U.S.S. Arizona, a Great Ship

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On December 7th, 1941 tragedy struck when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. Many ships were sunk during the attack, but one of the most recognizable was the battleship the U.S.S. Arizona. This was one of the that was in line in the infamous battleship row. Because of where the U.S.S. Arizona was located it was a sitting duck to dive bombers, and torpedo bombers of the Japanese. Once the ship was hit it went down in nine minutes. The sinking of the U.S.S. Arizona caused 1,177 service men to die while on board. The U.S.S. Arizona should also be known for all of its accomplishments during its tenure as a battleship. The Arizona had a very long and prestigious career before it was sunk. During the U.S.S. Arizona's life is served many important functions, from patrolling waters to escorting important people. The loss of the U.S.S. Arizona will forever be remembered as a tragic loss for the United States and its armed forces.

The U.S.S. Arizona was in the United States Navy for a very long time before it was sunk. The reason why the U.S.S. Arizona was built was because it was part of America's pre-World War 1 modernization of the Navy. It was built in the Brooklyn Naval Yard with the other Pennsylvania class battleship. The builders of the U.S.S. Arizona started the layouts on March 16, 1914. It took a few years before the Arizona would finally be launched. The U.S.S. Arizona was put into commission on October 17, 1917. When it was built it was a very expensive ship. After all the construction was done the grand total for the ship was 12,993,579.23 dollars. When the Arizona was built it was considered to be a Pennsylvania class battle ship. This meant that it was an upgrade over the Nevada class battleship, which was the types they built before the Pennsylvania class. The main upgrades that they made was that they ships of the Pennsylvania class had two more main battery guns, a greater length and water displacement, and it had four propellers for a higher maximum speed. They also upgraded the size of the secondary battery guns. Because of this the U.S.S. Arizona carried a punch that no one would like to deal with. This consisted of four triple turrets for the main battery, and 22 single turret secondary battery. The Arizona also had many anti-aircraft guns for protection. By being in the Pennsylvania class of battleships it was also one of the two biggest battleships that was in the Navy. The U.S.S. Arizona had a length of 608 feet, and was 97 feet and one in wide, and was able to travel at a maximum speed of 21 knots. They made the ship capable of holding 2037 people, however they only had 1731 people man the ship in order to keep it less cramped.

Before the attack on Pearl harbor the U.S.S. Arizona was used for many different objectives in the first World War. When World War 1 was taking place the U.S.S. Arizona was brand new so they did not feel the need to send it into direct combat. Another reason for holding the Arizona back was that it was oil consuming and there was a scarcity of oil in Europe so they did not want to send it over. One function that it held during World War 1 was that it was a gunnery training ship. This meant that it would train new soldiers to use the different types of guns that are used on battleships in war. Another purpose that was held by the U.S.S. Arizona during World War 1 was that it patrolled the water on the eastern seaboard of the United States from the Virginia Capes to New York. The reason that it did this was to make sure no unwanted ships threatened the homeland. After the Armistice on November 11, 1918 the U.S.S. Arizona was sent to England to meet up with the U.S.S. George Washington, which was transporting president Woodrow Wilson to the Paris peace conferences. Since the Arizona was one of the newest and most powerful battleships that the United States had they wanted it to be part of the honor escort convoying the president to France. It then took place in operation...
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