Son of Satan

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Son of Satan

Three kids were sitting in a backyard. The sun was shining, they were young. Two of them were 12 years old, Hass and Morgan. The youngest one, who’s also the narrator and the main character, was 11. They sat there, smoked cigarettes, and talked about an important situation. The main character claimed that he had heard from Simpson, a contemporary who they apparently didn’t like, that he had been fucking a girl under the main character’s house. The three friends was certainly not satisfied, and decided to ‘take care of him’. And so they did: They walked down to Simpson’s house, and started accusing him for lying about having sex. What started out being just swearing, soon turned into harsh violence. The three boys, who didn’t have in mind to let Simpson escape unharmed, ordered him back to the backyard of our main character. By kangaroo court they judged him guilty, under charge of the main character, whose name still remained unknown. They decided, even though Simpson was already suffering both physically and psychologically, that he should be hung until death occurred. And they hung him.

The three boys ran away and split up. Then our main character realized what he had been a part of. He ran back to the yard, released Simpson who was near death, suffering hard from the dramatic treatments, and the rope around his neck. Our main character pulled himself together, and took a long walk where he wondered about what he’d done. When he got home, he’s father was awaiting him, and told him to go to his room. He claims that the main character isn’t his son, but “son of Satan”, after what he had done. A fight broke loose, and Son of Satan hid under his bed. He bit his own father hard in he’s hand, and the farther promised that Son of Satan would get ‘what he asked for’! Son of Satan waited for the next move…
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