age of 16, also...

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With the Old Breed

Lakedra J. Rodgers November 8, 2011 With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by E. B. Sledge Eugene Bondurant (E.B.) Sledge, born November 3, 1923, was a war veteran of World War II who was born and raised in Alabama. In May of 1942, he graduated from Murphy High School in Mobile, Alabama. He then entered the Marion Military Institute the following fall semester. Sledge wanted to participate in the war and was afraid the war would end before his graduation; he proceeded to purposefully flunk...

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how old is too old?

 How Old Is too Old? In Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder, women of the Lakashi tribe have had the capability to conceive children until they die. Medical science should not attempt to make this possible for all women. Modern science needs to stop trying to improve human reproduction and let nature take its course. Just because giving birth at an elderly age can be done doesn’t mean that it should be done. Menopause should be the ending of women’s reproductive years. Dr. Swenson, a professor...

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Dream Act

DREAM Act “Last year, President Obama and Democrats in Congress introduced the DREAM Act. The controversial bill sought to offer a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants by giving green cards to undocumented residents who had come to the U.S. at the age of fifteen or younger, graduated from an American high school, and completed either two years at an institution of higher learning or time in the armed forces.” “Assuming no fraud, we conservatively estimate...

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Factory Act

Did it solve the problems of children in factories? Dean Mills - The Doubling Room 1851 (ZPER 34/19) In 1833 the Government passed a Factory Act to improve conditions for children working in factories. Young children were working very long hours in workplaces where conditions were often terrible. The basic act was as follows: •No child workers under nine years of age •Employers must have an age certificate for their child workers •Children of 9-13 years to work no more than nine hours...

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The equality act

Equality Act 2010- How has this act promoted anti-discriminatory practice and how successful has this been? The equality act (2010) was introduced to provide a modern framework with a clear law to effectively tackle disadvantage and discrimination. The Act is intended to simplify the law by bringing together existing anti-discrimination legislations, such as, the Equal Pay Act (1970), the sex discrimination act (1975), the Race relations act (1976) and the disability discrimination act (1995)....

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Two Types of Satan

Two Types of Satan In both the Inferno and Paradise Lost there are two diverse and unique portrayals of Satan, the fallen angel. Both are viewed in different senses, one as a hateful beastly being and the other as an intellectual being and possibly a hero. When it comes to the depiction of Satan, Dante and Milton exercise different means of how to accomplish that objective. Dante depicts Satan as a contrapasso and another of the damned souls that stands in the way of the Pilgrim and his final test...

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Satan: Rebel or Hero?

depicts Satan as someone with heroic and insubordinate characteristics, but it becomes clear that Satan is not a hero. 

 To demonstrate how major Satan is to Paradise Lost, Milton begins with an introduction of Satan. He utilizes Satan's valiant traits to his supporters, and his depravity capability to present the fine line between the virtuous and the wicked. Satan, who was called Lucifer, was a highly regarded angel in Heaven. This proves that he was formerly upstanding. The reader views Satan as...

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Act of Kindness

Kindness is the act of showing caring and consideration. It is the tendency of having charitable deeds, pleasant character, and concern for others. It is a virtue recognized in many religions and cultures. A random act of kindness is an action carried out by a person wishing to either cheer up or assist a person or people. Each one of us has to make our own contribution in order to create a better environment of living. We cannot always rely on others. In the first video, as I was walking in...

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Companies act

Business Ethics Provisions in company act 2013 with respect to CSR and Corporate Governance Provisions in company act 2013 with respect to CSR and Corporate Governance The long-awaited Companies Bill 2013 got its assent in the Lok Sabha on 18 December 2012 and in the Rajya Sabha on 8 August 2013. After having obtained the assent of the President of India on 29 August 2013, it has now become the much awaited Companies Act, 2013 (2013 Act). An attempt has been made to reduce...

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Patriot Act

The USA PATRIOT Act, more commonly known as the Patriot Act, was an Act of the U.S. Congress that was signed into law by President George W. Bush. This paper will review and analyze the stance of the government and where government is in the passing and regulation of the legislation, the original legislation as it was put into law, litigation that questioned and expressed concern about the constitutionality of Patriot Act and subsequent legislation due to the outcome of some of those lawsuits. ...

