W. Edwards Deming- a Total Quality Pioneer

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W. Edwards Deming- A Total Quality Pioneer
Bernadette Candelario
February 19, 2010
Prof. Lindsay

W. Edwards Deming- A Total Quality Pioneer

Deming was a quality pioneer in the United States. He created a business philosophy and used 14 points to summarize it. He was the father of quality evolution. This paper will show the following: • Quality and its elements

• How Deming’s use of quality and its elements made him successful. • Why the elements of quality are useful in today’s environment. • What I foresee about the future of quality
Definition of quality
According to Qualitydigest.com, “Quality is the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs.” In a nutshell it is providing the customer with the quality that was promised. Every thing purchased has a specific task it is supposed to achieve. If we buy whitening toothpaste, we expect it to whiten our teeth by the time we finish the tube. If this doesn’t happen then we would probably think that the quality is not good because it didn’t accomplish what it stated on the packaging. Elements of Quality

This consists of the components of doing business. It means strategizing, focusing on the customer, how businesses should be obsessing over quality, and scientific approaches to measure improvements. Businesses should commit long term to change and continued improvement. Education and training can help employees with teamwork and the ability to work more efficiently. It is a combination of these tasks that can improve quality. Deming’s 14 points

Deming’s 14 points inspired changes in businesses that wanted to compete successfully in a competitive environment. They were the following: 1. Constancy of purpose- This means to improve products and services in addition to becoming...
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