|Types of White Wine

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  • Published: March 26, 2013
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| | |Home |Types of White Wine | |Wine Types | | |Red Wine |All types of white wine are made by growing and processing white grapes. | |White Wine |The wine that is the end result will vary greatly depending upon the type of grape grown | |Wine Definitions |and several other variables. | |Wine History |Those variables include where in the world the grapes are grown, how the climate, moisture | |Wine Storage |levels and soil conditions affect the grapes during their growing season, and how each | |Wine Serving |individual wine maker treats the grapes once they are harvested (picked). | |Wine Tasting |This is the beauty of wine. The end result is a confluence of all these factors, for better| |Wine Making |or for worse. | |Wine Etiquette |White wine grapes are grown in several regions of the world. On the continent of Europe, | |Champagne |white wine grapes can be found in Austria, France, Germany and Italy. | |Champagne Drinks |In the continental United States, white wine grapes are grown in California, New York, | |Ice Wine |Oregon and Washington. White wine grapes are also grown in Australia, Chile, New Zealand | |Wine Food Pairing |and South Africa....
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