V for Vendetta Through a Post Colonial Lense

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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V for Vendetta Essay
The highly debated precincts of post colonialism, contrary to popular belief can in fact be applied to the James McTeigue film, V for Vendetta, which conforms to and yet penetrates the expanses of the genre, using a masked megalomaniac rebelling against a futuristic totalitarian authority. Contrary to common post colonial literature, wherein one race often colonizes another, V for Vendetta portrays a rebellion against an authoritarian party which has in its own sense “colonized” every aspect of the populations’ lives. Postcolonial literature is typically characterized by its opposition to the colonial, which is the most inherent concept within this film. The film exudes a sense of revolution and uprising against a fascist government, which has oppressed the general public. A combination of cinematic techniques, plot development and historical representation is used to achieve this effect, placing the audience in a state of loyalty towards the rebelling group.

Especially exemplified in the James McTeigue film V for Vendetta, the uprising of a rebellion against the colonizing authority can be identified as a key aspect among post-colonial texts and films, thus inviting a post-colonial reading of the film. Post-colonial literature often gives voice to the oppressed as does V for Vendetta, channeled through the form of a masked megalomaniac freedom fighter, fighting to overthrow his totalitarian society. The film depicts V as a “freedom fighter” rather than a terrorist although his course of reactions resemble one, as a post-colonial text commonly aligns audiences’ sympathy with the colonized. In this case the audience’s empathy lies with V, who has been previously wronged by the fascist government and is also the face of a rebellion against a dictatorship. Through character and plot development as well as film techniques James McTeigue evokes audiences to stake their loyalties with V’s cause regardless of the tactics he uses in order to...
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