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Acts of Parliament

1. a) An Act of Parliament comes about when a bill is passed by initially the House of Commons and then The House of Lords in various stages. Once the reading stages and the committee stages of the bill are complete in both houses it is finally passed as an Act of Parliament by Royal Assent. An Example of an Act of Parliament is The Suicide Act 1961. b) The highest proportion of legislation is passed by way of Delegated legislation which is where an Act of Parliament is passed that provides the...

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Dream Act

The DREAM Act America harbors a dream that is the very essence that defines us for who we are as a country, and separates us from any other nation in the world. It is the reason we are proud to call ourselves American, for we live the dream that others ache to experience. All around the globe, people clinging to their last strand of hope leave behind their homes and set out for America's soil. Their safety is a small price to pay when the only dream they wish to accomplish is living out the American...

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7 covenants of the Old testament

the Old Testament There are seven different covenants. Four of these covenants were made between God and the nation of Israel (Palestinian, Davidic, Abrahamic, Mosaic). Of the four, three are unconditional. The Mosaic Covenant is conditional. Three of the covenants are made between God and mankind and are not limited to the nation of Israel (Noahic, Adamic, New). 7 Covenants of the Old Testament “The Old Testament...

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The Role of Satan in Paradise Lost

The Role of Satan in “Paradise Lost” John Milton's epic “Paradise Lost” is one that has brought about much debate since its writing. This epic tells the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, although from a different perspective than what most people usually see. Milton tells the story more through the eyes of Satan, whom most people usually consider the ultimate villain. The way in which Satan is portrayed in this story has caused speculation as to whether Satan is actually a hero in this situation...

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act of the apostles

Introduction to Biblical Literature Acts 2 September 13, 2013 We begin the acts of the apostle with the apostle celebrating Pentecost in Jerusalem. This celebrate the time when the Laws were given the to Jews. There were people from every part of Judea, Rome, the Near East and Africa. Peter begins to speak to the people about the gift of the spirit. The apostles receive the Holy Spirit and take on Christ ministry and go about...

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trader known as the “Father of the Santa Fe Trail” Lott Carey: young black slave found Christ in 1807; bought freedom in 1813 and founded the African Missionary Society of Richmond Zachary Taylor: Defeated Santa Anna in the Mexican War; known as “Old Rough and Ready: James Cook: in the British navy discovered the Hawaiian Islands in 1778 Matthew Perry: Commander of the American fleet who opened Japan to foreign trade “Jeb” Stuart: “eye of the army” Confederate army; James Fenimore Cooper:...

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Human Acts and Acts of Man

HUMAN ACTS Introduction Human persons – intelligent and free │ - capable of determining our own lives by our own free choices │ HOW? │ - by freely choosing to shape our lives and actions in accord with the truth → by making good moral choices - These choices performed as free persons are called HUMAN ACTS DEFINITION OF HUMAN ACTSActs which man does as man =...

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Dream Act

the campus. One of the major implications is the Dream Act to help increase immigrants chances to get into an institution. Since then, I feel that a Scholarship based program should be implemented onto the campus for the Asians and Latino population, just as there is one targeted for the African-American population. The Dream Act is a legislation that provides a potential pathway to legalized status for undocumented youth. The Dream Act has been trying to passed since 2001, but the government...

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Criminal Acts & Choice Theories

Describe causation of crime theories and how they relate to criminal behavior. Describe the common models for society to determine which acts are considered criminal. Explain how causation theories of crime affect society. In criminal law causation is defined as an action from which the specific injury or other effect arose and is combined with a state of mind to compare the elements of guilt. It is only applicable where a result has been achieved and is immaterial with regard to attempt...

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Character Analysis Of Satan In Milton

 Character Analysis of Satan Stacey N. Lodge St. Francis College In Milton’s Paradise Lost, multiple aspects of Satan’s character are revealed as the author narrates Satan’s battle with God. Upset because The Son was chosen as second to God and not him, Satan seeks out to come to power in Heaven. The result is his removal from Heaven to the ominous pits of Hell. One might be quick to automatically consider Satan as villainous and evil because of his role in Heaven as the rebel angel...

