U.S. Policy Towards the War on Terrorism?

Topics: United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Iraq War Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: April 18, 2013
History 17B
11 March 2013
U.S. Policy towards the War on Terrorism?
What should the United States policies be concerning the War on Terrorism? To even begin fleshing out a policy that resembles logic and reason I think first one would have to look back on history to figure out terrorism in the past. If the U.S. just dives into a policy fueled by hatred, revenge, and patriotism it might just have us end up back in the same predicament or even worse. So looking back to see root causes of terrorism in other cases would be the best bet to starting a policy because then you get right down in the details that shed light on the problems that led to terrorizing events in the first place. Then after this has been figured out can we start policies to solve terror worth its own weight.

“But for us to pursue a war against our enemies it’s crucial to understand why we were attacked, which will then tell us by whom we were attacked. Without this knowledge striking out at six or eight or ten countries won’t help” (Ron Paul). The United States has more than one thousand military bases around the world. This large number of bases would and has lead to disgruntled peoples around the world, as it is seen an encroachment of United States power, influence, politics, bullying by some. This is possibly the most important factor in causing terroristic attacks by organizations against the United States, which would mean that our imperialistic number of military bases around the world should be taken at look at; if not just in certain regions hostile to U.S. policies. This idea isn’t new, one where the United States doesn’t meddle with foreign affairs. These are such problems the founding fathers most likely foresaw when getting into the middle of other peoples and countries affairs.

Another policy that would dampen or maybe even end terrorism more so would be to send aid in the form of food, medicine, or what have you. Rather than invading and declaring war on nations such as...
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