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Acts of Man and Human Act

clear why one act is better than another. 2. To have an orderly social life. 3. To intelligently appraised and criticized moral conduct and ethical systems. 4. To point out the true values of life. Assumptions of Ethics Assumptions are fundamental beliefs or statements that are accepted to be true without the burden of proving or of proof. 1. Man is a rational being. 2. Man is free. The Objects of Ethics 1. The Physical Object of Ethics – the doer of an act is the physical...

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Dream Act or Nightmare Act?

The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act of 2011, proposes to allow children of undocumented immigrants that were brought to the United States before their fifteenth birthday who have lived in America for at least five years straight to apply for permanent residency once they graduate from high school or achieve a GED. Conditionally, these children must be admitted into a college and complete a two-year degree or serve two years in the military. They must also be...

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Satan as a Renaissance character

Satan as renaissance character OR Paradise Lost under the influence of renaissance. Milton is the son both of the Renaissance and Reformation. Renaissance begins with the ancient Greek literature. Renaissance means rebirth of an interest in classical Greek literature. Renaissance revived man’s interest in the world and gave him new eyes to look upon the beauty, love, life, learning and liberty. The earlier world was Theo-centric, means the God or Church was at...

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The Harrison Act

Yolanda James 11/15/2010 Lea 201 84171 Research Paper The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act Of (1914) In the 1800s narcotics was mostly unregulated drugs. In the 1890s the (S&R) Sears and Roebuck sent out catalogs which offered a syringe and a small amount of narcotics to millions of homes for 1.50. The first American anti-drug law was an 1875 San Francisco ordinance which outlawed the smoking of opium in opium dens. It was passed because of the fear that Chinese men were luring white women to...

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Dream Act

Dream Act The dream act is no more than the opportunity to earn conditional residency status for deportable students. It was first introduced in the United States on August 1, 2001, but it has not been approved since. This bill would give the opportunity to students who graduate from high school or those who earn a GED to get a higher education, but would not this affect our economy, since we are suffering a similar situation as the great depression back in 1929? Students getting a higher education...

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Paradise Lost, Satan

Power due allowance The story starts when Satan, the once radiant Lucifer, and his angels lay in a formless, sulphurous lake of fire having just been driven out of Heaven. Their fall had sent them plummeting through space from their heavenly home down to Hell, leaving them beaten senseless. After lying unconscious for nine days, Satan and his demons begin to rouse themselves. Accustomed to living in heavenly glory, they find their new home horrifying, and convened a council to determine how they...

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Jesus' Teaching on Satan and the Demons

Introduction The modern world has many misconstrued ideas about Satan and his demons that are not in line with Jesus' teachings in Scripture. Today the world sees Satan in an almost comical way, if they believe in him at all. There is such a lack of belief in anything spiritually supernatural that the idea of demons is less acceptable to today's society than the idea of ghosts. In Jesus' time, this was not the case; people were well aware of Satan and his activities. Jesus often had to deal with things of...

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Messianic Prophecy in Old Testament

Old Testament Survey Final Paper Abraham leading Isaac to Moriah By:Denise Grosskopf Feb. 15, 2011 Messianic Scripture O.T. Survey The Old Testament of the Bible is loaded with Messianic prophecies. From whom the Messiah will be to what the Messiah will do; you can find it prophesied about in the Old Testament. Messianic prophecy...

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sharon olds

face, romantic love does a good job of that. True love and romantic love does exist. It might be a different time and era now, however, along with time changes, romantic love also does evolve as well. Looking back in time, we see the cliché acts of chivalry and ‘old school love’ which is the most appealing and more of what we crave for. Meaning the simple things that show you care such as holding the door open, giving a coat to their partner when its cold, picking her up from her home and meeting the...

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Deception of Satan Paradise Lost

The Deception of Satan Satan was a powerful angel who, after being thrown into hell, used his powers to deceive God's newly created beings, Adam and Eve. These characters are perceived as innocent and vulnerable creatures, who could be easily influenced. What better way to get revenge on God than to tempt His most prized possessions? Satan uses his power of deceiving rhetoric to mislead his followers. He then deceives Eve with the same kind of rhetoric. Satan's tone changes between the speech...

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